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Mick Dodge, better known by such nicknames as “the Barefoot Normad”, “Walking Mountain” and “The Barefoot Sensei”, was born in Olympic Peninsula, Washington State USA. He is a television personality, best-known for his own reality show called “The Legend of Mick Dodge”. Mick became famous all over the world when he decided to choose wildlife instead of the modern world. There is no doubt that Mick’s way of living has raised many discussions, but at the same time he has gained more and more admirers and followers. Dodge will probably continue his activities for as long as he is able.

So how rich is Mick Dodge? It is estimated that Mick’s net worth is $150,000, mainly gained through his reality show, called “The Legend of Mick Dodge”, which has become very popular all over the world. In addition to this, Dodge has started other projects and activities related to his own lifestyle and these activities also add a lot to Mick’s net worth.

Mick Dodge Net Worth $150,000

From a very young age Mick loved spending time in the open air, where he was able to explore various places and discover wildlife for himself. When Dodge became older he decided to join the Marines, perhaps unsurprising as his father had been a marine and Mick had actually finished his schooling in Okinawa, Japan. After spending six years in the Marines, working as a mechanic at one of the military facilities, in 1991 there came a huge change in his life as Mick decided to revert back to living in the forest., actually choosing to live barefoot, which he later claimed helped him to overcome various health problems.

In 1994, Mick and Jacquie Chandler created the fitness program called “The EarthGym”. This program is based on the fact that equipment for training is taken from nature, and encourages people to take part in what later would become known as boot-camp training.

In 2014 the National Geographic Channel became interested in Mick and his lifestyle, and they suggested that he create his own reality TV show, which was called “The Legend of Mick Dodge”. There were two seasons shown to date, and it has had a huge impact on the growth of Mick Dodge’s net worth. This show soon gained a lot of attention and many people became interested in Mick and his attitude towards life. After the success of “The Legend of Mick Dodge”, the previously mentioned fitness program also became more popular and added a lot to Dodge’s net worth. Maybe to some people this kind of attitude and a decision to live in a forest seem very strange and unreal, but to Mick it is his everyday life and he does not imagine it in any other way.

All in all, Mick Dodge is a very controversial and interesting personality, who probably never wanted to become famous and only focused on things that were important to him. Now he has many admirers all over the world, who might think in a very similar way. Despite this fact, these admirers are probably not that brave and they will not choose the same permanent lifestyle themselves. Hopefully, Mick will be able to continue inspiring people and promoting his own beliefs and opinion.

Net Worth$150,000
Place Of BirthOlympic Peninsula, Washington State USA
ProfessionTelevision personality, Rainforest-dweller
TV Shows“The Legend of Mick Dodge” (2014-), “The EarthGym” (1994)

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