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Jennifer Saunders net worth is
$20 Million

Jennifer Saunders Wiki Biography

Jennifer Jane Saunders is an English comedian, screenwriter, singer and actress. She has won three BAFTAs, an International Emmy Award, a British Comedy Award, a Rose d'Or Light Entertainment Festival Award, two Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards, and a People's Choice A...

Full NameJennifer Saunders
Net Worth$20 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 6, 1958
Place Of BirthSleaford, United Kingdom
Height5 ft 5 in (1.66 m)
ProfessionActor, Comedian, Screenwriter, Voice Actor
EducationCentral School of Speech and Drama, University of Manchester, St Paul's Girls' School
SpouseAde Edmondson (m. 1985)
ChildrenElla Edmondson, Freya Edmondson, Beattie Edmondson
ParentsJane Saunders, Robert Thomas Saunders
SiblingsPeter Saunders
NicknamesJennifer Jane Saunders , Jen , Saunders
AwardsBAFTA Fellowship, Glamour Award for Outstanding Contribution, British Academy Television Award for Best Female Performance in a Comedy Programme, British Academy Television Award for Comedy and Comedy Entertainment Programme, People's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Villain, British Comedy Award for...
Music GroupsLananeeneenoonoo
NominationsBritish Academy Television Award for Best Entertainment Performance, British Comedy Award for the Best TV Comedy Actress
MoviesAbsolutely Fabulous: The Movie, Shrek 2, Minions, Sing, Coraline, Muppet Treasure Island, The Supergrass, Comic Relief: Uptown Downstairs Abbey, Stick Man, Spice World, French and Saunders: Live, The Hunt for Tony Blair, Eat the Rich, L'Entente Cordiale, Fanny and Elvis, Prince Cinders, Harry Potter...
TV ShowsAbsolutely Fabulous, Jam & Jerusalem, French and Saunders, The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle, The Magician's House, Let Them Eat Cake, Girls on Top, Happy Families, Pongwiffy, This is Jinsy, Comic Relief, A Bucket O' French And Saunders, Mirrorball
1I absolutely love Scotland. I'm always happy there.
2I did grieve a bit when I wasn't having the chemo anymore. I was used to sitting in the little chair and then the nurse would come and do it. It was like that was your job for that long and it was reassuring.
3I haven't got time in my life to do all the things I should be doing, like running and dieting and decorating my house, buying some furniture.
4I cannot do confrontation. You know that fight or flight thing? I'm flight. I just don't want the argument.
5Me just being myself in public or on TV is the biggest nightmare in the world.
6My job gives me the attention I'd otherwise crave.
7I'm a walkawayer. If someone brings me a really crap meal in a restaurant I will tell them it's wonderful and then just never go to the restaurant again. I think that's the best way to do it generally, rather than sit and fight and annoy your head. Just pretend to enjoy it and then leave.
8I always swore I would never write a book. But I read Clare Balding's and it was really interesting and so prettily written and lovely and not too revealing. I went to her book launch and met her editor who said 'why don't you think about it? You can do it however you want, based on your characters or you.'
9No, sometimes we just have to take liberties because the idea was so good. I wish we'd just gone with the idea that Patsy had been a man. It would have been fantastic.
10You get crushes on people. You have to see them every day in that week. They're a fantastic person, and it could be a man or a woman.
11But I think our humour is exactly the same today. Only, we've made rules now. We've said we are not going to do prosthetic make-up scenes, because when they take it off half your face comes off.
12Commissioners are obsessed with young people, which is funny because they don't watch telly - only old people do.
13I did want a boy child because I had this romantic idea that a boy child when he's 16 takes his mother out for dinner.
14I think the idea of losing your hair is still very potent, emotional thing.
15I'd much rather have sat there and just been a fly on the wall, instead of having to smile at people. I'd rather have been a waitress. Just gone round and stared at people.
16At home, I relax by gardening, or just pottering.
17I came to the Kardashians a bit late, and I'm still just gob-smacked. Who are these people?
18I can remember the first face-lift show that came on. I rang up everyone - are you watching? I'm watching.
19I recommend a little dose of cancer to anyone.
20I think it is a bit harder for women starting in comedy.
21I think people imagine that your fame somehow sort of equates with how much you get paid.
22I used to take someone with me for the chemotherapy so I could do jokes. You always try and find something absurd.
23I'm my own worst critic. I could tell the critics a thing or two about my shows.
24I've never had Botox. But I like people to imagine I have.
25Lacroix has been fantastic. He's very nice. He gets the joke, and I think that's a good thing.
26Porsches are a great drive.
27'The Rocky Horror Show' [The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)] was actually my first musical love.
28The truth is, you can be honest with your friends - but you just can't be honest with the general public if you want to keep your friends.
29The way certain men treat women is influenced by the Internet a lot.
30Well, I'm lucky because, you see, I'll probably bounce back from this role.
31Well, I would definitely give up performing... But I would still sit down in an office and pretend to write with Dawn, even if we never produced anything, because it's just hilarious. I would miss that.
32When you are doing chemo, you have a load of time.
33There were a lot of areas we didn't cover that I'm hoping to cover if we do some specials. One is to see more of Patsy's home and her home life, which is just the saddest thing.
34I grew up with a mother who, every time she saw something, would say, I'm going to look that up. And I've become that person - I've become the reference-book person.
35I love the TV show, and if you make a bad movie it means you've soiled it. Just like if we made an advert. We were offered so many times and I'd say, look, this is the good thing, and you can't compromise that, because then you compromise the integrity of the characters.
36I remember when the first police scary video thing came out, and you thought, wow, ooh, look at this, come and look, come and look. And now it's on every channel.
37I think when Madonna did sexy stuff, she looked more in control. And I think it looked more like she was breaking boundaries. Today, it feels like it's pandering to everything that's wrong, and I don't think it's nice, especially for young girls.
38I write for women because it's the only way I can use what I've experienced. It's good that people like what I write, but I don't want to go down the feminist path.
39I'm a really good driver. I've been driving since I was very small, and I do like driving fast. I remember the first time my dad taught me that when you go into a corner you change down then put your foot right down on the way out. I'm very competitive about driving.
40I'm a total petrolhead. My three brothers and I used to ride scrambling bikes in the field near where we lived. We all liked cars. I've always loved the smell of an engine.
41Like all girls, when I was growing up, I always worried about this bit of me being too fat or that bit. But I look back at pictures of me when I was young, and I was thin and gorgeous.
42Men would find it much harder because men have such odd personal relationships with each other. They don't really emotionally connect, whereas women do. I think women become very close.
43My daughters related to something in the Spice Girls that made them feel better about being female. They truly started to believe girls could do anything. They could be fat, thin, anything they wanted to be.
44The reason they keep it so tight is that no one liked them, so that without each other, actually, they couldn't exist. They support each other. They support their flaws and everything else.
45They have become part of us in that if we get dressed up as them, we don't actually have to have a script. You can just become them. You just become nervy.
46We had this party in New York, and there were a lot of gay men there dressed up as the characters. I showed up just looking like myself, but it was a real case of shame. They looked so fantastic. We could never quite live up to it.
47We were watching the first series recently, and it has a charm, a kind of amateur charm. At that point we didn't involve ourselves technically at all - we just messed about and told our jokes - and it looks a bit like that.
48When I was a child, a lot of my time was spent in Scotland because my mother's Scottish, and we used to go up to Ayrshire and visit relations in a place called Dalry.
1Originally auditioned for the voice-part of Ursula in The Little Mermaid (1989) by recording an audio tape, but she was turned down for the part. However, Steven Spielberg heard the tape many years later and by his request, she was cast as the Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2 (2004).
2Despite playing her mother on Absolutely Fabulous (1992), Saunders is only 10 years older than Julia Sawalha.
3Has two grandsons, Fred (b. 27 August 2012) and Albert (b. February 2014), via daughter Ella Edmondson.
4Is now in remission after secretly battling Breast Cancer since October 2009. [July 2010]
5Performed all her own singing in Shrek 2 (2004).
6Because she was in the midst of filming another season of Absolutely Fabulous (1992), her vocal performance in Shrek 2 (2004) was recorded in England.
7Got a voice coach to help her sing for the Fairy Godmother's opening number in Shrek 2 (2004).
8Presented Seth Lakeman with the Folk Singer Of The Year award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards in 2007.
9The Eurythmics' songs "Jennifer", (from the album "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This"), and "Adrian" (from the album "Be Yourself Tonight") are dedicated to her and her husband.
10Won a People's Choice Award for "Favorite Movie Villain" for playing the wicked Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2 (2004) (January 2005)
11Was revealed that she and partner Dawn French declined Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) honors "for services to comedy drama" in 2001. [December 2003]
12Can do a very accurate impression of Irish actress Amanda Burton and used it in "Witless Silence", a French and Saunders (1987) spoof of Burton's TV series Silent Witness (1996).
13The name of her character, Edina Monsoon, on Absolutely Fabulous (1992) is a play on the name "Eddie Monsoon," which in turn is a play on her husband, Adrian Edmondson's surname that he has used as a character name in comedy performances.
14Has three daughters, Ella Edmondson, Beattie Edmondson and Freya Edmondson, with Adrian Edmondson.
15The comedy partner of Dawn French


Josh2015-2016TV SeriesJudith
Sing2016Nana (voice)
Have You Been Paying Attention?2016TV Series
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie2016Edina
Stick Man2015TV ShortNarrator (voice)
Minions2015The Queen (voice)
The Classic Car Show2015TV Series
The Vicar of Dibley2015TV SeriesReverend Jen
The Boy in the Dress2014TV MovieMiss Windsor
Blandings2013-2014TV SeriesConnie, Lady Keeble
This Is Jinsy2011-2014TV SeriesMiss Reason / Voice of Miss Reason
The Comic Strip Presents...1982-2012TV SeriesAnne Margaret Thatcher Cathy ...
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Dead Boss2012TV SeriesGovernor Margaret
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Comic Relief: Uptown Downstairs Abbey2011TV MovieDowager Countess of Grantham
Clatterford2006-2009TV SeriesCaroline Martin
Coraline2009Miss April Spink Other Spink (voice)
French & Saunders Still Alive2008Video
A Bucket o' French & Saunders2007TV SeriesVarious Characters / Various
The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle2007TV SeriesVivienne Vyle
The Vivienne Vyle Show2007TV MovieVivienne Vyle
L'entente cordiale2006Gwendoline McFarlane
French and Saunders1987-2005TV SeriesVarious Characters / Grandalf / Porc Dim Sun / ...
Absolutely Fabulous: Comic Relief Special2005TV MovieEdina
Fable2004Video Game voice
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Pongwiffy2002TV SeriesSharkadder (voice)
Absolument fabuleux2001Une spectatrice du défilé
Mirrorball2000TV ShortVivienne Keill
French & Saunders Live2000VideoVarious roles
Fanny and Elvis1999Roanna
The Magician's House1999TV SeriesThe Rat (voice)
Let Them Eat Cake1999TV SeriesColombine
The Collection1998TV Mini-SeriesEdina
Friends1998TV SeriesAndrea Waltham
Spice World1997Fashionable Woman
Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely Not!1997VideoEdina 'Eddy' Monsoon
Roseanne1996TV SeriesEdina Monsoon
Muppet Treasure Island1996Mrs. Bluveridge
Queen of the East1995TV MovieLady Hester Stanhope
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French and Saunders Live1993VideoVarious roles
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Dangerous Brothers Present: World of Danger1986VideoAnita Harris (segment "How to Get off with a Lady")
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Happy Families1985TV SeriesGranny Fuddle Madeleine Joyce ...
The Supergrass1985Lesley Reynolds
The Lenny Henry Show1984TV Series
The Young Ones1982-1984TV SeriesHelen Mucus / Sue
The Comic Strip1981TV ShortJennifer


Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie2016screenplay
Absolutely FabulousTV Series 2 episodes, 2011 - 2012 written by - 36 episodes, 1992 - 2004 idea - 35 episodes, 1992 - 2004 writer - 1 episode, 2012 original idea - 1 episode, 2002
Absolutely Fabulous: Sport Relief Special2012TV Movie idea
Comic Relief: Uptown Downstairs Abbey2011TV Movie
ClatterfordTV Series writer - 10 episodes, 2006 - 2009 written by - 9 episodes, 2006 - 2008
French & Saunders Still Alive2008Video
A Bucket o' French & SaundersTV Series 1 episode, 2007 writer - 5 episodes, 2007
The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle2007TV Series writer - 6 episodes
The Vivienne Vyle Show2007TV Movie
French and SaundersTV Series 1 episode, 1994 writer - 34 episodes, 1987 - 2005 written by - 4 episodes, 1987
Absolutely Fabulous: Comic Relief Special2005TV Movie original idea / writer
Absolument fabuleux2001creator
Mirrorball2000TV Short
French & Saunders Live2000Video
The Nearly Complete and Utter History of Everything1999TV Special
Absolutely Fabulous: A Life1998Video documentary
Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely Not!1997Video original idea
Roseanne1996TV Series teleplay by - 1 episode
French and Saunders Live1993Video
Comic Relief1991TV Special uncredited
Girls on TopTV Series 4 episodes, 1985 - 1986 writer - 3 episodes, 1985 - 1986
Comic Relief1986/IITV Special documentary
The Comic Strip Presents...1984-1986TV Series written by - 2 episodes
The Comic Strip1981TV Short


Blandings2014TV Series performer - 1 episode
The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle2007TV Series performer - 1 episode
Shrek 22004performer: "Fairy Godmother Song" 2004, "Holding Out for a Hero" 1984
Mirrorball2000TV Short performer: "Send in the Clowns" - uncredited / writer: "Tony and Cherie", "Sleepy Time Gal' - uncredited
Comic Relief1997TV Special performer: "Who Do You Think You Are"
French and Saunders1988-1996TV Series performer - 3 episodes
Absolutely Fabulous1992-1994TV Series performer - 3 episodes
Girls on Top1985TV Series performer: "Girls on Top"


Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie2016executive producer
Ab Fab2009TV Movie executive producer


Celebrity Antiques Road Trip2016TV SeriesHerself
We Love Sitcom2016TV MovieHerself
Made in Hollywood2016TV SeriesHerself
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert2016TV SeriesHerself
Watch What Happens: Live2016TV SeriesHerself
Good Morning America2016TV SeriesHerself - Guest
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Loose Women2008-2016TV SeriesHerself
Good Morning Britain2016TV SeriesHerself
The One Show2008-2016TV SeriesHerself / Herself - Guest
Top Gear2007-2016TV SeriesHerself - Special Guest / Herself
The Graham Norton Show2008-2016TV SeriesHerself - Guest / Herself
Insert Name Here2016TV SeriesHerself - Panellist
The Great Comic Relief Bake Off2015TV Mini-SeriesHerself
Mel & Sue2015TV SeriesHerself
Have I Got News for You2013-2014TV SeriesHerself - Guest Presenter / Herself
The Last Leg2014TV SeriesHerself - Guest
The Jonathan Ross Show2014TV SeriesHerself - Guest
National Television Awards2013TV SpecialHerself
Jennifer Saunders: Back in the Saddle2012Documentary
London Tonight2012TV SeriesHerself - Olympic Torchbearer
Sport Relief 20122012TV SpecialHerself
Shrek: Once Upon a Time2011TV Movie documentaryHerself
Ben Elton: Laughing at the 80s2011TV Movie documentaryHerself / Various Characters
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Coraline: Voicing the Characters2009Video shortHerself
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Meet the Cast of Shrek 22004Video documentary shortHerself
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Archive Footage

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Comic Relief Does University Challenge2005TV SpecialHerself (uncredited)
The Comedians' Comedian2005TV Movie documentary as French & Saunders
TV's Greatest Sidekicks2004TV Special
50 Most Wicked Women of Primetime2004TV Movie documentaryEdina - Absolutely Fabulous
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Top of the Pops1994TV SeriesEddy (video 'Absolutely Fabulous')
Comic Relief: Behind the Nose1992TV MovieHerself
The Old Grey Whistle Test1985TV Series advert
- Episode dated 1 October 1985 1985 ... advert

Won Awards

2012BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Female Performance in a Comedy ProgrammeAbsolutely Fabulous (1992)
2009Academy FellowshipBAFTA AwardsBAFTA Television
2002Honorary RoseRose d'Or Light Entertainment Festival
1993BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Comedy (Programme or Series)Absolutely Fabulous (1992)
1993Writers' Guild of Great Britain AwardWriters' Guild of Great BritainTV - Situation ComedyAbsolutely Fabulous (1992)
1991Writers' Guild of Great Britain AwardWriters' Guild of Great BritainTV- Light EntertainmentFrench and Saunders (1987)

Nominated Awards

1997BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Comedy (Programme or Series)Absolutely Fabulous (1992)
1996BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Comedy (Programme or Series)Absolutely Fabulous (1992)
1995BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Comedy (Programme or Series)Absolutely Fabulous (1992)
1994British Comedy AwardBritish Comedy AwardsBest TV Comedy ActressAbsolutely Fabulous (1992)
1993BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Light Entertainment PerformanceAbsolutely Fabulous (1992)
1993British Comedy AwardBritish Comedy AwardsBest Comedy ActressAbsolutely Fabulous (1992)

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