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$21 Million

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Katherine Jenkins, OBE is a Welsh lyric mezzo-soprano, singer and songwriter. She is a popular classical-crossover singer who performs across a spectrum of operatic arias, popular songs, musical theatre and hymns. After winning singing competitions in her youth, Jenkins stud...

Full NameKatherine Jenkins
Net Worth$21 Million
Date Of BirthJune 29, 1980
Place Of BirthNeath, United Kingdom
Height5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)
ProfessionSinger, Artist, Musician, Music artist, Actor
EducationRoyal Academy of Music
NationalityUnited Kingdom
SpouseAndrew Levitas (m. 2014)
ChildrenAaliyah Reign Levitas
ParentsSusan Jenkins, Selwyn John Jenkins, Time to Say Goodbye, Bring Me to Life, I Do It for You
SiblingsLaura Jenkins
NicknamesJenkins, Katherine
AwardsClassic Brit Award for Album of the Year
NominationsEcho Award for Best International Newcomer, World Music Award for World’s Best Classical Artist, Time to Say Goodbye, Bring Me to Life, I Do It for You
MoviesKatherine Jenkins: Katherine in the Park
TV ShowsPopstar to Operastar, Piers Morgan's Life Stories, The Week We Went To War
1Sad news Jimmy Savile has passed away. My sis & I always wanted a Jim'll Fix It (1975) badge/medal. Loved that show. Great memories.
2I think maybe because of the kind of music I sing, people want to believe you're a diva. They can't believe after eight years, and eight albums, you're still relatively sane. I feel like they almost want me to throw something at somebody.
3I wasn't the best in my class at the Royal Academy. There was a really good soprano and baritone who were technically better and are doing really well in opera now. But I was definitely the best mezzo-soprano in my class, because I was the only one of those!
4I wish I got a little bit more time at home. I am away a lot and being around my loved ones and friends is good for me. It grounds me. It's something I need to make more time for. I think I need a little more balance.
5I would absolutely, definitely never sell my wedding pictures to a magazine. I'd like it to be a special day, not a photo shoot. And once you've done that, your marriage becomes everybody else's business.
6I'm a huge supporter of the military. I think they do an incredible job. So when I get invited to go out and sing for them, some of the best moments of my life.
7I'm launching my own festival in South Wales. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. It's going to be held at Margam Park, because I wanted the venue to be as close to my home as possible.
8I'm over the moon to be involved in the 'Doctor Who' Christmas special. I can't quite believe it as it's a part of the family tradition at the Jenkins household. I heard the news that I got the role on my 30th birthday and it was the best birthday present ever.
9I'm still a Welsh girl at heart so I'm staying in the U.K. for the Olympics, it's such an exciting time for Britain so it's amazing to be a part of it.
10I've always said that I count myself as a classical crossover artist. To be so, you have to have the core classical training, which I did for many, many years, but also be interested in the pop side of things. You can fit in somewhere in the middle. I feel I do that really well.
11I've been lucky that I've performed with a lot of the classical people I've wanted to work with so I'd like to do something that people didn't see coming. Like Madonna, or being Welsh - the Tom Jones thing. Or somebody suggested N-Dubz - that would be brilliant!
12Oh, stuff the critics. I don't care. Too many people are snooty about classical. Look, I wasn't brought up in a home where we listened to classical music. It was a singing teacher that thought it would be best for my voice. Then I moved into crossover. And if that makes the music accessible to more people, then great.
13The diva tag just won't go away. I think that's because people want me to be like that. It makes it more interesting if I have thrown a phone at somebody or a water bottle. Sadly that's just not me.
14When I did 'Dancing with the Stars' I did lose an awful lot of weight and I think at the time everybody was sort of alarmed by it. You can eat anything and it is still dropping off you when you are doing that amount of exercise.
15With 'Believe' bringing really big success for me outside of the U.K. for the first time, it meant I have been touring around the world and that led to a gap from the studio. I really feel like the gap has done me the world of good. Throughout that time I was able to collect songs that I really loved.
16With all the hundreds of dresses and shoes I have, it would be an absolute crime if I don't have a little girl. I have a whole room at home filled with my stage wear.
17Yes. I do about 70 shows a year, in the past year I've been to Italy, Australia, Japan, China, just about everywhere. I do it because I love singing. The money is a bonus.
18You're now getting a new breed of people like Il Divo and Andrea Bocelli and I think that's why people feel less intimidated by classical music than they once did.
19At the weekend, one of the paparazzi left their lunch box filled with half-eaten pasta salad on my doorstep: it was like a little warning, you know? 'We have been here.'
20For me, with the Blue Man Group, I got asked. It was for the Royal Variety Show, which was something I always wanted to be a part of. I'm really interested in things people don't necessarily expect. I did a pop song, but I did it in my own style.
21From as young as I can remember, I always wanted to be a singer... My mum taught me 'Going Down the Garden to Eat Worms' for a competition when I was about 4.
22Growing up with my family gave me some of my best memories. I'd like to have a family of my own - slip away for a bit and do nothing but spend those early years with my children.
23I always want to give my best and do the best I can. I know when I have sung my best and when I haven't. There can be stresses and hassles with time travel and press attention. I just have to adapt and find a way of dealing with it.
24I am fussy, about my diet and straining my voice. I know, sounds a bit over the top. But I'm not as bad as I used to be. These days I don't drink alcohol for five days before a show - very dehydrating for the vocal cords, and all that acid reflux. I used to ban it for a fortnight. Nightmare.
25I can't leave the studio until everything is as it should be. And I can't put a record out unless I am completely happy with it. I never want to be at a signing and hear my album playing and think, 'Oh no, I could have done that top note better.'
26I did once shatter a chandelier. I was singing with my college choir in Wales. I was the soloist and I hit the high note and there was this massive bang and all this glass came down from the ceiling. I'd like that to be my party trick if I can perfect it.
27I do follow a version of the Dukan diet, but I don't follow it to the extreme so a lot of fish and vegetables. If I want chocolate I'll let myself have a bit of chocolate in moderation.
28I do not understand where the idea came from that opera is only for privileged people, I am as happy singing before 70,000 people at the Millennium Stadium, as I am in front of a few hundred in a small concert hall.
29I go home and don't get treated any differently. People have known me all my life and are interested and very supportive but because they have known me forever I don't get any diva treatment. My mum still tells me off if I haven't loaded the dishwasher for her.
30I have never called myself an opera singer. Other people do, but I always call myself a classical singer. I'd love to do opera, but I'm still too young and I don't want to do it until I'm ready. I realise that when I do that it's going to be... up for discussion, shall we say, so I want to get it right.
31I have to believe that I know what's best for me. For instance, I choose all my songs. I never record anything I don't want to record. No one tells me what concerts to do.
32I love to listen to pop music and I admire people who do that, but I don't think I would ever be a very good pop star. I always leave that singing voice for the shower! I wouldn't put it out in the world!
33I really feel confident about my dancing now, so I hope there could be a place for me in the West End or on Broadway - maybe a musical, maybe my own show.
34My mother and father were perfect role models. They were together for 25 years and very much in love. But I've got too much to do now. I'm only 27.
35My music appeals in America. There is less of the purist criticism I get here. And to be a hit in the U.S... what singer doesn't have that dream?
36People see you sing in a certain way, in a long dress, and you are put on a pedestal like you have never made a mistake in your life.
37Singing has always been my big passion and I would love to be able to go to the U.S. and perform more.
38You learn your lessons from the mistakes you make, not the things you achieve.
39I get 'voluptuous' a lot, or 'shapely,' but the fact is that as you get older you learn to embrace your body type. I wasn't able to do that until I was at least 23.
40If you love somebody, you love them. My parents had a 25-year age gap between them and my mum was the breadwinner, my dad the house husband. I'm a strong believer that a good relationship can work, whatever the situation.
412012 was the year I saw Twitter as a negative. More people need to realise that not everything they read is true and that Internet trolls are a real problem.
42After doing 'Doctor Who,' I'm open-minded to doing more acting. Part of the reason you do a show like this is because it creates other opportunities you haven't had before.
43Although I'm not shy when I'm singing, I am whenever I hear applause. I don't know if you've noticed, but I giggle a lot on-stage. That's shyness. And the stage manager is always telling me to take a longer bow whenever I come off-stage. I still haven't learnt to do that properly. I see other artistes milking the applause, but I can't quite do it.
44Everything in my career is my decision - every picture, every outfit. You get one chance at this, and I never saw myself as being a puppet.
45People perceive opera and classical as elitist - I disagree. I've always tried to mix the two, make it more accessible.
46Beatbullying's 'The Big March 2012' is such a brilliant campaign and I am very proud to be a part of it. I have been a victim of cyber bullying myself and I know firsthand just how hurtful it can be. People think that they can hide behind computers and send nasty and hurtful comments to people, and this is wrong.
47Being a question on 'The Weakest Link,' that was quite a moment.
48Confidence is one of the sexiest things.
49For stage wear and gowns, Julien McDonald, who is a friend of mine. I love that he can be totally over the top for stage wear!
50I always choose songs that I have an emotional connection to, and I often feel myself getting very emotional when I sing.
51I am a perfectionist.
52I have a long fuse.
53I love coming back to Neath - this is home and always will be.
54I really see myself as a homegirl. Wales is my first home. London is my second home - I've been there 14 years now.
55I sing a mixture of everything from opera, folk music, Broadway. It's a mix of things.
56I want to have kids. I want to get married. That is still very important to me.
57I was such a geek in school.
58I'd love to play Carmen - it's the perfect mezzo role.
59I'm not naturally a person that wants to exercise, but I find running is something I can do wherever I am in the world.
60I've only ever wanted to be a singer; I never wanted to be famous.
61If my mum thinks I'm acting like a diva she'll soon tell me off... She'll cut me down to size!
62In Heaven, I believe my dad is somewhere doing something nice. I feel I've been too lucky to travel this far without somebody guiding me.
63Marilyn Monroe was supposedly a size 16, which is probably why I love her style; it suits me better.
64Children should be able to live a life free from bullying and harassment and it is time that we all took a stand against this.
65I have such happy memories of performing in a choir and I don't think I'd have got where I am today without all that experience. So my advice to young singers is to either join your school or church's choir or find one in your local area. Choral music at any level teaches you so much about musicianship and blending your voice.
66When I dance, I forget everything else and just feel completely happy.
67I'm a Cancerian, the typical crab with the tough outer shell and the soft bit in the middle. I don't think I'll ever come to terms with people being unnecessarily nasty, but I can take it if someone doesn't like my music - I'm not everyone's cup of tea.
68My idol was Marilyn Monroe, who was a size 16, I think, and curvy in all the right places. I will never be stick thin. I remember a shoot where I had to get into these tiny hot pants, and I thought, 'God, I wish I hadn't eaten.'
1Gave birth to her 1st child at age 35, a daughter named Aaliyah Reign Levitas on September 30, 2015 weighing almost 7 lbs. Child's father is her husband, Andrew Levitas.
2Friend of Polly Noble.
3She was awarded the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) in the 2014 Queen's New Years Honours List for her services to Music and to charitable services. She is a singer in London, England.
4She signed the biggest classical recording deal in history, for $10 million (£5.8 million), with Warner Music. [October 2009]
5Appearing as a mentor to the celebrity contestants, as well as a judge, on ITV's "Popstar to Operastar". [January 2010]
6Universal offered her a six-album deal, the most lucrative in the United Kingdom's classical recording history, reportedly worth £1 million. [2004]
7While chatting with TV presenter and magician Stephen Mulhern at a post-awards show party, she mentioned to him that she'd always had an ambition to have a go at being sawed in half by a magician. This led to Mulhern inviting her to appear on his Saturday Night phone-in game show Magic Numbers (2010), where she acted as his assistant in a performance of Sawing a Woman in Half in which Mulhern and singer Olly Murs sawed her in half inside a see-through box.
8Is good friends with ballet dancer Darcey Bussell.
9Studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London.
10While she was studying at the Royal Academy of Music, she was attacked and nearly raped by a man who followed her off a bus after she had enjoyed a night out with friends. When she was walking back to her London home, he sprang upon her and tried to drag her into an alley, but she managed to escape. He continued to pursue her and punched her to the ground, prompting her to curl up into a ball so that he was not able to rape her. After repeatedly kicking her, he eventually left with her wallet and has never been caught. When discussing the incident, she said "It was just awful. I was so shaken up. It took me a long time to get over it, and my mum was devastated. I genuinely believe I was very lucky".
11On the advice of the original Forces Sweetheart, Dame Vera Lynn, in December 2005 and 2006, she travelled to Iraq to sing to the soldiers for Christmas. On her first visit to Iraq in 2005, when travelling to Shaibah, the largest British base in Southern Iraq, the helicopter she was travelling in was targeted by missiles. Anti-missile flares were deployed and the group landed safely.
12Her father, Selwyn, died of lung cancer at age 70 when she was 15. She has remarked on missing him in her album liner notes and has dedicated any award she has received to him.
13In November 2008, she revealed to The Daily Mail that when she was a student, she had taken class A drugs (cocaine and ecstasy) and cannabis. She noted that she was introduced to them by her friends at the Royal College of Music, and that she stopped taking them after signing her record deal in 2003. In the article, she described taking drugs as "the biggest regret of my life".
14Her previous jobs before becoming a successful singer have included a freelance singing teacher, a tour guide on the London Eye and a model.
15After entering a modelling competition, she became the Face of Wales 2000.
16Is a mezzo-soprano.
17Studied Advanced Level Welsh.
18Classical-crossover singer, who was the biggest-selling classical star in the UK in 2004. She is sometimes erroneously referred to as an opera singer but she has never performed in an opera.


Katherine Jenkins: Home for Christmas2016TV Movie documentary performer: "The Christmas Song", "Ding Dong Merrily On High", "Heroes", "Silent Night", "Sleep Quietly My Jesus", "Santa Baby", "Time to Say Goodbye", "I Wish You Christmas", "O Holy Night", "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"
Doctors2009-2015TV Series performer - 4 episodes
Strictly Come Dancing2009-2014TV Series performer - 3 episodes
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Dancing with the Stars2011-2012TV Series performer - 2 episodes
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno2012TV Series performer - 1 episode
The One Show2011TV Series performer - 1 episode
Doctor Who2010TV Series performer - 1 episode
This Morning2009-2010TV Series performer - 2 episodes
The Alan Titchmarsh Show2010TV Series performer - 1 episode
Dancing on Ice2010TV Series performer - 1 episode
Dancing on Ice Friday2010TV Series performer - 1 episode
GMTV2009TV Series performer - 1 episode
Katherine Jenkins: A Girl from Neath2008TV Movie documentary performer: "L'Amore Sei Tu I Will Always Love You", "Hallelujah" - uncredited
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Under Milk Wood2014TV MoviePolly Garter
Doctor Who2010TV SeriesAbigail
Children in Need2010TV SeriesAbigail Pettigrew
A-List2006Dante's Girlfriend


Breakfast2008-2010TV SeriesHerself - Mezzo-Soprano / Herself - Mezzo Saprano / Herself
Christmas in Rockefeller Center2010TV MovieHerself
Feste der Volksmusik2010TV SeriesHerself
Katherine Jenkins: Believe Live from the O22010VideoHerself - Singer
Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel2010TV SeriesHerself
Vivement dimanche2010TV SeriesHerself
Magic Numbers2010TV SeriesHerself
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire2010TV SeriesHerself
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Blood on Your Hands2009Documentary shortHerself (uncredited)
The Royal Variety Performance 20092009TV MovieHerself - Performer
Children in Need Rocks the Royal Albert Hall2009TV Movie documentaryHerself - Performer
Live from Studio Five2009TV SeriesHerself
Piers Morgan's Life Stories2009TV SeriesHerself
Pride of Britain Awards 20092009TV SpecialHerself
BBC Proms2009TV SeriesHerself
The Week We Went to War2009TV Series documentaryHerself - Presenter
The Paul O'Grady Show2005-2009TV SeriesHerself
The Apprentice2009TV SeriesHerself
Brit Awards 20092009TV SpecialHerself
Katherine Jenkins: Intimate & Romantic2008TV MovieHerself - Performer / Hostess
Katherine Jenkins: A Girl from Neath2008TV Movie documentaryHerself - Presenter
Viva la Diva: Darcey Bussell and Katherine Jenkins2008VideoHerself / Performer
Quantum of Solace: Royal World Premiere Special2008TV MovieHerself
The Wright Stuff2005-2008TV SeriesHerself - Guest Panelist / Guest Panelist
Saturday Kitchen2008TV SeriesHerself
Sunday AM2008TV SeriesHerself - Opera Singer
Happy Hour2008TV SeriesHerself
London 2012 Party2008TV MovieHerself
9am with David & Kim2008TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Brit Awards 20082008TV SpecialHerself
Richard & Judy2008TV SeriesHerself
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross2008TV SeriesHerself - Special Guest
The X Factor2007TV SeriesHerself - Special Guest
The Royal Variety Performance 20072007TV MovieHerself
Variety Club Showbiz Awards 20072007TV SpecialHerself - Winner Classical performer of the year.
The National Television Awards 20072007TV SpecialHerself - Presenter
Have I Been Here Before?2007TV Series documentaryHerself
Emmerdale2007TV SeriesHerself
Parkinson2006TV SeriesHerself
The Best of the Royal Variety2006TV SeriesHerself
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Classical Brit Awards 20052005TV SpecialHerself - Performer
Madonna Mania2005TV Movie documentaryPerformer
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In the Know2004TV SeriesHerself
Classical Brits 20042004TV MovieHerself
Kelly2004TV SeriesHerself
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Wimbledon2016TV SeriesHerself - Spectator
Weekend2016TV SeriesHerself
BAFTA Televsion Awards 20162016TV SpecialHerself - Presenter
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Brit Awards 20112011TV SpecialHerself
National Memorial Day Concert2010TV Movie documentaryHerself
Doctor Who Confidential2010TV Series documentaryHerself
The Graham Norton Show2009-2010TV SeriesHerself - Guest / Herself

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Darcey Bussell: My Life on the BBC2016TV Movie documentaryHerself - Performer
Los nuevos y clásicos bloopers2010TV SeriesHerself
The Graham Norton Show2009TV SeriesHerself

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