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$16 Million

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Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer was born on the 20th June 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA and is an actor best known for his roles in movies such as “Sweet Home Alabama” (2002), “Hulk” (2003) “Stealth” (2005) as well as “Poseidon” (2006), “Glory Road” (2006) and “Red Dog” (2011).

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this talented actor has accumulated so far? How rich Josh Lucas is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total amount of Josh Lucas’ net worth, as of mid-2016, is over $16 million. It has been primarily acquired throughout his acting career that has been active since the 1990s.

Josh Lucas Net Worth $16 Million

Josh was born as the eldest of four children of a nurse midwife, Michele and an ER physician, Don Maurer. Due to his parents anti-nuclear activism, he moved quite a lot at a young age – by the age of 13, he had already lived in almost 30 different locations. Josh Lucas attended Kopachuck Middle School and later matriculated from Gig Harbor High School.

Subsequently, at the age of 19 Josh Lucas transferred to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting. Some of his first roles include appearances in “True Colors” and “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” sitcoms. These were followed by minor roles in TV movies “Child of Darkness, Child of Light” (1991) and “Class of ‘61” (1993) in which he starred alongside Clive Owen, still unknown at that time, and a role in Frank Marshall’s 1993 drama “Alive”. All these engagements provided the basis for Josh Lucas’ net worth.

In 1994, Josh Lucas moved to Australia, to act in the first season of a family western TV series “Snowy River: The McGregor Saga” in which he starred opposing Guy Pearce and Andrew Clarke. The role of Luke McGregor has certainly helped Josh Lucas to increase his popularity as well as his net worth.

Upon returning to the States, Josh moved to New York City where he took acting lessons from various acting coaches in order to improve his acting skills, which he demonstrated in the 1996 British sport drama movie “True Blue.” During the course of the next several years, Josh managed to keep up an uninterrupted string of various acting engagements which included several small, movie roles and an off-Broadway production “Corpus Christi”. These involvements have helped him to increase his overall wealth.

The real breakthrough in Josh Lucas’ career came after he starred alongside Christian Bale in the 2000 cult drama “American Psycho” which was followed by several larger roles in more high-profile films such as “You Can Count on Me” (2000) and “When Strangers Appear” (2001). Lucas’ career started blooming after he secured one of the leading roles in the 2002 romantic comedy “Sweet Home Alabama” opposite Reese Witherspoon. Doubtlessly, these engagements have added a significant sum to Josh Lucas’ overall net worth.

In his career so far, Josh Lucas has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the film industry including, apart from those already mentioned, Ridley Scott, Nicolas Cage, Dustin Hoffman, Jennifer Aniston, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Lopez, Robert Redford, Jessica Biel and Morgan Freeman in movies such as “An Unfinished Life” (2005), “Peacock” (2010) and “Stolen” (2012). It is certain that all these references have made a huge, positive impact on Josh Lucas’ career and the total amount of money in his possession.

The most recent works of Josh Lucas include the leading role in NBC’s crime drama TV series “The Mysteries of Laura”.

In his active years so far, apart from movies and TV series Josh Lucas has also featured in Wing Commander III: Hearth of the Tiger cinematic, PC video game flight simulator.

When it comes to his personal life, Josh Lucas was married between 2012 and 2014 to freelance writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez with whom he has one child.

Josh Lucas has been active as a YouthAIDS Ambassador since 2005. He is also the co-founder and co-owner of Filthy Food, the company focused on producing premium drink garnishes.

Full NameJosh Lucas
Net Worth$16 Million
Date Of BirthJune 20, 1971
Place Of BirthLittle Rock, Arkansas, United States
Height1.82 m
ProfessionActor, YouthAIDS Ambassador
EducationKopachuck Middle Schoo, Gig Harbor High School
SpouseJessica Ciencin Henriquez (2012-2014)
ChildrenNoah Rev Maurer
ParentsDon Maurer, Michele LeFevre
SiblingsDevin Maurer, Kate Maurer
AwardsTeen Choice Award for Choice Movie: Liplock
NominationsScreen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture
Movies“Sweet Home Alabama” (2002), “Hulk” (2003) “Stealth” (2005), “Poseidon” (2006), “Glory Road” (2006), "A Beautiful Mind", "Shadows and Lies" (2010), “Red Dog” (2011)
TV Shows"The Mysteries of Laura", "Sweet Home Alabama", "Life Goes On", "The Firm"
1(2015, on the box office failures of Poseidon, Stealth, and Glory Road derailing his career) The reality was-and I'm not just saying this to justify it-I wasn't particularly happy and was overwhelmed by the movies. Soon after I became scared financially, became scared from a career standpoint. I wasn't even getting independent films suddenly because I had become, not box office poison, but people said, "Oh, he's not working as a film star." So I had to say, "What the fuck am I, if not that?" And I said to myself, "Josh, you did this job because you love acting and storytelling and playing characters." I did a tiny play. I started going back to doing these movies that were personal filmmaking. Even there for a couple of years I kind of missed. I did movies that were indulgent. Too tonally inaccessible. They didn't work. They had no commercial viability. But Hide Away is a movie I really love. I worked my ass off there, and I poured my soul into that movie and it wasn't even released. It was a very lonely and very scary time. And has it shifted? Not necessarily, I'm still here fighting for The Mend, because I think it's a very worthy movie and I know that some people will love it. I think my performance is raw and borderline dangerous. I'm hoping that some people find it. Then you start making bigger life decisions, man. I had a kid. I went through a tough divorce and I went through a period of time where I was really tested. My career wasn't going well; my life wasn't going well. And I was having to really look at myself in the mirror to figure out what I'm going to do to get through this. Honestly, I probably chose a very commercial TV project, and to be number two, so I could spend more time with my son and take care of him in the early years of his life. I was making choices that were very specific: Make a living, take care of your family, and if you can, find some movies that you can sink your teeth into. And just not worry about whether anyone sees them or not. Have the goal be the experience of making it. If I could walk away from it and feel I had learned something, that had to become enough, because otherwise I would've kept waiting for validation from commercial or critical successes. There's nothing abnormal about my experience. And look, you know who said the best thing to me? Alec Baldwin. I was sitting at a sushi restaurant, and I knew him vaguely. He said, "Hey man, whatever happens, don't let them make you believe that when you fall from the movie star tree that you're rotted fruit." He put it so beautifully, because he said, "Everyone falls." And it's true. Everyone falls. What happens to so many actors, when they fall, is that they get really fucked up and broken and usually are gone. Those weird eccentric talents like Christopher Walken or Mickey Rourke-who fall from that tree-and they're just so whacked-out interesting that they come back and have these resurrections. But a lot of people just disappear. It's incredibly rare for someone to live in an incredibly exalted way for huge periods of time. The Meryl Streeps of the world are total anomalies.
2(2015) Poseidon was difficult... When I first accepted it, I had serious reservations because I felt the script wasn't ready after I already said yes. I had a very bad feeling about the movie after I had said yes, so I tried to back out of it. And I was unsuccessful at backing out of it. The pressure came from all sorts of levels, from Warner Bros. to my friend at the time, Akiva Goldsman, who had written the script, to my agents. They were telling me it was going to be a big, huge movie. And I had this bad premonition, not necessarily about the quality of the movie, but about the fact that I was going to get hurt making it. It was a relentlessly difficult movie to make. Everyone involved in that movie was hospitalized, if not once, multiple times. In the end I took a gnarly fall, was hit by a water cannon, and I ripped by thumb almost off of my hand, and had to have very serious reconstructive surgery the day after the movie finished. The movie was a very dark spot in my career, and I think the movie is actually pretty damn good, but it didn't perform well in the U.S. That movie, combined with the lack of performance of Stealth, was a real one-two punch to my career. It really shut my career down, from a Hollywood standpoint. It kicked my ass and took me out of the game for awhile, which after something like Glory Road, was extraordinarily heartbreaking to me. Honestly, from a box office or commercial filmmaking standpoint, I've never recovered from it. And I'm totally okay with that... It took me awhile, though. That level of movie stardom and movie pressure was overwhelming me. I wasn't very happy in that period of my life, and I was working too much on projects were maybe rushed. I know why I did Poseidon... because Das Boot is one of the great action movies of all time and Wolfgang [Petersen, Poseidon's director] said to me, "I'm going to remake Das Boot." And to an extent, he did, although a somewhat Hollywood version of that. But we just didn't have a script.
3(2015, on making American Psycho) I was a little nervous. I hadn't really done much, film-wise, and had done a little TV. I hadn't done anything with real pressure on it. But I would say American Psycho had real pressure on it because of the extraordinary book. Mary Harron had busted her ass to keep the job of the director and also to have the visions that she had for it-which were definitely different from the book. She was incredibly specific, wanting Christian Bale for the lead role... On my first day at work I'm with Willem Dafoe and Bale, and I was really fucking nervous. And I drove to set in a van with Dafoe and I said, "I'm really nervous." Dafoe turns back at me: "Man, I am too. If you're not nervous, there's a problem." I've taken that advice for the rest of my career. I feel like that movie really stood the test of time, and all those memories are still close with me because they are some of my earliest ones.
4(2015, on Session 9) This was a motherfucker for me because it's the movie that started me smoking cigarettes. I had never smoked cigarettes prior in my life, and the character chain-smoked. That first night, after smoking scene after scene, I went home, threw up, and I was a smoker.
5(2015, on J. Edgar) Look, I tried something when my career was really struggling: reaching out to people, to filmmakers I wanted to work with. I genuinely wrote a letter to Clint Eastwood saying, "Hey man, I'm a fan and I would be an extra in your movie." Because of it, through his casting team, asked me whether I would be interested in auditioning for the part of Lindbergh. Movies and life become a little more symmetrical when you start asking for and looking for connections. My grandmother was called a WASP. She was one of the first pilots in the United States. She flew with Amelia Earhart and was in love with Lindbergh. She flew in the war and commercially, so I felt there was a great symmetry for me to play this man. It's just one of those moments where it all started to make sense again. I think the movie is actually fascinating, because here you have one of the great rogue, Republican male figures of heterosexuality, Clint Eastwood, making this weird little gay love story. It's an eccentric film that's trying to tell this story of a clearly fucked-up man. I don't think Eastwood is going back and analyzing his movies. He's fearlessly creating, and has built himself an empire that allows him to jump from movie to movie to movie. I found him to be childlike and full of sparkle and joy of film.
6(2015, on Glory Road) It's my favorite film of my career. There's multiple reasons as to why, but primarily it was the experience of making it. I had not only the real Don Haskins, who was a mentor to me before and after the film, but then I had people like Pat Riley as my technical advisor. And we had this group of actors, many of whom had never really acted before. They were basketball players who were doing some acting, and I was put in a position by the director of the movie to be the coach; to deal with them and coach them, and be, in a sense, in charge of the acting from these guys. Every day I felt this responsibility to do the Disney version of that story-the true story is much darker-but we were very much making a Jerry Bruckheimer movie, and that's what Don Haskins wanted. We had a lot of tools from a financial standpoint to tell a wonderful story of a breakthrough in American racial relations. Then, the best publicity tour of my life was these guys on Jerry Bruckheimer's private airplane, going from one town to the other showing the movie. Every single night that movie would get a standing ovation. Then we would have this crazy party and we'd get back on Jerry's airplane with this group of basketball actors and go to the next party. And they would find girls. There was a weird moment where we showed the movie in El Paso, Texas, to the real basketball players in the original story. And they did not like it at all. They felt like I completely missed how badass Don Haskins really was... I was really upset and sad about it. Then Don Haskins came to me and said, "Fuck those guys. You did exactly what I wanted you to do. You did the version that I wanted for the kids." And then all those guys really came around to the movie, and they felt like the movie existed on its own.
7(2015, on Undertow) It's a pretty amazing film. It's flawed and dark and troubled, but it's somewhat based on a true story that Terrence Malick had heard from a child. My understanding is that they found the child dead the day he had called Malick while working in a runaway shelter. Malick had worked on the script for years and then when he saw George Washington, he gave it to Green and we made this tiny budget movie I think really is Southern gothic at its best. The character was horribly difficult to play because he's a man who basically kills his own children. For me, it was a real artistic, psychological experience because I was trying to figure out what kind of mind could do this. Trying to figure out how to make that character anything other than what he could've been on paper: a violent monster.
8"I just feel like I really want to be someone who literally disappears in the role. I want to be so strong as an actor that people wouldn't say [for example] 'Oh, that's Ben Affleck.' To me, that's just boring. It doesn't interest me. My goal is to always have the ability at hand where I can be really good, as opposed to, eh, that's Josh Lucas." Interview with Steve Head, September 24, 2002.
9[regarding moving so many times as a child] I would lie in bed the night before a new school and decide who I was going to be. It would usually be based on someone I admired from the school before.
1He is the voice on the Home Depot commercials.
2Appearing as "The Gentleman Caller" in "The Glass Menagerie" on Broadway with 'Jessica Lange', Sarah Paulson and Christian Slater. [January 2005]
3Appearing off-Broadway in "Fault Lines" alongside Noah Emmerich and Dominic Fumusa at the Cherry Lane Theater. [October 2008]
4Attended Kopachuck Middle School in Gig Harbor, Washington.
5Appeared in 2 unrelated movies both called "Stolen". One film was released in 2009 and the other in 2012.
6Son, Noah Rev Maurer, was born on June 29, 2012 in New York City, weighing in at 9 lbs. 4 oz.
7He and his wife Jessica are expecting their first child, due in late 2012.
8Studied acting with Michael Howard in New York City.
9Was considered for the role of Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek (2009). However, Bruce Greenwood was cast instead.
10Announced the formation of his own production company, "2 Bridges Productions", with his brother, Devin Maurer, as a co-producer and creative partner. [2006]
11Parents are Don and Michelle (LeFevre) Maurer. Father is an emergency room doctor; mother is a nurse and midwife. Michelle attended Emerson College with Jay Leno.
12Also has two sisters. One of whom, along with Josh, is in the research and planning stages of starting up Mighty's Fast Food, a restaurant that will promote healthier fare and use of organic, local produce.
13Was injured severely enough to be hospitalized twice during the filming of Poseidon (2006). First, co-star Kurt Russell accidentally hit him with a flashlight in the right eye during an underwater swimming sequence and the resulting cut required 16 stitches and several days off. The second and more serious injury occurred on the next-to-last day of filming when Josh fell 15-20 feet and tore ligaments and muscles in his left thumb, which required a 5-hour surgery to reattach the muscle and 6-8 weeks in a cast. He is still undergoing physical therapy and rehab to get more movement back in his thumb.
14Parents were hippie activists who moved more than 30 times before he was 13.
15Born in Arkansas in 1971 and christened Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer. His parents lived on an Native American reservation, and they named him based on things that happened there. His birth was so easy that the doctor hit his head on the bedpost and injured himself.
16Older brother of Devin Maurer.
17Graduated from Gig Harbor High School in Gig Harbor, Washington, in 1989.
18His parents organized campaigns against nuclear power plants and, for his safety, moved 30 times before he was 13 years old.
19Filmed his part in Wonderland (2003) in seven days.
20Decided not to go to college in order to pursue his acting career.


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Hide Away2011producer
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Won Awards

2011IF AwardIF AwardsBest ActorRed Dog (2011)
2011Contribution to FilmVail Film Festival
2003Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie LiplockSweet Home Alabama (2002)

Nominated Awards

2015ICP AwardIndiewire Critics' PollBest Lead ActorThe Mend (2014)
2012Golden NymphMonte-Carlo TV FestivalOutstanding Actor in a Drama SeriesThe Firm (2012)
2002ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion PictureA Beautiful Mind (2001)
2001ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Cast EnsembleA Beautiful Mind (2001)

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