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Edith Flagg net worth is
$100 Million

Edith Flagg Wiki Biography

Edith Flagg is one of the most famous and respected fashion designers. What is more, she is not only known for her achievements in fashion industry but also for being a philanthropist. Edith experienced the harm of World War II: her first husband died in a concentration camp in 1944 and she and her family saved many Jewish and non-Jewish people during the war. Flagg’s philanthropic actions and her talent for fashion made her famous all around the world and made Edith’s net worth high. How rich is Edith Flagg? Her net worth reaches 100 million dollars and makes her a very powerful woman, who not only uses the money for herself but also tries to help others.

Edith Flagg Net Worth $100 Million

Edith Flagg was born in 1919 in Romania. While being only 15 years old she moved to Austria and studied fashion there, although Edith chose these studies, probably no one had an idea that the main source of Edith Flagg’s net worth will be related to fashion. Unfortunately Flagg had to move from Vienna when Hitler annexed Austria. She moved to Palestine and later to the US. Here Flagg started her career as a fashion designer, it later brought a lot of money to Edith’s net worth. Her business started in Los Angeles and she soon became very popular among woman. Soon after getting popular Edith launched her own clothing line, titled Edith Flagg, Inc. Flagg mainly designed dresses and every year produced about five lines. This clothing line was popular for almost 50 years and gained Flagg an acclaim and respect that she deserved, not to mention the sum of money which added up a lot to Edith Flagg’s net worth.

Edith is also known for her articles for such journals as California Apparel News and Women’s Wear Daily, articles in these journals were written together with her husband, who also helped Edith write weekly column, By the Way. Work as a writer also impacts Edith’s net worth and makes it bigger and bigger. It can be seen that Edith continued her work related with fashion, there’s no surprise that she is so popular and respected in the fashion industry.

After Edith’s retirement, she might have disappeared from the public attention but her last name will never be forgotten and it will always capture some attention. Flagg’s grandson, Josh Flagg, is a co-star o the show Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, which is about the lives of real estate agents. Edith Flagg appears on this TV show and gives some useful business advices to Josh Flagg. Maybe it doesn’t add much to Edith Flagg’s net worth, but it shows that this woman still wants some public attention and doesn’t want to be forgotten.

Edith Flagg is an exceptional personality which will be remembered for a long time because of her unique fashion sense and ability to create clothes that will capture many people’s attention. Edith is one those women who show that you can succeed, if you only try hard enough and do what you love to do.

Net Worth$100 Million
Date Of BirthNovember 1, 1919, Romania)
DiedAugust 13, 2014, Los Angeles, California, United States
Place Of BirthRomania

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