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Adel Imam/Emam net worth is
$100 Million

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Adel Imam/Emam was born on 17 May 1940, in El Mansoura, Egypt, and is an Egyptan comedian and actor, best known for appearing in a number of films, most notably in “El Erhab Wal Kabab” (“Terrorism and Kebab”), “Al-Erhabi” (“The Terrorist) and “Emaret Yaqubian” (“The Yacoubian Building”).

A noted actor, how rich is Adel Emam? According to sources in early 2017, Emam has acquired a wealth of over $100 million, established during his acting career which began in the early 1960s.

Adel Emam Net Worth $100 million

Emam grew up in Sayyed Zeinab, Cairo, Egypt, along with his two siblings. He attended Cairo University, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in agriculture. While at college, he became involved in its theatre productions, and went on to join a television troupe in the early ’60s, landing roles in television plays of the Al Hakin Theater, such as “Ana wa Howa wa Heya” (“He, She and I”) and “Al Nassabin” (“The Swindlers”). Appearing in the acclaimed ’70s plays like “Madrassat Al Mashaghbeen” (“Mischief at School”) and “Shahid Mashafsh Hagga” (“The Witness Didn’t See Anything”) paved Emam’s way to recognition, earning him a decent net worth.

His foray onto the big screen came in the late ’70s, appearing in films like “Ahlam Al fata Al ta2r” (“Dreams Of The Fugitive Boy”) and “Ihna Bitua’ al-Autobis” (We’re from the Bus). Numerous other film roles followed, and Emam established himself as a dominant force in the Egyptian film industry, which greatly contributed to his wealth.

Emam has starred in a number of of Egypt’s most successful and most popular films, such as the 1992 comedy “El Erhab Wal Kabab” (“Terrorism and Kebab”) and the 1994 controversial film “Al-Erhabi” (“The Terrorist), both of which criticize the government’s corruption, religious fanaticism, extremists and terrorism. In 2006 he starred in “Emaret Yaqubian” (“The Yacoubian Building”), an adaptation of the same-titled acclaimed novel by Alaa Al-Aswany, which became the highest-budgeted film in Egyptian film industry. Being involved in such major projects maintained Emam’s stardom and brought him an impressive net worth.

Most of his films deal with the subject of fighting against fanaticism and extremism and advocating the rights of minorities who are victims of injustice and poverty. This has made him a lovable and important figure, as well as a symbol for those promoting tolerance and human rights in Egypt and the Arabic-speaking countries. However, these political roles which criticize the relationship between rulers and their people have frequently put the actor in a critical position, such as when he was convicted by the Egyptian court for defamation of Islam in the films “Al Irhabi” (The Terrorist) and “Al Zaeem” (The Leader) in 2012; he eventually won his appeal against the conviction.

Aside from these controversial films, Emam has also had a number of comedic roles which have often involved slapstick and farce.

Emam has now appeared in more than 100 movies, generally receiving critical appraisals and which have established an expansive fan base. The triumph of his success has enabled him to reach the stardom and to amass a significant fortune. Emam is one of the highest paid actors in Egypt.

When it comes to his personal life, Emam is married to Hala Al Shalaqani, with whom he has three children. The actor is a devoted philanthropist, and serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR. As such, he has provided much help to the organization in increasing public awareness and support for refugees.

Full NameAdel Emam
Net Worth$100 Million
Date Of BirthMay 17, 1940
Place Of BirthMansoura, Egypt
Height1.7 m
EducationCairo University
SpouseHala Al Shalaqani
ChildrenMohamed Imam, Rami Imam, Sarah Emam
SiblingsIman Imam, Esam Imam
MoviesAl Halfout, The Beggar, Bobbos, Elwad mahrous betaa alwazir, Hello America, Al-mouled, Terrorism and Kebab, The Embassy in the Building, Al-Irhabi, The Danish Experience, A Groom from the Security Entity, Alzheimer's, Morgan Ahmed Morgan, Al-Mashbouh, The Street Player, Bakhit and Adeela, Watch Out ...
TV ShowsEl Arraf, Naji Attallah's Squad, Dumou Fi Oyoun Waqiha, How to Lose a Million Pounds, Ahlam Alfata Altair
1Slapstick humor
2Frequently acts with Youssra
3His movies are aimed at Muslim extremists and exposes them
1Being an actor is something different and fascinating.
2I am not a superstar, or a leader of any kind. There are no leaders in art. All I want is to use my talents to make people's lives better, if only in a small way.
1An Egyptian court sentenced him to three months in prison and a $170 fine for insulting Islam in roles he has played. He has the right to appeal. He was granted a retrial since he was originally tried in absentia. [April 2012]
2Was sentenced to three months in prison and paying a fine worth 1,000 Egyptian Pounds for insulting Islam in his movies and plays. Imam has a month to appeal the decision. [February 2012]
3Caused controversy when he declared his support of Gamal Mubarak to succeed his father Hosni Mubarak as the country's future president.
4His father was an employee at a factory.
5Received death threats over his portrayal of radical Islamists.
6Good friends with Sa'eed Saleh and Younes Shalaby.
7Father of Mohamed Emam.
8Acted with late actor Samir Waley El Din in one of his plays, "Shahid ma Shafesh Haga," in the 1970s, and later in 1991 until 1998 with his son, the late comedian Alaa Waley El Din.
9Brother of Esam Imam.
10He majored in agricultural engineering.
11In his play "Al-Zaeem" or the leader, he criticizes the relationship between rulers and their people.
12He refuses to be accompanied by bodyguards.
13His brother-in-law is the late actor Mustafa Metwalli.
14He and actress Angelina Jolie are goodwill ambassadors for the U.N, High Commissioner for Refugees.
15Has two sons Rami and Mohamed, and one daughter Sara.
16Father of director Rami Imam.


Mamoun Wa Shurakah2016TV SeriesMamoun
Ostaz Wa Ra'ees Kesm2015TV SeriesFawzy Gom'aa
Saheb El Saada2014TV SeriesBahgat
Naji Attallah's Squad2012TV SeriesNaji Attallah / Naji Attalah
Alzheimer's2010Mahmoud Shuaib
Bobbos2009Mohsin Hindawi
Hassan wa Morcus2008Polles / Hassan Elattar
Morgan Ahmed Morgan2007Morgan Ahmed Morgan
The Yacoubian Building2006Zaki El Dessouki
El-sefara fi El-Omara2005Sherif Khairy
Aris min geha amneya2004Khattab
El tagrubah el danemarkiyyah2003Qadry
Amir El Zalam2002Saeed El Masry
Hello America2000Bakhit
Elwad mahrous betaa alwazir1999Mahrous
Resala ela alwaly1998Harfoush
Bakhit wa Adeela 21997Bakhit
El Noom fi el Asal1996Magdy
Toyour elzalam1995Fathy Nawfal
Bakhit wa Adeela1995Bakhit
Al-irhabi1994Ali Abd-El-Zaher
El Mansy1993Youssef Elmansy
Al-irhab wal kabab1992Ahmed
Shams elzanaty1991Sham Elzanaty
Mosajal khatar1991Sayed
Allaeb ma'a alkebar1991Hassan Bahloul
Hanafy al-obaha1990Hanafy Al Obbaha
Jazeerat al-shaytan1990Galal El-Ghawas
Al-mouled1989Barakat / Hima / Gharib
Al-nemr wa al-ontha1987Waheed
Karakon fe al-sharea1986Sherif Al Masry
Salam Ya Sahby1986Marzouk
Ramadan fawq al-borkan1985Ramadan
Al-ins wal jinn1985Galal
Khally balak men aqlak1985Wael
Zoj taht al-talab1985Mamdouh
Al-avokato1984Hassan Sabanikh
Meen Fena El-Haramy?1984Sherif / Hussain
Hata la yatir al dokhan1984Fahmi Abdel Hadi
Ehtares min Alkhot1984Khosousy / Alkhot
Waheda Bewaheda1984Salah Fouad
Ana elli katalt Elhanash1984Hassanain
Wala Men Shaf Wala Min Derey1983Morsy
Antar Shayel Saifoh1983Antar
El harrif1983Fares
Hob Fi El-Zinzana1983Salah
Khamsa Bab1983Mansour
Ala bab el wazir1982Kamal
Esabat Hamada Wa Toto1982Hamada
Al-Ensan Yaeesh Mara Wahida1981Hani
Intakhebo El-Doctoor Sulieman Abdel Basset1981Dr. Sulieman Abdel Basset
Omahat fi al manfa1981Hassona
Al-Mashbouh1981Maher Sayed Ali
Dumou Fi Oyoun Waqiha1980TV SeriesGomaa El-Shawan
Shaaban Taht El-Sifr1980Shaaban
Ragol Fakad Aklah1980Zaki 'Ziko'
Athkiya' laken aghbiya'1980Zaghloul
Katel ma katelsh had1979Adel Gharib
We Are the Bus People1979Jaber
Ragab Fawq Safeeh Sakhin1979Ragab
Khally Balak Men Geranak1979Ahmed
Al-Baadh Yathhab Lil Maathoun Maratain1978Masoud
El-Mahfaza Maaya1978Atwa
Shabab Yarqos Fawq Al-Nar1978Adel
Ayna Tukhabi'un al-Shams?1977
Gens Naem1977Adel
Al-Azwag Al-Shayateen1977Mamdouh
Harami el hob1977Mamoun
Malek El-Taks1976Essam
Azwaj Taeeshoon1976
Alo, ana al-ghetta1975Mahboub
El-Bahth an El-Mataeb1975Shaaban
Mamnou Fi Laylat El-Dokhla1975Tahseen
24 Saa'a Hob1974Ahmed
Al-Mohem El-Hob1974Fahmy
Shayatin Elal Abad1974Fakharani
Al-bahth an fadiha1973Magdy
El-Shayateen Wal Kora1973Okasha
Al zairah1972
Banat Fi El-Gamaa1971Ibrahim
Rehla Laziza1971Metwaly
Bahibek Ya Helwa1970Saeed
Fatat El Esste'rad1969Fahmy
Afrit merati1968Shafie
Ana al-doctor1968Abdou
Hekayet thalass banat1968Band Manager's Assistant
Helwa wa shakia1968Latif
Kayfa tesrak millionaire1968Mansour
El khouroug min el guana1967
El ragol da hai ganini1967
Karamet zawgaty1967Amin
Marti, mudir aam1966
Ana wa hua wa hia1964Dusouki

Won Awards

2014Honorary Award of the FestivalMarrakech International Film Festival
2008Lifetime Achievement AwardDubai International Film Festival
2007Horus AwardCairo National Festival for Egyptian CinemaBest ActorOmaret yakobean (2006)
2006International Jury AwardSão Paulo International Film FestivalBest ActorOmaret yakobean (2006)
2006Special MentionTribeca Film FestivalActor in a Narrative FeatureOmaret yakobean (2006)
2005Lifetime Achievement AwardDubai International Film Festival
1995Horus AwardCairo National Festival for Egyptian CinemaBest ActorAl-irhabi (1994)

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