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Hans-Adam II, the Prince of Liechtenstein is also known as Josef Maria Marko d’Aviano Pius von und zu Liechtenstein and Johannes (Hans) Adam Ferdinand Alois . Hans-Adam is one of the richest personalities in Europe as he has estimated net worth as large as $3.5 billion, from his years of political activity. He belongs to the family, whose history is very long, almost 900 years old, so there is a huge amount of net worth owned by Adam Ferdinand Alois. Hans-Adam II is the personality with the power of veto in his country. He is responsible for many operations performed by the government of the country.

Hans-Adam II Net Worth $3.5 Billion

The prince of Liechtenstein Hans-Adam II was born on February 14, 1945, in Zurich, Switerzland. His first and native language which he knew since birth is German, but he can also speak perfect French and English. His parents were Franz Joseph II, Prince of Liechtenstein and Georgine “Gina” Norberte Johanna Franziska Antonie Marie Raphaela von Wilczek. In 1969 Hans-Adam finished the University of St. Gallen with a Masters degree in Economic Studies and Business. Back to our days: now Hans-Adam II is the owner of Liechtenstein Global Trust. This group was founded in 1920 and its headquarter now is located in the capital of Liechtenstein, Vaduz. There are more than 1,950 employees all around the world, within 31 offices of LGT. Furthermore, Adam’s net worth was big enough to purchase about 22 000 of the wine Chateau Lafite, and the cost on the one bottle is valued for $160,000. Actually Hans-Adam II net worth is so huge that he would have enough money to give every person in China $2,57.

Josef Maria Marko d’Aviano Pius net worth was raised even more in year 2009, when he wrote his first book called “The State in the Third Millennium”. In this political book president of Liechtenstein takes a look over the political situation in the world, expresses his opinion about democracy in the world and in Europe particuralry, and also he touches the nowadays relationship between China and Russia.

Nowadays Hans-Adam II together lives with his wife Marie Aglaë, Princess of Liechtenstein, who resides in the Vaduz Castle. Together the couple have four children – Hereditary Prince Alois, who was born in year 1968, Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein born in 1969, Prince Constantin Ferdinand Maria born in 1972 and Princess Tatjana Nora Maria born in 1973. Today the net worth estimated by Hans-Adam II continues to rise extremely fast as he is still one of the most influential personalities in Liechtenstein and also in Europe. He is one of the wealthiest monarchs in Europe, and furthermore, he even is the owner of one of the biggest art collections, which can be seen in Vienna’s Liechtenstein Museum. And that’s why today Hans Adam II is well known not only in the business and political circles, but in the circles of art lovers too.So now you can better understand how rich is Hans Adam II.

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