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John Herbert "Jackie" Gleason net worth is
$10 Million

John Herbert "Jackie" Gleason Wiki Biography

John Herbert Gleason was born on 26 February 1916, in Brooklyn, New York City USA, of Irish ancestry. John was an actor, musician and comedian best known for his character Ralph Kramden in the television sketches “The Honeymooners”. He also helped develop and hosted “The Jackie Gleason Show” which became very popular in the 1950s. His numerous efforts helped put his net worth to where it was prior to his passing in 1987.

How rich was Jackie Gleason? As of mid-2016, sources inform us of a net worth that was at $10 million, mostly earned through a successful career as an actor. While he had a lot of success in film and on television, he also did music for a time in his career. He’s well respected in the United States with numerous places paying recognition and honor to his memory.

Jackie Gleason Net Worth $10 Million

Gleason’s father left the family at a young age, and Jackie became a part of a local gang soon after that. He went to P.S.73 elementary school and John Adams High School, but did not matriculate. During his time at John Adams, he took an interest in acting and later got a job as master of ceremonies in a theatre. Along with this, Gleason worked various odd jobs and after his mother died, he was taken in by the family of his first girlfriend Julie Dennehy. He then began left to pursue a career as a comedian, which was the start of his net worth increase.

He eventually got to perform at various clubs, reaching Club 18 in New York City, where he was discovered and given a film contract. The first films he was seen in include “All Through the Night”, “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp” and “Orchestra Wives”. While making these films, he still worked in nightclubs, mostly performing comedy and music. He then started to become popular when he performed on Broadway in the production of “Follow the Girls”. This then continued with television success, starting with the adaptation of the radio comedy “The Life of Riley”. His popularity also helped the creation of “The Jackie Gleason Show”, in which he created a lot of characters and roles for the show including The Poor Soul, The Bachelor, Reginald Van Gleason III and Rudy the Repairman. He then created a sketch which would be known as “The Honeymooners”, which became so successful after its first appearance that they tried to make it into a separate television show, but that didn’t work out.

Around the late 50s up to the 60s, Gleason was starting to get into the music scene, and released his first album “Music for Lovers Only” which held 153 weeks in the Billboard Top Ten Charts. He was also responsible for creating the musical themes for “The Jack Gleason Show” and “The Honeymooners”. Gleason also received a Tony Award for being a part of the musical “Take Me Along”.

Jackie then went back to television, reviving his signature variety shows, doing sketches once more, and even bringing “The Honeymooners” back. They had more success this time and he even did a few specials for various television networks. He also started to do more dramatic work in films such as “The Laugh Maker” and “The Time of Your Life”. He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Award for “The Hustler”, and continued to make films including “Requiem for a Heavyweight”, “Gigot”, “The Wool Cap” and “The Toy”.

For his personal life, Jackie married Genevieve Halford in 1936, and they had two daughters during their turbulent marriage. The separated in 1954 but did not divorce until 1970. His second wife was Beverly McKittrick: they married in 1970 as well. Four years later they would divorce, and he married Marilyn Taylor in 1975 which lasted until Gleason’s death. Around the 1980s he was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, which had already spread through to his liver. He died from the illness in his home in June 1987.

Full NameJackie Gleason
Net Worth$10 Million
Date Of Birth1916-02-26, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, US
Died1987-06-24, Lauderhill, Florida, United States
Place Of BirthBrooklyn, New York, United States
Height1.77 m
ProfessionComedian, Actor, Musician
EducationJohn Adams High School
SpouseMarilyn Taylor (1975-1987), Beverly McKittrick (m. 1970–1975), Genevieve Halford (m. 1936–1970), “The Time of Your Life”, "The Toy"
ChildrenLinda Miller, Geraldine Gleason
ParentsHerb Gleason, Mae Maisie Murphy
SiblingsClemence Gleason
AwardsAcademy Award (1961), Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Television Hall of Fame (1986), Tony Award
NominationsEmmy Award
Movies"The Hustler" (1961), Minnesota Fats (1961), “All Through the Night”, “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp”, “Orchestra Wives”
TV Shows“The Honeymooners” (1955-1956), “The Jackie Gleason Show” (1952-1957), “Follow the Girls”, “The Life of Riley”
Smokey and the Bandit II (1980)$1,200,000
The Jackie Gleason Show (1966)$50,000 /week
The Fabulous Fifties (1960)$50,000
Cavalcade of Stars (1949)$750 /week
Springtime in the Rockies (1942)$250 /week
Orchestra Wives (1942)$250 /week
Larceny, Inc. (1942)$250 /week
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp! (1942)$250 /week
All Through the Night (1941)$250 /week
Navy Blues (1941)$250 /week
1Always ended his show with the "The Miami Beach audience is the greatest audience in the world."
2I have no use for humility. I am a fellow with an exceptional talent.
3[on what inspired him to became a "mood music" legend, via a series of successful albums] Every time I ever watched Clark Gable do a love scene in the movies, I'd hear this really pretty music, real romantic, come up behind him and help set the mood. So I'm figuring that if Gable needs that kinda help, then a guy in Canarsie has gotta be dyin' for something like this.
4The worst thing you can do with money is save it.
5I'm no alcoholic. I'm a drunkard. There's a difference. A drunkard doesn't like to go to meetings.
6[trademark line] How sweet it is!"
7Drinking removes warts and pimples. Not from me. But from those I look at.
1Smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day, even after undergoing heart surgery.
2Campaigned for Richard Nixon in the 1968 and 1972 presidential elections.
3Underwent triple heart bypass surgery in June 1978.
4Brother-in-law of June Taylor.
5The popular Hanna-Barbera character Fred Flintstone was based on him, as the Flintstones animated series was loosely based on the Honeymooners. Upon realizing this, Gleason tried to file a lawsuit against Hanna-Barbera but was dissuaded from doing so by friends and colleagues who advised him that it would be bad for his reputation if he became known as "the man who killed Fred Flintstone.".
6His paternal grandfather, William Walton Gleason, was an Irish immigrant, and his paternal grandmother, who was U.S.-born, had English and Dutch ancestry. His mother was also an Irish immigrant, from Farranree, Cork, Ireland.
7Appears as Ralph Kramden, with Art Carney as Ed Norton, on a 44¢ USA commemorative postage stamp in the Early TV Memories issue honoring The Honeymooners (1955). The stamp was issued 11 August 2009.
8He was awarded 2 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 6231 Hollywood Boulevard and for Television at 6300 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
9Has a street named after him in Iowa City, Iowa.
10Biography in: "The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives". Volume Two, 1986-1990, pages 328-331. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1999.
11In the 1930s, before he ever really made it even in smalltime venues, he was a bartender at a bar in Newark, New Jersey, called the Blue Mirror. He wore his apron high on the chest just like he did as his "Joe the Bartender" character 30 years later on his television show, and he entertained the patrons with his antics, just like "Joe the Bartender." Eventually, he got such a following that the owner gave him a chance at the microphone on stage. The rest, as they say, is history. This was also a time when he actually lived and slept in the back room with the empty bottles, etc. And, of course, it was across the street from a pool hall that he patronized in the afternoons after he was finished cleaning up the Blue Mirror.
12His family background was, according to most accounts, almost Dickensian. It was marked by severe illness and grinding poverty, in any event. His father, Herb Gleason (1884-1964), was a henpecked insurance clerk who took his myriad disappointments in life out in drink. He deserted the family when Jackie was nine. His mother (d. 1935), the former Mae Kelly, was overprotective of her younger son, who died when Jackie was in his teens. An older brother, Clemence, died, probably of tuberculosis, at the age of fourteen, when Jackie was three.
13Was a mentor and frequent drinking buddy of Frank Sinatra. It was Gleason who first introduced Sinatra to Jack Daniels whiskey, which became Sinatra's signature drink.
14The Jackie Gleason Show (1961) helped propel the tourist industry in Miami Beach in the early & mid 1960s.
15The Miami Beach Auditorium was re-named the Jackie Gleason Theater and is located on 17th Street and Washington Avenue on South Beach.
16He was not only a boxer and carnival barker in his early years, but also a pool hustler. Interestingly, he went on to play Minnesota Fats in The Hustler (1961) with Paul Newman.
17Won Broadway's 1960 Tony Award as Best Actor (Musical) for "Take Me Along" over his two also-nominated co-stars, Walter Pidgeon and Robert Morse .
18Did not like working with young children.
19Inducted into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame, 1986.
20Biography in: "Who's Who in Comedy" by Ronald L. Smith, pg. 180-183. New York: Facts on File, 1992. ISBN 0816023387
21There were plans to reunite him with Art Carney for Steven Spielberg's 1941 (1979). They were to play two men who would be stationed on top of a Ferris Wheel. However, Gleason's representatives informed the producers that he would not perform with Carney. But, by 1985, just two years before he died, he was reunited with Art Carney in Izzy & Moe (1985). They even shared over the credits billing, with Carney first, but lower left, and Gleason second, but upper right.
22On August 2000, cable television station TvLand unveiled an eight-foot bronze statue of Gleason as Ralph Kramden. The statue was placed in the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City.
23The set of The Honeymooners (1955) show was based on Jackie's childhood home on Chauncey Street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant (originally Bushwick) area of Brooklyn, New York. The apartment building is still there and looks very much the same as in Jackie's time.
24Once said that Orson Welles bestowed his "The Great One" nickname upon him.
25Recorded a number of albums featuring instrumental "mood music" (what is now known today as "lounge music"). Gleason served as producer, band-leader, and (on occasion) vibraphone player, despite the fact that he couldn't read sheet music. Several of the albums included original compositions by Gleason. One album, "Lonesome Echo", topped the charts in 1955, and featured an album cover with original art by Salvador Dalí.
26On January 20, 1961, a game show he co-developed, "You're In the Picture" (1960), premiered on CBS. The premise was to have celebrity guests place their heads into a cutout scene and ask the host questions as to guess what picture or historical scene they were in. The show's concept was ill-conceived, especially for co-creator and host Gleason, and was blasted by critics and viewers alike. On the next week's broadcast Gleason apologized to the viewers, saying, "Honesty is the best policy. We had a show last week that laid the biggest bomb! I've seen bombs in my day, but this one made the H-bomb look like a two-inch salute." The time slot was filled with a variety program; The Jackie Gleason Show (1961).
27Father of actress Linda Miller.
28Buried in Miami. His grave site is all that one would expect. Engraved in the "riser" of the second step from the top is the classic, "AND AWAY WE GO".
29Had an interest in the occult as well as an extensive collection of books on the paranormal.
30Eponym of the Jackie Gleason (formerly 5th Avenue) Bus Depot in Brooklyn, New York.
31Grandfather of actor Jason Patric.
32Despite his iconic stature as a TV-comedy giant, Gleason never won an Emmy.
33Prone to excess with wine, women, song and work, a lifestyle which often led to exhaustion. In such cases, he would check into a hospital for some needed rest. But one famous story has it, when Gleason really felt "sick", he checked himself OUT of the hospital, and went home to be taken care of!
34He was legendary for his dislike of rehearsal, even in the early days of live TV. Yet he was equally renowned for his total mastery and control over each production detail and insisted on the show credit: "Entire Production Supervised by Jackie Gleason."
35He designed his own fantastic round house that was built in Peekskill, New York, in the 1950s and remains a modern marvel. The precious wood interior took special crafting by Swedish carpenters who were brought to the U.S. for a year to work on the house. It contained a basement disco and one of the very first in-home video projection systems. Despite the enormous cost, the Gleason dream house long suffered from a leaky wooden roof.


The Hustler1961Minnesota Fats
The Big Sell1960TV MovieSalesman Reginald Van Gleason III Joe the Bartender ...
The Secret World of Eddie Hodges1960TV MovieNarrator / Himself
Art Carney Special1959TV Series
Playhouse 901958TV SeriesJoe
The Honeymooners1955-1956TV SeriesRalph Kramden
Studio One in Hollywood1953-1955TV SeriesUncle Ed / Sam Wheeler / Jerry Giles
The Jack Benny Program1955TV SeriesJackie Gleason
The Best of Broadway1955TV SeriesAubrey Piper
The Red Skelton Hour1953-1954TV SeriesReginald Van Gleason III Reginald van Gleason III cameo
The Jackie Gleason Show1952-1953TV SeriesRalph Kramden Host Reginald Van Gleason III ...
The James Melton Show1951TV Series
Musical Comedy Time1951TV SeriesJimmy Smith
The Desert Hawk1950Aladdin
The Life of Riley1949-1950TV SeriesChester A. Riley Chester Riley
The Life of Riley1949Chester Riley
Springtime in the Rockies1942Commissioner (uncredited)
Orchestra Wives1942Ben Beck
Escape from Crime1942Screwball Evans (as Jackie C. Gleason)
Larceny, Inc.1942Hobart (as Jackie C. Gleason)
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp!1942Hank
Lady Gangster1942Wilson (as Jackie C. Gleason)
Steel Against the Sky1941Cliff - the Drunk in the Diner (uncredited)
All Through the Night1941Starchy (as Jackie C. Gleason)
Navy Blues1941Tubby (as Jackie C. Gleason)
Nothing in Common1986Max Basner
Izzy & Moe1985TV MovieIzzy Einstein
Mr. Halpern and Mr. Johnson1983TV MovieErnest Johnson
Smokey and the Bandit Part 31983Buford T. Justice
The Sting II1983Fargo Gondorff
The Toy1982U.S. Bates
Smokey and the Bandit II1980Sheriff Buford T. Justice Gaylord Justice Reginald Van Justice
The Honeymooners1978/ITV MovieRalph Kramden
The Honeymooners1978/IITV MovieRalph Kramden
The Honeymooners1977TV MovieRalph Kramden / Daddy Cratchit
Smokey and the Bandit1977Sheriff Buford T. Justice of Portague County
Mr. Billion1977John Cutler
The Honeymooners1976TV MovieRalph Kramden
Three for Two1975TV MovieFred / Herb / Mike
The Jackie Gleason Special1973TV MovieRalph Kramden Reginald Van Gleason III the Poor Soul
How Do I Love Thee?1970Stanley Waltz
Don't Drink the Water1969Walter Hollander
How to Commit Marriage1969Oliver Poe
Skidoo1968Tony Banks
Here's Lucy1968TV SeriesRalph Kramden
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre1966TV Seriesthe Vast Waistline
Soldier in the Rain1963MSgt. Maxwell Slaughter
Papa's Delicate Condition1963Jack Griffith
Requiem for a Heavyweight1962Maish Rennick

Music Department

The Break-Up2006musician: "Tenderly"
Toen was geluk heel gewoon1994TV Series composer: additional music
Izzy & Moe1985TV Movie conductor
The Honeymooners1978/ITV Movie conductor
The Honeymooners1977TV Movie composer: score
The Honeymooners1976TV Movie conductor
The Jackie Gleason Show1966-1970TV Series composer - 40 episodes
Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine1966TV Series composer - 1 episode
The Secret World of Eddie Hodges1960TV Movie composer: theme music
The Jackie Gleason Show1952TV Series composer: theme "Melancholy Serenade"


The Wool Cap2004TV Movie story "Gigot"
Gigot1962original story
The Million Dollar Incident1961TV Movie story
The Honeymooners1955-1956TV Series created by - 39 episodes
Studio One in Hollywood1955-1956TV Series story - 2 episodes
Cavalcade of Stars1951TV Series 1 episode


Gleason: He's the Greatest1988TV Series supervising producer - 26 episodes
The Jackie Gleason Show1966TV Series executive producer
The Jackie Gleason Show1961TV Series executive producer
The Jackie Gleason ShowTV Series supervising producer - 9 episodes, 1953 - 1957 producer - 3 episodes, 1952
Stage Show1954TV Series executive producer

Production Manager

The Honeymooners1955-1956TV Series production supervisor - 39 episodes
The Jackie Gleason Show1954-1955TV Series production supervisor - 2 episodes


Populaire2012performer: "Tenderly"
Whatever Works2009performer: "If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight"
We Own the Night2007performer: "I'll Be Seeing You"
I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With2006performer: "Tenderly", "It's Such A Happy Day' / writer: "It's Such A Happy Day'
The SopranosTV Series performer - 1 episode, 2004 writer - 1 episode, 2004
Northfork2003performer: "It All Depends on You" 1926
Hollywood Ending2002performer: "Too Close For Comfort" 1956, "Serenade in Blue" 1942
Return to Me2000writer: "It's Such a Happy Day"
Blast from the Past1999writer: "Honeymooner's Theme"
L.A. Confidential1997performer: "But Not for Me" 1930
Alice1990performer: "Limehouse Blues" 1921, "Breezin' Along with the Breeze" 1926, "I Remember You" 1942, "Moonlight Becomes You" 1942
Nadine1987performer: "LOVE IS HERE TO STAY"
The Jackie Gleason Show1969TV Series performer - 1 episode
Papa's Delicate Condition1963performer: "Call Me Irresponsible", "Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home?" uncredited
The Fabulous Fifties1960Documentary performer: "Sid, Ol' Kid"
The HoneymoonersTV Series performer - 1 episode, 1956 music - 1 episode, 1956
The Jackie Gleason Show1952TV Series "Melancholy Serenade"


Izzy & Moe1985TV Movie
The Honeymooners1978/ITV Movie music composed by
The Honeymooners1976TV Movie
The Million Dollar Incident1961TV Movie
The Jackie Gleason Show1961TV Series
Playhouse 901958TV Series 1 episode
Studio One in Hollywood1953TV Series 1 episode


The Honeymooners1978/ITV Movie
The Honeymooners1978/IITV Movie
The Honeymooners1977TV Movie
The Honeymooners1976TV Movie


The 3rd Annual Television Academy Hall of Fame Awards1986TV SpecialHimself - Honoree
Gleason: In His Own Words1986TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Honeymooners Anniversary Celebration1985TV MovieHimself - Host / Ralph Kramden
The 39th Annual Tony Awards1985TV SpecialHimself - Presenter: Best Revival
The Honeymooners Reunion1985TV MovieHimself - Host / Ralph Kramden
All-Star Party for Burt Reynolds1984TV MovieHimself
The Mike Douglas Show1968-1980TV SeriesHimself - Co-Host / Himself - Guest / Himself - Guest Co-Host / ...
Good Morning America1977TV SeriesHimself
Dinah!1975-1977TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Bing Crosby's White Christmas1976TV SpecialHimself / Santa Claus
The Captain and Tennille1976TV SeriesHimself
Super Night at the Super Bowl1976TV MovieHimself - Host
The Dick Cavett Show1975TV SeriesHimself - Guest
The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast: Jackie Gleason1975TV SpecialHimself - Man of the Hour
The Bob Hope Show1974TV SeriesHimself
Julie and Jackie: How Sweet It Is1974TV MovieHimself Ralph Kramden Joe the Bartender ...
The David Frost Show1970TV SeriesHimself
The Jackie Gleason Show1966-1970TV SeriesHimself - Host / Ralph Kramden / Himself / ...
Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine1962-1966TV SeriesHimself Joe the Bartender Reginald Van Gleason III ...
Freedom Spectacular1964TV MovieHimself
The David Susskind Show1961-1962TV SeriesHimself
The Million Dollar Incident1961TV MovieHimself
The Red Skelton Hour1954-1961TV SeriesHimself - Guest Host / Himself - The Poor Soul / Himself - Cameo
Main Event1961TV MovieHimself - Guest
The Jackie Gleason Show1961TV SeriesHimself - Host
The Arthur Godfrey Show1960TV MovieHimself
The 14th Annual Tony Awards1960TV SpecialHimself - Winner: Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical
The Fabulous Fifties1960DocumentaryNarrator
The Ed Sullivan Show1949-1960TV SeriesHimself / The Poor Soul / Ralph Kramden / ...
Small World1959TV SeriesHimself
Timex All-Star Jazz Show1959TV SeriesHimself - Host
Arthur Godfrey and His Friends1953-1958TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Guest Host
The Jackie Gleason Show1952-1958TV SeriesHimself - Host Ralph Kramden Reginald Van Gleason III ...
The Herb Shriner Show1956TV SeriesHimself
Person to Person1956TV Series documentaryHimself - Guest Host
What's My Line?1953-1955TV SeriesHimself - Mystery Guest #1 / Himself - Mystery Guest
And Here's the Show1955TV SeriesHimself
I've Got a Secret1955TV SeriesHimself
This Is Show Business1950-1953TV SeriesHimself - Guest / Himself
Cavalcade of Stars1950-1952TV SeriesHimself - Host Ralph Kramden Reginald Van Gleason III ...
The Frank Sinatra Show1950-1951TV SeriesHimself - Sketch Actor / Himself
The Kate Smith Evening Hour1951TV SeriesHimself
The Colgate Comedy Hour1951TV SeriesHimself
All Star Revue1951TV SeriesHimself - Host
Texaco Star Theatre1951TV SeriesHimself - Guest Host
Cavalcade of Bands1950-1951TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Guest
Ford Star Revue1951TV SeriesHimself - Comedian
The Lamb's Gambol1949TV SeriesHimself - Host

Archive Footage

60 Minutes2001-2016TV Series documentaryHimself - Actor / Himself - Actor (segment "The Great One")
Late Show with David Letterman2015TV SeriesRalph Kramden
Monster2014/IXShortVintage TV show actor
A Football Life2014TV SeriesSheriff Buford T. Justice
The O'Reilly Factor2014TV SeriesRalph Kramden
The Sixties2014TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Working with Lucy: A Conversation with Gino Conforti2009Video documentary shortClip from 'Three for Two'
Pioneers of Television2008TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself Ralph Kramden Reginald Van Gleason III
Jack Taylor of Beverly Hills2007DocumentaryHimself
Jackie Gleason: Genius at Work2006TV MovieHimself
Brilliant But Cancelled2002TV Movie documentary
The Hustler: The Inside Story2002Video documentary shortHimself
The Honeymooners 50th Anniversary Celebration2002TV MovieRalph Kramden
Biography2001TV Series documentaryHimself
Inside TV Land: The Honeymooners2000TV Movie documentaryRalph Kramden
ABC 2000: The Millennium1999TV Movie documentary
The Rat Pack1999TV Series documentaryHimself
Blast from the Past1999Ralph Kramden (uncredited)
Television: The First Fifty Years1999Video documentaryJoe the Bartender / Ralph Kramden
A Bing Crosby Christmas1998Video documentaryHimself
The Best of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts1998TV Movie documentaryHimself - Roastee
Behind the Laughs1998TV Movie documentaryHimself
John Wayne: On Board with the Duke1997Video documentaryHimself
Bob Hope: Hollywood's Brightest Star1996Video documentaryHimself
Classic Stand-Up Comedy of Television1996TV Special documentaryHimself
Pioneers of Primetime1995TV Movie documentaryHimself / Ralph Kramden
Ed Sullivan All-Star Comedy Special1995TV Movie documentaryHimself
Jackie Gleason's Cavalcade of Characters1994TV MovieReginald Van Gleason III the Poor Soul Joe the Bartender ...
TV Guide: 40th Anniversary Special1993TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Honeymooners First Christmas1993TV MovieRalph Kramden Fenwick Babbitt Joe the Bartender ...
The Honeymooners: The Really Lost Debut Episodes1993TV MovieRalph Kramden
Legends of Comedy1992TV Movie documentaryHimself
60 Minutes: The Entertainers1991TV Movie documentaryHimself
Frank Sinatra: The Voice of Our Time1990TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Honeymooners Anniversary Special1990TV Movie documentaryRalph Kramden
The Best of Gleason 31989TV MovieHimself / Joe the Bartender / Charlie Bratton (the Loudmoth) / ...
Gleason: He's the Greatest1988TV SeriesHimself - Host / Joe the Bartender / the Poor Soul / ...
Jackie Gleason: The Great One1988TV Movie documentaryHimself / Ralph Kramden / Rum Dum / ...
The Best of Gleason 21988TV MovieRalph Kramden / Charlie Bratton (the Loudmoth) / Reginald Van Gleason III / ...
The Best of Gleason1988TV MovieRalph Kramden Reginald Van Gleason III Fenwick Babbit ...
Texaco Star Theatre Presents Bob Hope in 'Who Makes the World Laugh?'1983TV MovieHimself
Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter1982TV Movie documentaryActor - 'Smoky and the Bandit' (uncredited)
The Mike Douglas Show1976TV SeriesHimself - Comedian
Bob Hope's World of Comedy1976TV MovieHimself
Texaco Presents: A Quarter Century of Bob Hope on Television1975TV SpecialHimself
Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine1963TV SeriesHimself Joe the Bartender Ralph Kramden ...
CBS: The Stars' Address1963TV MovieHimself
The Ed Sullivan Show1958-1963TV SeriesHimself / Cake Decorator / Sketch from 1952 / ...

Won Awards

2004OFTA TV Hall of FameOnline Film & Television AssociationActors and Actresses
1962Golden LaurelLaurel AwardsTop Male Supporting PerformanceThe Hustler (1961)
1961NBR AwardNational Board of Review, USABest Supporting ActorThe Hustler (1961)
1960Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameTelevisionOn 8 February 1960. At 6300 Hollywood Blvd.
1960Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameRecordingOn 8 February 1960. At 6231 Hollywood Blvd.
1956Personal AwardPeabody Awards

Nominated Awards

2004TV Land AwardTV Land AwardsFavorite Cantankerous CoupleThe Honeymooners (1955)
2003TV Land AwardTV Land AwardsWorking Stiff of the YearThe Honeymooners (1955)
1980Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsWorst Supporting ActorSmokey and the Bandit II (1980)
1980Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsMost Annoying Fake Accent: MaleSmokey and the Bandit II (1980)
1964Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest TV Star - MaleJackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine (1962)
1963Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Actor - DramaGigot (1962)
1962OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Actor in a Supporting RoleThe Hustler (1961)
1962Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Supporting ActorThe Hustler (1961)
1956Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsBest Actor - Continuing PerformanceThe Honeymooners (1955)
1955Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsBest Actor Starring in a Regular SeriesThe Jackie Gleason Show (1952)
1955Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsBest Written Comedy MaterialThe Jackie Gleason Show (1952)
1954Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsBest Male Star of Regular SeriesThe Jackie Gleason Show (1952)
1953Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsBest Comedian

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