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Geraldo Rivera net worth is
$20 Million

Geraldo Rivera Wiki Biography

Geraldo Michael Rivera was born on 4 July 1943, in Brooklyn, New York City USA, of Catholic Puerto Rican (father) and Ashkenazi Russian-Jewish (mother) ancestry, He is a journalist, talk show host, writer and also an attorney, probably best known for the talk show called “Geraldo”, and television news magazine, “Geraldo at Large”. In addition to his career as a host, Rivera has also written several books.

So just how rich is Geraldo Rivera? It has been estimated by authoritative sources that Geraldo’s net worth is over $20 million, mostly coming from Rivera’s career as a TV talk show host and journalist. In 2013 he briefly considered an opportunity to become a politician, but is still working as a television host, so there is a high chance that his net worth will become higher.

Geraldo Rivera Net Worth $20 Million

Gerald  Rivera was raised “mostly Jewish” and had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony; both his parents worked in the restaurant business, but Geraldo finished Brooklyn Law School, and later attended Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and the University of Pennsylvania. Geraldo Rivera’s net worth began to grow when he started work first as an investigator and later as an attorney. While Rivera worked as an attorney for Young Lords, he was noticed by Al Primo, television news executive, who suggested Rivera become a reporter.

Geraldo’s career as a reporter started with WABC-TV, in Eyewitness News. This not only added to Rivera’s net worth, but also gained him acclaim among others in the industry, and made him more famous generally, even winning a Peabody Award for one of his reports. Later Rivera started to work in “20/20” and “Nightline”, which made him even more popular and acclaimed, as well as adding to his net worth.

In addition, Geraldo was a part of the movie called “The US vs. John Lennon”, directed by David Leaf and John Scheinfeld. Other shows that Rivera appeared in during the beginning of his career were “Good Morning America” and “Good Night America”. These of course increased Geraldo Rivera’s net worth too.

In 1987 Geraldo became a host and producer of his own show – “Geraldo” – which eventually ran for 11 years, and many guests were interviewed during that time. In in 1994 Geraldo became the host for another show, “Rivera Live”. Unfortunately the show was cancelled in 1998, but it still added to Rivera’s net worth.

In 2001 Geraldo became a part of Fox News Channel as one of their war correspondents. He traveled in Afghanistan and Iraq, and was certainly in danger during these travels. In 2012 Rivera became a host of several radio shows and recently it has been announced that he will continue his career as a host.

As mentioned, in addition to Rivera’s career as a journalist and host, he also writes books. Some of them include “Miguel Robles – So Far”, “Exposing Myself”, “A Special Kind of Courage: Profiles of Young Americans” among others. These books also had a significant impact on the growth of Geraldo Rivera’s net worth.

In his personal life, Geraldo has married five times, to Linda Coblentz (1965–69); Edith Vonnegut (1971–75); Sherryl Raymond (1976–84(with whom he has a son; Cynthia Cruickshank (1987 – 2000) with two daughters; and to Erica Michelle Levy since 2003, with another daughter. He is known as a keen sailor in his spare time.

Full NameGeraldo Rivera
Net Worth$20 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 4, 1943
Place Of BirthBrooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Height5 ft 9 in (1.765 m)
ProfessionLawyer, Journalist, Talk show host, Author, Actor, Police officer, Sailor, Cinematographer
EducationBrooklyn Law School (1969), State University of New York Maritime College (1961–1963), University of Arizona, Columbia University
SpouseErica Michelle Levy (m. 2003), Cynthia Cruickshank (m. 1987–2000), Sherryl Raymond (m. 1976–1984), Edith Vonnegut (m. 1971–1975), Linda Coblentz (m. 1965–1969)
ChildrenCruz Grant Rivera, Solita Liliana Rivera
ParentsLillian Friedman, Cruz "Allen" Rivera
SiblingsCraig Rivera, Sharon Rivera, Irene Rivera, Wilfredo Rivera
NicknamesGerald Michael Riviera , Geraldo , Gerald Rivera , Gerald Riveria , Jerry , Gerald Michael Rivera
AwardsALMA Award for Outstanding Host in a National Information Program (2001)
NominationsALMA Awards
MoviesAll About Steve (2009), Perry Mason: The Case of the Reckless Romeo (TV film, 1992), Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies (1994), Unforgotten: Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook (1995, documentary)
TV Shows20/20, Nightline, Geraldo (1987-1998), Dancing with the Stars, Geraldo at Large (2007-2014), The Apprentice (2004-2010), The Five (since 2011)
1His glasses.
2His moustache
1We have no right to complain about any condition affecting the quality of our lives, unless we are doing something about it.
1His first granddaughter, Ella Rose Rivera, was born on June 30, 2015. Ella Rose is the sister of his grandson Jace.
2His son, Cruz Rivera, became the father of a girl, who was born on June 30, 2015. She is Geraldo's first granddaughter.
3Inducted into the International Mustache Hall of Fame in 2015 (inaugural class) in the category Film & Television.
4He and his family differ on what his greatest accomplishment is. He even, according to him, had to remind them that he won a Peabody and an Emmy Award because they were very enamored that he guest starred on [error].
5On Hannity (2009) on February 4, 2015, he mentioned that his long-since-ex-wife C.C. Dyer miscarried six IVF-conceived children during their attempts to have children. Their seventh-IVF-conceived child was born full term and named Isabella.
6Longtime friend of nearly 35 years is the late Joan Rivers. Rivera attended her funeral, when the comedienne passed away on September 7, 2014.
7Since his maternal granddad's side is a Friedman from Dolhinov, Belarus, he may be related to economist Milton Friedman.
8On his January 6, 2014 show, he mentioned that he went to P.S. 119 in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. He also mentioned that his son Gabriel lived in the neighborhood for a time as well.
9As of January 1, 2014, he will broadcast his radio show exclusively on WABC and On, he will have live-stream video of himself, his sidekick Noam Laden, and others play during the show.
10Hosted ABC's Good Night America: Episode dated 6 March 1975 (1975) the very night Abraham Zapruder's film footage of President John F. Kennedy's assassination was first televised for the public in 1975.
11New York, USA: He joined 77 WABC (in New York) and 77 KABC (WABC's sister station in Los Angeles) as a radio talk show host. He currently lives in Manhattan with his wife and their daughter Sol. [January 2012]
12Release of his book, "A Special Kind of Courage: Profiles of Young Americans". [1976]
13Release of his book, "The Great Progression: How Hispanics Will Lead America to a New Era of Prosperity". [September 2009]
14Release of his autobiography, "Exposing Myself" by Geraldo with Daniel Paisiner. [1991]
15Release of his book, "His Panic: Why America Fear Hispanics in the U.S.". [2008]
16His first grandchild is Jace Rivera, and his second grandchild is Desmond Samuel Rivera (b. September 2014). The respective fathers are Cruz and Gabriel Rivera.
17His niece lost her Lindenhurst, NJ home in Hurricane Sandy, Oct 2012. His nephew also lost his home in Bay Shore.
18Pets: Dogs Elvis and Hudson (Golden Retrievers), a cat (who's owned by daughter Simone), and Maltipoos Ricky and Lucy (who he states that he "never wanted", but who Erica and Sol wanted; and with whom he lives in Apartment 17 in his Manhattan Apartment Complex as of October 11, 2012).
19On his KABC radio show on October 1, 2012, he identified his family as the following in terms of political affiliation: Isabella as a Republican, Simone, Gabe, and Erica Levy as Democrats; and Cruz as not even registered to vote.
20Good friend of Alana Stewart, since her first marriage to George Hamilton, and they were neighbors in Malibu, California.
21He stated that he will not play himself in a Lifetime Television movie about the Casey Anthony case.
22Radio talk show host, WABC in New York City.
23Joined Fox News Channel in November 2001 as a war correspondent.
24Graduate of the University of Arizona and Brooklyn Law School.
25Brother-in-law of Cordelia Bowe.
26Married at Central Synagogue in Manhattan.
27He is selling shares in his yacht "Voyager" and his private island, El Cayo, in Puerto Rico.
28Senior columnist for
29Good friend of John Lennon and Jose Baez.
30His son Gabe Rivera married Dr. Deborah Rish in May 2009. Thus, Gabe is the son-in-law of one of the doctors who investigated Michael Jackson in Jackson's 1993 criminal case.
31Ex-brother-in-law of Nanny Vonnegut.
32He underwent knee replacement surgery on his left knee on September 28, 2009. He also underwent back surgery after a trip to Afghanistan, and was off work for two weeks.
33Siblings are Craig Rivera, Sharon Rivera, and Irene Rivera Hurst. Cousin is Wilfredo Rivera, adopted by Geraldo's parents.
34Wife Erica Levy's mother is Nancy and father is Howard Levy, who was a prostate cancer survivor; but died recently.
35Geraldo Rivera and Erica Levy welcomed their daughter, Solita Liliana, on August 2, 2005. He was 62, and she was 30 at the time of Sol's birth. This was his fifth child and third daughter, while it was her first and only child. He has also since said that after having five children, he's "done" .
36The fictional news anchorman character Hector Ramirez which appeared in several popular cartoon series during the 1980s (G.I. Joe (1985), The Transformers (1984), Jem (1985) and InHumanoids (1986), all produced by Marvel-Sunbow Production) was a parody of Rivera.
37His fourth wife, C.C. Dyer, did not take his last name when they married.
38NBC executive Brandon Tartikoff once said of him: "There are two words that serve as a signal that you're operating in an area of questionable taste. Those words are 'Geraldo Rivera.'"
39Listed on his birth certificate as Gerald Michael Riviera, he was born to Cruz "Allen" and Lillian Friedman Rivera. In his autobiography "Exposing Myself," Rivera said that he believed his mother was attempting to deflect future discrimination from her children by misspelling their surname on their birth certificates, as they were the products of a mixed marriage. The marriage was "mixed" because Cruz was a Puerto Rican and Roman Catholic who (as Geraldo later explained) never "got around to" converting to Judaism because of his work as a church layman; and Lillian (born Lillie Friedman, a daughter of Isaac Michael and Tillie Krivel Friedman) was both ethnically and religiously Jewish.
40His mother, Lilian Friedman, was a Jewish American of Russian Jewish ancestry; she was born in New Jersey, to an Orthodox Jewish family from Dolhinov, Belarus, which had recently lived in various provinces in Canada. His father, Cruz "Allen" Rivera, was a Puerto Rican of Spanish ancestry, who was raised Roman Catholic. Lilian and Cruz moved to Florida, where Cruz had a fatal heart attack on Thanksgiving Day of 1987 and, as Geraldo mentioned in light of the British Petrolum disaster, where his ashes were scattered. The widowed Lillian Rivera lived in Florida, and was close to her children, who were raised Jewish. She appeared with Craig on one episode of 'Geraldo at Large' from Florida, via satellite. Meanwhile, Geraldo named his youngest son, Cruz, in honor of his father, and his youngest child, Solita Liliana, in honor of his Judaism and his mother.
41Exposed deplorable conditions in "Willowbrook State School", an institution for people with developmental disabilities, in early 1972. Publicity from the class-action lawsuit against the state of New York that soon followed was a major contributing factor in the passing of a federal law called "Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act of 1980."
42Children: Isabella Holmes (b. 7 November 1992) and Simone Cruickshank (b. September 1994) by C. C. Dyer; Gabriel Miguel (b. 2 July 1979) by Sherryl Raymond; Cruz (b. 1987) by a previous relationship; Solita Liliana (b. August 2005) by Erica Levy.
43Allegedly married first wife Linda Coblentz in part to avoid the Vietnam War draft.
44His most famous program was The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults (1986) that aired in April 1986. When Chicago's Lexington Hotel was being demolished, a sealed vault was discovered. Rivera hosted the live program that was going to climax with the opening of the vault, supposedly revealing Al Capone's treasure or a more gruesome find. The biggest find was an empty whiskey bottle. The hype generated a record rating of 57 with an estimated audience of 30,000,000. The term "Al Capone's Vault" has come to mean any overhyped event that leads to nothing.
45He hosted the television segment that gave the American public the first chance of seeing the Zapruder film of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
46In his autobiography, he revealed his affairs with Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Judy Collins, Chris Evert, Margaret Trudeau, Marion Javits, and at least 1000 other women. He first made a name for himself as a lawyer defending Harlems's largely Hispanic Young Lords gang. His brother is newscaster Craig Rivera, who previously gained experience as Geraldo's producer at ABC News.
47His ex-wife, Edie Vonnegut, is Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s daughter. His autobiography, written in 1991, is "Exposing Myself".
48Chosen by People magazine as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People" in the world. [1991]


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Won Awards

2001ALMA AwardALMA AwardsOutstanding Correspondent or Anchor of a National News Program or Special

Nominated Awards

2002ALMA AwardALMA AwardsOutstanding Correspondent or Anchor of National News ProgramRivera Live (1993)
2000ALMA AwardALMA AwardsOutstanding Correspondent, Anchor and/or Host of a National News Program or SpecialBack to Bedlam (1999)
1999ALMA AwardALMA AwardsOutstanding Host in a National Information ProgramUp Front Tonight (1998)

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