Joey Swoll Net Worth

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Joey Sergo net worth is
$4 Million

Joey Sergo Wiki Biography

Joey Sergo was born on 11 January 1983, in USA, and as Joey Swoll is known as a model and bodybuilder who gained more popularity as the author of the book ‘‘Train Harder Than Me’’, and as a social media influencer.

So just how rich is Joey Swoll as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, this bodybuilder has net worth of $4 million with his wealth being accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned fields. Additionally, he sells his Train Harder Than Me merchandise, which gains him a certain amount of money.

Joey Swoll Net Worth $4 Million

Swoll participated in several sports competitions and was active in football during his formative years. and was reportedly always competitive. However, his height of 5”6”/167cms was a problem for his further career development, and he stated that in order to succeed at higher levels of football, someone had to be very good because his height was seen as a disadvantage. During his time in college, Joey faced bullying, as ‘‘upper classmen’’, who were rich and thus had more money than him, bullied him, which reportedly infuriated him, and made him feel as if he was a failure to his family. In his second college semester, Swoll lived in a cafeteria near to a gym, which was how he discovered his passion for bodybuilding in the following period. He used lifting weights as a way of dealing with frustration, and as his body changed, he was getting more and more compliments from people, which had positive influence on him and inspired him to have higher life aspirations. Speaking about how he felt at that time, Joey said that he ‘‘fell in love’’ with his routine. In order to focus on his exercises better, Joey would train in the evenings. Having found his true calling, Swoll decided to try making a living out of it. Working at a steady pace, he became one of the biggest names in the fitness and bodybuilding field, and his hard work and sacrifice paid off, as he gained a large number of followers, who admire him on social media. Despite training more than he should have in the beginning, Swoll lets his body rest nowadays, and doesn’t train three times per day, as he used to do. Instead of that, he trains six times a week, but he wouldn’t recommend that to everybody. His favorite exercises include flat bench cable flies, front barbell squats, and pull-ups. He doesn’t do much cardio, as he stated that he has a really fast metabolism, and is able to lose fat without it.

Besides being a star in the bodybuilding industry, Joey is also an author and has published one book so far – ‘‘Train Harder Than Me’’ – which gives his readers the chance to see his routine and views on fitness and training in depth.

When it comes to his private life, Joey doesn’t share much information about his relationship status. He is obviously an advocate against bullying, and the establisher of the non-profit organization Flex Your Heart. Swoll is active on social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram and is followed by armies of 51,000 on the former and two million on the latter.

Net Worth$4 Million
Date Of BirthJanuary 11, 1983
Place Of BirthUSA
Height1.68 m
Weight88.5-93.0 kg
ProfessionModel, Bodybuilder

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