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Bob Geldof net worth is
$150 Million

Bob Geldof Wiki Biography

Born Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof on 6 October 1951, in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland, Bob Geldof has been active in his career as a political activist, singer and author since 1975. Geldof is also a talented songwriter and sometimes works as an actor, but it was for his charitable works that Bob Geldof received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II.

How rich is Bob Geldof? Since Geldof has been occupied with so many activities, it is not surprising that Bob has managed to accumulate a net worth estimated by sources at $150 million.

Bob Geldof Net Worth $150 Million

Bob Geldof is of Belgian and English-Jewish ancestry. His mother, Evelyn died of a cerebral haemorrhage when he was six. Bob went to Blackrock College, where apparently he was bullied for being a poor rugby player and for his middle name, Zenon. After school Bob had short-term jobs as a slaughterman, a road builder and in a cannery, until he secured a job as a music journalist in Canada. He also hosted the TV children’s program Switchback for a short time.

Bob Geldof first came into prominence with the new wave, punk rock and alternative rock band The Boomtown Rats, founded in 1975, of which Bob was the lead singer. Other members included Pete Briquette, Garry Roberts, Gerry Cott, Johnnie Fingers, and Simon Crowe. The band actually disbanded in 1985, but reformed 2013, and is currently still active. The Boomtown Rats released six studio albums, including A Tonic for the Troops (1978), Mondo Bongo (1981), and In the Long Grass (1984). Many of the band`s singles entered into UK Top 40, so certainly revenues from The Boomtown Rats enlarged Bob Geldof net worth considerably.

Other activities which have made Bob Geldof”s net worth increase include his collaboration in co-writing Do They Know It`s Christmas?, a work for charity which later became one of the best-selling singles. Moreover, Bob contributed to the production of such songs as Rat Trap and I Don`t Like Mondays. In 1982, Bob Geldof showed up on Pink Floyd`s movie which was entitled as Pink Floyd – The Wall.

Bob Geldof became interested in the poor regions of Africa, and in 1984, he helped to found the charity group Band Aid, specifically to assist in relieving the famine in Ethiopia. Band Aid also organized charity projects, such as concerts Live Aid and Live 8. It is known that Live Aid raised £150 million for famine relief. Live 8 appeared in such cities as Rome, Berlin, Paris, Philadelphia, Moscow, and Edinburgh among others.

Actually, Bob Geldof’s net worth increased considerably when he started a business career. Bob is a co-owner of the production company Planet 24 in 1992, which is best known for producing such television shows as The Word and The Big Breakfast. In collaboration with Alex Connock, Geldof founded another production company called Ten Alps. Since 2002, Bob has also been a co-chairman of Groupcall which is a company that provides communication tools for education, saying for example that the population in Arab countries would stabilise if women were more educated, then they would have fewer children.

In his personal life, Bob Geldof and Paula Yates were together from 1976, marrying in 1986 and divorcing in 1996 – they had three daughters, of whom Peaches died of a drug overdose in 2014 as had her mother in 2000. Bob now lives with Jeanne Marine in London.

Full NameBob Geldof
Net Worth$150 Million
Date Of BirthOctober 5, 1951
Place Of BirthDún Laoghaire, Republic of Ireland
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
ProfessionMusician, Songwriter, Political activist, Singer-songwriter, Actor, Author, Philanthropist
EducationBlackrock College
NationalityRepublic of Ireland
SpouseJeanne Marine (m. 2015), Paula Yates (m. 1986–1996)
ChildrenPeaches Geldof, Pixie Geldof, Fifi Trixibelle Geldof
ParentsEvelyn Geldof, Robert "Rob" Geldof
NicknamesBob Geldorf , Sir Robert 'Bob' Geldof , bob_geldof , Robert Frederick Zenon "Bob" Geldof , Sir Bob Geldof , Bob Geldof KBE , Boomtown Rats , Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof , The Boomtown Rats , Robert Frederick Xenon Geldof
AwardsBrit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music, MTV Europe Music Free Your Mind Award, Peabody Award, NRJ Music Award of Honor, NME Award for Hero of the Year, NME Award for Worst Dressed, World Music Legend Award for Outstanding Contribution To The Music Industry, Echo Award for Lifetime Achievem...
Music GroupsBand Aid (1984), The Boomtown Rats (1975 – 1986), U.S.A. for Africa (1985)
NominationsNME Award for Greatest Music Moment of the Year
MoviesPink Floyd – The Wall, Mauvaise fille, The Old Fools
TV ShowsLive Aid, Grumpy Old Men
1Scruffy hairdo
1[on David Bowie's suggestion that Live Aid should be an annual event] If he wants to give up six months a year to do it, fair enough. Live Aid took me six months to organise. I can't afford the time to organise another one myself.
2[on David Bowie's endorsement of Band Aid] That's the seal of approval for the rock community. Bowie says it cool. Must be then. It doesn't get much cooler than Bowie.
3[on Live Aid (1985)] I was content. We had got every major British pop artist of the last quarter of a century.
4You've got all the baggage that comes with me: The Boomtown Rats, all the tabloid stuff... You've got to get through an awful lot of stuff, then put it aside and say, "well, I'll have a listen, I'll give him a go". But bizarrely enough, people do buy my stuff, so I get to play great theatres all over the world. Except in the UK, where they don't give a crap.
5We believed rock and roll would last forever. Now I don't think it will. I think the diffuse nature of the medium means pop culture has won. We are pop culture. It's harder to identify the new and art has lost its ability to shock. Music is also trying too hard - there's a massive amount of stuff to reference, so why shouldn't I?
6I was interested in the blues, because Mick [Jagger] and Keith [Richards] used to say, "forget about us, go and listen to Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf". So I dutifully went to the record shop and said "have you heard of these people?" That someone could be called Howlin' Wolf. Wow. I listened to that music and I adored its primitivism. I joined the Irish Blues Appreciation Society. I was member 11. Out of 13.
7My sisters were complete Cliff and the Shadows nuts. They shared a bedroom, and they had Cliff and the Shadows everywhere, all over the walls and ceiling. I thought he was a bit girly, but if you turned over to the B-sides, they were fairly hardcore. I really mean that. The guitar-playing was the first time I heard what we would now call rhythm and blues, and I liked that.
8[on "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd] They had become conflated in my mind with this thing, which I had really thought was the death of music, prog rock and stuff like that. It was over-considered, middle class, intellectual English stuff. I didn't have it, uniquely amongst the planet I have to say, but it's only much later that I realized the scale of their achievement. What it is is a great record, that's what it is. It is absolutely one of the cardinal pillars of rock 'n' roll, in my view now.
9Individual charity is essential, one human to another reaching over the impenetrable roar of political discourse to assist another in pain. Not to do this would kill us spiritually, but it will not deal with the structures of poverty that allow that pain to exist. Concerted, coherent, durable and massive political action can do that.
10I think people respond well to the facts. The fact that a few miles away from Europe there is a continent where the majority of the population go to bed hungry every night should resonate with all of us. It is in our interests too to look after our neighbors. I find that the best strategy is to make the public aware of the situation and what needs to be, and can be, done about it. Sometimes the politicians need a bit of an ear-bashing to help them on their way to these solutions (but if the voters told the politicians to sort it out I could pipe down a bit - it is in your power to shut me up!).
11We need finally to move from charity (Band Aid, Live Aid) to political and economic justice. Charity deals with the pain of poverty, the hunger, disease and conflict, but to finally end these things one must focus not on the symptoms of poverty but on its structures. Why does it exist? How does it exist? What can we do to stop it and its awful symptoms? That can only be addressed by political change.
12[About different motivations for taking up causes] "Bono as we all know, is in love with the world, he's enamoured by it. I'm enraged by it. He wants to give the world a great big hug, I want to punch its lights out."
13[About his foster daughter Tiger Lily, the daughter of Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence] "She calls me Dad. We were shopping the other day and they played one of my songs then one of her dad's. She said, 'That's you, Dad'. Then she said, 'That's my real dad. My real dad's a better singer than you, Dad". I just said: 'Sheesh... Thanks".
1Attended the wedding of media mogul Rupert Murdoch to former model Jerry Hall in 2016.
2His effort to organize Live Aid is dramatized in When Harvey Met Bob (2010).
3After the success of "I Don't Like Mondays", he received a letter from Brenda Ann Spencer, the school shooter who inspired the song, in which she expressed pride in what she had done, because the song had made her famous.
4He didn't initially like the musical theme Midge Ure conceived for Band Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas?", considering it too similar to the Z Cars (1962) theme tune.
5Bob's paternal grandfather, Zenon Ulice Geldof, was Belgian, while Bob's paternal grandmother, Amelia Falk, was from an Ashkenazi Jewish family. Bob's mother's family is Irish.
6Had fought with Patricia Hutchence over custody of his ex-wife's orphaned daughter Tiger-Lily. Patricia had complained that she hadn't seen Tiger since April 06 when Bob was in Australia. The courts sided with Bob over concerns that Tiger didn't know anybody from Michael's family.
7Winner of the 2005 Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution.
8May 31st 2005: Hosts the world launch of the "Live 8 Concerts", to fight poverty and hunger in Afica, together with Harvey Goldsmith, Sir Elton John, M. Jack Lang, Richard Curtis, Jack Kennedy and Midge Ure from Grosvenor House Hotel, London, UK.
9Is left-handed. Plays guitar with strings strung for a right-handed player (he forms chords backwards because of this.
10Is often referred to, and credited - incorrectly - as Sir Bob Geldof. While indeed he was awarded a K.B.E. (Knight of the order of the British Empire) by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, as he is an Irish citizen the award was honorary and he cannot be referred to as 'Sir'. Instead he is more correctly addressed as Robert (or Bob) Geldof K.B.E.
11He has custody of Tiger Lily Hutchence-Yates (b. 1996), the daughter of his late ex-wife, Paula Yates, and Australian singer Michael Hutchence.
12He has performed with the SAS (Spike Edney's All Stars) Band.
13Organized the Live Aid (1985) concerts that were held in July of 1985 after seeing a BBC documentary on Ethiopia. He flew to Ethiopia, finding the worst living conditions, and children starving. Co-wrote the song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" with Midge Ure for the children of Ethiopia. The Live Aid concerts were held at Wembley Stadium in the UK and JFK Stadium in Philidelphia, raising millions for Ethiopia.
14Geldof and Paula Yates had three daughters-- Fifi Trixiebelle (Fifi Geldof) (b. 31 March 1983), Peaches Geldof (b. 16 March 1989 d. 7 April 2014), and Pixie Geldof (b. 17 September 1990)-- who live with custodial parent Geldof. He is also the custodial guardian of Paula Yates' orphaned daughter Tiger-Lily (b. 1996), who is his daughters' half-sister.
15British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was so impressed by his charity entrepreneurship following the Band Aid and Live Aid (1985) efforts, she had him knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, which made him the first pop star to receive a knighthood (albeit honorary due to his Irish citizenship).


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Music Department

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Pavarotti & Friends1992TV Special documentary composer: song "Room 19 {Sha La La La Lee}"


Live 82005TV Special documentary organizer - as Sir Bob Geldof
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Live 8: What a Difference a Day Made2006TV Movie executive producer


BBC TV Cricket1986TV Series thanks - 1 episode


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Won Awards

2014Gold Badge AwardBASCA Gold Badge Awards
2006Golden CameraGolden Camera, GermanyHumanitarian Award
1986Personal AwardPeabody AwardsFor "Live Aid", 13 July 1985.

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  1. I’m glad it all worked out for him financially because he gave all his time, energy, and money into charities invokved with world hunger etc… I recall reading a number of years ago that he was flat broke and just about bankrupt. I give him credit because he didn’t just talk the talk like so many of his peers, he walked the walk and put his money where his mouth is by helping everyone but himself. The man is a class act.

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