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Kim Jong-II net worth is
$4 Billion

Kim Jong-II Wiki Biography

Yuri Irsenovich Kim was born on 16 February 1941, in Vyatskoye, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. He was a politician, best known to have been the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – or North Korea – from 1994 to 2011. All of his endeavors helped put his net worth to where it was prior to his passing.

How rich was Kim Jong-il? As of early-2017, sources estimate a net worth that was at $4 billion, mostly earned through being the supreme leader of North Korea. He was already the heir apparent in the 1980s, and succeeded his father Kim Il-Sung. He was also part of numerous organizations, and all of these involvements ensured the position of his wealth.

Kim Jong-II Net Worth $4 billion

While Soviet records say that Kim was born in 1941, his official biography states that he was born on 16 February 1942, in the Paektu Mountain during the time Japan occupied Korea. He was four years old when World War II ended and Korea regained its independence. At a young age, he was already involved in politics becoming a part of the Korean Children’s Union and the Democratic Youth League of North Korea (DYL). He later attended the University of Malta, where he would receive an English education.

In 1980, he gained senior posts in the Politburo Standing Committee, Military Commission, and the party Secretariat. This led him to become heir apparent, and he started to gain recognition, emerging as the most powerful figure behind his father. In 1991, Kim became the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army. Then North Korea started to suffer economic stagnation and the country cut off ties with China and the Soviet Union, and South Korea accused Kim of ordering the 1983 bombing in Rangoon which killed 17 South Korean officials. He then became the Chairman of the National Defence Commission.

In 1994, after Kim il-sung passed away from a heart attack, he became the ruler of North Korea, assuming his father’s old post as General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. With the economy experiencing more problems in the 1990s, Kim then decided a “Military-First” policy which has helped the country despite dependence on foreign aid for food. He also started the “Sunshine Policy” in 1998 to allow South Korean companies to make projects in the north. In 2004, Human Rights Watch reported that the North Korean government was among the world’s most repressive governments, including 200,000 political prisoners. In 2008, a rumor started spreading that Kim Jong-il had already died of diabetes in 2003 and was just being replaced by a stand-in now. A voiceprint analysis of Kim speaking noted that it did not match an earlier recording, and he was also reported to avoid public appearances due to waning health problems, with North Korea confirming that he had suffered strokes. His power was waning, and in 2009 it was reported that his youngest son Kim Jong-un would be the next leader of North Korea.

In 2010 to 2011 Kim undertook several foreign visits, and it was reported that his health was improving. However in December 2011, a report surfaced that he had passed away of a suspected heart attack while travelling on the train.

For his personal life, a lot of information about Kim Jong-il isn’t official, but it is believed he married twice and also had three mistresses; he had five known children. He married his first wife Hong Il-chon in 1968 but they divorced a year later. His next official wife was Kim Young-sook. His mistresses were reported as actresses Song Hye-rim, Ko Yong-hui, and Kim Ok.

Net Worth$4 Billion
Date Of BirthFebruary 16, 1941
Place Of BirthVyatskoe, Khabarovskiy rayon, Khabarovskiy kray, RSFSR, USSR [now Russia]
Height5' 3" (1.6 m)
ProfessionProducer, Actor, Writer
EducationMangyongdae Revolutionary School
SpouseKim Young-sook
ChildrenKim Yo-jong
1Imperialist aid is a noose of plunder and subjugation, aimed at robbing 10 and even 100 things for one thing that is given.
2A film with an untidy plot cannot grip the audience and define their emotional response.
3The cinema occupies an important place in the overall development of art and literature.
4Overall relations between the North and the South have developed in favor of national reconciliation, unity and reunification.
5Great ideology creates great times.
6No faction is better or worse than any other. All come from the same mould; they are all products of capitalist influence in the working class movement. And they are a poison that destroys our Party and the working class movement in Korea.
7No production of high ideological and artistic value can evolve out of a creative group whose members are not united ideologically and in which discipline and order have not been established.
8A man who dreads trials and difficulties cannot become a revolutionary. If he is to become a revolutionary with an indomitable fighting spirit, he must be tempered in the arduous struggle from his youth. As the saying goes, early training means more than late earning.
9National defense is the sacred duty of the young and all other people.
10The revolution is carried out by means of one's thought, not through one's family background.
11The liquidation of colonialism is a trend of the times which no force can hold back.
12We oppose the reactionary policies of the U.S. government but we do not oppose the American people. We want to have many good friends in the United States.
1Propaganda claims that Kim was born one year later, in 1942 on Mount Baekdu, with a double rainbow and a bright star in the sky heralding his arrival. A halo was supposedly seen over the mountain and a swallow foretold his birth.
2Was taught the "juche" philosophy of self-reliance by Hwang Jang-Yop. Hwang defected to South Korea in 1997.
3Married Kim Young-sook in 1974 but separated by the 1980s. He had five known children: Kim Jong-nam (son, b.1970) with mistress Song Hye-rim, Kim Sul-song (daughter, b. 1974) with wife Kim Young-sook, Kim Jong-chul (son, b.1981), Jong-un Kim (son, b.1984), and Kim Yo-jong (daughter, b.1987) with mistress Ko Young-hee.
4His favorite actor was Sean Connery. His favorite actress was Elizabeth Taylor.
5Among his favorite movies were: Friday the 13th (1980), Freddy vs. Jason (2003), First Blood (1982), The Godfather (1972), Gone with the Wind (1939) and Amistad (1997).
6Was often described as the 'Dear Leader' of North Korea. The title of 'Eternal President' was bestowed to his father, Kim Il-Sung on his death in 1994. Kim Jong-il's title was Chairman of the National Commission of Defence, which is North Korea's most important governmental position.
7Was portrayed as a villainous marionette in the comedy film Team America: World Police (2004). The creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone sent a gift reel to Kim.
8National leader of North Korea (officially styled "Supreme Leader of North Korea") from 1994 until his death in 2011.


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Archive Footage

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UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied2006Video documentaryHimself (uncredited)
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