Bastian and Maria Yotta Net Worth

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Bastian & Maria Yotta net worth is
$1 Billion

Bastian & Maria Yotta Wiki Biography

Bastian Yotta was born in 1977, in Munich, Germany, – Maria in 1988 – and is an entrepreneur noted for his beauty products and life-coach businesses, and software companies, but becoming better known for ‘being famous’, a situation brought about by his and his wife’s extravagant and ostentatious lifestyle which they now live in Beverley Hills, California.

So just how rich are Bastian and Maria Yotta? Authoritative sources estimate that the couple’s net worth approaches $1 billion, reportedly earned through cosmetics products, and providing self-help and weight-loss advice on their website. They claim that their lifestyle costs them $100,000 a month, including rent per month of $34,000. Assets include cars worth an estimated $1.3 million: three are a Ferrari 458, a Bentley Continental Sport and a Lamborghini Aventador, plus a private jet.

Bastian and Maria Yotta Net Worth $1 Billion

Bastian has been described as a ‘cosmetics tycoon’, in which he has earned the majority of his wealth. Three major products are Global Skin, including devices for cavitation, IPL devices, tattoo laser devices. Secondly GIBacon, only founded in 2014 by Bastian Yotta, which is a software provider described as helping “generations connect” through easy-to-use audio and visual devices, and aimed particularly at senior citizens who may be unused to the world of modern technology, such as computers and smart ‘phones, enabling them in many cases for the first time to see and share pictures, comment, chat, text and take part in video conferences. It is also an emergency call facility. Thirdly is a publication called Mindslimming, which is described in advertising as a ‘revolutionary way to lose weight’.

Much of the Yotta’s business nowadays is conducted through their brand website on Instagram, which has over 300,000 followers at the last count.

Bastian describes himself just a few years ago as ‘fat and unfit’, but Arnold Schwarzenegger was his idol, and in terms of possible lifestyle, gained inspiration from ‘Superman’. His attitude became ‘if you want it bad enough, you will get it’, which was apparently not welcomed in Germany – Bastian describes being ‘hounded out’, perhaps because of envy – but totally understood and accepted in Los Angeles.

Bastian and Maria moved to the USA in 2014, and held a house-warming party which apparently numbered 350 guests – a star attraction was a caged lion. However, parties for 50+ people are said to be not uncommon. Bastian proudly states that he was “obsessed with “Baywatch” when young, and has now created his own.

The couple have launched a competition on their Instagram site for young women who want to get ahead in the world of glamour. They will invite 10 women to their home to learn how to live the ‘Yotta Lifestyle’.Quite what that means in practice is uncertain, especially if you don’t possess the kind of bank balance similar to that of the Yotta’s – Maria apparently often spends $50,000 a month are clothes.

One main ambition of the Yotta’s now is to create a reality TV show based on the life-coaching going on in their mansion. The ’10 beautiful women’ staying in ten rooms learning how to achieve life goals will be the focus of the series. However, Bastian states that this will not be another Playboy mansion – Hugh Hefner is apparently a distant and out-dated memory.

In their less-than-private personal life, Bastian and Maria met & married in 2012 – there is some talk of children in the future, but certainly not yet on their horizon given the business plans described here.

Net Worth$1 Billion

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