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Margalit Ruth Gyllenhaal net worth is
$15 Million

Margalit Ruth Gyllenhaal Wiki Biography

Margalit Ruth Gyllenhaal was born on 16 November 1977, in New York City, USA, of Swedish, English, and Jewish ancestry. She is an actress best known for her roles in films like “Secretary”, “Sherrybaby” and “The Dark Knight”. She’s also known as the daughter of filmmakers Naomi Achs and Stephen Gyllenhaal, and is also the brother of actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

How rich is Maggie Gyllenhaal? As of early-2016, sources estimate that her net worth is at $15 million, mostly earned through a successful career as an actress. She’s starred in over 25 films in the span of her acting career of over 20 years. She’s done film, television and recently Broadway, all of which have helped raise and maintain her net worth.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Net Worth $15 Million

Maggie grew up in Los Angeles, where she would graduate from Harvard-Westlake prep school before attending Columbia University, where she studied Literature and Eastern religions. At the young age of 15, she was already a part of various film productions that were handled by her father, starring in films like “A Dangerous Woman” and “Homegrown” during her late teens alongside her brother Jake. After graduating from college, she found recognition in the indie film “Donnie Darko” playing as her real brother’s on screen sister. Around this time she also started to act in theatre productions, including Patrick Marbel’s “Closer”, and “The Tempest”. She found her break-out role in the comedy “Secretary”, a film about two people who explore the BDSM lifestyle, which received favorable reviews and was nominated for a Golden Globe partly thanks to her performance, and earned her the Best Breakthrough Performance by an Actress from the National Board Review of Motion Pictures as well as an Independent Spirit Award nomination. She continued to star in popular films which included “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, “40 Days and 40 Nights”, and “Mona Lisa Smile”. In the various films she’s worked on, she starred with Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Drew Barrymore. She also made a few indie and television films during this period.

Gyllenhaal continued to work in films, earning recognition for her performances in “Stranger than Fiction”, and “World Trade Center”. For her performance in “Sherrybaby”, she received another Golden Globe nomination as well as the Best Actress Award during the 2006 Stockholm International Film Festival. One of her most successful films was “The Dark Knight” a film that earned $1 billion in revenue. In her most recent works, she’s starred in films like “Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang”, and “White House Down”.

Aside from her acting career, Maggie has been active both in politics and in philanthropy. She’s spoken out about issues like the Iraq War and the September 11 attacks. She’s also supported candidates in election times, including now President Barack Obama during his 2008 election run. She’s helped various organizations like Witness, which aims to expose and end human rights violations. She’s also been an ambassador for the “Hear the World Foundation” which advocates employment opportunities for individuals with hearing loss.

For her personal life, Maggie started a relationship with actor Peter Sarsgaard in 2002 and they married in 2009. The couple have two daughters and live in Brooklyn, New York.

Full NameMaggie Gyllenhaal
Net Worth$15 Million
Date Of BirthNovember 16, 1977
Place Of BirthLower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Height1.75 m
EducationHarvard-Westlake prep school, Columbia University
SpousePeter Sarsgaard
ChildrenRamona Gloria
ParentsNaomi Achs, Stephen Gyllenhaal
SiblingsJake Gyllenhaal,
AwardsGolden Globe, Saturn Award for Best Actress, Independent Spirit Award
NominationsIndependent Spirit Award, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama, Emmy Award,
Movies“Stranger than Fiction”, “World Trade Center”, “Sherrybaby”, “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, “40 Days and 40 Nights”, “Mona Lisa Smile”
TV ShowsThe Honourable Woman, Truth and Power, Independent Lens
World Trade Center (2006)$500,000
1I just participated in the [TV] program "Finding Your Roots," so I have a very accurate and informed family history. On my mom's side, it was exactly what I thought. They were peasants in Russia, and when my great-grandfather was drafted into the Russian army, which was a dangerous thing for a Jew, they left. First they went to Lithuania, then they came [to New York City] and lived on the Lower East Side, where my great-grandfather was a tailor... So I grew up mostly Jewish, culturally. How I eat, a lot of the way I think, comes from my mother.
2In terms of sexuality in film, I'm really interested in that. I think it's a really interesting element to storytelling. I think nudity is interesting, and I know that there are many actors and actresses who feel that it's just a part of their work. But I'm kind of compelled by it-when it's done well. So often, it's done in a way that's maybe not all that sexy or maybe trying to sort of fit into a fantasy of what people look like, and I'm not as interested in that. But nudity and sexuality that express something about the story you're telling, you just can't take your eyes off if it. The scene that comes to mind is in Rust and Bone (2012). Remember that scene where you can see Marion Cotillard's breast and [Matthias Schoenaerts] is kind of like staring at her? And it's so gorgeous. And you can't take your eyes off it. I don't have a problem with it at all. I know that there are also people who are asked to just get naked and there's not much else to do in the scene, and I think I might have a problem with that. But I think it can be a very interesting element to tell a story, especially on film.
3[on her view of the Israeli-Palestininian conflict] What I've been doing is trying to read as much as I can and to think and feel each day what my position is..At the moment, I feel like the show I made ['The Honorable Woman'] ...does articulate beautifully so many things I feel, and I'm trying to keep my personal politics out of the press. I do believe in the possibility of reconciliation.
4I almost never have me time. That's the truth. When I have a morning to myself, I'll get a manicure or a bikini wax or I'll try to exercise. If I can go for a run, it changes my whole life!
5Once you're a mom, there are secret things you know - like in your pocket, you'll find a bag of Cheerios.
6(Comments at the Tribeca premiere about The Great New Wonderful (2005)) I think America has done reprehensible things and is responsible in some way and so I think the delicacy with which it's dealt [in the film] allows that to sort of creep in.
7When I started making movies, I didn't care if anybody saw them. And now I realize I don't want to make movies for the ten people that feel the same way about the world that I do! I want to make movies that people see.
8I am looking for movies that are actually about something and that are questioning something. Movies that are provocative in some way and I am also looking for roles that I think will force me to grow or learn something about myself or the world in order to play them well.
9I do see things sometimes that are good, but they don't feel like a challenge to me personally. Like, in my own life and so often I think the things that excite me are things that feel a little bit beyond my grasp.
10I don't think it is the narrative necessarily that is the most important thing I think it is the human interaction that is the most important thing.
11I just want to support these films and be a part of them in any way because they are so provocative and interesting.
12There are two ways to be cool: One is to be disinterested and make it seem like you must be doing something much more interesting than everybody else if you are this disinterested. The other is to be extremely interested. You are not trying to please anyone, but you are really invested are really focused.
13(referring to when she started acting) "Even in elementary school, I took it really seriously. I was always doing plays."
14(On her new film Strip Search (2004)) "I think it's important to see. It's a real violation, and it forces people to get emotionally involved in something that's intellectual and political".
15(About being the youngest actress on her film Casa de los babys (2003)) "I felt out of place and not listened to".
16I didn't act the way little kids do, I threw my whole self into it.
17(On doing Homebody/Kabul) "To get people emotionally involved in something intellectual and political is important."
18(While promoting Mona Lisa Smile (2003)) "I've realised that the only way to make movies that you're proud of, that don't fall into the sentimental bullshit that so many movies fall into, is to fight. You have to fight. So many people are willing to sleepwalk through things and fall into the not human, not interesting choice".
19I want roles that challenge people to question where they are in life.
20There is a need, especially right now in America, to be a bit provocative.
21I really hated charm school. I guess I'm just a little bit bad.
22These past couple of years have been about learning to not sabotage myself in a subtler way - for instance, even just by putting moisturiser on when I get out of the shower. Learning to honour myself and believing that I'm worth taking care of.
23With everything I work on, I want to be put in a position that I have to be brave to do the project.
24Someone asked me why I didn't do teen movies or action movies, but I'm not interested in them.
25You're invited to tons of parties, and you'll wear these shoes and that dress, and it can be enticing, but I think it also sucks you dry. If you do it a little, sure, it's fun, but too much and you start to lose your footing.
26I find myself more and more interested only in roles which move the world forward.
27It's my responsibility to see what we can move and change about these old-school feminist mantras.
28I do seem to have a bit of a predilection for movies that say something transgressive.
1In 2015, Maggie Gyllenhaal made headlines when, in an interview in The Wrap, she revealed that she had recently been told that she had been rejected for a role on the grounds that she was too old to play a love interest opposite a 55-year-old actor. Gyllenhaal was 37 at the time.
2In an interview with The Observer newspaper in July 2014, Maggie claimed she didn't know her real name until she was 35 years old: "I needed my birth certificate, and when my dad found it, it said that my name was Margolit. It was a bit of a shock. I'd always thought my full name was Margaret - never heard of Margolit. Neither of my parents can remember how it got on the birth certificate.".
3Lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter. [2010]
4Returned to work 4 months after giving birth to her daughter Gloria in order to begin filming White House Down (2013).
5Was 6 months pregnant with her daughter Gloria when she completed filming The Corrections (2012).
6Returned to work 6 months after giving birth to her daughter Ramona in order to begin filming The Dark Knight (2008).
7Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 34, a daughter Gloria Ray Sarsgaard on April 19, 2012. Child's father is her husband, Peter Sarsgaard.
8Gave birth to her 1st child at age 28, a daughter Ramona Sarsgaard on October 3, 2006. Child's father is her boyfriend [now husband], Peter Sarsgaard.
9Good friend of Emma Thompson.
10Fan of T Bone Burnett.
11She and brother Jake Gyllenhaal are the first brother and sister to be Oscar-nominated in the 21st century.
12Was in consideration for the role of Joyce Lakeland in The Killer Inside Me (2010), but Jessica Alba was cast instead.
13Her publicist is Amanda Silverman.
14Was member of the dramatic jury at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004.
15Maggie's father has English, Swedish, Swiss-German, German, and distant Welsh and French, ancestry. Maggie's mother's family is Jewish (from Poland and Latvia).
16Her favorite actress is Gena Rowlands.
17Quit smoking.
18Loves musicals.
19She and brother, Jake Gyllenhaal, attended Camp Walt Whitman, an outdoors summer camp in Western New Hampshire.
20Met her fiancé at a dinner party.
21Ranked as #58 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" special supplement. (2005)
22Graduated Harvard-Westlake (private) high school in North Hollywood, California.
23Her mother is good friends, and was once the mentor of, Laurie Collyer who wrote Sherrybaby (2006) (aka "Shall Not Want"), in which Maggie stars.
24Was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) after the 2004 Academy Awards.
25Her mother is a Golden Globe-winning, Oscar-nominated scriptwriter. Her father is an Emmy-nominated director, her grandmother is a doctor and Eric Foner, her mother's first husband, is an acclaimed historian at Columbia, the college she attended.
26Was born in New York City but grew up in Los Angeles where she and her brother attended the prestigious Harvard-Westlake prep school. Returned to New York when she was 17.
27Has been in three movies with her brother Jake Gyllenhaal: A Dangerous Woman (1993) (which was directed by their father), Homegrown (1998) (which was directed by their father), and Donnie Darko (2001).
28Broke up with her artist boyfriend of five years during the filming of Secretary (2002).
29Played sister to real-life brother Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie Donnie Darko (2001).
30She co-hosted the Sundance Awards 2003.
31During the 2003 Academy Awards, she wore a peace sign pin in support of the organization Artists United to Win Without War.
32The first six movies she made (Waterland (1992); A Dangerous Woman (1993); Shattered Mind (1996); The Patron Saint of Liars (1998); Homegrown (1998); Resurrection (1999)) were all directed by her father.
33Studied briefly at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.
34Earned a B.A. in English from Columbia University. [1999]
35Daughter of Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner.
36Older sister of Jake Gyllenhaal.


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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind2002Debbie
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The Patron Saint of Liars1998TV MovieLorraine Thomas
Shattered Mind1996TV MovieClothes Clerk
A Dangerous Woman1993Patsy
Waterland1992Maggie Ruth


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25th Film Independent Spirit Awards2010TV SpecialHerself
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Won Awards

2015Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for TelevisionThe Honourable Woman (2014)
2015GracieGracie Allen AwardsOutstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role in a DramaThe Honourable Woman (2014)
2010Prism AwardPrism AwardsPerformance in a Feature FilmCrazy Heart (2009)
2009People's Choice AwardPeople's Choice Awards, USAFavorite CastThe Dark Knight (2008)
2009COFCA AwardCentral Ohio Film Critics AssociationBest EnsembleThe Dark Knight (2008)
2008ACCAAwards Circuit Community AwardsBest Cast EnsembleThe Dark Knight (2008)
2007Best ActressMilano International Film Festival Awards (MIFF Awards)Sherrybaby (2006)
2007Prism AwardPrism AwardsPerformance in a Feature FilmSherrybaby (2006)
2006Best ActressStockholm Film FestivalSherrybaby (2006)
2006Best ActressKarlovy Vary International Film FestivalSherrybaby (2006)
2003OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Breakthrough Performance - FemaleSecretary (2002)
2003OFCS AwardOnline Film Critics Society AwardsBest Breakthrough PerformanceSecretary (2002)
2003Best ActressParis Film FestivalSecretary (2002)
2003COFCA AwardCentral Ohio Film Critics AssociationBest ActressSecretary (2002)
2003CFCA AwardChicago Film Critics Association AwardsMost Promising PerformerAdaptation. (2002)
2003Directors' Week AwardFantasportoBest ActressSecretary (2002)
2003Pauline Kael Breakout AwardFlorida Film Critics Circle AwardsSecretary (2002)
2002NBR AwardNational Board of Review, USABreakthrough Performance - FemaleSecretary (2002)
2002BSFC AwardBoston Society of Film Critics AwardsBest ActressSecretary (2002)
2002Breakthrough AwardGotham AwardsSecretary (2002)

Nominated Awards

2015OFTA Television AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Actress in a Motion Picture or MiniseriesThe Honourable Woman (2014)
2015ActorScreen Actors Guild AwardsOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or MiniseriesThe Honourable Woman (2014)
2015Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a MovieThe Honourable Woman (2014)
2015Critics' Choice TV AwardCritics Choice Television AwardsBest Actress in a Movie/Limited SeriesThe Honourable Woman (2014)
2015Gold Derby TV AwardGold Derby AwardsTV Movie/Mini Lead ActressThe Honourable Woman (2014)
2014Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actress in a Miniseries or a Motion Picture Made for TelevisionThe Honourable Woman (2014)
2014British Independent Film AwardBritish Independent Film AwardsBest Supporting ActressFrank (2014)
2014DaggerCrime Thriller Awards, UKBest Leading ActressThe Honourable Woman (2014)
2010OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Supporting RoleCrazy Heart (2009)
2009Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressThe Dark Knight (2008)
2009EDA Special Mention AwardAlliance of Women Film JournalistsMost Egregious Age Difference Between the Leading Man and the Love InterestCrazy Heart (2009)
2009Critics Choice AwardBroadcast Film Critics Association AwardsBest Acting EnsembleThe Dark Knight (2008)
2009DFWFCA AwardDallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association AwardsBest Supporting ActressCrazy Heart (2009)
2009Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsEnsemble CastThe Dark Knight (2008)
2008ALFS AwardLondon Critics Circle Film AwardsActress of the YearSherrybaby (2006)
2007Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - DramaSherrybaby (2006)
2007Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActressStranger Than Fiction (2006)
2007AnnieAnnie AwardsBest Voice Acting in an Animated Feature ProductionMonster House (2006)
2006Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actress in a Motion Picture, DramaSherrybaby (2006)
2006EDA AwardAlliance of Women Film JournalistsBest Actress in a Dramatic PerformanceSherrybaby (2006)
2006CFCA AwardChicago Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressSherrybaby (2006)
2006Independent Spirit AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsBest Supporting FemaleHappy Endings (2005)
2004Empire AwardEmpire Awards, UKBest ActressSecretary (2002)
2003MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBreakthrough Female PerformanceSecretary (2002)
2003OFCS AwardOnline Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActressSecretary (2002)
2003PFCS AwardPhoenix Film Critics Society AwardsBest Actress in a Leading RoleSecretary (2002)
2003PFCS AwardPhoenix Film Critics Society AwardsBest NewcomerSecretary (2002)
2003Golden Satellite AwardSatellite AwardsBest Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or MusicalSecretary (2002)
2003Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy or MusicalSecretary (2002)
2003Chlotrudis AwardChlotrudis AwardsBest ActressSecretary (2002)
2003Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsBreakthrough PerformanceSecretary (2002)
2003Independent Spirit AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsBest Female LeadSecretary (2002)
2002TFCA AwardToronto Film Critics Association AwardsBest Performance, FemaleSecretary (2002)
2002VVFP AwardVillage Voice Film PollBest PerformanceSecretary (2002)
2002WAFCA AwardWashington DC Area Film Critics Association AwardsBest ActressSecretary (2002)
2002Sierra AwardLas Vegas Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActressSecretary (2002)

2nd Place Awards

2006UFCA AwardUtah Film Critics Association AwardsBest Supporting ActressStranger Than Fiction (2006)
2003NSFC AwardNational Society of Film Critics Awards, USABest ActressSecretary (2002)
2002SDFCS AwardSan Diego Film Critics Society AwardsBest ActressSecretary (2002)

3rd Place Awards

2003VFCC AwardVancouver Film Critics CircleBest ActressSecretary (2002)

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