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Eddie Judge was born in 1972, in Guadalajara, Mexico. He is a successful businessman, but also known for being Tamra Barney’s husband; together they have appeared in the well-known television show called “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. Despite the fact that he is famous for being Tamra’s husband, he has also achieved a lot as a businessman himself and there is a high chance that in the future he will become more acclaimed for his own work.

If you consider how rich Eddie Judge is, it can be said that sources estimate Eddie’s net worth to be $300,000. The main source of this sum of money is, of course, Eddie’s career as a businessman. In addition to this, Eddie’s appearances on reality television have also contributed to his wealth. As Judge continues expanding his business and involving himself in new business affairs, there is a high chance that this sum of money will become higher in the future.

Eddie Judge Net Worth $300,000

Eddie’s childhood was not very easy as he grew up with his grandmother and was later raised in Orange County after being adopted by James Judge, who was an attorney and had his own company, called “Judge Law Firm”. Eddie himself worked at this company and this was the time when his net worth began growing. When Eddie was still working with the company he met Tamra Barney; soon they started dating, and subsequently Eddie has appeared in several episodes of the show called “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. The show focuses on the lives of upper class women and show their everyday life. As Tamra Barney is one of the women who appears on this show, Eddie also soon gained the attention of the media. Although he has appeared in only a few episodes it has still raised his net worth considerably.

In 2013 Eddie decided to leave his job at the “Judge Law Firm”, and together with Tamra he opened their own gym, called “C.U.T. Fitness”, which faily quickly had a significant impact on the growth of Eddie’s net worth. Now their business is even more successful and they are planning to expand it to other locations. Undoubtedly, this will also raise Eddie’s net worth somewhat. Overall, it can be said that Eddie is a hardworking man, who tries to achieve acclaim from his own activities and not for only from his wife’s achievements.

If to talk more about Eddie’s and Tamara’s relationship, it can be said that Tamara is older than Eddie and she was also married before and has two children with her previous husband. In 2011 Tamara divorced her first husband, and in 2013 she married Eddie. Now they are not only life partners but business partners as well. Finally, Eddie is a determined person and despite everything he has experienced during his childhood, he was able to become a successful businessman and a well-known layer. Although Eddie now mainly focuses on his career as a businessman there is still a chance that he will again work as a lawyer. Hopefully, Eddie will be able to achieve even more in the business world and he will become even more famous.

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