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Epic Meal Time net worth is
$6 Million

Epic Meal Time Wiki Biography

“Epic Meal Time” is a famous Canadian cooking show, which currently airs new episodes on the YouTube website. “Epic Meal Time” debuted on YouTube in 2010, with the episode entitled “The Worst Pizza Ever!”, which generated a decent amount of public attention, and inspired them to release more episodes. Currently, “Epic Meal Time” consists of Harley Morenstein, who co-created the channel with Sterling Toth, as well as David Heuff, Alex Perrault, Tyler Lemco, Ameer Atari and Josh Elkin. Known for their dishes containing a high amount of calories, “Epic Meal Time” has managed to attract the attention of millions of viewers over the years. Up to date, the show’s channel on YouTube has more than 6.6 million subscribers. The sudden fame of the channel resulted in Morenstein quitting his teaching job in a Montreal high school, while Toth decided to leave his job as a graphic designer. In addition to the main cast, “Epic Meal Time” usually features celebrity guests, such as Gabriel Iglesias, Riff Raff, Stan Lee, Arnold SchwarzeneggerDeadmau5 and others.

“Epic Meal Time“ Net Worth $6 Million

The original crew of the “Epic Meal Time” show has also made numerous on screen appearances, including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, the 2011 Comic Con event, and have been featured as guests on numerous YouTube channels. For their contributions to the show, Harley Morenstein and Sterling Toth both received a Shorty Award in 2011.

A well-known cooking show, how rich is the “Epic Meal Time” crew? Sources state that “Epic Meal Time” has managed to earn as much as $700,000 since April 2014 from their YouTube partnership. In regards to their total wealth, “Epic Meal Time’s” net worth is estimated to be $6 million, most of which obviously comes from the internet, as well as various merchandise sales.

“Epic Meal Time” debuted on the YouTube website in 2010, on to which they still upload their episodes nowadays. In 2011, the cooking show was also picked up by “Revision 3”, an internet television network, which is a subsidiary of the “Discovery Digital Networks”. “Epic Meal Time” is usually on air every Tuesday on “Revision 3”, while it still provides daily episodes for YouTube.

In addition to earning money through YouTube, “Epic Meal Time” crew has managed to accumulate an additional sum through merchandising. Not only have they released a line of T-Shirts, which includes their logos, but in 2012 “Epic Meal Time” also released a video game app for Android and iPhones called “EpicMealTime”. Developed by “Molecube”, the application is largely based on the cooking show, with the main goal of collecting as many points as possible.

Over the years, Morenstein and  have managed to turn “Epic Meal Time” into a huge success. Aside from merchandise, “Epic Meal Time” has also inspired several parodies of the show, the most popular being “Vegan Meal Time”, “Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time” and “Epic Cupcake Time”, all of which have been featured on the YouTube network.

A famous cooking show created by Morenstein and Toth, “Epic Meal Time” has an estimated net worth of $6 million.

Net Worth$6 Million
ProfessionTV Show
AwardsShorty Award for Food

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