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$8 Million

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Jennifer Michelle Goodwin was born on the 22nd May 1978, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA of English and Ashkenazi-Jewish descent. She is an actress, probably best recognized for starring in the role of Margene Heffman in the drama TV series “Big Love” (2006-2011), and playing Snow White in the fantasy drama TV series “Once Upon A Time” (2011-present). Her acting career has been active since 2000.

So, have you ever wondered how rich Ginnifer Goodwin is, as of mid- 2016? It is estimated by sources that the total size of Ginnifer’s net worth is over $8 million, which has been accumulated through her career as a professional actress.

Ginnifer Goodwin Net Worth $8 Million

Ginnifer Goodwin is the daughter of Linda, who worked at FedEx and Apple, and Tim Goodwin, who owns a recording studio; her younger sister is Melissa Goodwin, known as a stop motion animator on some shows, including “Robot Chicken”. She was raised in a half-Christian, and half-Jewish family, and attended both Unitarian church, and the synagogue. Thus, in her teens, she was connected with the North American Federation of Temple Youth, as well as being active at the Jewish Community Center in Memphis. After finishing St. Mary’s Episcopal School, she attended Lausanne Collegiate School; prior to matriculation in 1966, she was very active in high school productions, and local theater. Later, she enrolled at Hanover College, majoring in Theater, but she transferred to Boston University, from which she graduated with honors, and she was rewarded with the “Excellence in Acting: Professional Promise Award” by the Bette Davis Foundation. Afterwards, she moved to England, where she continued studies at the Shakespeare Institute, and the next year she earned an “Acting Shakespeare Certificate” from London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Ginnifer’s professional acting career began in 2000 when she was cast in the short film “Zelda: An Extrospective Journey”, which was followed with the roles of Erica in the TV series “Law & Order” (2001), and Diane Snyder in “Ed” (2001-2003), plus that of Maya in the film “Porn ‘n Chicken” (2002), clearly establishing her net worth.

In the following years her name became more and more recognized, and she was soon able to acquire high profile roles in popular TV series and films, increasing her net worth by a large margin. Thus, her next role was in the film “Mona Lisa Smile”, as Connie Baker, starring along side Julia Roberts and Kirsten Dunst in lead roles. Her next roles were in the films “Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!” (2004), “Walk The Line” (2005), and “Love Comes To The Executioner” (2006). Her net worth was rising steadily.

From 2006, Ginnifer featured in one of the lead roles in the TV series “Big Love”, portraying Margene Heffman, until 2011. During that time, parallel with that role she made several appearances in such TV and film titles as “In The Land Of Women”(2007), playing Janey, and “Day Zero”, as Molly. “He’s Just Not That Into You” (2008), “Ramona And Beezus” (2010), and “Take Me Home Tonight”, all followed and added considerably to her net worth.

In 2011, Ginnifer earned the lead role of Mary Margaret Blanchard/Snow White in the highly popular TV fantasy series “Once Upon A Time”, created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. During the same year she starred in “Something Borrowed”, as Rachel, and in “Five”, as Charlotte. The next role which contributed to her growing wealth came in the following year, in the TV series “Electric City”.

Most recently, Ginnifer tried herself as a voice actress, as she provided her voice in the video game “Disney Infinity 3.0” (2015), and in the film “Zootopia” (2016).

Regarding her personal life, Ginnifer Goodwin has been married to actor Josh Dallas since 2014; the couple has two children and resides in Los Angeles, California.

Full NameGinnifer Goodwin
Net Worth$8 Million
Date Of BirthMay 22, 1978
Place Of BirthMemphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Height5' 6" (1.68 m)
Weight83 kg
EducationShakespeare Institute, Boston University College of Fine Arts, Stratford-upon-Avon College, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Hanover College, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Lausanne Collegiate School, Boston University
SpouseJosh Dallas (m. 2014-)
ChildrenOliver Finlay Dallas, Hugo Wilson Dallas
ParentsLinda Goodwin, Tim Goodwin
SiblingsMelissa Goodwin
AwardsYoung Hollywood Award for Style Icon (2012), Alliance of Women Film Journalists- Best Animated Female (2016), Voice Arts™ Awards (2016),Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Frenemies (2017)
NominationsTeen Choice Awards, People's Choice Awards
Movies“Zootopia” (2016), “Something Borrowed” (2011), “Disney Infinity 3.0” (2015), “A Single Man” (2009), “Day Zero” (2009), “Take Me Home Tonight” (2011)
TV Shows“Big Love” (2011), “Once Upon A Time” (2011), “Ed” (2001-2003), “Big Love” (2006-2011), “Robot Chicken” (2005), “Killing Kennedy” (2013), “Electric City” (2012)
1Her pixie haircut
1When I'm doing a film, I love getting together after work with my costars. But we get back to L.A. and I'm like, 'I don't want to go to a club with you, dude. I mean, I think you're rad, and if you want to come play Scrabble with me, that's amazing.'
2I've always been sort of addicted to genre-jumping. I've never been in the mood to do the same thing I did last time. Hence, me going from 'Big Love' to romantic comedy, to period film... I can't sit still.
3It's like, if you can't focus on a movie for 90 minutes without looking at your phone, then don't go to the movies! You've got some issues, so you should probably stay home and work on those issues, and not distract everyone with lights, and sounds, oh my gosh, the tapping on the screens, it makes me crazy!
4My day-to-day wardrobe, I do mix it up. I'll wear something from Target along with something by YSL. It's about finding the right items that make you happy.
5Oh my gosh, I'd give so much advice to a younger version of myself. I would say it really does get better as you get older. The things that mean so much, the things that seem like, you know, it's going to cause the end of the world, are all things that I've already forgotten.
6There's nothing I want less than a piece of cheese or a burger. I have nightmares I'm being force-fed these things. I have no interest in converting anyone. It's purely how I want to live my life. I don't judge anyone.
7I am much more open to plural marriage than I was before, and I now support it in certain situations. I do believe it is right for some people. But our example in America today is gross abuse - I can't support it in fundamentalist compounds.
8I come from theater, and doing period stuff is so whimsical and imaginative and so outside any frame of reference than I have ever had so I prefer that just in terms of fun factor.
9I have very curly hair and I straighten it every day - it takes maybe two minutes. I can't imagine anyone having a bigger challenge than I do in the kinkiness that is my crazy 'fro.'
10I will end up with someone in the arts. I am positive. I eat, breathe and sleep acting. And I'll end up with someone who is happy staying at home and having me cook supper. But I also really need to be intellectually challenged and stimulated. I want someone bookish, and someone who is passionate.
11I would point out that I'm an actress for a reason! If I were popular in high school, I would have considered another career because I wouldn't have been alone in my room, making up other characters for myself. I definitely had growing pains. The popular kids didn't want anything to do with the girl who was starting the drama club.
12I started reading and learned that we don't need any of it - meat, dairy products. We get everything we need without those things - except maybe B12, but there's this whole controversy that maybe we're only getting B12 because the animals are being fed B12 supplements.
13Sometimes I make very selfish choices; like I did 'Once Upon A Time' for my inner 8-year-old and my hypothetical future child. I've done some movies because I would regret them if I didn't, but other projects I've done because they've scared me or if I felt I needed to do a big romantic comedy to help me professionally.
14The costumes are insane on 'Once Upon a Time.' It did influence my taking the job, the fact that not only would I be horseback riding and sword fighting and traipsing through the woods but I would be doing all those things in insane, medieval garb.
15A lot of times, I think that what I do for a living has no integrity. 'Once Upon A Time' has changed that to a certain extent because the reaction we get from children out in the world is so fulfilling, I cannot even articulate it. There's nothing like being greeted as Snow White by a hyperventilating child versus Ginnifer Goodwin.
16After spending time with the rescued turkeys at Farm Sanctuary's shelter and seeing how similar they are to my furry companion animals at home, I knew I needed to do everything in my power to protect these friendly and curious birds from the daily pain and suffering they endure on factory farms.
17I'm so an all-or-nothing person in dating, always. I'm big on not wasting time. And so, yeah, if something's not working, it's time to not hold people back.
18Why do only boys get to chase? Nuh-uh! If anything, I think this whole sitting back and waiting thing can be self-sabotaging. We have to send up flares. We have to let guys know we're open for business.
19With the counseling of my family doctor, my mother ended up turning to Weight Watchers and their children's program. I went to weekly meetings, got counseling and would exercise with my peers who were my size. It was the first time I saw a proper children's portion size, and it wasn't two burgers, it was one.
20I made some friends at Listerine and they taught me a little bit about oral care. That half of adults suffer from oral disease, that the number one chronic disease among children is oral disease, that we're only taking care of 25% of our mouths when brushing alone and there are more germs in your mouth than there are people on the planet.
21I see girls who haven't had a carbohydrate in three years. The second you go back to eating right, you're going to put that weight on. You eat one piece of bread and you are screwed, lady!
22People always say a script will be 'brought to life in a magical way,' but for me that has been proven wrong time and time again.
23Romcoms are challenging, but I'm hungry for drama.
24They say men and women can't be friends, but that's not true.
25Unfortunately, as obsessed as I am with all of those Grimm's slash Disney princesses, I do think women have evolved socially in so many ways.
26I can safely say that other than macaroni and cheese, there's no processed food in my life. There's no inorganic food in my life these days. There's no junk food. There's not a lot of sugar. There's no soy. I mean, really everything that's going into my body is pretty pure.
27I've never had body issues, I've never had an eating disorder. I've never had to go on a diet and that's because of Weight Watchers.
28In real life, people don't try to live dramatically, people try to live in a light way. People try to laugh.
29Nudity is for my boyfriend or my doctor.
30Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm really obsessive about anything dealing with my health.
31One night I'd had some beers, and then I Googled myself and spent the night in tears.
32I only wear heels when a stylist puts me in them.
33I think most people know inherently that good wins.
34I want to work endlessly and tirelessly until I'm an old, old lady.
35I'm a Southern lady that almost never leaves the house without makeup on.
36I'm not nomadic by nature.
37At 9 years old I weighed about 10 lbs. less than what my weight is at 32. I needed to get help.
38Couldn't start the morning without caffeine.
39I don't know why anyone would want to ask an actor for dating advice. We are not the poster children for healthy relationships.
40I express myself through clothes, but clothes don't define me.
41I hardly ever work out.
42I perpetuate rumors that I've dated people that I've never actually dated.
43I think of clothes a lot like costumes. I think of what I wear in real life as being my real life character's costume.
44Costume designers don't care about trends. They appreciate, above so many other qualities, that tailoring is everything, which is a mantra for the way I dress. Ladies: The most important thing in clothing is to find a good, inexpensive tailor, because clothes at the stores are made for bodies that are anomalies.
45I understand why society, especially American society, is gravitating toward fairy tales, given our economy. We've been exploring the world of witches and wizards for years. We've been exploring the world of vampires for years. Clearly the public - I mean, I feel like all of this was ushered in by 'Harry Potter' - in my own fannish beliefs.
46Oh, my, yes. I was raised in this Southern culture where if a guy was sarcastic, that just meant he didn't know how to show his love - but secretly he cared! I completely bought that. The men I chased and the things I put up with - it was criminal.
47I'm a better person in a relationship, and I'm a happier person. I need to come home at the end of the day and have it not be about me and my freaking hair and makeup and character motivations anymore. And I think my work is more inspired when home is safe and sound and solid, because what I do for a living is so bananas and so insecure.
48I'm for all the actor's struggle, the self-indulgent, painful journey, but I would rather have fun.
49As long as I can wear a wig I can be any character, and in real life I can be myself.
50But often times, I feel like I'm so blessed, it's not fair. That what I'm doing is not contributing to the good of the world.
51Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I always go all-out with my costumes.
52I'm insanely girly. I like having the door opened for me. I want to cook dinner for my boyfriend. And I can't wait to have babies.
53Everything goes with short hair. It's bananas.
54Growing up in Memphis, I have always admired St. Jude's for the magnificent work they do.
55You know, one of my biggest dreams in life is to play a Disney princess.
56I really am super lazy and doing long hair, especially mine, is a big pain in the butt. It's filled with cowlicks and kinks and curls and frizz - and it was taking too much time in the morning.
57It took me realizing that a broken heart has never actually killed anyone to find the courage to ask for what I want, in just about every situation. That was part of my own growing up.
58I know now that there are men out there who are, for me, the whole package, who are supportive of my successes because they know I will be just as supportive of theirs. I'm less tolerant of foolishness now; I know that it's important I not tie myself up with the wrong person, because then I will miss the right person coming along.
59I love Valentine's Day! I love it, I love it, I love it. I like having doors opened for me. My favorite romantic comedy is When Harry Met Sally... (1989).
60I cherish all of the times I've fallen on my face and made mistakes, because those experiences have made me who I am.
61But I love being scared. I think you're brave only when you do things that scare you. I've always used fear as a motivator. I'm not sure why.
62[on re-embracing her faith as an adult] I was Jewish by birth... I was Super Jew, and then I up and left Judaism for a very long time. I flew from Memphis... and I flew from my faith. I walked out of Judaism. I had broken my covenant. The only thing Jewish about me was that I felt guilty... For 10 years, there was nothing. No ritual. No tradition. No community. I was this new alone thing, a nomad in the world. I was homeless... I lost this, and I've been trying to find it again... I am a Jew... It took me 10 years to come back around to that self-definition. I was a Jew by birth, and now I'm a Jew by choice.
1Returned to work 5 weeks after giving birth to her son Hugo to begin filming the 6th season of Once Upon a Time (2011).
2Was 7 months pregnant with her son Hugo when she completed filming the 5th season of Once Upon a Time (2011).
3Her father, Tim Goodwin, was the orchestra leader for Roy Orbison.
4Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 38, a son named Hugo Wilson Dallas on June 1, 2016. Child's father is her husband, Josh Dallas.
5Once Upon a Time: Snow Falls (2011) is her favorite episode of Once Upon a Time (2011).
6Is just 1 year older than Jennifer Morrison and 22 years older than Jared Gilmore, who play her daughter and grandson on Once Upon a Time (2011).
7Returned to work 6 weeks after giving birth to her son Oliver to begin filming the 4th season of Once Upon a Time (2011).
8Was 8 months pregnant with her son Oliver when she completed filming the 3rd season of Once Upon a Time (2011).
9Gave birth to her 1st child at age 36, a son named Oliver Finlay Dallas on May 29, 2014. Child's father is her husband, Josh Dallas.
10(April 12, 2014) Married her boyfriend of 2 years Josh Dallas following a 6-month-long engagement. They share their wedding day with their Once Upon a Time (2011) co-star and friend Jennifer Morrison's birthday. Morrison plays their daughter in the show.
11Her father is of English descent. Her mother is Ashkenazi. Ginnifer had a Bat Mitzvah ceremony.
12Vancouver, BC, Canada: Filming Once Upon a Time (2011). [November 2012]
13Filming Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004). [July 2003]
14Attended and failed clown school.
15Good friends with Once Upon a Time (2011) costar Jennifer Morrison.
16Is no longer a vegan, after telling in an interview that she had several health issues.
17Her dream to be a Walt Disney princess came true with her role in Once Upon a Time (2011).
18Sister-in-law of Nathan Shepherd.
19Was engaged to Joey Kern [December 24, 2010 - May 20, 2011].
20'Younger sister, Melissa Goodwin Shepherd, is a stop-motion animator.
21As a child, she attended the Henry S. Jacobs Camp, a summer camp for Reform Jewish children in Utica, Mississippi.
22Was girlfriend of Joey Kern [April 6, 2009].
23Was in a relationship with Chris Klein, her boyfriend of two years. [December 2008]
24Long time friend Topher Grace recommended her for the role of Cathy Feely in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004).
25Won the Bette Davis Foundation Excellence in Acting / Professional Promise Award for theatre in 2001 (Boston, Massachusetts).
26Also studied with London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and the Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon (in conjunction with the Royal Shakespeare Company)
27Acting Shakespeare Certificate from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, UK.
28BFA in acting, with honors, from Boston University. A fellow student was Emily Deschanel.


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Archive Footage

Once Upon a Time2011-2014TV SeriesMary Margaret Blanchard Snow White
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Reinventando Hollywood2008TV Movie documentaryMargene Heffman

Nominated Awards

2015People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress
2015People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite TV DuoOnce Upon a Time (2011)
2014People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress
2014Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-FiOnce Upon a Time (2011)
2013People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Dramatic TV Actress
2013Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-FiOnce Upon a Time (2011)
2012Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-FiOnce Upon a Time (2011)
2011Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actress: Romantic ComedySomething Borrowed (2011)
2010People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite Breakout Movie Actress

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