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Eiichi Tsumuraya net worth is
$5 Million

Eiichi Tsumuraya Wiki Biography

Eiji Tsuburaya ranks alongside Willis H. O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen as one of the great visionary SFX masters of twentieth century fantasy cinema. Best remembered as the amazing special effects genius behind the "Godzilla" series of monster films commencing in 1954, he also contributed effects to a host of other Japanase monster / fantasy / ...

Full NameEiji Tsuburaya
Net Worth$5 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 7, 1901
Place Of BirthSugasawa City, Fukushima, Japan
ProfessionSpecial Effects, Cinematographer, Producer
SpouseMasano Araki
ChildrenHajime Tsuburaya, Noboru Tsuburaya, Akira Tsuburaya
ParentsIsamu Shiraishi, Sei Tsuburaya
MoviesUltraman, The H-Man, Tomei Ningen, A Page of Madness, Sekido koete
TV ShowsUltraman
1At the height of special effects productions at Toho, Tsuburaya's department had over 200 full time employees.
2A diabetic.
3Because of his expertise in virtually all phases of film production, during World War II he did extensive work on films that would later be regarded as propaganda. Because of this work, the American Occupation Forces blacklisted him from working in the Japanese motion picture industry.
4It was not until 1957, after the production of "Sora no daikaiju Rodan" (1956) (U.S.: "Rodan") that Toho formally organized their Special Techniques Department with Tsuburaya as an official department head.
5When several studios merged and Toho established their Tokyo Studios, an area on the lot was specifically devoted to "special techniques" (special effects). Tsuburaya was put in charge of this department and became Japan's first "Director of Special Techniques (Special Effects).".
6Is regarded as the "Father of Tokusatsu." ("Tokusatsu" is the Japanese term for "special effects").
7As a trained qualified pilot, he was able to fulfill his military obligation by working as an air courier.
8His first job was at Tsugishima Manufacturing where he was able to save enough money to fulfill a long-time ambition by attending the Nippon Flying School in Haneda.
9In 1963, while still head of the special effects department at Toho, he established his own independent production company, Tsuburaya Special Effects Productions. The company started off making science fiction/fantasy productions, requiring many special effects, for television. His sons became heavily involved with the company. Their most successful creation, and one of their earliest, was "Urutoraman: Kuso tokusatsu shirizu" (1966) which they were able to sell internationally under the title "Ultraman." The series would have various television and feature film incarnations going into the 21st century. The company would later be renamed as simply Tsuburaya Productions.
10He created the famous Toho Company, Ltd. logo, which has been faithfully recreated in the early 1980s, and in 1992 (for Toho's 60th Anniversary).
11He was a pilot and had a personal interest in flying. This has been cited as the reason his flying sequences (planes, flying saucers, and even flying monsters as in "Sora no daikaiju Radon" (1956)) were created with special attention to detail and often utilized a "pilot's-eye view." His special effects cinematographer, Sadamasa Arikawa (Teisho Arikawa) was also a pilot and shared his passion for flying which also contributed to the quality of these sequences.
12Among his final works included exhibits for Expo '70 (the world's fair being held that year in Osaka). He died in January before the fair opened.

Special Effects

Urutoraman1979special effects supervisor
Urutoraman - Kaijû daikessen1979special effects supervisor
The Militarists1970special effects director: archive footage - uncredited
All Monsters Attack1969special effects
Battle of the Japan Sea1969special effects director
Latitude Zero1969director of special effects
Rengô kantai shirei chôkan: Yamamoto Isoroku1968special effects director
Destroy All Monsters1968special effects supervisor
Son of Godzilla1967director of special effects
King Kong Escapes1967director of special effects
Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster1966director of special effects
The War of the Gargantuas1966director of special effects
Zero faita dai kûsen1966special effects director
Kiganjô no bôken1966special effects director - uncredited
Hyappatsu hyakuchu1965special effects
Invasion of Astro-Monster1965special effects director
Kureji no daiboken1965special effects director
Frankenstein Conquers the World1965director of special effects
Taiheiyô kiseki no sakusen: Kisuka1965director of special effects
City in the Sea1965director of special effects: footage taken from the Toho production "Atragon" - uncredited
None But the Brave1965special effect director: Toho Special Effects Group
Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster1964special effects director
Uchû daikaijû Dogora1964director of special effects
Mothra vs. Godzilla1964director of special effects
Kyô mo ware ôzora ni ari1964special effects supervisor
Shikonmado - Dai tatsumaki1964special effects director
Atragon1963director of special effects
The Lost World of Sinbad1963special effects director
Matango1963director of special effects
Chintao yôsai bakugeki meirei1963special effects director
Attack Squadron!1963special effects director
Varan the Unbelievable1962director of special effects - Japanese scenes, uncredited
Chûshingura1962special effects director
King Kong vs. Godzilla1962director of special effects
Gorath1962special effects director
Kurenai no sora1962special effects director
Sekai daisensô1961special effects director
Gen to fudômyô-ô1961director of special effects
Blood on the Sea1961special effects director
Mothra1961special cinematography director
Daredevil in the Castle1961director of special effects
The Human Vapor1960director of special effects
Hawai Middowei daikaikûsen: Taiheiyô no arashi1960special effects director
Densô ningen1960director of special effects
Battle in Outer Space1959special effects
Nippon tanjô1959director of special effects
Sensuikan I-57 kofuku sezu1959special effects director
Songoku: The Road to the West1959special effects director
Half Human1958director of special effects
Daikaijû Baran1958director of special effects
The H-Man1958director of special effects
Hanayome sanjûsô1958special effects
The Mysterians1957director of special effects
Throne of Blood1957special effects - uncredited
Rodan1956director of special effects
Madame White Snake1956special effects director
Godzilla, King of the Monsters!1956special photographic effects
Ginrin1955Documentary short special effects
Meoto zenzai1955special effects supervisor - uncredited
Jû jin yuki otoko1955director of special effects
Godzilla Raids Again1955director of special effects
Tômei ningen1954special effects director
Gojira1954special effects director
Miyamoto Musashi1954special effects - uncredited
Saraba Rabauru1954director of special effects
Yama no oto1954special effects - uncredited
Aijin1953special effects supervisor - uncredited
Taiheiyô no washi1953director of special effects
Seishun Zenigata Heiji1953special effects - uncredited
Ana-ta-han1953special effects
The Man Who Came to Port1952special effects supervisor
Ashi ni sawatta onna1952special effects supervisor - uncredited
Nangoku no hada1952special effects supervisor
Musashino fujin1951special effects supervisor - uncredited
Tômei ningen arawaru1949special effects supervisor
Hana kurabe tanuki-goten1949special effects
Tôhô sen'ichi-ya1947special effects supervisor
Urashima Tarô no kôei1946special photographic effects
Tokyo gonin otoko1945special effects supervisor
Ato ni tsuzuku o shinzu1945special effects
Kanjôkai no bara1945special effects
Shôri no hi made1945special effects
Ikarî no umi1944special effects
Kato hayabusa sento-tai1944special effects supervisor
Ano hata o ute1944special effects
Nepû1943special effects
Otoko1943special effects supervisor
Bôrô no kesshitai1943special effects
Hyoroku yume-monogatari1943special effects
Ongaku dai-shingun1943special effects
Ahen senso1943special effects
Ai no sekai: Yamaneko Tomi no hanashi1943special effects
Hawai · Maree oki kaisen1942director of special effects
Tsubasa no gaika1942special effects
Nankai no hanataba1942special photographic effects
Shiroi hekiga1942special effects
Enoken no songokû: songokû zenko-hen1940special effects supervisor
Kaigun bakugekitai1940special effects
Atarashiki tsuchi1937director of special effects


Kyôfu gekijô umbalance1973TV Series producer - 1 episode
Dokushin no Scat1970TV Mini-Series executive producer
Operation: Mystery!TV Series series producer - 26 episodes, 1968 - 1969 producer - 1 episode, 1968
Mighty Jack1968TV Movie producer
Urutora sebun1967TV Series supervising producer
Urutoraman: Kûsô tokusatsu shirîzu1966TV Series supervising producer
Urutora Q1965TV Series producer


Tômei ningen1954
Kodo Nippon1940Documentary
Major Nango1938
Sekido koete1936Documentary
Kaguya hime1935
Hyakuman-nin no gasshô1935
Nagadosu fukei1933
Tâbiwarajî kokyo no utâ1932
Beni-kômori - Dai sampen: Ketsurui Tonami Chôhachirô no maki1931
Reimei izen1931
Beni-kômori - Dai nihen: Yûyaku kessen no maki1931
Beni-kômori - Dai ippen1931/I
Fubuki ni sakebu ôkami1931
Seki no yatappe1930
Shintei Shiobara Tasuke1930
Nogitsune Sanji1930
Sanzâ shigure1929
Azuma otoko1929
Ningyô bushi1928
Kirare yosa1928
Kaitô Samimaro1928
Ôse no hangoro1928
Shirai gonachi1928
Fûun jôshi1928
Tenpô hikenrôku1927
Gekka no kyôto1927/I
Kômori zoshî1927
Yâburê amikasâ1927
Chîgo no kênhô1927
Enmeiin no semushi-otoko1924


Major Nango1938
Sekido koete1936Documentary compilation

Camera Department

Kurutta ippêji1926assistant camera - as Eiichi Tsuburaya
Awaremi no kyoku1919assistant camera


Urutoraman Bui Esu Kamen Raida1993TV Movie character: Ultraman

Animation Department

Godzilla: Save the Earth2004Video Game character designer: King Ghidorah - uncredited


Kodo Nippon1940Documentary

Production Manager

Latitude Zero1969production manager


ABCs of Superheroes2015Jens thanks


Ultra Q no oyaji1966TV Movie documentaryHimself

Archive Footage

Nonfiction W2013TV Series documentaryHimself
ETV tokushû2007TV Series documentaryHimself

Known for movies

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