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Milton J. Fahrney net worth is
$1.7 Million

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Milton J. Fahrney was born on June 24, 1872 in Dayton, Ohio, USA. He was a director and writer, known for Jerry's Picnic (1917), Jerry's Hopeless Tangle (1917) and Jerry and the Bandits (1916). He was married to Alexandra Phillips-Fahrney and Marjorie A. He died on March 26, 1941 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Net Worth$1.7 Million
Date Of BirthJune 24, 1872
Place Of BirthDayton, Ohio, USA
ProfessionDirector, Writer, Actor
Star SignCancer


Jerry in Yodel Land1917Short
Jerry's Big Deal1917Short
Officer Jerry1917Short
Jerry Tries Again1917Short
Jerry's Whirlwind Finish1917Short
Jerry's Eugenic Marriage1917Short
Jerry on the Farm1917Short
Jerry on the Railroad1917Short
Jerry's Star Bout1917Short
Jerry at the Waldorf1917Short
Jerry's Gentle Nursing1917Short
Jerry's Hopeless Tangle1917Short
Jerry's Red Hot Trail1917Short
Jerry's Getaway1917Short
Jerry's Master Stroke1917Short
Jerry Joins the Army1917Short
Jerry's Finishing Touch1917Short
Jerry's Picnic1917Short
Jerry's Trial1917Short
The Ransom1917Short
Somewhere in the Mountains1917Short
The Gypsy Prince1917Short
The Lady Detective1917Short
Be Sure You're Right1917Short
Minding the Baby1917/IIShort
The Flying Target1917Short
Jerry's Romance1917Short
Jerry's Brilliant Scheme1917Short
Jerry's Big Mystery1917Short
Jerry's Big Raid1917Short
Jerry and His Pal1917Short
Jerry and the Outlaws1917Short
Jerry's Big Doings1917Short
Jerry's Winning Way1917Short
The Jewel of Death1917Short
Jerry's Double Header1916Short
Movie Struck1916Short
The Blackhanders1916Short
Making Things Hum1916Short
Jerry and the Bandits1916Short
The Rookie1916/IShort
Jerry and the Counterfeiters1916Short
Jerry's Celebration1916Short
When Jerry Goes to Town1916Short
The Masque Ball1916Short
Jerry's Stratagem1916Short
The Hero of the E.Z. Ranch1916Short
A Merry Mix-Up1916Short
Jerry's Big Haul1916Short
Jerry's Elopement1916Short
Jerry and the Moonshiners1916Short
Jerry's Big Lark1916Short
Jerry's Perfect Day1916Short
The Traitor1916Short
The Conquering Hero1916Short
The Winning Punch1916/IShort
Jerry and the Smugglers1916Short
On the Rampage1916Short
Jerry's Big Game1916Short
The Desperate Chance1916Short
Going Up1916/IShort
Too Proud to Fight1916Short
Jerry's Millions1916Short
Around the World1916Short
The Girl of His Dreams1916Short
Jerry in the Movies1916Short
Jerry's Revenge1915Short
Hearts and Clubs1915/IIShort
The Holdup1915Short
Doctor Jerry1915Short
A Shot Gun Romance1915Short
A Deal in Indians1915Short
The Fighting Four1915Short
The Double Cross1915Short
Jerry to the Rescue1915Short
The Little Detective1915/IIShort
Taking a Chance1915Short
The Oriental Spasm1915Short
The Treasure Box1915Short
The Knockout1915Short
Jerry and the Gunman1915Short
Making Matters Worse1915Short
Jerry's Busy Day1915Short
The Little Hero1915Short
Waking Up Father1915Short
He's in Again1915Short
On the Job1915Short
The Fighting Kid1915Short
A Night's Lodging1915Short
A Harmless Flirtation1915Short
The Stolen Case1915Short
A Mix-Up in Males1915Short
Father Forgot1915Short
Life's Mysteries1915Short
Safety First1915/IShort as Milton H. Fahrney
Distilled Spirits1915Short
The Thrilling Adventures of Count Verace1914Short
Fighters of the Plains1913Short as Milton Fahrney
Poisoned Waters1913Short
The Death Stone of India1913Short
The Vortex1913Short
His Only Son1912Short
Uncle Bill1912Short
The Alibi1912Short
The Obligation1912Short
The Undoing of Slim Bill1912Short
A Gentleman of Fortune1912Short
Hard Luck Bill1912Short
The Land of Might1912Short
The Squatter's Child1912Short
How the Ranger Was Cured1912Short
The Everlasting Judy1912Short
Her Indian Hero1912Short
Across the Sierras1912Short
The Double Trail1912Short
At Rolling Forks1912Short
His Side Pard1912Short
White Cloud's Secret1912Short
Tracked Through the Desert1912Short
The Tenderfoot's Sacrifice1912Short
A Western Girl's Love1911Short
The New Ranch Owner1911Short
The Law of the Range1911Short
Struck Gold1911Short
A Western Feud1911Short
When the West Was Wild1911Short
The Cowboy Pugilist1911Short
The White Medicine Man1911/IIShort
A True Westerner1911Short
Big Noise Hank1911Short
Lone Bill's Last Ride1911Short
The Town Marshal1911Short
Across the Divide1911Short
At Perry's Ranch1911Short
The Flower of the Tribe1911Short
The Parson and the Bully1911Short unconfirmed
Alias Yellowstone Joe1911Short
Roped and Tied1911Short
His Son1911/IShort
The End of the Trail1911Short
The Settler's Wife1911Short
The Plains Across1911Short
The Pony Express1911Short
A Message from the West1911Short
The Gunfighter1911Short
At Sunset Ranch1911Short
The Sheriff's Mistake1911Short
The Cowpuncher1911Short
At Panther Creek1911Short
The Bridal Trail1911Short
Sleepy Hollow1911Short
At Cedar Ridge1911Short
Elda of the Mountains1910Short
A Desperate Remedy1910Short
The Pilgrim1910Short
The Conquering Hero1910Short
Valley Folks1910Short
A Deal in Indians1910Short
The Ranchman's Bride1910Short
The Girl from the East1910Short
Silver Plume Mine1910Short
Where the Sun Sets1910Short
Strayed from the Range1910Short
The Law and the Man1910/IIShort
In the Black Hills1910Short
Sons of the West1910Short
A True Pal1910Short
Back in the Mountains1910Short
The Call of the West1910Short
The Crooked Trail1910Short
The Boss of Circle E Ranch1910Short
The Sheriff's Daughter1910/IIIShort
The Bucking Broncho1910Short
The Lily of the Ranch1910Short
The Red Man's Honor1910Short
The Fighting Parson1910Short
The Indian Princess1910Short
A Daughter of the Mine1910Short
Days of '491910Short
The Cowboy and the Lieutenant1910Short
At Double Cross Ranch1910Short
Frontier Day in the West1910Short
The Cowboy Preacher1910Short
The Tenderfoot1910Short
On the Little Big Horn1910Short
In Arizona1910Short
Jerry's Boarding House1917Short
Jerry Takes Gas1917Short
Jerry and the Burglars1917Short
Jerry's Running Fight1917Short
Jerry's Lucky Day1917Short
Jerry and the Vampire1917Short
Jerry's Soft Snap1917Short
Jerry's Jam1917Short
Jerry and the Bully1917Short


Jerry's Running Fight1917Short scenario
Jerry's Lucky Day1917Short scenario
Jerry's Soft Snap1917Short scenario
Jerry's Big Deal1917Short scenario
Jerry's Whirlwind Finish1917Short scenario
Jerry's Star Bout1917Short scenario
Jerry's Hopeless Tangle1917Short scenario
Jerry's Picnic1917Short scenario
Jerry and the Bandits1916Short scenario
Jerry's Celebration1916Short scenario
Jerry's Stratagem1916Short scenario
Lady Baffles and Detective Duck in The Lost Roll1915Short story
The Law of the Range1911Short
The White Medicine Man1911/IIShort scenario
A True Westerner1911Short


Untamed1929Jollop (as Milton Farney)
Stepping on the Gas1927ShortColonel Smith
Racing Romance1927as Milton Fahrney
In the First Degree1927Warden (as Milton Fahrney)
Chasing Trouble1926Sheriff (as Milton Fahrney)
When East Meets West1926
Le comte Kostia1925Fritz (as Farney)
Dangerous Odds1925
Not Built for Runnin'1924Tod Randall (as Milton Fahrney)
Yankee Speed1924José T. Vegas (as Milton Fahrney)
The Covered Schooner1923ShortThe Girls' Father
After Twenty Years1911Short as Milton Fahrney