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$10 Million

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Eugene Curran Kelly was an American actor, singer, dancer, producer, and choreographer. A major star of Hollywood’s golden era, he is best remembered for movies such as “Singin’ in the Rain” and “An American in Paris”. He was born on the 23rd of August, 1912, and passed away in 1996.

How rich was Gene Kelly? As of early 2017, sources estimate his net worth at $10 million, earned largely from his career in the entertainment industry, which began in the 1930s.

Gene Kelly Net Worth $10 million

Kelly was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to James Kelly and his wife, Harriet Curran. Enrolled by his mother in dance classes, he began dancing at an early age and, despite initial resistance, proved to be a natural talent. Alongside his brother Fred, he performed in night clubs after the financial crash of 1929 to financially support his family, after being forced to drop out of his journalism course at Pennsylvania State College.

Kelly returned to college in 1931, to study economics at the University of Pittsburgh. However, in 1937 he decided to focus fully on dance, and moved to New York where he managed to get his first work on Broadway within a year, dancing in the musical “Leave It to Me!” After a number of stage successes, Hollywood came calling, and Kelly made the move west in 1941.

Kelly’s first movie appearance was in 1942’s “For Me and my Gal”, starring Judy Garland, and from then on his career went from strength to strength throughout the decade. In 1945, he starred alongside Frank Sinatra in “Anchors Away”, a prestigious MGM musical for which he was given increased creative freedom as a choreographer. In the movie, Kelly danced opposite an animated Jerry (of “Tom and Jerry”), an iconic sequence that would go down as a significant landmark in popular culture.

Kelly would pair again with Sinatra for 1949’s “Take Me out to the Ballgame”, and for a third time in “On the Town”, one of the most important musicals of that decade. 1951 and 1952 brought perhaps his most celebrated films of all, “An American in Paris” and “Singin’ in the Rain”. Johnny Green, MGM’s head of music, described Kelly as a “hard taskmaster”. He was reportedly displeased by the casting of a then-19-year-old Debbie Reynolds, and was hugely critical of her on-set, often driving her to tears in his quest for absolute perfection. However, he once described himself deferentially as a carthorse in comparison to his friend (and supposed rival) Fred Astaire.

The rest of the 1950s saw a slow decline in the Hollywood musical, and thus Kelly’s career, as the medium was forced to compete with the growing dominance of television. During the 1960s, he moved over largely into producing and directing film. His last work was in 1994, when he choreographed for the animated film “Cats Don’t Dance”.

Kelly died on the morning of the 2nd of February 1996, after a series of strokes that had left him in very poor health. No funeral was held. Over the course of his career, he was frequently honoured. In 1946, he was nominated for an Academy Award (“Best Actor” for his performance in “Anchors Aweigh”), and in 1952, received an honorary Oscar in appreciation of “his versatility as an actor, singer, director and dancer, and specifically for his brilliant achievements in the art of choreography on film”. In 1981, he won the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes, and was listed by the American Film Institute as the 15th Greatest Male Star of All Time.

In his personal life, Kelly was married three times, firstly to Betsy Blair (1941-57) with whom he had a son. In 1960 he married Jeanne Coyne, and they had a son and a daughter, but she died in 1973. Through his last wife, Patricia Ward who he married in 1990, he was granted Irish citizenship. He was a staunch Democrat, and in his spare time, enjoyed various sporting activities.

Full NameGene Kelly
Net Worth$10 Million
Date Of BirthAugust 23, 1912
DiedFebruary 2, 1996, Beverly Hills, California, United States
Place Of BirthPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Height1.7 m
EducationUniversity of Pittsburgh
SpousePatricia Ward (m. 1990–1996), Jeanne Coyne (m. 1960–1973), Betsy Blair (m. 1941–1957)
ChildrenKerry Kelly, Bridget Kelly, Timothy Kelly
ParentsJames Kelly, Harriet Curran
SiblingsFred Kelly, James Kelly
MoviesSingin' in the Rain, An American in Paris, On the Town, Anchors Aweigh, Cover Girl, Brigadoon, For Me and My Gal, It's Always Fair Weather, Xanadu, Summer Stock, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Invitation to the Dance, The Pirate, Hello, Dolly!, That's Entertainment!, Inherit the Wind, The Three Muske...
TV ShowsNorth and South, The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, The Funny Side, Going My Way, MGM: When the Lion Roars
1Known for his innovative, athletic style of dancing
1The fact is that [Fred Astaire] and myself were in no way similar, nor even the best male dancers around. There were ballet dancers vastly superior to both of us, but they of course never reached our mass audiences, so Fred and I got the cream of the publicity and naturally we were compared.
2[on his supposed rivalry with Fred Astaire ] If we had any resentment, it was not with each other but with the journalists who talked about two highly individual dancers as if they were one person. For instance, the sort of wardrobe I wore--blue jeans, sweatshirt, sneakers--Fred would never have been caught dead in. He was always immaculate at rehearsals, while I was always in an old shirt. Fred's steps were small, neat, graceful and intimate where mine were ballet-oriented and athletic. But we were never rivals.
3[on Guys and Dolls (1955) I was born to play Sky Masterson the way [Clark Gable] was born to play Rhett Butler, but those bastards at MGM refused to loan me out.
4[on Louis B. Mayer in a segment of That's Entertainment III: Behind the Screen (1994) when other MGM stars were singing Mayer's praises] I didn't like him. He didn't like me. It was mutual.
5I have a lot of George M. Cohan in me--it's an Irish quality, a jaw-jutting, up-on-your-toes cockiness--which is a good quality for a dancer to have.
6[on Ginger Rogers] When Ginger Rogers danced with Fred Astaire, it was the only time in the movies when you looked at the man, not the woman.
7[on Judy Garland] The finest all-around performer we ever had in America was Judy Garland. There was no limit to her talent. She was the quickest, brightest person I ever worked with.
8[on Fred Astaire] I work bigger. Fred's style is more intimate. I'm very jealous of that when I see him on the small screen. Fred looks so great on TV. I'd love to put on a white tie and tails and look as thin as him and glide as smoothly. But I'm built like a blocking tackle.
9[on his career] I took it as it came and it happened to be very nice.
10There is a strange sort of reasoning in Hollywood that musicals are less worthy of Academy consideration than dramas. It's a form of snobbism, the same sort that perpetuates the idea that drama is more deserving of Awards than comedy.
11Fred Astaire represented the aristocracy, I represented the proletariat.
12I never wanted to be a dancer. It's true! I wanted to be a shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates.
13If Fred Astaire is the Cary Grant of dance, I'm the Marlon Brando.
14I arrived in Hollywood 20 pounds overweight and as strong as an ox. But if I put on a white tails and tux like [Fred Astaire], I still looked like a truck driver.
15Kids talk to me and say they want to do musicals again because they've studied the tapes of the old films. We didn't have that. We thought once we had made it, even on film, it was gone except for the archives.
16The contract system at Hollywood studios like MGM was a very efficient system in that because we were at the studio all the time we could rehearse a lot. But it also really repressed people. There were no union regulations yet, and we were all indentured servants--you can call us slaves if you want--like ballplayers before free agency. We had seven-year contracts, but every six months the studio could decide to fire you if your picture wasn't a hit. And if you turned down a role, they cut off your salary and simply added the time to your contract.
17There was no model for what I tried to do with dance . . . and the thing Fred Astaire and I used to bitch about was that critics didn't know how to categorize us. They called us tap dancers because that was considered the American style. But neither of us were basically tap dancers.
18[on his working experience with Debbie Reynolds while filming Singin' in the Rain (1952) (1952)] I wasn't nice to Debbie. It's a wonder she still speaks to me.
1Was one of Heath Ledger's idols.
2In early 1943 MGM announced he was to appear in the forthcoming production The Human Comedy (1943). The film was eventually made, but he wasn't in it.
3After his death it was reported that he had donated money to the Provisional IRA in the 1970s.
4In order to secure the film rights to the hit musical "Best Foot Forward," MGM loaned the services of Gene Kelly to Columbia for one picture. Although it was assumed the studio would mount an adaptation of Kelly's stage hit "Pal Joey," for which they owned the screen rights, they instead co-starred him with their top star, Rita Hayworth, in "Cover Girl." Ironically when they did finally film the property over a decade later with Frank Sinatra, Hayworth again co-starred.
5He named A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945) as his favorite film for the AFI.
6His trademark scar on the left side of his face was the result of a bike accident when Gene was 5 years old, which required stitches.
7Inducted into the International Tap Dance Hall of Fame in 2014.
8Jeanne Coyne, Kelly's second wife, was previously married to his show-business partner Stanley Donen.
9His father was of Irish descent and his mother was of half Irish and half German ancestry.
10Was a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
11He was a lifelong staunch liberal Democrat.
12Joined the Phi Kappa Theta fraternity while studying at the University of Pittsburgh.
13His death is mentioned in the Dream Theater song "Take Away My Pain" from their album "Falling into Infinity" released in 1997 with the lyric "he said look at poor Gene Kelly, I guess he won't be singing in the rain".
14Bob Fosse originally wanted him for a lead role in a musical film adaptation of the Maurine Dallas Watkins play "Chicago" around the early 1970s. He eventually gave up the choice, and Fosse opted to do a stage musical instead.
15Was originally set to star as Don Hewes alongside Judy Garland in Easter Parade (1948). However, before filming began he broke his leg, resulting in Fred Astaire coming out of retirement to replace him.
16Tony Martin, the husband of MGM star/dancer Cyd Charisse, said he could tell who she had been dancing with that day on an MGM set. If she came home covered with bruises on her, it was the very physically-demanding Gene Kelly, if not it was the smooth and agile Fred Astaire.
17He and MGM studio head Louis B. Mayer shared a long-standing feud stemming from even before Kelly entered the motion picture business. One evening after seeing Gene perform in "Pal Joey" on Broadway, Mayer met him backstage and offered to sign him to MGM without a screen test. When Kelly later received a call from an MGM representative requesting a screen test, he insisted there was some sort of mistake, saying he had Mayer's word he did not have to make one and told the rep to ask Mayer himself. When the rep did, he called back days later stating that he did talk to Mayer and that he still had to make a test. Kelly was furious and wrote a scathing letter to Mayer for retracting his promise. For the first couple of years he worked for Mayer, Kelly was uncertain that Mayer even read the letter until he brought it up in an argument one evening.
18Producer David O. Selznick signed Kelly to his first Hollywood contract after seeing him star in "Pal Joey" on Broadway. Though Gene had had other offers from studios, he chose to sign with Selznick mostly because his was the only studio that did not insist on a screen test before signing him. Selznick sold Kelly's contact to MGM before he could find a suitable role for him to appear in.
19Had a fever of 103 degrees while filming the famous rain scene in Singin' in the Rain (1952).
20His last movie musical was Xanadu (1980) co-starring Olivia Newton-John.
21Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6153 Hollywood Blvd.
22Ray Bradbury's novel "Something Wicked This Way Comes" was dedicated to Kelly.
23Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1959
24Biography in: "American National Biography". Supplement 1, pp. 309-312. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.
25Is one of the many movie stars mentioned in Madonna's song "Vogue"
26Was named the #15 greatest actor on The 50 Greatest Screen Legends list by the American Film Institute
27He was voted the 42nd Greatest Movie Star of all time by Entertainment Weekly.
28Biography in: John Wakeman, editor. "World Film Directors, Volume Two, 1945-1985". Pages 510-515. New York: The H.W. Wilson Company, 1988.
29Awarded the National Medal of Arts by President Bill Clinton in 1994.
30Martial arts stars Jackie Chan and David Carradine both cite him as an influence.
31A stage version of "Singin' in the Rain" was awarded the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 2001 for Outstanding Musical Production, with choreography by Kelly.
32Kennedy Center Honoree, 1982
33Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in economics.
34Working on an autobiography at the time of his death.
35He and his younger brother Fred Kelly appeared together in a dancing vaudeville act. When Gene got his big break as Harry the hoofer in the dramatic Broadway production of "The Time of Your Life" in 1939, he was eventually replaced by brother Fred, who took it on the road and won a Donaldson award for his efforts.
36His first two wives were dancers. Betsy Blair met him while she was a performer and he a choreographer in the show "Diamond Horseshoe". Second wife Jeanne Coyne was Gene's dancing assistant for many years before they married in 1960. A major talent in her own right, her dazzling footwork can be seen in the "From This Moment On" number alongside partner Bobby Van, Ann Miller, Tommy Rall, Carol Haney and Bob Fosse in Kiss Me Kate (1953) (1953). She died of leukemia in 1973.
37Attended Penn State University before transferring to University of Pittsburgh, where he graduated.
38Was dance consultant for Madonna's 1993 "Girlie Show" tour.
39Had three children: Kerry Kelly, with Betsy Blair, in 1942, and Bridget Kelly and Tim Kelly, with Jeanne Coyne, in the 1960s.
40Kelly's father was Al Jolson's road manager in the 1920s.
41Inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame in 1992.
42In October 1997 he was ranked #26 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list.
43Attended Peabody High School in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh, PA.
44During World War II, he was a sailor stationed at the United States Naval Photographic Center in Anacostia, D.C. (where the documentary Victory at Sea (1952) was later assembled for NBC-TV). He starred in several Navy films while on active duty there and in "civilian" films while on leave.


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Music Department

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The Actor's Society Benefit Gala1949TV MovieHimself - Performer
The Story of Submarine Warfare in the Pacific1945Documentary shortNarrator (voice)
The Cap and Gown Revue1932Documentary shortHimself
The Kelly Brothers1932Documentary shortHimself
Great Hollywood Memories, Vol. IVideo documentaryHimself - Host
La galerie France 52017TV Series documentaryHimself
American Masters1990-2004TV Series documentaryHimself - Actor / Himself
The First 100 Years: A Celebration of American Movies1995TV Movie documentaryHimself
That's Entertainment III: Behind the Screen1994Video documentaryHimself
The 3 Tenors in Concert 19941994TV SpecialHimself - Audience Member (uncredited)
That's Entertainment! III1994DocumentaryHimself - Co-Host / Narrator
Reflections on the Silver Screen1994TV SeriesHimself
Legend to Legend Night: A Celebrity Cavalcade1993TV SpecialHimself
The 65th Annual Academy Awards1993TV SpecialHimself - Audience Member
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Sidney Poitier1992TV SpecialHimself (uncredited)
Showbiz Today1992TV Series
The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts1991TV SpecialHimself
Christmas at the Movies1991TV SpecialHimself - Host
Sinatra 75: The Best Is Yet to Come1990TV Special documentaryHimself
The American Ireland Fund Annual Tribute a Salute to Gene Kelly1990TV MovieHimself - Honoree
Michael Jackson: The Legend Continues1989Video documentaryHimself
Roger Rabbit and the Secrets of Toon Town1988TV Special documentaryHimself
The 5th Annual American Cinema Awards1988TV SpecialHimself
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson 25th Anniversary Special1987TV SpecialHimself
James Stewart: A Wonderful Life - Hosted by Johnny Carson1987TV MovieHimself
Great Performances1987TV SeriesHimself
Liberty Weekend1986TV Special documentaryHimself
The 58th Annual Academy Awards1986TV SpecialHimself - Presenter: Best Original Score and Best Original Song
The Annual Friars Club Tribute Presents a Salute to Gene Kelly1985TV MovieHimself - Honoree
Hour Magazine1985TV SeriesHimself
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Gene Kelly1985TV Special documentaryHimself - Honoree
Champs-Elysées1985TV SeriesHimself
The 57th Annual Academy Awards1985TV Special documentaryHimself - Presenter: Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
That's Dancing!1985DocumentaryHimself - Host
Olympic Gala1984TV Special documentaryHimself - Guest
The 56th Annual Academy Awards1984TV Special documentaryHimself - Co-Presenter: Best Original Score
La nuit des Césars1984TV Series documentaryHimself
The Ultimate Swan Lake1984VideoHimself - Host
The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts1983TV Special documentaryHimself
James Bond: The First 21 Years1983TV Movie documentaryHimself
Dom DeLuise and Friends1983TV SeriesHimself
The Marx Brothers in a Nutshell1982TV Movie documentaryHimself - Narrator (voice)
The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts1982TV SpecialHimself - Honoree
CBS Early Morning News1982TV SeriesHimself
The 1982 Annual Vision Awards1982TV SpecialHimself - Honoree
Night of 100 Stars1982TV SpecialHimself
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Fred Astaire1981TV Movie documentaryHimself
Great Performances: Dance in America1981TV SeriesHimself - Host
The 38th Annual Golden Globe Awards1981TV SpecialHimself - Cecil B. DeMille Award Recipient
The Muppet Show1981TV SeriesHimself - Special Guest Star
Numéro 11980TV SeriesHimself
Making Xanadu: The Musical Fantasy Movie1980TV Movie documentaryDanny McGuire / Himself
Omnibus1980TV SeriesHimself
The Big Show1980TV SeriesHimself - Host
Olivia Newton-John: Hollywood Nights1980TV SpecialHimself
The 52nd Annual Academy Awards1980TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to James Stewart1980TV Special documentaryHimself - Speaker (uncredited)
Fred Astaire: Puttin' on His Top Hat1980TV Movie documentaryHimself
Lucy Moves to NBC1980TV MovieHimself
The First 40 Years1980TV SpecialHimself
The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts1979TV SpecialHimself - Presenter: Martha Graham
Best of the Dean Martin Show1979TV MovieHimself
The Mary Tyler Moore Hour1979TV SeriesHimself
Good Morning America1979TV SeriesHimself
America's Sweetheart: The Mary Pickford Story1978DocumentaryHimself
The Carpenters: A Christmas Portrait1978TV SpecialHimself
Mickey's 501978DocumentaryHimself
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1978TV SeriesHimself
Cinderella at the Palace1978TV SpecialHimself - Host
The 32nd Annual Tony Awards1978TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: George Burns1978TV SpecialHimself
The Stars Salute Israel at 301978TV MovieHimself
A Tribute to Mr. Television Milton Berle1978TV SpecialHimself
Gene Kelly: An American in Pasadena1978TV SpecialHimself
The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Frank Sinatra1978TV SpecialHimself
An Evening with Gene Kelly1977TV Movie documentary
Yabba Dabba Doo! The Happy World of Hanna-Barbera1977TV MovieHimself - Host
Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus - 107th Edition1977TV MovieHimself - Host
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Danny Thomas1976TV SpecialHimself
NBC: The First Fifty Years - A Closer Look1976TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Dorothy Hamill Special1976TV Special
Omnibus1976TV Series documentary
That's Entertainment, Part II1976DocumentaryHimself - Co-Host / Narrator
Today1976TV SeriesHimself
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1966-1976TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Guest
The 48th Annual Academy Awards1976TV SpecialHimself - Co-Host
Backlot USA1976TV MovieHimself
Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Dean Martin1976TV SpecialHimself
The Mike Douglas Show1976TV SeriesHimself - Co-Host
The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Muhammad Ali1976TV SpecialHimself
Friars Club Tribute to Gene Kelly1976TV MovieHimself - Honoree
The Lion Roars Again1975Documentary shortHimself
Steve and Eydie: Our Love Is Here to Stay1975TV SpecialHimself
Parkinson1975TV SeriesHimself
Salute to Sir Lew - The Master Showman1975TV Movie documentaryHimself
The 47th Annual Academy Awards1975TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Jackie Gleason1975TV SpecialHimself
The 1975 Annual Entertainment Hall of Fame Awards1975TV SpecialHimself - Host
Sandy Duncan Special1974TV SpecialHimself
ABC Late Night1974TV SeriesHimself
The 1974 Annual Entertainment Hall of Fame Awards1974TV SpecialHimself - Host
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to James Cagney1974TV Special documentaryHimself (uncredited)
That's Entertainment!1974DocumentaryHimself - Co-Host / Narrator / Clips from 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' - 'Singin' in the Rain' and 'An American in Paris'
The Dean Martin Show1972-1974TV SeriesHimself
Just One More Time1974ShortHimself (uncredited)
Magnavox Presents Frank Sinatra1973TV Special documentaryHimself - Guest Performer
The Peking Ballet: First Spectacular from China1972TV MovieHimself - Narrator
The Funny Side1971TV SeriesHimself - Host
The Merv Griffin Show1966-1971TV SeriesHimself
Changing Scene II1970TV SpecialHimself - Host
Cinema1970TV Series documentaryHimself

Archive Footage

Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall2016DocumentaryHimself
Sinatra: All or Nothing at All2015TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
American Masters1987-2014TV Series documentaryHimself
Tu cara me suena - Argentina2014TV SeriesDon Lockwood
And the Oscar Goes To...2014TV Movie documentaryHimself
Talking Pictures2013TV Series documentaryHimself
Hello, Dolly! Directing Dolly: Gene Kelly Remembered2013Documentary short
Lucy Moves to NBC: A Remembrance2012Video documentary shortClips from 'Lucy Moves to NBC'
A Current Affair2011TV SeriesHimself
Moguls & Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood2010TV Mini-Series documentaryDon Lockwood
Michael Feinstein's American Songbook2010TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Michael Jackson2009TV Movie documentaryHimself
Hollywood Singing & Dancing: A Musical History - 1960's2009Video documentaryHimself
Hollywood Singing & Dancing: A Musical History - 1970's2009Video documentaryHimself
Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History - The 1940s: Stars, Stripes and Singing2009Video documentaryHimself
Going Back to Xanadu2008Video
Spisok korabley2008Documentary
Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical Treasure2008TV Movie documentaryHimself
Por Toda Minha Vida2007TV SeriesDon Lockwood
A Life in Words and Music2007Video shortHimself
Royal Wedding: June, Judy and Jane2007Video documentary shortHimself
The Pirate: A Musical Treasure Chest2007Video documentary shortSerafin
Family Guy2007TV SeriesJoseph Brady
Hoge bomen: Pioniers2007TV Series documentaryHimself
A Classic Evolves: From Print to Stage to Screen2006Video documentary shortHimself
Faces of the East: Casting Flower Drum Song2006Video documentary shortHimself
La rentadora2006TV SeriesHimself
Boffo! Tinseltown's Bombs and Blockbusters2006DocumentaryDon Lockwood (uncredited)
The Dream Studio2004Video documentary shortHimself
Broadway: The American Musical2004TV Mini-Series documentaryJoey Evans
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Songs: America's Greatest Music in the Movies2004TV Movie documentaryDon Lockwood
Le fantôme d'Henri Langlois2004Documentary
The 100 Greatest Musicals2003TV Movie documentaryHimself
Ça c'est l'amour2003Video shortHimself
Great Performances1996-2003TV SeriesHimself
What a Glorious Feeling: The Making of 'Singin' in the Rain'2002Video documentary short
Sendung ohne Namen2002TV Series documentaryDon Lockwood
Bourne to Dance2001TV Movie documentary
Hollywood Greats2001TV Series documentary
Omnibus2001TV Series documentaryHimself
Twentieth Century Fox: The Blockbuster Years2000TV Movie documentaryHimself
ABC 2000: The Millennium1999TV Special documentary
Hollywood Screen Tests: Take 21999TV Special documentaryHimself (uncredited)
A Bing Crosby Christmas1998Video documentaryHimself / Narrator
Biography1998TV Series documentaryHimself
Sobbin' Women: The Making of 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'1997TV Short documentaryTommy Albright in 'Brigadoon'
Torrella, una vida pel cinema1997DocumentaryGabey
The 68th Annual Academy Awards1996TV SpecialHimself - Special Memorial Tribute
100 Years at the Movies1994TV Short documentaryHimself
Les demoiselles ont eu 25 ans1993Documentary
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1992TV SeriesHimself
MGM: When the Lion Roars1992TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Entertainment Tonight1990TV SeriesHimself
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Jack Lemmon1988TV Special documentaryHimself
Talking Pictures1988TV Series documentaryDon Lockwood
The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years1986TV MovieHimself
Showbiz Goes to War1982TV Movie
The Mike Douglas Show1976TV SeriesHimself - Actor / Dancer
It's Showtime1976DocumentaryHimself (uncredited)
Hollywood: The Dream Factory1972TV Movie documentaryHimself - film clips (uncredited)
Mobile1971TV SeriesHimself
The Hollywood Palace1970TV SeriesHimself
Hollywood and the Stars1964TV SeriesHimself
Hollywood: The Great Stars1963TV Movie documentaryHimself (uncredited)
The Ed Sullivan Show1961TV SeriesHimself
MGM Parade1955-1956TV SeriesSerafin Harry Palmer Joseph Brady ...
The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Story1951Documentary
The Costume Designer1950ShortHimself
Some of the Best: Twenty-Five Years of Motion Picture Leadership1949Documentary shortHimself (uncredited)
Twenty Years After1944Short

Won Awards

1989Pied Piper AwardASCAP Film and Television Music Awards
1989Life Achievement AwardScreen Actors Guild Awards
1985Life Achievement AwardAmerican Film Institute, USA
1981Cecil B. DeMille AwardGolden Globes, USA
1967Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Children's ProgramJack and the Beanstalk (1967)
1964Silver SailLocarno International Film FestivalBest ActorWhat a Way to Go! (1964)
1960Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameMotion PictureOn 8 February 1960. At 6153 Hollywood Blvd.
1956Golden Berlin BearBerlin International Film FestivalInternational JuryInvitation to the Dance (1956)
1952Honorary AwardAcademy Awards, USA

In appreciation of his versatility as an actor, singer, director and dancer, and specifically for ... More

Nominated Awards

1975Golden AppleGolden Apple AwardsMale Star of the Year
1970Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Director - Motion PictureHello, Dolly! (1969)
1970DGA AwardDirectors Guild of America, USAOutstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion PicturesHello, Dolly! (1969)
1966Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsSpecial Classification of Individual AchievementsThe Julie Andrews Show (1965)
1959Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsBest Choreography for TelevisionOmnibus (1952)
1958Golden LaurelLaurel AwardsTop Male Musical PerformanceLes Girls (1957)
1952Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Motion Picture Actor - Comedy/MusicalAn American in Paris (1951)
1946OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Actor in a Leading RoleAnchors Aweigh (1945)

Known for movies

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