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George Takei net worth is
$12 Million

George Takei Wiki Biography

George Hosato Takei, better known under the name George Takei, is famous in the entertainment industry. Currently, it has been announced that the net worth of George Takei has reached the sum of 12 million dollars. George has earned his net worth as an actor, voice actor and author. He is usually recognized as Hikaru Sulu from the popular television series titled ‘Star Trek’. Takei has also been active in politics, especially fighting for human rights. He belongs to the Democratic political party. For his work in this field Takei has received the LGBT Humanist Award and other honours which increased his popularity and net worth. George Takei has been active since 1959 up to the present.

George Takei Net Worth $12 Million

George Hosato Takei was born on April 20, 1937 in Los Angeles, California, United States. George Takei began his career on the big screen as well as the accumulation of his net worth in 1955 with the voice role in the film ‘Godzilla Raids Again’ directed by Motoyoshi Oda. Until he started in the ‘Star Trek’ franchise, Takei appeared in the following films ‘Hell to Eternity’ (1960) directed by Phil Karlson, ‘A Majority of One’ (1961) directed by Dore Schary, ‘Red Line 7000’ (1965) directed by Howard Hawks, ‘Walk, Don’t Run’ (1966) directed by Charles Walters and ‘The Green Berets’ (1968) directed by John Wayne, Ray Kellogg. In 1979, Takei landed his role in the first film of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ directed by Robert Wise. The film was very successful as the box office grossed 139 million dollars worldwide. Due to the great popularity of the film, further releases were ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan’ (1982) directed by Nicholas Meyer, ‘Star Trek III: The Search for Spock’ (1984) and ‘Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’ (1986) directed by Leonard Nimoy, ‘Star Trek V: The Final Frontier’ (1989) directed by William Shatner, ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode’ (1990) directed by Winrich Kolbe, ‘Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country’ (1991) directed Nicholas Meyer which greatly increased George’s net worth.

Moreover, Takei increased his net worth appearing in the main cast of the following films: ‘Oblivion’ (1994) directed by Sam Irvin, ‘Ninja Cheerleaders’ (2008) written and directed by David Presley. Currently, he is listed in the main cast of the upcoming film ‘The Gettysburg Address’ produced, written and directed by Sean Conant.

In addition to acting on the big screen, George Takei has added much to his net worth appearing on television since 1959. He took part in the episodes of such television series as ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’, ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’, ‘Jackie Chan Adventures’, ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’, ‘Psych’, ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and many others.

George has his own website where people can read his blog, join the fan club, visit the gallery and even read about his wedding party. George Takei married his current wife Brad Altman in 2008.

Full NameGeorge Takei
Net Worth$12 Million
Date Of BirthApril 20, 1937
Place Of BirthBoyle Heights, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
ProfessionActor, Author, Voice Actor
EducationUniversity of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles High School, University of California, Berkeley, Sophia University, Shakespeare Institute
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseBrad Takei (m. 2008)
ParentsFumiko Emily Takei, Takekuma Norman Takei
SiblingsNancy Reiko Takei, Henry Takei
NicknamesGeorge Hosato Takei , George Takai , George Hosato Takei Altman , Takei Hosato , Uncle George
AwardsGLAAD Media Vito Russo Award
NominationsShorty Social Good Award for Best in Social Justice, Shorty Social Good Award for Best in Civic Engagement, Shorty Social Good Award for Best Overall Facebook Presence
MoviesStar Trek: The Motion Picture, Kubo and the Two Strings, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Mulan, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Larry Crowne, Mulan II, Eat With Me, Blazing Samurai, The Gree...
TV ShowsSupah Ninjas, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: The Original Series, Secret Talents of the Stars, Howard Stern on Demand
1Unique clipped manner of speaking
2Catchphrase: "Oh My!"
3Deep smooth voice
1[on Galaxy Quest (1999)] I think it's a chillingly realistic documentary. [laughs] The details in it, I recognized every one of them. It is a powerful piece of documentary filmmaking. And I do believe that when we get kidnapped by aliens, it's going to be genuine, true Star Trek fans who will save the day. I was rolling in the aisles. And Tim Allen had that Shatner-esque swagger down pat. And I roared when the shirt came off, and Sigourney [Weaver] roll her eyes and says, "There goes that shirt again." How often did we hear that on the set? [laughs]
2[on Leonard Nimoy] The word extraordinary is often overused, but I think it's really appropriate for Leonard. He was an extraordinarily talented man, but he was also a very decent human being. His talent embraced directing as well as acting and photography. He was a very sensitive man. And we feel his passing very much. He had been ill for a long, long time, and we miss him very much.
3[on the dark elements inhabiting the Internet] They're meddlesome, bothersome and irritating. But that's part of the society - the human animal. Yes, there are people who want to criticize just for the purpose of being mean, and they have problems. But if you start responding to them, it becomes raw meat to them. I find ignoring them is the best tactic. But sometimes, I learn something from the thoughtful, legitimate critiques and negative comments. You have to keep an open mind and a discriminating mind: to know what to read and be impressed by, and what to ignore.
4I'm an Anglophile. I visit England regularly, sometimes three or four times a year, at least once a year.
5You know, I grew up in two American internment camps, and at that time, I was very young.
6Well, the whole history of Star Trek (1966) is the market demand.
7Well, it gives, certainly to my father, who is the one that suffered the most in our family, an understanding of how the ideals of a country are only as good as the people who give it flesh and blood.
8This is supposed to be a participatory democracy and if we're not in there participating then the people that will manipulate and exploit the system will step in there.
9Then that did very well at the box office, so before you knew it, we were in a string of feature motion pictures. Then they announced that they were going to do some spin-offs of us.
10I'm a civic busybody and I've been blessed with an active career.
11I thought this convention phenomenon [Star Trek] was very flattering, but that's about the extent of it.
12I spent my boyhood behind the barbed wire fences of American internment camps and that part of my life is something that I wanted to share with more people.
13I marched back then - I was in a civil-rights musical, "Fly Blackbird", and we met Martin Luther King.
14Every time we had a hot war going on in Asia, it was difficult for Asian Americans here.
15But when we came out of camp, that's when I first realized that being in camp, that being Japanese-American, was something shameful.
16As you know, when Star Trek (1966) was canceled after the second season, it was the activism of the fans that revived it for a third season.
17And it seems to me important for a country, for a nation to certainly know about its glorious achievements but also to know where its ideals failed, in order to keep that from happening again.
18To do theater, you need to block off a hunk of time.
19Yes, I remember the barbed wire and the guard towers and the machine guns, but they became part of my normal landscape. What would be abnormal in normal times became my normality in camp.
20Plays close, movies wrap and television series eventually get cancelled, and we were cancelled in three seasons.
21Star Trek (1966) is a show that had a vision about a future that was positive.
22My memories of camp - I was four years old to eight years old - they're fond memories.
23I've run the marathon several times, so I definitely don't look like the Great Ancestor!
24John D.F. Black who wrote Star Trek: The Naked Time (1966) came to me and said he was thinking of having Sulu use a Samurai sword. I told him, "It certainly is ethnically appropriate because I am of Japanese ancestry but what about a rapier? I was born in this country and when I was a kid I didn't play Samurai. I played Robin Hood." He asked me if I know how to fence to which I replied, "Of course." That night I grabbed the phonebook and was furiously trying to find fencing schools so I could learn at least the basics.
25[on the Occupy Wall Street movement] The struggle is not only social, economic and political - it is *structural*. No matter what side you are on, it is worth listening to what they have to say.
26[during a 2006 interview with Scott Simon on National Public Radio] I went to school in a black tar-paper barrack [as a child in internment camps] and began the day seeing the barbed-wire fence, and thank god those barbed-wire fences are now long gone for Japanese Americans. But I still see an invisible, legalistic barbed-wire that keeps me, my partner of 19 years, Brad Altman, and another group of Americans separated from a normal life. That's what I've been advocating on the Human Rights Campaign Equality Tour--I call it the "Equality Trek".
27(2005) The world has changed from when I was a young teen feeling ashamed for being gay. The issue of gay marriage is now a political issue. That would have been unthinkable when I was young.
28[on William Shatner]: He's just a wonderful actor who created a singular character. No one could have done Kirk the way Bill did. His energy and his determination, that's Bill. And that's also Captain Kirk.
1In the LA Marathon his best time, as of 1989, was 3 hours 40 minutes.
2He appeared on stage in a two hander called Undertow at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1988.
3At college at UCLA he and classmate Francis Ford Coppola made a student film together called Christopher.
4He was awarded Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette by Emperor Akihito in 2004.
5In the Los Angeles Marathon, his best time, as of 1989, was 3 hours and 40 minutes.
6Has appeared as a contestant on ITV's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! (2002). [November 2008]
7Appeared at Nippon2007, the first World Science Fiction Convention to be held in Japan (Yokohama). Along with promoting his own recent projects, he co-hosted the 2007 Hugo Awards. [August 2007]
8Best known by the public (and by many sci-fi fans) for his role as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on the original Star Trek (1966) series.
9At the University of California, Los Angeles, he and classmate Francis Ford Coppola made a student film together called "Christopher".
10Has made guest appearances on both Hawaii Five-O (1968) and Hawaii Five-0 (2010).
11Has played the same character (Hikaru Sulu) on three different series: Star Trek (1966), Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973) and Star Trek: Voyager (1995).
12Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6681 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on October 30, 1986.
13Is a huge fan of Anime.
14His best man at his wedding was Walter Koenig.
15Is named after King George VI of the United Kingdom.
16Is an avid Anglophile and loves traveling to Britain.
17Speaks Japanese and Spanish fluently.
18The youngest cast member of the original Star Trek (1966) series.
19Has been an Associate Fellow of Pierson College at Yale University since 1979.
20He and his partner, Brad Altman, had been together more than 21 years before they were married on September 14, 2008. After the California Supreme Court struck down a ban on same-sex marriage in May, Takei and Altman were among the first gay couples to get a marriage license.
21Son of Takekuma Norman Takei, who worked in real estate, and wife Fumiko Emily Nakamura.
22His father was an Anglophile, and named him George Takei after King George VI of the United Kingdom, whose coronation took place on May 12, 1937.
23His character Kaito Nakamura's last name is his mother's maiden name.
24An asteroid between Mars and Jupiter (discovered on April 13, 1994) has been renamed 7307 Takei in his honor.
25For the television special "The Star Trek Saga: From One Generation to the Next" (1988), George Takei explains how he once rode a Los Angeles plane with Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) star Patrick Stewart. They talked immediately after recognizing one another, but there were complications during final approach, unknown to either actor until landing. He joked to the pilots that the helmsman of the original Enterprise and captain of the Enterprise-D could have offered assistance.
26Reprised his role as Hikaru Sulu for the 2006 Internet-only series Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II (2004), after the suggestion of co-star Walter Koenig.
27Has been a jogger for many years, and runs marathons.
28Has appeared in episodes of three different series with Grace Lee Whitney: Star Trek (1966), Star Trek: Voyager (1995) and Diagnosis Murder (1993).
29Has appeared in episodes of three different series with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols: Star Trek (1966), Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973) and Futurama (1999).
30Has appeared in episodes of three different series with Walter Koenig: Star Trek (1966), Diagnosis Murder (1993) and Futurama (1999).
31Along with Robert Duncan McNeill and Robert Picardo, he is one of only three "Star Trek" regulars to wear all three uniform colours. He wore a blue (medical/science) uniform in the second Star Trek (1966) pilot, Star Trek: Where No Man Has Gone Before (1966), the gold (command) uniform in every subsequent episode of the series in which he appeared and the red (security) uniform in Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror (1967).
32His family was incarcerated at an internment camp in Arkansas when he was 4 to 8 years old. He learned to recite the Pledge of Allegiance while surrounded by guard towers and barbed-wire fences.
33Is a favorite of the Howard Stern audience.
34Has stated that his favourite Star Trek (1966) episode is Star Trek: The Naked Time (1966).
35Has initially objected to the scene in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) where the tall Starfleet guard calls him "tiny". When the scene was screened for audiences, the audiences cheered Sulu (Takei) when he defeated the tall guard, and Takei later apologized to writer Harve Bennett for it.
36Among his first acting jobs was as a voice artist. Although he was only a teenager, he dubbed English dialog for adult characters in Japanese films being released in the United States.
37Has initially declined to appear in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), but William Shatner personally called him and persuaded him to star in the film.
38When he met with Gene Roddenberry about a role on Star Trek (1966), Roddenberry called him Takei (pronouncing it "Ta-KAI"), which translates from the Japanese as "expensive" or "tall" (his name is actually pronounced "Ta-KAY", which rhymes with "okay"). This is how Roddenberry remembered his name.
39In 1996, he became the first original Star Trek (1966) series actor to go to a South American convention, in São Paulo, Brazil.
40Attended and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles. His major was Theater Arts and his minor was Latin American Studies. His father said that both of those areas of study meant that he would be supporting George for the rest of his life.
41During World War II, he lived with his family in several government internment camps for people of Japanese ancestry.


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Space Travelers2009Documentary writer


The Potential Wives of Norman Mao2011Short executive producer


The Great Buck Howard2008performer: "What the World Needs Now"


Independent Lens2015TV Series documentary special thanks - 1 episode
Bridegroom2013Documentary special thanks
Vito2011Documentary special thanks
Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier2007TV Movie documentary special thanks
Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee2007special thanks
Return from the River Kwai1989special thanks


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The Newlywed Game2009TV SeriesHimself
The National Parks: America's Best Idea2009TV Mini-Series documentaryChiura Obata
Entertainment Tonight2008-2009TV SeriesHimself
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List2009TV SeriesHimself
Eye on Entertainment2009TV SeriesHimself
Space Travelers2009DocumentaryHimself
Bring Back... Star Trek2009TV Movie documentaryHimself
Annul Victory2009DocumentaryHimself
Robot Astronomy Talk Show2009TV Series shortHimself
Toyo's Camera2009DocumentaryHimself
A Gaythering Storm2009Video shortHimself
You Don't Know Jack: The Jack Soo Story2009DocumentaryHimself
George & Brad in Bed2009Documentary shortHimself
GMTV2007-2009TV SeriesHimself
I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!2008TV SeriesHimself
The Soup2008TV SeriesHimself
Good Day L.A.2008TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Heroes Unmasked2007-2008TV Series documentaryHimself
Secret Talents of the Stars2008TV SeriesHimself
Late Night with Conan O'Brien1994-2008TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Heroes Report2008TV SeriesHimself
Loose Women2007TV SeriesHimself
Scream Awards 20072007TV SpecialHimself
07 Spaceys2007TV MovieHimself
The Bronx Bunny Show2007TV SeriesHimself
Thank God You're Here2007TV SeriesHimself
Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier2007TV Movie documentaryHimself - Interviewee
Jimmy Kimmel Live!2006TV SeriesHimself - Guest
VH1 Big in 06 Awards2006TV SpecialHimself
Psych2006TV SeriesHimself
Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner2006TV MovieHimself - Roaster
HypaSpace2006TV Series documentaryHimself
Malcolm in the Middle2006TV SeriesHimself
Going for Broke2006Video documentaryNarrator
Celebrity Autobiography: In Their Own Words2005TV MovieHimself
How William Shatner Changed the World2005TV Movie documentaryHimself
Animal Icons2005TV Series documentaryHimself
Time of Fear2005TV Movie documentaryHimself
Alienated2004TV SeriesHimself - Special Guest Appearance
Kiss 'N' Tell: Romance in the 23rd Century2004Video shortHimself
Pacific Fusion2004TV SeriesHimself
Banzai2003TV SeriesHimself
After They Were Famous2003TV Series documentaryHimself
OB-12002TV MovieHimself
Spotlight on Trek2001TV MovieHimself
Spotlight on George Takei2000TV MovieHimself
Conscience and the Constitution2000DocumentaryResister (voice)
In Search of the Unsolved1999TV SpecialHimself - Host
Muppets Tonight1998TV SeriesHimself
Mystic Origins of the Martial Arts1998Video documentaryNarrator
Frank Lloyd Wright and Japanese Art1997DocumentaryNarrator (voice)
Star Trek: Captain's Chair1997Video Game documentaryHikaru Sulu / Himself
The Anti Gravity Room1997TV SeriesHimself
65th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade1996TV SpecialHimself
3rd Rock from the Sun1996TV SeriesHimself
William Shatner's Star Trek Memories1995Video documentaryHimself
A Conversation with George Takei1995ShortHimself
Star Trek: A Captain's Log1994TV Movie documentaryHimself
Howard Stern1994TV SeriesHimself
Moving Memories1993Documentary shortHimself
The Curse of the Dragon1993DocumentaryNarrator
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special1991TV Movie documentaryHimself
Star Trek Logs: An MTV Big Picture Special Edition1991TV Special documentaryHimself
Cinema 31991TV SeriesHimself
Stand-up Comics Take a Stand1988TV Special documentaryHimself
'Doctor Who' Who's Who1986TV Special documentaryHimself
David Letterman's 2nd Annual Holiday Film Festival1986TV MovieHimself (segment "Chris Elliott: A Television Miracle")
Saturn Awards1981TV Special
The Moviemakers1968/IIDocumentary shortHimself (uncredited)

Archive Footage

Entertainment Tonight2016TV SeriesHimself
Star Trek Timelines2016Video GameHikaru Sulu (uncredited)
The Drunken Peasants2015TV SeriesHimself
The Colbert Report2014TV SeriesHimself
Gruen Planet2013TV SeriesHimself
Backyard Blockbusters2012DocumentaryHikaru Sulu
Road Trek 20112012ShortSulu
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno2012TV SeriesHimself
Pioneers of Television2011TV Mini-Series documentaryMr. Sulu in Star Trek
Spacelift: Transporting Trek Into the 21st Century2011Video shortSulu
8: The Mormon Proposition2010DocumentaryHimself
Heroes Unmasked2007-2008TV Series documentaryKaito Nakamura
Howard Stern on Demand2006-2008TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Announcer
Cory in the House: All Star Edition2007VideoRonald
Timeshift2006TV Series documentarySulu
Video on Trial2006TV SeriesSulu
Ultimate Trek: Star Trek's Greatest Moments1999TV ShortLt. Hikaru Sulu
Inside Star Trek: The Real Story1998Video documentaryMr. Sulu
Late Night with Conan O'Brien: 51998TV MovieHimself (uncredited)
Ca détourne1992TV Movie
Showbiz Today1991TV SeriesSulu
Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek Memories1983TV Movie documentaryLieutenant Hikaru Sulu

Won Awards

2015Festival AwardChelsea Film FestivalBest Supporting ActorHopeful Romantic (2015)
2015Timeless AwardGay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA)
2014Vito Russo AwardGLAAD Media Awards
2014Frameline AwardSan Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film FestivalFrameline Award
2014Webby AwardThe Webby AwardsOnline Film & Video: Documentary, Individual EpisodeTakei's Take (2013)
2007Lifetime Achievement AwardSan Diego Asian Film Festival
1986Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameTelevisionOn 30 October 1986. At 6681 Hollywood Blvd.

Nominated Awards

2007OFTA Television AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Guest Actor in a Drama SeriesHeroes (2006)

Known for movies

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  1. Never liked this queer activist. If you want to be gay that’s fine but using it to hold America hostage with the gay gestapo tactics just isn’t right. To hell with you G.T.!

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