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Paul Bruce Dickinson was born on the 7th August 1958, in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England, and is probably best known to the world as a singer and songwriter with the famous heavy metal band Iron Maiden, being an active member of the music scene since 1976. However, adding to his net worth and popularity, Bruce is also recognized as a pilot, serving as a captain with the UK Charter airline Astraeus.

Have you ever wondered how rich Bruce Dickinson is? According to sources it is estimated that Bruce Dickinson`s overall net worth is $115 million, the amount acquired through his career in music and as an airline pilot. Furthermore, Dickinson is also recognized as an author, since he has released two books so far: “The Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace”, which sold over 40,000 copies, and “The Missionary Position” released in 1992, adding to his overall net worth.

Bruce Dickinson Net Worth $115 Million

Bruce was raised by his grandparents, as his mother and father moved to Sheffield soon after he was born, to where he moved when he was six years old, however, he didn`t stay long with them as he was sent to boarding school in Northamptonshire when he was 13 years old. When he turned 18 years, Bruce returned to Sheffield and enrolled at the King Edward VII High School, where his interest in music intensified and soon he began to perform in the high school band entitled Paradox, later changed to Styx. However, the bands life span was rather short, splitting before the end of high school.

Acquiring A-levels in English, History and Economics, Bruce joined the Territorial Army for six months, but after he acknowledging that he couldn`t build a career in the army he at Queen Mary College, London, eventually managing to graduate with a degree in history..

Bruce`s professional career began in 1979 when he joined the band Samson as a lead singer, with whom he recorded three albums before joining Iron Maiden in 1981. As a member of the Iron Maiden, Bruce has become one of the greatest heavy metal vocalists in the history of the genre, winning numerous accolades and award with the band.

His first recording with the band was the No.1 charted album “The Number Of The Beast” released in 1982. The album spawned hit songs such as “Run To The Hills”, “Number Of The Beast” and Hallowed Be Thy Name”. Until his departure that lasted from 1993 until 1999, he already had released seven albums, all of them garnering positive critical reviews, debuting in top spots on the charts, and increasing his overall net worth. In 1992, the band released the album “Fear Of The Dark” which debuted at the top of the UK charts, and was certified gold in the UK. It spawned hit songs such as “Fear Of The Dark”, “Be Quick Or Be Dead” and “Wasting Love”.

In 1999, Bruce returned to his position as a lead singer, and since then, the group has released five more albums, increasing his own popularity and net worth. Some of the albums include “Dance Of Death” (2003), “The Final Frontier” (2010) and their latest release “The Book Of Souls” (2015).

Over the course of his career as a musician, Bruce has released a total of 12 albums with the band Iron Maiden, and has worked on his solo career, releasing six albums: some of them include “Tattooed Millionaire” (1990), “Tyranny Of Souls” (2005) and “Accident Of Birth” (1997) among others.

When it comes to his personal life, Bruce has been married to Paddy Bowden since 1990, with whom he has sons Austin and Griffin who are also in the music business, and daughter Kia. He was previously married to Jane from 1983 until 1987. The family now lives in London.

In 2015, Bruce was diagnosed with a tumor on the back of his tongue, but after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Bruce is expected to recover completely. In May, a routine check showed no remaining signs of the disease.

Full NameBruce Dickinson
Net Worth$115 million
Date Of BirthAugust 7, 1958
Height1.68 m
ProfessionScreenwriter, Entrepreneur, Pilot, Actor, Singer, Disc jockey, Songwriter, Businessperson, Radio personality, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Tears Of The Dragon
EducationQueen Mary University of London, University of London, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Tears Of The Dragon
SpousePaddy Bowden, Jane Dickinson, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Tears Of The Dragon
ChildrenAustin Dickinson, Kia Michelle Dickinson, Griffin Dickinson, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Tears Of The Dragon
ParentsBruce Dickinson, Sonia Dickinson, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Tears Of The Dragon
SiblingsHelena Stormanns
Music GroupsIron Maiden, Samson, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Tears Of The Dragon
NominationsGrammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media, American Music Award for Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock New Artist, The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Tears Of The Dragon
MoviesChemical Wedding, Biceps of Steel, Iron Maiden: The Legacy of the Beast
TV ShowsPonderosa
1Often says "Scream for Me" in concerts to the audience
2Various song-specific trademarks, such as holding a Union Jack and wearing a 19th century British cavalry uniform for "The Trooper".
3His high pitched singing voice which has given him the nickname "The Air Raid Siren"
1I still think that Clive Burr was the best drummer Maiden ever had. That's not taking anything away from Nicko. Technically, NIcko's far more competent than Clive. It's just that Clive had this incredible feel, and I regret that he wasn't given enough time to go and sort himself out.
2As long as there is Iron Maiden, there will be a concert in Chile.
3Major labels blow all their money massively and blame it on the band.
4I'm not going to do any more solo touring.
5A few of these interviews have gone slightly awry, because every now and again there has been the odd conflict of interest between interviews because of the Iron Maiden record, and I am a bit long-winded.
6There are a lot of stuff on the record that I am thinking is generic but actually it is just as good as everybody else who is putting stuff out at the time.
7The mystical poetry of William Blake's artwork also forms the basis for the album cover.
8South Wales is a hub of aviation.
9Well, it's a nice quiet time for Iron Maiden, and I'll be releasing a new solo album next year, so this is a really good time for the managing out my solo career, which is quite well.
10Life on the road can get a little one-dimensional. I didn't want to reach 40 and have to say all I'd done was look out the window of a tour bus and get drunk.
11A guy called Arthur Brown... was a big influence of mine... and also Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull.
12The more guitars we have onstage the better, as I'm concerned.
13My son is in a band, and he's a singer, and his vocals... they're screaming-growling stuff... and he's got a pretty reasonable voice. Yet he practices really hard to get the screaming-growling thing without losing that voice every five minutes. So I'm, like, 'Hats off to you.'
14With the Internet, bands can come and go every five minutes and the music looks disposable.
15I don't have interns. I don't have a manager. I don't have assistants. I don't have a secretary. I can't figure out Outlook Express. I'm the worst person in the world answering e-mails, and my phone is probably the oldest, most battered phone you can find. So I just talk to people.
16Well, yeah, sometimes I get a little too creative.
17Don't ask me to put up a shelf, but I love engineering.
18I don't like being recognised, I have no interest in being famous at all, I just do what I do. If I could be like Captain Kirk and beam myself up and then beam myself down, I would!
19I was an accident - my mum was only 16 when she had me.
20Business is just about enabling human beings, nothing more, nothing less. Businesses need to recognize this fundamental fact.
21There are a lot of bands using self-abuse as a marketing gimmick.
22I shall refract myself, yes, I shall no longer be known as the prism.
23Kids get bored easily. They have got to get out and get their hands dirty: make things, dismantle things, fix things.
24If it all just happens like this for the rest of my life, it's going to be one endless Groundhog Day. I determined that I was not prepared to submit to this regime, so I thought I had to do something about it.
25I've had a bit of experience at lots and lots of different arenas as it were, some of them completely creative, some of them quite technical. The interesting thing is, is that I found that the technical arenas actually are also very creative or can be very creative.
26I enjoy making solo albums because over the years it's evolved into more of a genuine personal expression of story-telling and day dreams, and I work in a way that has more control.
27In my teenage years I was put off the idea of a career in flying, because I'd convinced myself that you had to be a boffin with degrees in maths and physics, which were my weakest subjects.
28I think the best way to find out about something is to try to do it to the max. A lot of people take up a hobby or sport and then find an excuse not to carry on with it. Once I start something, I won't stop until I'm as good at it as I'll ever be.
29I am taking a break, but not a huge break because the Maiden record is actually happening right now, and I am recording it as we speak, well not right as we speak, but close.
30One of my earliest ventures was when I was nine years old. I realized there was a shortage of pencils at school, so I started Rent-a-Pencil. But I made a fundamental mistake. Everybody stole my pencils.
31The celebrity thing, I mean, Lindsay Lohan - what's she for? I look at that and throw my hands up in despair.
32When you cut human beings down to size, we're really quite simple creatures; food, shelter, warmth, light, heat and you build it up from there really until you finally go Gucci shoes or whatever it is or whatever your consumer desires are. All those desires are ultimately, they're about gratification.
33Best two rock voices I've heard in a last few years both have been from grunge bands: it's Eddie Vedder and the other one is Chris Cornell from Soundgarden.
34Life is too short to do the things you don't love doing.
35Engineering stimulates the mind.
36My aim as a frontman is always to try and shrink the venue, if you can, to turn that football stadium into the world's smallest club. At least you have to try.
37I'm very good at daydreaming. Ask any of my schoolteachers.
38When I write with Maiden, then I write only with the guys in Maiden, we don't do songs from outside people.
39Rock music should be gross: that's the fun of it. It gets up and drops its trousers.
40I find that fencing and training give me more stamina and help me deal with the craziness of being on the road so much.
41If heavy metal bands ruled the world, we'd be a lot better off.
42Teachers need to be more inspirational. But it's also up to engineering to make itself more interesting.
43Engineering stimulates the mind. Kids get bored easily. They have got to get out and get their hands dirty: make things, dismantle things, fix things. When the schools can offer that, you'll have an engineer for life.
44Apart from death and taxes, the one thing that's certain in this life is that I'll never be a fashion icon.
45I do like Marylin Manson, actually. I think, he's very talented and he did make some great music.
46If your only arbiter of anything is money, really you should... go and rob banks.
47Everything you need to know about Iron Maiden is onstage.
48The joke in aviation is, 'If you want to make a million, you'd better start with £10m.'
49My dad always told me, 'I don't care what you do. Just aim to be the best at it. Even if it's the world's best window cleaner.'
50I'm trying to be as green as I can. As an airline pilot, I have a carbon footprint that's a size 10, so it's pretty hard.
51If you really want to annoy me, ask me when I'm going to retire from rock n' roll.
52Iron Maiden is an institution, and I'm delighted that I'm involved in it, but there was a time that I wasn't delighted so I quit.
53I never intended to become a professional pilot. But, as I became more curious about aircraft, and, well, not being John Travolta, I realized that the only way I was ever going to fly a jet is if I got a job.
1Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Janick Gers, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Nicko McBrain) is currently on "Give Me Ed... Til I'm Dead" tour and working on a new album titled "Dance of Death" scheduled for release in September of 2003. [June 2003]
2Scheduled to release his new solo album "Tyranny Of Souls" on May 23rd. [April 2005]
3On the worldwide "Somewhere Back In Time" Tour with Iron Maiden, visiting many new countries, and others the band haven't been in a while (i.e. Australia) [February 2008]
4With Iron Maiden, set to release their latest album, "A Matter of Life and Death". [August 2006]
5Iron Maiden are currently scheduling tour dates and preparing. Tour begins Summer 2005. [October 2004]
6Hosts "The Rock Show" on BBC 6 Music Radio at 23:00 London Time (6:00 Eastern). [August 2004]
7Currently on the "Dance of Death World Tour" with Iron Maiden (19/10/2003 - 12/12/2003). [June 2003]
8Before being the long time singer for Iron Maiden, Bruce was in the bands Speed, Shots and Heavy Metal band Samson. His first studio recording was a song called 'Dracula' for the band Shots.
9Has an estimated net worth of 20-30 $million.
10He has three children with his wife Paddy Bowden: Griffin Dickinson, Austin Dickinson and Kia Michelle Dickinson.
11Upgraded to Captain for Astraeus Airlines flying Boeing 757 series jets.
12Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter, the classic Maiden tune, was originally performed by Bruce as a solo artist.
13Released his first solo album, Tattooed Millionaire, in 1990.
14His employer, Astraeus Airlines, has acquired Boeing 757 jets and he now flies the jet on charter. On a recent flight AEU666, he flew to Iceland as co-pilot, with a jet full of Iron Maiden fans and did the Iron Maiden show, then flew back to London Gatwick.
15Currently a first officer for the UK-based charter airline Astraeus. He flies the Boeing 737-300 and slightly larger 737-700. [2004]
16Hosted "The Friday Night Rock Show" on BBC 6 Music Radio until May 28, 2010.
17Was asked to join the United Kingdom's Olympic fencing team. Dickinson turned it down since he was on tour with Iron Maiden.
18When Bon Jovi headlined at Donnington Park, Bruce, Dee Snider and Paul Stanley joined Bon Jovi onstage for the last song of the evening. Bruce was wearing Union Jack shorts and didn't know the words to the song being played so he had to run around stage reading the lyrics from a sheet of paper.
19Enjoys the hobby of professional fencing.
20He went to the wedding of Marillion frontman Fish in 1987.
21Iron Maiden's 1988 album "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" came 30th in Classic Rock Magazine's list of the 30 greatest concept albums of all time. [March 2003]
22Before Iron Maiden, he was the lead singer for London-based Metal band Samson, led by Paul Samson.
23Joined Iron Maiden in 1981 after they fired their original singer Paul DiAnno. He auditioned by singing three songs over Paul DiAnno's original vocal tracks on the "Killers" album. There's actually a recording of this going around in the bootleg market. Bruce's first shows were in Italy from 10/26/81 to 10/31/81. His first album with Iron Maiden was "The Number Of The Beast" in 1982. Bruce recorded 10 Iron Maiden albums and left the band in 1993 to further his solo career. He recorded 7 solo albums including a "best of" with added bonus tracks. Bruce rejoined Iron Maiden in 1999 and has since then recorded four albums with Iron Maiden; "Brave New World", "Dance of Death", "A Matter of Life and Death" and "The Final Frontier", the last of which debuted at number one in the album charts of 27 different countries.
24Has written two novels "The Adventures of Lord Iffy-Boatrace" and "The Missionary Position".
25Lead singer for British heavy metal band Iron Maiden since 1982.


Drugaí Marú IIShort writer: "The Evil That Men Do", "If Eternity Should Fail", "Empire of the Clouds" filming
Drugaí Marú2015Short writer: "Powerslave"
Metal EvolutionTV Series documentary performer - 1 episode, 2011 writer - 1 episode, 2011
Old Number Seven2009Short writer: "Face in the sand"
Guitar Hero 52009Video Game writer: "2 Minutes to Midnight"
Iron Maiden: Flight 6662009Documentary writer: "Moonchild", "2 Minutes to Midnight", "Revelations", "Can I Play with Madness", "Powerslave"
Chemical Wedding2008performer: "Chemical Wedding", "Man of Sorrows" / writer: "Chemical Wedding", "Can I Play With Madness", "Wickerman" - as Dickinson / writer: "Man of Sorrows"
Idol2002TV Series writer - 1 episode
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City2002Video Game writer: "2 Minutes to Midnight"
Classic Albums: Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast2001Video documentary writer: "Hard Times Live"
Top of the Pops2000TV Series writer - 1 episode
Bride of Chucky1998performer: "Trumpets of Jericho" / writer: "Trumpets of Jericho"
Bean1997performer: "Elected Mr. Bean And The Smear Campaign"
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child1989performer: "BRING YOUR DAUGHTER TO THE SLAUGHTER" / writer: "BRING YOUR DAUGHTER TO THE SLAUGHTER"
Miami Vice1988TV Series writer - 1 episode
Iron Maiden: Behind the Iron Curtain1985Video documentary performer: "Smoke On The Water Live" / writer: "Powerslave Live", "Revelations Live", "2 Minutes To Midnight Live" - as Iron Maiden
The Incubus1982writer: "Vice Versa" - as Bruce Bruce


Chemical Wedding2008Landlord / Blind Man
The Paradise Club1990TV SeriesJake Skinner
The Incubus1982Samson lead singer (uncredited)


Chemical Wedding2008writer


Chemical Wedding2008
The History of Iron Maiden: Part 1, The Early Days2004

Music Department

Chemical Wedding2008music producer
Heavy Metal1981musician - uncredited


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1990Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst Original SongA Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child (1989)

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