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Lou Ferrigno net worth is
$6 Million

Lou Ferrigno Wiki Biography

Lou Ferrigno is a well known actor, retired bodybuilder and also a fitness trainer. When he was a body builder, Lou won IFBB Mr. Universe and IFBB Mr. America. In his career as an actor, he is best known for appearing as “The Incredible Hulk”, and in such shows as “Hercules”, “I Love You, Man” and others. Lou suffers from hearing loss, but despite this fact, he is still working hard and continuing his acting career.

So how rich is Lou Ferrigno? It is estimated that Lou’s net worth is $2 million. Of course, the main source of this sum of money is his career as an actor and he still continues to appear in different projects. That is why there is a chance that Lou Ferrigno’s net worth will continue to grow.

Lou Ferrigno Net Worth $2 Million

Louis Jude Ferrigno, known as Lou Ferrigno, was born in 1951 in New York. When he was only 13 years old, Lou started training and considered Steve Reeves as his role model. Lou studied at St. Athanasius Grammar School and later at Brooklyn Technical High School. In 1969 Lou participated in IFBB Mr. America and won this competition. Later he had an opportunity to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger and there was even a documentary made about him trying to beat Arnold. This documentary was called “Pumping Iron” and helped Ferrigno become a lot more famous. Despite the fact that Lou became more and more successful, he still had to work as a metal worker in order to gain enough money for a living. Later, Lou also participated in other competitions, then in 1996 he decided to retire from his career as a body builder.

In 1977 Ferrigno had begun his career as an actor. He gained the title role in the TV series called “The Incredible Hulk”. This added a lot to Lou’s net worth. In 1983 Ferrigno appeared in the television show called “Trauma Center”. He also acted in the movies “The Incredible Hulk” and “Hulk”. In 2009 he got the role in “I Love You, Man”, where he worked together with Jason Segel, Rashida Jones, Jane Curtin, Paul Rudd, Andy Samberg and others. This movie also made Lou Ferrigno’s net worth grow. In addition to this, Lou has his own company, called “Ferrigno Fitness”, which sells fitness equipment. Recently he has worked on such movies as “The Avengers” and also on the upcoming movie “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. What is more, during his career, Lou has appeared on covers of different magazines, including “Flex”, “Strength & Health”, “Iron Man” and others. This has also had an effect on the growth of Lou Ferrigno’s net worth.

In his personal life, Ferrigno has three children and now is married to Carla Green.

Lastly, it could be said that Lou Ferrigno is a really successful actor and fitness trainer. Now he is more concentrated on his acting career and will probably appear in more movies and television shows in the future. As long as he will continue working Lou’s net worth will also grow.

Full NameLou Ferrigno
Net Worth$6 Million
Salary$6 million
Date Of BirthNovember 9, 1951
Place Of BirthBrooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Height6 ft 4 in (1.943 m)
Weight287 lbs (130 kg)
ProfessionBodybuilder, Actor, Personal trainer, Voice Actor
EducationBrooklyn Technical High School
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseCarla Ferrigno (m. 1980), Susan Groff (m. 1978–1979)
ChildrenLouis Ferrigno Jr., Shanna Ferrigno, Brent Ferrigno
ParentsMatty Ferrigno, Victoria Ferrigno
SiblingsAndy Ferrigno
NicknamesLouis Jude Ferrigno , Louis Ferrigno , Louis Jude "Lou" Ferrigno , Hulk , Big Louie
NominationsTV Land Superest Super Hero Award
Movies“Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015), “Pumping Iron”
TV Shows“The Incredible Hulk” (2008), "Hulk" (2003), “Hercules”, “I Love You, Man” (2009), “Trauma Center” (1983)
1Towering height
2Huge muscular physique
3Is most live action feature filmmakers' preferred choice to voice the Hulk.
4Vocal slur
1[on Bill Bixby's battle against prostate cancer]: When I saw him --- on the set, he did for Entertainment Tonight, I was horrified when I see how he looked. I mean, he's actually breaking down into tears in his face, it was like 2 weeks before he died. It was so sad that it took a lot of courage for him to do the interviews, and so sad as to how life had lost him.
2[on his on- and off-screen chemistry with Bill Bixby, who played Dr. Bruce Banner]: You know, a couple of times on the set if I was late, I remember that look he gave me, oh boy! I thought, he would be 'The Hulk.'
3[Of Bill Bixby]: Bill was a great guy. He was a great mentor, great director, great producer and all the things that were great. Bill had a lot on him, because he loved his son, Christopher. When he lost his son, 2 days later, he came on the set and continued filming, and I knew he did that!
4[regarding then competing series Wonder Woman (1975)] And as for "Wonder Woman" . . . there's nothing there . . . nothing to show at all but a "beautiful body", and that's it. You never get a chance to find out anything about the person at all. What a bore! I can't understand why that show ran as long as it did.
5[his response (in 1979) to an indication that he shared the spotlight with Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) villain Darth Vader, played by David Prowse, another muscle-bound actor] Anybody could play Darth Vader. Vader is basically just a big guy behind a costume. The character shows no emotion, no nothing! If you really showed the emotional side of The Hulk he could be even hotter than "Star Wars". Battlestar Galactica (1978) didn't show any feelings and that's the big reason why I think it was canceled.
6If I hadn't lost my hearing, I wouldn't be where I am now. It forced me to maximize my potential. I had to be better than the average person to succeed. That's why I chose bodybuilding. If I became a world champion, if I could win admiration from my peers, I could do anything.
7Everyone has his own "little Hulk" inside him.
1Appeared, with Erik Estrada, in a commercial for "Butterfinger". [2010]
2Acting mentor was Bill Bixby.
3In his peak body-building days, he could bench press nearly 500 pounds.
4Along with Stan Lee, he is one of only two actors to appear in both Hulk (2003) and The Incredible Hulk (2008).
5Former personal trainer for Michael Jackson. Jackson invited him to be his personal trainer to prepare for the This is It concerts. Ferrigno had appeared in Jackson's "Liberian Girl" short film in 1989 and they remained friends until Jackson's death in 2009.
6Although Lou played "The Hulk" in the TV series, the growls and snarls heard in it aren't his. They were made by actor Ted Cassidy (Lurch in The Addams Family (1964)) until 1979 (first two seasons). Then, after Cassidy's death in that year, the Hulk was voiced by actor Charles Napier for the remaining three seasons and the three movies made in later years.
7Best known by the public for his starring role as The Incredible Hulk (1978).
8In October 1981 he was in Egypt, scheduled to be one of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's personal guests at a public event. However, at the last minute Sadat canceled his appearance. A few days later Muslim fundamentalists killed Sadat, along with 12 others, at an annual military parade. It was later discovered that Sadat's killers had originally planned to assassinate him at the event where Ferrigno would have been seated next to him. Ferrigno believes that he would have been killed along with Sadat if Sadat had not canceled his appearance.
9In his book "My Incredible Life As The Hulk", he stated that he has never been compensated for any merchandising related to The Incredible Hulk (1978) TV series. He said it was because no such deals existed for him during the show's prime-time run.
10He stands 6' 3" and he was the tallest professional body builder of the 1970s.
112/11/06: He was sworn in as a Los Angeles County Reserve Deputy Sheriff. He will serve for at least 20 hours each month. His duties will include helping recruit new deputies and working with the sheriff's Youth Activities League and the Special Victims Bureau.
12Attended Brooklyn Technical High School in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY--the same neighborhood where director Spike Lee now resides.
13With the death of Jack Colvin on December 1, 2005, he is the only surviving star of The Incredible Hulk (1978). Bill Bixby died on November 21, 1993.
14Has appeared in four different adaptations of "The Incredible Hulk". The first was the live-action television series of the late 1970s and early 1980s (The Incredible Hulk (1978)), in which he played the Hulk--and does not speak. In the 1990s he played the role again in an animated series for the UPN network, The Incredible Hulk (1996) -- this time providing the creature's voice. In Ang Lee's 2003 film Hulk (2003) the Hulk is computer-generated, so Lou plays a completely different part - that of a security guard (along with Stan Lee) at the lab where Bruce Banner works. In the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk (2008), he plays a security guard again, this time one who allows Bruce Banner to enter with a pizza -- and also, once again, voices the Hulk.
15Beat out Arnold Schwarzenegger for the role of the Hulk on the TV series The Incredible Hulk (1978). Ferrigno won reportedly because Arnold, at 6' 2", was deemed not tall enough, while Lou was 6' 5".
16Was originally cast as 'Tigris of Gaul' in Gladiator (2000), but was replaced during production by Sven-Ole Thorsen who had been trying hard for over a year to get the part.
17Stated that his father was very critical of and negative towards him when he was growing up due to his hearing disability. Though Lou respected his father, he was very hurt when his father expressed his belief that Lou would never achieve success.
18Like so many of the bodybuilders who starred in the "Hercules" films of the late '50s and early '60s, his voice was dubbed for his own "Hercules" films.
19Declares The Incredible Hulk (1978) episode "King of the Beach" (in which he played a bodybuilder, in addition to the Hulk) his favorite episode of the series.
20Bench-pressed 560 lbs in his prime (age 25). Now, at the age of 50, he benches 400 lbs.
21There was supposed to be another TV movie after The Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990) showing the Hulk's return, but the death of Lou's co-star Bill Bixby ended that possibility.
22Growing up, he was a fan of the '50s "Hercules" films that starred bodybuilder Steve Reeves and a fan of the Incredible Hulk comic books. He went on to play both the Incredible Hulk (both live action and providing the voice of the Hulk for an animated series) and Hercules.
23In the late '80s he decided to tone down his massive body so that people would be more likely to see him as a person and not just as his "monster" alter ego "The Hulk".
24His parents, Matty Ferrigno and Victoria Ferrigno, appeared with him in the documentary Pumping Iron (1977).
25The youngest bodybuilder ever to hold the "Mr. Universe" title (age 20).
26Has three children with Carla Ferrigno: Shanna Ferrigno (b. 1981), Lou Ferrigno Jr. (b. 1984) and Brent Ferrigno (b. 1990).
27Weighs 275 pounds - with 59" chest - 34" waist - 221/2" bicep - 29" thighs and 19" neck.
281970: Won the bodybuilding title, "Teenage Mr. America".
291973: Won the bodybuilding title, "Mr. Universe".
301973: Won the bodybuilding title, "Mr. America".
311974: Won the bodybuilding title, "Mr. Universe".
32Partially hearing-impaired
33Professional bodybuilder. Played professional football in Canada.


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1984Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst New StarHercules (1983)

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2009DFCS AwardDenver Film Critics SocietyBest Acting EnsembleI Love You, Man (2009)
2004TV Land AwardTV Land AwardsSuperest Super HeroThe Incredible Hulk (1978)
2003TV Land AwardTV Land AwardsSuperest Super HeroThe Incredible Hulk (1978)
1984Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst ActorHercules (1983)

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