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John Allen Astin net worth is
$6 Million

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John Allen Astin was born on 30 March 1930, in Baltimore, Maryland USA, and is an actor, known from appearing in numerous television shows and films. He has also tried his hand at directing and voice acting. One of his most memorable roles was playing Gomez Addams in “The Addams Family”. All of his efforts have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is John Astin? As of early-2017, sources estimate a net worth that is at $6 million, mostly earned through a successful career in acting. His directing debut – a short film called “Prelude” – would be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. All of these achievements have ensured the position of his wealth.

John Astin Net Worth $6 million

Astin attended Washington & Jefferson College, and later transferred to Johns Hopkins University, graduating in 1952 with a degree in drama though he originally studied mathematics.

After his studies John started working in theater, making his Broadway debut in “Major Barbara” as an understudy. He also worked on commercials, mainly as a voice over. In 1962, he had his first break, in the musical “West Side Story” although a small part. He was noticed by actor Tony Randall who would later recommend him for various sitcoms such as “Dennis the Menace”. Astin would also appear in “Harrigan and Son” and “The Donna Reed Show”, and then he appeared in the final episode of “The Asphalt Jungle” before becoming part of “I’m – this show ran for a total of 31 episodes from 1962 to 1963. The following year, he starred in “The Addams Family” playing the head of the family Gomez Addams. Later in his career, he would become part of “The New Addams Family” television show as Grandpapa Addams. These opportunities slowly built his net worth.

John would then appear in “The Pruitts of Southampton” before playing the Riddler in the second season of “Batman”. He also became part of the television series “Operation Petticoat” playing submarine commander Matthew Sherman. Afterwards, he made a guest appearance in “Murder, She Wrote” as the villain, before having a recurring role in the sitcom “Night Court”, playing a former mental patient and the father of the lead character. In 1985, he would become part of the short lived “Mary”, before making guest appearances in “Duckman”, and “The Greatest Show on Earth”. Astin would then get recognized for creating the short film “Prelude” which garnered an Academy Award nomination, then worked on “Tales from the Crypt” which earned him an Ace Award nomination.

He then spent four years on the Board of Directors for the Writers Guild of America.

Other projects John has become part of include “The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.” He also headed the one-man play called “Edgar Allan Poe: Once Upon a Midnight”, and currently teaches at Johns Hopkins University as part of the Theater Arts and Studies Department. Thanks to these endeavors, he has continued to increase his net worth.

For his personal life, it is known that Astin was married to Suzanne Hahn (1956-72) and they had three children. His second wife was actress Patty Duke (1972-85) and they had two children, one of whom was adopted. He has been married to Valeria Ann Sandobal since 1989, and the couple reside in Baltimore. John is a known practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism.

Full NameJohn Astin
Net Worth$6 Million
Date Of BirthMarch 30, 1930
Place Of BirthBaltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Height5' 11" (1.8 m)
EducationJohns Hopkins University, Washington & Jefferson College
SpouseValerie Ann Sandobal (m. 1989), Patty Duke (m. 1972–1985), Suzanne Hahn (m. 1956–1972)
ChildrenSean Astin, Mackenzie Astin, Tom Astin, David Astin, Allen Astin
ParentsMargaret Linnie, Allen Varley Astin
SiblingsAlexander Astin
NominationsAcademy Award for Best Short Film (Live Action), Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in a Children’s or Pre-School Children’s Series
MoviesThe Frighteners, Return of the Killer Tomatoes, Freaky Friday, Evil Roy Slade, National Lampoon's European Vacation, Halloween with the New Addams Family, School of Life, That Touch of Mink, Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Teen Wolf Too, The Silence of the Hams, Bunny O'Hare, Killer Tomatoes Strike Back,...
TV ShowsI'm Dickens, He's Fenster, The Addams Family, The Pruitts of Southampton, McMillan & Wife, Mary, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Taz-Mania, The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat
1Radio disc jockey voice
2His mustache
3His role as Gomez Adams.
1It is important to me that what Poe has to say gets across to people. I want to give people the feeling that I get from all this. I think that we are succeeding. The feedback is very warm.
2Sometimes when I see a performance that really takes me, I struggle. How can I express this to this person, I want this person to know how I felt. I want to get this across, and it's not very easy.
3My background is basically scientific math. My Dad was a physicist, so I have it in my blood somewhere. Scientific method is very important to me. I think anything that contradicts it is probably not true.
4The themes Poe used were universal and timeless. As long as the English language exists at all, we will be able to appreciate what he did. It will not age! It will not become dated!
5I guess one of the reasons I'm doing the Poe piece is that I think Poe demonstrates that no matter how difficult things are, if you continue to move forward in life, you can eventually become victorious, even if it's later in life.
6United Artists wanted to do records with me. I had no idea, what a rare thing that was... to make an album. And they put a guy with me working on songs, and I got busy with films. I just kind of let it slide. Isn't that amazing?
7There was one where Gomez was on a Trapeze hanging by the legs upside down. I remember how much the backs of my knees would hurt until I got used to it. It was hard.
8My work is to reach people with ideas, hopes, dreams, encouragement, insight, and revelation. That's what an actor wants to do.
9At a certain point he was very popular, from THE RAVEN. He was never fully appreciated, never made the money, and you know he was looked upon with admiration by some people, but also as an oddball. But that was his point.
10One of the great things about being recognized is that you receive this feedback from people. It is easy to see how sincere people are. It's nothing fake or jive. They're giving sincere appreciation. And it's not that easy to express.
11I got things like the lotus position long before anybody else did, or at least in the mainstream. But I had fun. I guess my legs are pretty flexible, so I used to get a kick out of doing things like that. I would get into a full lotus with my legs and then roll around.
12People are smarter than you might think.
13The feedback that I get from my association with Gomez is heartwarming. It is very difficult for me to take anything but a positive view of the Gomez phenomenon.
14We are running ourselves into a damaged earth. But I am optimistic. I believe that we can change; we must change. As a human race, we are very young and quite primitive. The sooner we learn the greatness of humanity the better off we will all be.
15I think Poe had a mission to tell us what it's all about. To answer some of the great questions of life.
16One life is worth the universe. Poe was able to go right into the very depth of life and to demonstrate this.
17There are things so deep and complex that only intuition can reach it in our stage of development as human beings. And to Poe... well, a great logician could be an enemy to him, what he called conventional world reason.
18I love to play for audiences that are simply made of people rather than so-called special people.
19I think people really want to be happy.
20People are transported to that space that Poe wanted to make available to us.
21Poe was a student of many things, and among those things he read and referred to in his work was the Bible.
22I get into certain yoga positions at times, when I'm working out and for exercises. I use a little of it in some of my meditation, but I chant now and that sort of replaced it.
23I figure I basically am a ghost. I think we all are.
24[about filming The Addams Family (1964)] Sometimes it was tough doing take after take upside down! I did a lot of that sort of thing.
1Acting mentors and friends of Lisa Loring and the late Ken Weatherwax.
2Was the uncredited voice of Capt. John Daley in the 1966 Star Trek TOS Episode "The Conscience of the King".
3Ted Cassidy played Thing in The Addams Family but when a scene required both him and thing in the scene, Thing was played by John Astin.
4Played The Riddler in 1, 2 part episode of the original Batman 1966 Series.
5After working as a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University, teaching acting & directing in the Department of Writing Seminars in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences, became a full-time professor. In 2005 he was made the head of the theater arts program at Johns Hopkins University and created the theater arts minor, teaching an average of 8 classes a year and directing student productions. In 2011, Hopkins Merrick Red Barn theater was renovated and renamed in his honor. At the reopening ceremony, he was unaware that the theater had been renamed and surprised by his sons Sean and Mackenzie Astin and friend Ed Asner during the event.
6He and his wife Valerie have lived in the Tuscany-Canterbury area of Baltimore, Maryland for the past 5 years. [July 2007]
7He has played the same character (Gomez Addams) in three different series: The Addams Family (1964), The New Scooby-Doo Movies (1972) and The Addams Family (1992).
8Has been involved with more productions of "The Addams Family" than any other actor in history. From playing the family patriarch, Gomez, in The Addams Family (1964), Halloween with the New Addams Family (1977) and The Addams Family (1992); the grandfather in The New Addams Family (1998); and even in a way, himself who loves and will always be associated with "The Addams Family," in films with spoofs like The Silence of the Hams (1994).
9He is one of only seven actors and only male to have played "Special Guest Villains" in Batman (1966) who are still alive, the others being Julie Newmar, Joan Collins, Glynis Johns, Barbara Rush, Dina Merrill and Zsa Zsa Gabor.
10He along with Felix Silla [Cousin It] and Lisa Loring [Wednesday] are the surviving cast members of The Addams Family (1964).
11Son Sean Astin is not his biological child. He is ex-wife Patty Duke's son with her ex-husband Michael Tell. Duke claimed Sean's biological father was John Astin until the two blood-tested in 1990 and it became clear that Tell was the father.
12Is a fan of the works of Edgar Allan Poe, and studies Poe's works extensively. He has regularly attended Baltimore's yearly celebration of Poe's birthday.
13During a speech given at Booker High School in Sarasota, Florida, he told the crowd of students that he never has, and never will watch any of the new Addams Family films. He did not give his reasons why.
14Best remembered by the public for his starring role as "Gomez Addams" in The Addams Family (1964).
15Brother of Alexander W. Astin, professor emeritus at UCLA who is considered one of the most influential scholars in the field of higher education research.
16Attended Washington and Jefferson College, graduated from Johns Hopkins University and did graduate work at the University of Minnesota.
17He and his son Sean have both appeared in films that won Best Picture, four decades apart. John had a small role in West Side Story (1961), while Sean had a lead role in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
18Three generations of his family have worked with Christopher Lee. His son, Sean Astin, and granddaughter, Ali Astin, appeared in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003). He and Lee appeared together in Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990).
19Has twice played father to Jodie Foster. They appeared together as father and daughter in Freaky Friday (1976). In the live action The Addams Family (1964), John plays Gomez Addams. In an animated series in the early 1970s, Jodie Foster voiced Pugsley Addams.
20A visiting theater professor at Johns Hopkins University. His new facility is the "Old Barn," former home of Theater Hopkins, a top-scale community theater outfit. Astin won rave reviews for his portrayal of the Stage Manager in a performance of "Our Town" with Hopkins as well as for a recent portrayal of Edgar Allan Poe.
21Three generations of his family have worked with director Peter Jackson. He appeared in The Frighteners (1996), while his son Sean Astin appeared in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Sean's real-life daughter, Ali Astin, played the daughter of his character in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003).
22Biography in: "Who's Who in Comedy" by Ronald L. Smith. pg. 31-32. New York: Facts on File, 1992. ISBN 0816023387.
23Appeared in three separate episodes of Night Gallery (1969). During each episode, his character was killed, and during two episodes, his character found himself in Hell. Also directed three episodes of the show.
24Grandfather of actress Ali Astin, Elizabeth Louise Astin, Isabella Louise Astin, Sedona Astin and Jaya Astin.
25He and his wife Val are leaders of a Buddhist group in Santa Monica.
26Is a vegetarian.
27Father of Mackenzie Astin with Patty Duke. He also has 3 sons from his marriage to Suzanne Hahn: David Aston, Allen J. Astin (born March 23, 1961) and Thomas E. Astin (born March 19, 1965).
28Father, Dr. Allen Varley Astin, was the 5th Director of the National Bureau of Standards.


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Night Court1988-1989TV Series performer - 3 episodes
The Charmings1987TV Series performer - 1 episode
Hollywood a Go GoTV Series performer - 1 episode, 1965 writer - 1 episode, 1965


Prelude1968Short writer


Prelude1968Short producer


Bunny O'Hare1971creative consultant


Great Performances2014TV SeriesHimself - Director, JHU Theater
ABC World News Tonight with David Muir2012TV SeriesHimself - The Person of the Week
America in Primetime2011TV Series documentaryHimself / Gomez Addams, The Addams Family
Good Morning America2006TV SeriesHimself
My First Time2006TV SeriesHimself
Biography2002TV Series documentaryHimself
The Making of 'The Frighteners'1998Video documentaryHimself
Addams Family Album with John Astin1992TV MovieHimself
The 13th Annual CableACE Awards1992TV SpecialHimself
Night Creatures1988Video documentaryHost
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You Don't Say1965-1969TV SeriesHimself
The Danny Kaye Show1965TV SeriesHimself
Hollywood a Go Go1965TV SeriesHimself - Singer
New American Bandstand 19651964TV SeriesHimself - Interview

Archive Footage

The Sixties2014TV Mini-Series documentaryGomez Addams
Biography1995TV Series documentaryHimself
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1982TV SeriesBill Andrews

Nominated Awards

1993Daytime EmmyDaytime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Performer in a Children's SeriesThe Addams Family (1992)
1992CableACECableACE AwardsActor in a Dramatic SeriesTales from the Crypt (1989)
1969OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Short Subject, Live Action SubjectsPrelude (1968)

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