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Josh Radnor net worth is
$16 Million

Josh Radnor Wiki Biography

Joshua Thomas Radnor was born on 29th July 1974. in Columbus, Ohio USA of mixed Ashkenazi Jewish and Irish descent. He is a famous actor, perhaps best known for his role in the series “How I Met Your Mother” (2005 – 2014) for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award. Josh Radnor is also a director and screenwriter who won the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for the film “Happythankyoumoreplease” (2010). He has been active in the entertainment industry since 2000.

So, how rich might be the actor, director and screenwriter? It has been reported that the amount of Josh Radnor’s net worth has reached the sum of $16 million. Josh is reported to currently earn $225,000 per episode of “How I Met Your Mother”.

Josh Radnor Net Worth $16 Million

His life story begins in a religious family located in the city of Columbus, Ohio where he was born. He was raised together with his two sisters in the small city of Bexley, Ohio. He graduated from Kenyon College with a Bachelor degree and from Tisch School of the Arts having a Master’s degree, both in acting.

Josh Radnor debuted in an episode of the television series “Welcome to New York” (2000), which was followed by other appearances in episodes of the series’ “Law & Order” (2002), “The Court” (2002), “ER” (2003), “Six Feet Under” (2003), “Miss Match” (2003), “Judging Amy” (2005) and others. These appearances gave him valuable experience as well as increasing his net worth. As an actor, he rose to prominence after landing the main role of Ted Mosby in the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” (2005–2014) which was very popular among both TV lovers and critics. The show received 28 nominations for Emmy Awards, nine of which won. The series was later transferred to the animated sitcom “Family Guy” (2007-2009) and voiced by Josh himself.

Furthermore, Josh has been appearing on the big screen since 2001. His first role was a small one landed in the film “Not Another Teen Movie” (2001) directed by Joel Gallen. Radnor had a pause after that, then successfully debuted as the director and screenwriter of the feature film “Happythankyoumoreplease” (2010), as well as appearing as a member of the main cast, which won a Sundance Film Festival Audience Award. What is more, he has written, directed and was the main star of the subsequent film “Liberal Arts” (2012) which grossed $1.1 million at the box office. Afterwards, he starred alongside Kathryn Hahn and Juno Temple in the film “Afternoon Delight” (2013) written and directed by Jill Soloway. All contributed significantly to Josh’s net worth.

It is worth mentioning that Josh Radnor is a stage actor, too. He has been acting on the theatre stage since 2002. He has played characters in the following plays: “The Graduate” (2002), “The Paris Letter” (2004), “She Loves Me” (2011) and “Disgraced” (2014 – 2015). These have also increased his net worth.

Josh Radnor was in a long term relationship with actresses Lindsay Price (for two years) and Julia Jones. Currently, he is dating Marisa Tomei who is 10 years older than himself.

Full NameJosh Radnor
Net Worth$16 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 29, 1974
Place Of BirthColumbus, Ohio, United States
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
ProfessionActor, Film director, Screenwriter
EducationBexley High School, Kenyon College, National Theater Institute at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford, CT (training), Tisch School of the Arts
ParentsAlan Radnor, Carol Radnor
SiblingsJoanna Radnor Vilensky, Melanie Radnor
NicknamesJoshua T. Radnor , Joshua Thomas Radnor , Joshua Michael "Josh" Radnor , Joshua "Josh" Radnor
AwardsSundance Film Festival Audience Award (2010)
NominationsSundance Film Festival Grand Jury Award (2010), People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Bromance
Movies"Liberal Arts" (2012), "Happythankyoumoreplease" (2010)
TV Shows“The Graduate” (2002), “The Paris Letter” (2004), “She Loves Me” (2011), “Disgraced” (2014 – 2015),“Law & Order” (2002), “The Court” (2002), “ER” (2003), “Six Feet Under” (2003), “Miss Match” (2003), “Judging Amy” (2005), “How I Met Your Mother” (2005–...
1You know, I'm not saying, 'Oh, because I play a good guy on TV, I need to suddenly be villainous in a movie.' I look at it more like: does this role has a kind of urgency for me in terms of, 'Can I not say no to it for whatever reason?'
2There's so much nonsense tossed around about L.A. and how horrible it is and 'don't go out there' and all that stuff. So I went out to L.A. and I was pleasantly surprised.
3To write a story about New York that only deals with people in your age and socioeconomic bracket, that feels dishonest to me. So much of New York comes from everyone bumping into each other.
4Well, I stopped drinking. That was actually a big deal. I didn't go through any harrowing rock-bottom experience. I just made a decision to stop drinking.
5When I go to movies and I love the movie, it's because it feels like it articulated something about how we're living now, and also gives me some insight into my own life. I feel actually altered after having seen it.
6When I write a film, there's a particular thing I am wrestling with and the question or concern I'm dealing with has to be big enough for me to dedicate a year or two of my life. If the question isn't big enough, or rich enough, I'll lose interest.
7I'm not a masochistic reader. If something is just too dense or not enjoyable, even though I'm told it should be good for me, I'll put it down. That said, most of what I read would be considered high-end or good for you, I suppose. But, I also think that reading should be enjoyable.
8I'm not sitting around saying, 'Man, I'd really love to direct a western.' That's just not something I'm probably going to do, mostly because I'm allergic to horses.
9It's strange to look back over a full season. Our characters have accrued all these memories, but so have we, the actors. And sometimes the character memories and the actor memories bleed into each other.
10My whole thing is that I want to explore why you read books, what's the purpose of reading, and maybe that it's not that cool to hate something just because it's popular.
11Sometimes I watch the broad comedies coming out of Hollywood and I think, 'You know, sex is a big part of people's lives, but is that really the only thing men are ever concerned about?' People are more complicated than they appear in film or television.
12I know not everyone starts out reading high literature. If you read enough you might be drawn to some other things, so maybe those vampire books are what they call 'gateway books.' I just coined that term. I don't know if there's a thing called 'gateway books.'
13I think that the mark of a great book is that it will meet you wherever you're at and you'll feel and experience something new and different each time you read it.
14I think the word 'earnest' kind of has a negative connotation on some level. I think one of the things that's happened is that being cynical is somehow conflated with being sophisticated. I think that's problematic, to say the least.
15I'll say this, and this has nothing to do with gender or sexuality: You do not want to get licked in the face repeatedly by another human being. You just don't. It's not pleasant.
16I'm a little less hungry as an actor than I used to be. When you're a director, you're the conductor of the orchestra, and when you're an actor, you're playing the violin. There's a thrill to each of them, but as the conductor, you get the fuller sound.
17After a brief period in which I had let many a Southern Californian convince me that it was all 'in my mind,' I am once again officially allergic to dogs.
18And as a filmmaker, I'm trying to unhook myself from this idea that unless you have a brilliant, long, enormously lucrative theatrical run, that your movie somehow failed. And I don't believe that.
19But, yeah, I'm really happy when I'm writing. When I'm being creative and when I have something that I can put down. You know, if you go out and you overhear a conversation or you have a thought, you have a receptacle to go home and say, 'Oh, this would be great in this script.' Your antenna's out in a different way, and I love that time.
20I don't think evil people or negative people are inherently interesting all the time. People who are good people getting better at being themselves - to me, that's something that's really interesting to watch.
21I find myself going out less and less. When you're 22 and see older people start to do that, it's depressing, but once you hit 30, you think, 'Wow, I've been working all week - it might be really nice to stay in!'
22What I write is very personal, but not autobiographical. It's more 'thematically personal' - what's up in my life in terms of themes at the moment.
23Here's the problem: I don't like who I've become when my iPhone is within reach. I find myself checking e-mails and responding to texts throughout the day with some kind of Pavlovian ferocity - it's not a conscious act, but a reflexive one.
24If I'm feeling something, I have a lot of different ways to express it, you know? I can write an article about it. I can write a screenplay about it. I can act in someone's thing.
25There's something melancholy about professors because they're chronically abandoned. They form these lovely relationships with students and then the students leave and the professors stay the same. It's like they're chronically abandoned.
26A lot of times, we're just sold these movies that are really cynically conceived and marketed, and they just want you there opening weekend, before everybody finds out it's not so good.
27The reflexive allergy to L.A. that a lot of New Yorkers have, I feel like it's kind of nonsense.
28There are just things you can explore in a movie that you can't in 22 minutes with a laugh track.
29Time off from the news is always something I welcome.
30We are so vocal about what we hate.
31We don't have a lot of space in our imaginations to allow people to expand what they do.
32In college, you're kind of designing who you want to be. And I wanted to be a big reader.
33It never made sense to me that someone would achieve any kind of success in show business, only to become a jerk.
34It's really hard to be poor in New York - I was really poor when I lived in New York.
35My trick is the trick that everyone knows: Work really hard and prepare.
36No matter how dark things may get in a story, I feel it's the responsibility of the storyteller to leave the audience with at least a shred of hope.
37I learned a lesson which I didn't heed: Don't put yourself in your movies. It's too much.
38I like movies that are about real people in real time with real problems.
39I sometimes don't know what I'm writing when I start writing it, on some level.
40I tend to read things that are a little more on the nourishing side. But if I don't enjoy something, I'll put it down.
41I went through this very serious Woody Allen phase in college and a little bit after college. I still see his movies.
42Film allows me to ask some really big questions with the time to explore them deeply. I love the form.
43I actually have a thing about proper nouns. They clang on my ear in a weird way when I hear them dropped into movies.
44I care about reading, a lot. It's a big part of my life.
45I have really good female friends. I've never bought the whole men-and-women-can't-be-friends thing. I think that's sort of nonsense.
46I kicked college nostalgia in my late 20s. As much as I loved college and treasure the memories, I no longer want to go back.
47I haven't left the house without a packet of Kleenex in my back pocket for as long as I can remember. Whenever I start thinking I'm incredibly cool, the packet of Kleenex in my back pocket brings me right back down to earth.
48Acting on stage is still my favorite thing to do. And everyone who's been in musicals knows that there is nothing more fun.
49All of the things I used to obsess over, I'm no longer as obsessed with. I have new concerns but they're a little more existential or cosmic.
50As a person, I'm anti-violence.
51Even though I occasionally appear on it, I don't watch television.
52I distinguish sentiment from sentimentality. Sentimentality makes your skin crawl. It's like too much sugar. But, sentiment is a great feeling.
53Kindness is not about instant gratification. More often, it's akin to a low-risk investment that appreciates steadily over time.
54One man's uplift is another man's sentimental hooey.
55A movie can and should have some real dissonance throughout - rage, heartache, tears, conflict, catharsis and all the other elements Aristotle demanded of a good story - but the chord has to be resolved.
56An obsessive attention to the news, I've realized, only serves to paint a picture of the world as a throbbing blob of dysfunction, most news falling somewhere on a scale from disappointing to calamitous.
57It's not our job to play judge and jury, to determine who is worthy of our kindness and who is not. We just need to be kind, unconditionally and without ulterior motive, even - or rather, especially - when we'd prefer not to be.
58Cynicism is kind of like folding your arms and stepping back and commenting on things, like the old guys in 'The Muppets,' just throwing out comments all the time, whereas there are other people on the ground really trying to affect things and improve their lives and the lives of other people. I think it's noble and I think it's cool.
59We're like a gardener with a hose and our attention is water - we can water flowers or we can water weeds.
60It really shocks me when I encounter people who think kindness doesn't matter. Because I think it's pretty much the only thing that matters.
61Everyone has expectations. You just don't want to have them dashed, so you're quiet about them.
1Campaigned for Barack Obama, in his 2008 election and 2012 re-election bids (focusing on his home state of Ohio). Stated in an interview "I despise politics, but I really like President Obama.".
2In his autobiography, Neil Patrick Harris, said that Radnor's seriousness as a person made "How I Met Your Mother" work because it grounded the show, which otherwise would have been akin to "The Simpsons" as a live-action cartoon. Harris noted that when his real-life close friend Katy Perry, did a cameo appearance on the show, she introduced herself to Radnor, and after she went to rehearse her lines Radnor shocked Harris by asking "Who is that?" and then confirming he didn't know anything about the super-famous Perry.
3Is a very avid reader.
4He is of mostly Ashkenazi Jewish descent, and also has Irish ancestry, from his paternal grandfather.
5Was class president of his high school.
6He was an extra in the movie 200 Cigarettes (1999) where he appears for a few seconds at the entrance of a punk club (30th min 19th sec of the movie). He doesn't have a line.
7His favorite films include The Breakfast Club (1985), Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004), Tootsie (1982), The Lives of Others (2006) and Happiness (1998).
8Was Lindsay Price's boyfriend from August 2008 to late 2009. They first met when shooting How I Met Your Mother: Spoiler Alert (2007).
9Attended Kenyon College with author John Green.
10He has two sisters who live in southern and northern California.
11Graduated from Bexley High School, class of 1992, and came back as a guest speaker for the 2008 graduating class.
12Is allergic to dogs.
13He has an M.F.A. in acting from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.
14Attended Kenyon College, where he won the Paul Newman award from the theater department
15Originally cast as the American lead in the pilot of the WB sitcom Off Centre (2001). The role was eventually played by Eddie Kaye Thomas.
16Made his Broadway debut in 2002 in the stage version of The Graduate (1967), starring opposite Kathleen Turner and Alicia Silverstone.


F*cking People2017post-production
Mercy Street2016-2017TV SeriesDr. Jedediah Foster
The Seeker2016Father
Ted Mosby Responds to LeBron James Coming Back to Cleveland2014TV ShortTed Mosby
How I Met Your Mother2005-2014TV SeriesTed Mosby
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How I Met Your Mother2009-2013TV Series performer - 7 episodes


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Liberal Arts2012written by


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Liberal Arts2012producer


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The Channel 101 Experience2012DocumentaryTed Mosby (uncredited)

Won Awards

2012Triple Threat AwardMaui Film Festival
2010Audience AwardSundance Film FestivalDramaticHappythankyoumoreplease (2010)

Nominated Awards

2014People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite TV BromanceHow I Met Your Mother (2005)
2012Breakthrough AwardGeorgia Film Critics Association (GFCA)Happythankyoumoreplease (2010)
2012Golden SpikeValladolid International Film FestivalBest FilmLiberal Arts (2012)
2010Grand Jury PrizeSundance Film FestivalDramaticHappythankyoumoreplease (2010)
2008OFTA Television AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Actor in a Comedy SeriesHow I Met Your Mother (2005)

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