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$160 Million

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Tijs Michiel Verwest, commonly known by a stage name of DJ Tiesto, is a famous Dutch record producer, musician, as well as a disc jockey. Often referred to as Da Joker, DJ Limited or Wild Bunch, DJ Tiesto first gained public attention in 1997, with the release of the “Magik” series, a mix-compilation series of trance music genre, which consisted of seven installments. The first installment in the series was “Magik One: First Flight” released in 1997, while the last one was entitled “Magik Seven: Live in Los Angeles”, which came out in 2001. DJ Tiesto gained more mainstream success when he made a remix of a song originally performed by an electronic music group “Delirium” called “Silence”. Shortly afterwards in 2001, DJ Tiesto came out with his first solo album under the name of “In My Memory”. The album peaked at #25 on the Dutch Albums music chart and spawned 10 singles, among which were “Lethal Industry”, “Battleship Grey”, “Urban Train” and “Flight 643”. Tiesto followed the success of his debut album with “Just Be”, his second studio work, which featured guest appearances from Kirsty Hawkshaw, Aqualung and BT. Upon its release, “Just Be” topped the Netherlands and Belgium Album Charts, and made it to the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart, where it placed at #11. In addition, the album produced five singles, amongst which were “Love Comes Again” and “Traffic”. Up to date, DJ Tiesto has released six studio albums.

DJ Tiesto Net Worth $160 Million

A famous disc jockey, how rich is DJ Tiesto? According to sources, DJ Tiesto earned $22 million in 2012, while his annual salary in 2013 amounted to $32 million. In regards to his wealth, DJ Tiesto’s net worth is estimated to be $160 million, most of which comes from his involvement in the music industry.

DJ Tiesto was born in 1969, in Breda, Netherlands. Tiesto started making music in the early 1990s, when he worked for the “Coolman” and “Chemo” labels. Tiesto’s talents were noticed by “Basic Beat Recordings”, with which he later signed a record deal. While being with “Basic Beat”, Tiesto met Arny Bink, with whom he decided to create his own record label instead. In 1997, Tiesto and Bink founded “Black Hole Recordings”, a Dutch record label, which currently has such artists as Allure, Jordan Suckley, Mark Norman, and “First State” among many others under their roof. Shortly afterwards, DJ Tiesto came out with his “Magik” series and created the “In Search of Sunrise” mix-compilation, which to date features 12 installments, including “In Search of Sunrise 2” and “In Search of Sunrise 12: Dubai”. DJ Tiesto gained even more public recognition when he released his debut album in 2001, which was followed by his second studio work “Just Be”. In 2014, DJ Tiesto came out with “A Town Called Paradise”, his fifth studio album, which was met with positive critical reviews, and peaked at #18 on the Billboard 200 chart. “A Town Called Paradise” also spawned three singles, namely “Red Lights”, Wasted” and “Light Years Away”.

Full NameTiësto
Net Worth$160 Million
Date Of BirthJanuary 17, 1969
Place Of BirthBreda, Netherlands
Height1.88 m
WeightDutch,Disc jockey, Music Producer, Film Score Composer, Electronic musician
ProfessionDisc jockey, Music Producer, Film Score Composer, Electronic musician
AwardsWorld Music Award for World’s Best DJ, Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical, DJ Award for Best Electro House, DJ Award for Best International DJ, MTV Europe Music Award for Best Dutch Act, DJ Award for International DJ, World Music Award for World's Best Selling Dutch Artist, DJ ...
Music GroupsGouryella, Kamaya Painters, Alabama 3, Vimana, New York, United States, Helsinki, Finland, Red Lights, The Only Way Is Up, Secrets - Original Mix, Gouryella, Kamaya Painters, Alabama 3, Vimana, Amsterdam-Zuidoost, Netherlands, Las Vegas, NV, United States, Washington, DC, United States, Red Lights, The Only Way Is Up, Secrets - Original Mix, Miami Beach, FL, United States, Las Vegas, NV, United States, Red Lights, The Only Way Is Up, On My Way, Gouryella, Kamaya Painters, Alabama 3, Allure, Vimana
NominationsGrammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album, DJ Award for Best Trance, DJ Award for Best Electro / Progressive House, World Music Award for World's Best Electronic Dance Music Artist, MTV Europe Music Award for Best Dutch & Belgian Act, DJ Award for Best Big Room House, Red Lights, The Only Way Is ...
1Sphere shaped neon lit DJ box
1Whenever I made money I invested in myself... I bought whatever I needed to make my career better. I never really spent money on other stuff, like buying expensive cars.
2My fans are crazy, but in a good way. Very supportive, and some tweet me more like a 100 times a day. As for tour tales, I have a saying: 'What happens on tour stays on tour.'
3There have been a lot of people involved in the growth of EDM's support in the U.S., from DJ/producers like David Guetta, Deadmau5 and Skrillex, to major festival organisers and pop artists of EDM integrating elements of dance music into their music.
4It doesn't matter if they're famous or not - I just want to meet other creative people who can maybe bring something different to the studio than what I have. I think that's the most important thing for me.
5The 'Work Hard, Play Hard' video shows how much a part of music the fans can really be. With the help of SanDisk, we were able to create the first-ever music video to be made using fan videos shot only from their mobile phones.
6I think the indie-rock world is very creative. They're always looking for something new, and I think of all the instruments we have in the world, the ones that are the most creative and interesting are the electronic ones. There are so many sounds and plug-ins you can use.
7I heard 'Get Lucky'; it's just not my taste. It's great what Daft Punk does and the sound quality is great, but that whole disco vibe is not really my thing.
8I want to make myself and the crowd happy by way of something different, and that makes things difficult. I'm never playing something that hasn't been released or no one has ever heard before because I care to deliver them what they were hoping to see from me. But also I play four or five songs that will definitely surprise them.
9I was never attracted to the pop world. I listen to music that is pop sometimes. But I've never thought, 'Oh, I need to work with Ne-Yo now.' It's never really been my thing.
10Growing up, Guess always had these amazing billboards and cool affordable clothing. I wore it then, and I still wear it now! It's come full-circle. When I design the clothes, I have a very good team around me, showing me different pieces and cuts.
11Besides music and charity, fashion is one of my interests that has been growing over the past few years. I think it goes so hand in hand, music and fashion.
12I think I'm commercial underground. I'm not commercial in the way that people consider 'pop,' but I'm not underground in the way that people consider that. either. I am just a cool guy.
13I got involved in 2003, 2004, with a company called Dance4Life out of Holland.
14I love Twitter, you know? I try to read everything I can on Twitter. You get so much nice feedback about stuff, you know you just put out a sentence and everybody laughs or everybody's just sending something back. It's amazing. Same with Facebook, you know? I'm a lot on Facebook and it's just - it's just amazing. And YouTube, of course, as well.
15I would love to fall in love and get married and have beautiful children. I mean that's one of the goals in life, I think, to have, and it's a beautiful thing. My sister has kids and all my friends have kids. They show me their, you know their report cards. And I can show them my sports car.
16I like a challenge. I need to feel passionate about something. If I'm not passionate about it, I can't stand it. It has to feel real. DJ'ing, touring, charity work - anything.
17I love suits, but onstage it's too hot. So, I like a nice T-shirt!
18At first, I was only interested in music, but I spent so much time in the clubs and seeing fashions change. So naturally, I developed an interest in it.
19Miami is a really special place for me, particularly in the U.S. It was one of the first places in the country to really embrace dance music, and I've been going there for many, many years.
20I love to produce a track and then play it for the crowd; that's the biggest kick for me!
21I think one of the greatest gigs I played, and we've had many, but to play the opening ceremony at - at the Olympic games in Athens 2004 was pretty special, you know? Because it's such a big deal for the whole world. And the whole world's watching. So that was definitely one of the special ones.
22I spend a lot of time talking to young and emerging producers on Twitter, feeding back thoughts and encouraging them.
23Sigur Ros make beautiful music. Bloc Party are fantastic and exciting and innovative.
24I think it would be different to work with a guy like Kanye West or Jay-Z, those guys are so phenomenal, but just to work with a rapper, I don't think is really my thing. I really like songs, like true songs. Like indie songs.
25My favorite all-time artist... I would say, I think that must be Sigur Ros, I love that band. It's like going to the stars for me. When I put the music from Jonsi or Sigur Ros on, it's so relaxing, it's warm and it never gets boring to listen to, you always hear new things. Yeah, that must be my favorite band.
26I can honestly say that the fans inspire. There's an unexplainable rush that comes when I'm in the middle of a set and the energy from the fans hit me. I also get really inspired through collaborations. I've learned so much from the emerging producers I've worked with just as they've learned from me.
27I have been DJing in clubs for years. I always dreamed to be a famous DJ in Holland. And now it's worldwide. You can't imagine. I mean, I still can't believe it myself that everything has gone so well.
28After my touring life, I'd love to be more involved with charity. It gives me a lot of fulfillment, you know? I would love to get people who are into my music more active in charity work. In the future, when I have more time, I'd love to do spend more time on that.
29The best clubs in the world are always the clubs where you have a variety of people. Like, you have the crazy people, you have the nicely dressed people, you have the office people, you have the regular guys - that makes it fun.
30I love L.A., but I don't live there. I spent some time there when I was recording 'Kaleidoscope,' mainly working with some of the artists I collaborated with. The city and people in L.A. have a great vibe and the weather is always beautiful.
31Remixes come very quickly, because you already have the melody and the vocals. I have a great passion for music, so it doesn't matter to me if it's a remix or an original production. I don't think about it as, 'Well, I have to spend three hours on a remix or I have to do something all original.'
32I think Coran Capshaw is such a brilliant entrepreneur and he always thinks about new stuff; the biggest stuff you can imagine. I know he's working on a lot of things for me at the moment, and I think it will definitely help my career to go to the next level.
33Trance is a very emotional and uplifting form of dance music. It appeals to many people in this way having such a strong connection with emotions. It makes people happy and ready to party.
34There's nothing more frustrating than when you hear a track and you can never find out what it is.
35If you play the same club every week of every month, it's kind of boring. It's great that you can play one night in Brazil and one night in Japan, one night in Europe, and see the world. It's amazing what you see if you travel around the world.
36At the end of the '90s and into 2000, electronic music was still an underground phenomenon, especially in America.
37If you remix, people want to tap into your sound. If you keep that to yourself, it makes the sound more special.
38I played a lot of acetates at the end of my vinyl period - I used to make tracks and get them pressed in four or five days - but the quality was always so bad and they would skip all the time. The vinyl days for me are over. I still buy vinyl, but only albums, and just to play. For DJing, vinyl is a nightmare.
39There's an amazing intimate feeling in a small club but an insane rush playing a stadium or festival.
40Most of the time - at the Grammys for example - a DJ will perform with just their hands in the air because they can't do anything and that makes it a little awkward, I think.
41If I were a girl, I always like Chanel. It's so stylish and timeless. So I like Karl Lagerfeld a lot.
42I can read a crowd pretty well. I know what to play and know how to keep it interesting for them and for myself as well. Most of the other DJs are more like producers so they become famous because they make hits and then they start DJ-ing. But I'm more from the other way around.
43I've always wanted to be a DJ so I could play the music I love for other people. That feeling hasn't changed, but my sets are always evolving. In terms of tailoring to a specific crowd, certainly I do play differently depending on the situation. It's a different feel, for example, in a small club versus a festival.
44A 'Magik' session is a journey through different stages of emotions and the 'Search for Sunrise' is more chilling music for when you come home after a party or when you are just about to go to one.
45It will be great to have a fashion career during and after my DJ career.
46Napster is great so long as they put out tracks on there that have been officially released. I don't really mind people downloading my music; I also see it as a compliment. And if you are a real music lover, you want to have the original CD anyway 'cause then you feel more connected to the artist.
47I was a huge 'Pyromania' fan. You would never expect it, but I was in love with Iron Maiden; I was such a huge fan. I went to a lot of rock stuff like Van Halen, too.
48I love playing FIFA on my PlayStation!
49Since I was a kid, I always felt the need to share the music I love with as many people as possible, and DJing seemed like the perfect outlet.
50I saw a DJ from Germany called Sven Vath. I saw him in the club, he played for six hours and I was just totally intrigued, because everything he played I'd never heard before and everything he did I'd never seen before. I was so blown away by what he did.
51Most people went to dance shows, but it was basically a table and a DJ playing and not really a spectacular thing. I brought the whole production with the effects - the best sound, the best lighting to blow the fans away.
52DJs are the new rock stars.
53A lot of DJs who started the same time as me, they are not to be seen anymore. And I get so much love and respect from the young DJs, and some of them look up to me or ask me for advice. I am almost like the mentor.
54I love performing in the U.K. Everyone is always up for it and brings all their energy to the dance floor.
55I was playing a gig in Greece in September 2003 and this guy walks up to me and says, 'Hey Tiesto I just heard you play; you're amazing. I want you to play at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.' I looked at him, like, 'Sure pal!'
56I like 'Elle' magazine. I love things online, like when all the big brands have a fashion show, I like to see the new collections.
1In 2008 he was nominated for Best Electronic/Dance Album at Grammy Awards for the album Elements of Life.
2The first DJ in the world to sell out a solo stadium event for over 25,000 people.
3Produced the first instrumental track to reach the top spot in his homeland of Holland in 23 years.
4Was the first DJ to be crowned Dj Magazine's World No. 1 DJ three times in a row (2002, 2003, 2004).
5His remix of Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan's 'Silence' was the first house track ever broadcast on daytime radio in North America.
6He played live in front of over 3 billion people during the Parade Of The Athletes at the official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens 2004.
7Voted DJ Magazines No.1 DJ in the World in 2002, 2003 & 2004.
8First ever DJ to perform at the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games (2004).
9First ever DJ to give a solo stadium concert.


Collide2016/Iperformer: "Split Only U" - as Tiesto
Sisters2015/IIIperformer: "Let's Go" - as Tiesto / writer: "Let's Go" - as Tijs Verwest
Vacation2015/Iperformer: "Let's Go" / writer: "Let's Go" - as Tijs Verwest
Pitch Perfect 22015performer: "Let's Go" - as Tiesto / writer: "Let's Go" - as Tijs Verwest
Night at the Museum 32014performer: "Let's Go" / writer: "Let's Go" - as Tijs Michiel Verwest
The Vampire Diaries2009-2014TV Series performer - 2 episodes
Hysteria2014TV Series performer - 1 episode
Madden NFL 152014Video Game performer: "Waka Flocka Flame"
Teen Wolf2014TV Series performer - 1 episode
22 Jump Street2014performer: "Wasted" / writer: "Wasted" - as Tijs Verwest
Todd's Pop Song Reviews2014TV Series documentary writer - 1 episode
Grey's Anatomy2012TV Series writer - 1 episode
No me la puc treure del cap2010-2012TV Series performer - 2 episodes
Ecstasy2011/Iperformer: "Dance For Life" / writer: "Dance For Life"
So You Think You Can Dance Canada2011TV Series performer - 1 episode
Melrose Place2010TV Series 1 episode
Love Is Only in the Movies2010TV Series "I Will Be Here"
EastEnders: E202010TV Series performer - 1 episode
Wo men hai pa2002as DJ Tiesto, "Silence DJ Tiesto's in Search of Sunrise Remix", uncredited


Making the Game for RED Presented by Coca-Cola2012TV Movie documentary as Tiesto
Tiësto, een verlegen jongen2011TV Movie documentary as Tiesto
Three 6 Mafia feat. Tiësto: Feel It2009Video short
Tiesto: Elements of Life World Tour2008
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Athens 2004 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony2004TV Movie


Split: Only U2015Video shortTiesto
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Tiesto: Elements of Life World Tour2008DJ (as Tijs Michiel Verwest)


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Tiësto in Concert 22005Video documentary creator


Tiësto's in the Booth2016TV Series executive producer


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Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music2016TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
The Mask with Henrik Lundqvist2015TV SeriesHimself - Guest
I Heart Radio Ultimate Pool Party2014TV MovieHimself - Performer
M3 Countdown2014TV SeriesHimself
BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend: Glasgow2014TV Mini-SeriesHimself (2014)
2014 Billboard Music Awards2014TV SpecialHimself - Resident DJ
Under the Electric Sky2014DocumentaryHimself
RTL Late Night2013TV SeriesHimself
Making the Game for RED Presented by Coca-Cola2012TV Movie documentaryHimself (as Tiesto)
Tiësto, een verlegen jongen2011TV Movie documentaryHimself (as Tiesto)
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De wereld draait door2006-2011TV SeriesHimself
RTL Boulevard2011TV SeriesHimself
Pauw & Witteman2010TV SeriesHimself
De nieuwste show2008TV SeriesHimself
Bang Music Festival2006TV MovieHimself (as Tiesto)
Lydverket2005TV SeriesHimself
Tiësto in Concert 22005Video documentary
Liquid Vinyl2005DocumentaryHimself
It's All Gone Pete Tong2004Himself
TMF Awards 20042004TV SpecialHimself - Best DJ [National] Winner
Tussen de sterren2003TV Series documentaryHimself
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Tiësto: Another Day at the Office2003Video documentaryHimself (as DJ Tiësto)
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No me la puc treure del cap2012TV SeriesHimself

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2015GrammyGrammy AwardsBest Remixed Recording, Non-ClassicalFor the song "All Of Me (Tiesto's Birthday Treatment Remix)."

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