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Kevin Systrom net worth is
$800 Million

Kevin Systrom Wiki Biography

Kevin Systrom is a successful entrepreneur, who is mainly known as one of the founders of Instagram. Probably any person of the present generation knows what Instagram is, as they likely use it very often. It allows people to share photos with the entire world via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Flickr. As Instagram is so famous nowadays there is no surprise that Kevin has gained a lot of money from it. So how rich is Kevin Systrom? It has been estimated that Kevin’s net worth is 400 million dollars. Well, this is quite a big sum of money for a 30 year-old man. As Systrom continues his career as a software engineer and entrepreneur, there is a high chance that in the future Kevin Systrom’s net worth will grow.

Kevin Systrom Net Worth $400 Million

Kevin Systrom was born in 1983, in Massachusetts. After finishing high school Kevin studied at Stanford University, where he graduated with a degree in management science and engineering. The idea that changed Kevin’s life came up to him and Mike Krieger in 2010. This was the year when these two young people decided to create Instagram which now is known all over the world. In addition to this, Systrom is also known for creating Burbn, another famous service.

As mentioned before this, changed Kevin’s life and had a huge impact on the growth of Kevin Systrom’s net worth. During his studies at Stanford University, Kevin had an opportunity to work at Google and Odeo. This made him more experienced and allowed him to create the famous Instagram. In 2012 Kevin and his friend decided to sell Instagram to Facebook, and this of course added a lot to Kevin’s net worth.

The success that Kevin achieved is very impressive. While being so young he has been able to achieve a lot. As he was so successful in this business many magazines included him in such lists as 30 Under 30, The Most Creative People in Business in 2011, and more. Kevin is still a very young person but he already knows how to do well in business, so there is no doubt that in the future Kevin will achieve even more. Many people now cannot imagine their lives without Instagram and this fact only shows how popular is this Systrom’s creation, which has made him one of the richest young people in the world.

There is a high chance that in the future Systrom’s net worth will become even higher. Finally, it could be said that probably there are many young people who are jealous of Kevin’s life but he has achieved everything only through his talent and of course hard work. Systrom is a perfect example in demonstrating that anyone of us can become successful if we are not afraid to fulfill our ideas and dreams.

Net Worth$800 Million
Date Of BirthDecember 30, 1983
Place Of BirthHolliston, Massachusetts, United States
Nicknamesİnstagram , burbn

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