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$10 Million

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Peter Dougan Capaldi (born 14 April 1958) is a Scottish actor, film director and writer. He has played numerous roles in film and television, and is best known for being the twelfth and current actor to play the lead role in the long-running BBC One science-fiction series Doctor Who, and for the role of Malcolm Tucker, a spin doctor in the BBC comedy series The Thick of It and its film spinoff In the Loop. In 1994, he won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for his short film Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life.

Full NamePeter Capaldi
Net Worth$10 Million
Date Of BirthApril 14, 1958
Place Of BirthGlasgow, Scotland, UK
Height6' (1.83 m)
ProfessionActor, Director, Writer
EducationGlasgow School of Art
SpouseElaine Collins
ChildrenCecily Capaldi
ParentsGerald John Capaldi, Nancy Capaldi
AwardsAcademy Award for Best Short Film (Live Action), British Academy Television Award for Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme, BAFTA Award for Best Short Film, Chlotrudis Award for Best Cast, Chlotrudis Award for Best Supporting Actor, British Comedy Award for the Best TV Comedy Actor
NominationsBritish Academy Television Award for Best Supporting Actor, British Academy Television Award for Best Comedy Performance, British Academy Television Award for Comedy and Comedy Entertainment Programme, British Independent Film Award for Best Actor, New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Support...
MoviesIn the Loop, World War Z, Local Hero, The Fifth Estate, Dangerous Liaisons, The Lair of the White Worm, Paddington, Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life, Maleficent, Strictly Sinatra, The Greatest Store in the World, Turtle Diary, House of 9, Modigliani, Shooting Fish, The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, B...
TV ShowsDoctor Who, The Thick of It, The Musketeers, The Hour, Neverwhere, Fortysomething, Chandler & Co, Accused, The Devil's Whore, Midnight Man, The Nativity, The Crow Road, Trawlermen, Aftersun
1Pointing with index finger
2Expressive hands
3Prominent angry eyebrows which he has called "attack eyebrows"
4Intense angry stare
5Thin frame
6Gravelly voice with a faint Scottish accent
1[Speaking to a young Doctor Who (2005) fan at 2016 Dallas Comic-Con] You've got to be nice to your Mum. You've got to be kind to people. You've got to work hard, and make the very best of the gifts that you have, of your talents, and take them out into the world. You're a clever, and bright, and creative person. That's the most important thing to take forward; to take forward that belief in yourself, and a belief of how valuable it is to bring creativity into the world.
2[on Doctor Who] It has to slip between the epic and the domestic. The great trick of Doctor Who is that he'll be at the edge of the galaxy watching stars being born, but he'll drop you off in the mall outside KFC.
3My adolescence was a kind of motorway pile-up. I wish I had known that one day the geek would inherit the Earth.
4Patrick Troughton is one of the most extraordinary actors, just his delicacy, his ability to jump from being irate to being kindly and clownish.
5I love the last episode of Frontier in Space (Doctor Who: Frontier in Space: Episode Six (1973)). Isn't that one of the great Doctor Who (1963) episodes ever? Because you've got everything in that.
6I could sit and watch Jon Pertwee do anything. I could just sit and watch him read the telephone book. He's such authority and if you're in trouble you want those doors to swing open and Jon Pertwee to come storming in with a flap of his cape.
7[on Doctor Who: The Ark in Space: Part One (1975)] I love The Ark in Space. I think The Ark in Space is great because I love Tom Baker, his hair is just like the most wildest hair ever. I think later on as you watch the rest of his time as Doctor Who (1963) I think he started to get a perm or something, he looks more like Harpo Marx towards the end of his run. But in his first season he's just got this absolute mess of bohemian hair, what would you call it, a Tom-fro, a Doc-fro? He's got a big Doc-fro. And also his speech in that about human beings, he just takes grasp of the role of Doctor Who (1963) in that season, in that story, so completely.
8If you put me in a real TARDIS, I dread to think what would happen to the universe.
9The Ladykillers (1955), the movie, is one of those rare things that's an almost perfect movie but it's just full of all this great stuff that you can't leave alone. It's very, very stylish, it has this almost ghoulish quality about it.
10[on his performance in Local Hero (1983)] I don't think I had any capacity to act. I think I was just a bit of a... twat.
11[in 1974] Jon Pertwee's Doctor of the frock coat and gadgets has gone. But that character was but one of the facets of this eternal time lord, the greatest science fiction character ever created. There is an infinite number of further faces and natures to choose from. Tom Baker must select one and play it to the best of his ability. It is this infinite number of characters that ensures Doctor Who (1963)'s future. For, like time, Doctor Who (1963) will go on forever.
12Doctor Who (2005), like time, cannot stand still. It must always move and change.
13Planet of the Spiders (Doctor Who: Planet of the Spiders: Part One (1974)) proved once again the scope and quality of the popular Doctor Who (1963). All involved must be congratulated on producing a classic story leading excellently to the metamorphosis from Jon Pertwee's Doctor to Tom Baker's. The storyline was powerful, introducing exciting chase sequences, mysterious ceremonies and chilling monsters. The acting was first-class, particularly Jon Pertwee's performance when the Doctor faced his greatest fear, the Great One! And of course the visual images of senior visual effects designer, Bernard Wilkie, were wonderful to watch.
14[on playing an older Doctor] Whereas with Matt and David before me there was this romantic thing going on, we don't do that. We have something else which I really like. There's not another relationship you can compare it to. It's not like uncle and niece. He is not a grandfather figure. But because Jenna's so wonderful, we've found something that's different, and yet it works.
15[on Doctor Who (2005)] The things I've always adored are still there. That relationship between light and dark, the domestic and the epic. There's a feeling you could step from a supermarket car park on Earth into the Andromeda Nebula or whatever.
16The nice thing about Doctor Who is, whatever people say, you know someone somewhere loves you. And they always will. The more everyone else hates you, the more that person will say, "He's my Doctor".
17There's almost a Grimms' fairy tales element to the show. The Doctor appears and takes people deep into the forest where there are monsters, but he delivers them back safely at the end. That's very, very attractive. Plus I love monsters. Everyone does! Any shows with monsters in them work.
18I grew up in the Sixties with Doctor Who (1963) and The Beatles and Sunday Night at the London Palladium and school milk and bronchitis. All that stuff. It's part of my DNA. When I had my first proper TARDIS scene there was a nice props guy telling me how to work the console. Secretly I was thinking, "I know how to work the TARDIS! I've known for a long time - probably longer than you".
19When you're a child, you just want to be whichever Doctor is on TV, whether that's William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee or Tom Baker.
20I've been influenced by the entire history of Doctor Who (1963) and by every actor who's played Doctor Who (1963), and everybody who's worked on the show and made those episodes. I wouldn't be here doing this if it hadn't been for the twelve actors who brilliantly played the part, often in times when it wasn't as easy to be Doctor Who (1963) or as welcome to be Doctor Who (1963) as it is now. So really I stand on their shoulders.
21Scottish men of a certain age have a black response to almost everything as a measure of how sophisticated they are. I have a very long fuse that eventually explodes after building up a nice head of steam, although it's only happened three times - usually at work when someone takes me for granted.
22STG and the Ramshorn Theatre are a vital part of Glasgow's rich cultural history. To abandon them now is to abandon not only our past, but our future.
23The biggest thing I have realised was that you have to choose your collaborators very carefully, and that not everybody can like you. The process of filmmaking is so difficult, there's no point in doing it unless you can do it the way you want.
24The difference between movies and TV is that in TV you have to have a trauma every week, but that event may not be the biggest event in the characters' lives.
25The only time I've tried to make plans, the cosmic sledgehammer has intervened and something else has happened. You just have to wait and see what comes your way, so that's what I do.
26What annoys me about it is that your fate is always in somebody else's hands. It's always up to somebody else to decide whether or not they want you in their show and so the majority of actors have to play out a waiting game. The constant fear is that it could all end tomorrow.
27What I've learnt being an actor is that you've got to be lucky. I got less lucky, and nobody was interested. If a part came up, it would be for the main corpse's friend's brother who was having problems with his marriage.
28When I was acting, I was always asking abut the mechanics of filmmaking. I decided I would learn what everyone on set was doing, so I would feel less threatened.
29What you're doing is acting with yourself. Well, I'm my favourite actor, so in a way it's quite straightforward for me.
30At 17 years old, STG took me under its wing and shared its resources and wisdom with me, even allowing me to take part in a show at the Edinburgh Festival. Without STG and the Ramshorn Theatre, I would not have found access to the world of drama that I later made my profession.
31Even though I am a lifelong Doctor Who (1963) fan, I've not played him since I was nine. I downloaded old scripts and practised those in front of the mirror.
32I don't want to find myself at the age of 60 waiting by the telephone for someone else to decide if I am capable of being in what might be a crummy TV production.
33I hated improvisation because in my early days as an actor, improvisation meant somebody had just come down from Oxford and they were doing a play above a pub in Kentish Town, and the biggest ego would win.
34I've been really terrible in a lot of things because I learned by making mistakes. That makes you a different kind of actor, because you have to figure out for yourself what you do.
35My childhood growing up in that part of Glasgow always sounds like some kind of sub-Catherine Cookson novel of earthy working-class immigrant life, which to some extent it was, but it wasn't really as colourful that.
36One of the very, very exciting things I have found here in L.A. is that no one talks to you about being Scottish. Whereas, if you are in London and you are trying to put films together and be a film-maker, there is a kind of unspoken sense that, if you are Scottish, you have something to overcome or else you cannot really do that project.
37Real heroes are all around us and uncelebrated.
38The Americans just have a great sort of wit about them.
39I don't like parties. There was never a party I was at where I didn't wish I was somewhere else.
40I haven't played Doctor Who (1963) since I was 9 on the playground.
41I love people where, at the end of the day, they'll pick up a paintbrush and paint clouds. They can physically make things.
42I never really think of acting and directing as being separate; they are just different expressions of the same thing.
43I suppose I just like being arty. That's all. Arty.
44I'm not an extravagant man. The fact that I can have a coffee out whenever I want still makes me feel grateful.
45I'm pretty good for an old geek.
46It's weathered many a storm, but the British film industry is, thankfully, still afloat.
47A girl once came to my beery flat in Kensal Green, opened the blinds and cooked me breakfast. I married her.
48Hollywood producers aren't going to say, 'Get me that swearing, grey-haired, headless chicken. We need him for our new High School Musical (2006) movie!'
49I can't imagine I'll be the new George Clooney. That's not really in the cards.
50I destroyed all my geek stuff because I didn't want to be a geek, and I regret it to this day. Consumed in the geek bonfire of the vanities was a collection of autographs and letters from Peter Cushing, Spike Milligan and Frankie Howerd, the first Doctor Whos, actual astronauts and many more. I wish I'd known that one day the geek would inherit the Earth.
51The big reason that Doctor Who (2005) is still with us is because of every single viewer who ever turned on to watch this show, at any age, at any time in its history and in their history and who took it into their heart -- because Doctor Who (2005) belongs to all of us. Everyone made Doctor Who.
52Being asked to play the Doctor is an amazing privilege. Like the Doctor himself I find myself in a state of utter terror and delight. I can't wait to get started.
1Huge fan of David Bowie.
2Special rings were designed for his roles in The Musketeers and Doctor Who in order to hide his own wedding ring, which he doesn't like to take off.
3He was seriously considering giving up acting when he was cast as Malcolm Tucker in 'The Thick Of It (2005)'.
4Is a huge fan of the HBO show Game of Thrones (2011). In Season 9 of Doctor Who (2005) he worked alongside Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark.
5Was offered the chance to audition for the Eighth Doctor in _Doctor Who (1996) (TV) (1996)_ but turned it down as he felt he was unlikely to get it. The part eventually went to Paul McGann.
6On The All New Alexei Sayle Show (1994), Peter Calpaldi played intoxicated time traveler Doug Hatton in the re-occurring sketch 'Drunk in Time'.
7Long before World War Z (2013), Capaldi was considered for a another zombie film-he was favored to play Rawlings in Lifeforce (1985).
8He became an actor because of his love of Doctor Who (1963) and the hope that he would one day get to appear on the show.
9When he was 15, he sent a letter to ''Doctor Who'' magazine in tribute to Roger Delgado who played The Master in the original Doctor Who (1963) series.
10He auditioned for a place in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) but was rejected.
11Like David Tennant, he was a lifelong Doctor Who (1963) fan before he got to play the role.
12His paternal grandfather, Giovanni Batiste Capaldi, was Italian, born in Picinisco, Frosinone, Lazio, Italy. The rest of Peter's ancestry is Scottish and Irish.
13He is only the third actor to play the Doctor who has been older than the actor he replaced in the role. The others were Jon Pertwee, who was a year older than Patrick Troughton, and Colin Baker, who was eight years older than Peter Davison. Capaldi is tied with the First Doctor, William Hartnell, to be the oldest actors cast in the role-both were age 55 when cast.
14Capaldi is the third Scottish actor to play the role of the Doctor in the TV series, following Sylvester McCoy, who played the Seventh Doctor, and David Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor.
15He is the second actor to play the Doctor who also played a previous role in the show. The first was Colin Baker.
16He is the only Oscar winner to play the Doctor, although not for acting-for best live-action short film.
17He is the first actor to play the Doctor in the revamped Doctor Who (2005) to be born before the original series first premiered.
18Played a character called "W.H.O. Doctor" in World War Z (2013) before being cast in the lead role for Doctor Who (2005).
19He had been to an audition in the morning where he felt that he was made "to jump through hoops" for a small role by people he had worked with before. This frustrating audition gave him the mind-set at the next audition on that day, for the role of Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It (2005). Armando Iannucci found him perfect for the role.
20He is a patron of the Association for International Cancer Research and of a Scottish children's charity, the Aberlour Child Care Trust.
21Was the lead singer of a punk rock band, Dreamboys, which included Craig Ferguson as the drummer and Temple Clark as the bassist.


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Getting On2009-2010TV Series 9 episodes
Strictly Sinatra2001
Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life1993Short


Doctor Who2014-2015TV Series performer - 6 episodes
Neverwhere1996TV Mini-Series performer - 1 episode


The Cricklewood Greats2012TV Movie written by
A Portrait of Scotland2009TV Movie documentary
Strictly Sinatra2001
Soft Top Hard Shoulder1993writer
Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life1993Short writer


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Archive Footage

SSDT - Anno 20602017TV SeriesAgent Rikard
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year2014TV MovieThe Doctor (uncredited)
TV's Nastiest Villains2014TV Movie documentaryMalcolm Tucker
Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty2013TV Movie documentaryThe Doctor (uncredited)
The Culture Show2013TV Series documentaryHimself
Stick 10: Remake of the Ultimates2013ShortBen's Mind
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year2012TV MovieMalcolm Tucker (uncredited)
Doctor Who Greatest Moments2009TV Mini-Series documentaryLucius Caecillus Ivcundus
My Family2009TV SeriesColin Judd
The Story of Dibley2007TV Movie documentaryTristan Campbell (uncredited)

Won Awards

2016BTVA People's Choice Voice Acting AwardBehind the Voice Actors AwardsBest Vocal Ensemble in a Video GameLego Dimensions (2015)
2016BTVA Video Game Voice Acting AwardBehind the Voice Actors AwardsBest Vocal Ensemble in a Video GameLego Dimensions (2015)
2014Royal Television Society Scotland AwardRoyal Television Society Scotland AwardsSpecial AwardFor outstanding contribution to television
2012British Comedy AwardBritish Comedy AwardsBest TV Comedy ActorThe Thick of It (2005)
2010BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Male Performance in a Comedy RoleThe Thick of It (2005)
2010British Comedy AwardBritish Comedy AwardsBest TV Comedy ActorThe Thick of It (2005)
2010Broadcasting Press Guild AwardBroadcasting Press Guild AwardsBest ActorThe Thick of It (2005)
2010Chlotrudis AwardChlotrudis AwardsBest Supporting ActorIn the Loop (2009)
2009BAFTA Scotland AwardBAFTA Awards, ScotlandBest Acting Performance in FilmIn the Loop (2009)
1995OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Short Film, Live ActionFranz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life (1993)
1994BAFTA Film AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Short FilmFranz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life (1993)
1994Audience AwardAngers European First Film FestivalShort FilmFranz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life (1993)
1993BAFTA Scotland AwardBAFTA Awards, ScotlandBest Actor - FilmSoft Top Hard Shoulder (1993)
1993BAFTA Scotland AwardBAFTA Awards, ScotlandBest Short FilmFranz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life (1993)

Nominated Awards

2016BAFTA Scotland AwardBAFTA Awards, ScotlandBest Actor - TelevisionDoctor Who (2005)
2016TV Quick AwardTV Quick Awards, UKBest ActorDoctor Who (2005)
2015BAFTA Cymru AwardBAFTA Awards, WalesBest Actor (Yr Actor Gorau)Doctor Who (2005)
2015OFTA Television AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Actor in a Drama SeriesDoctor Who (2005)
2015TV Quick AwardTV Quick Awards, UKBest ActorDoctor Who (2005)
2013BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Male Performance in a Comedy ProgrammeThe Thick of It (2005)
2013BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Supporting ActorThe Hour (2011)
2013Broadcasting Press Guild AwardBroadcasting Press Guild AwardsBest ActorThe Thick of It (2005)
2012BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Comedy (Programme or Series)The Cricklewood Greats (2012)
2011BAFTA Scotland AwardBAFTA Awards, ScotlandBest Actor/Actress - TelevisionThe Field of Blood (2011)
2010Peter Sellers Award for ComedyEvening Standard British Film AwardsIn the Loop (2009)
2010Gold Derby AwardGold Derby AwardsSupporting ActorIn the Loop (2009)
2010ALFS AwardLondon Critics Circle Film AwardsBritish Actor of the YearIn the Loop (2009)
2010Golden NymphMonte-Carlo TV FestivalOutstanding Actor - Comedy SeriesThe Thick of It (2005)
2010OFTA Film AwardOnline Film & Television AssociationBest Supporting ActorIn the Loop (2009)
2010OFCS AwardOnline Film Critics Society AwardsBest Supporting ActorIn the Loop (2009)
2010RTS Television AwardRoyal Television Society, UKBest Comedy PerformanceThe Thick of It (2005)
2010SFX AwardSFX Awards, UKBest ActorTorchwood (2006)
2009British Independent Film AwardBritish Independent Film AwardsBest ActorIn the Loop (2009)
2009CFCA AwardChicago Film Critics Association AwardsBest Supporting ActorIn the Loop (2009)
2009ICP AwardIndiewire Critics' PollBest Supporting PerformanceIn the Loop (2009)
2009VVFP AwardVillage Voice Film PollBest Supporting ActorIn the Loop (2009)
2008BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Comedy PerformanceThe Thick of It (2005)
2008RTS Television AwardRoyal Television Society, UKBest Comedy PerformanceThe Thick of It (2005)
2006BAFTA TV AwardBAFTA AwardsBest Comedy PerformanceThe Thick of It (2005)
2006RTS Television AwardRoyal Television Society, UKBest Comedy PerformanceThe Thick of It (2005)

2nd Place Awards

2010COFCA AwardCentral Ohio Film Critics AssociationBest Supporting ActorIn the Loop (2009)
2010ICS AwardInternational Cinephile Society AwardsBest Supporting ActorIn the Loop (2009)
2009LAFCA AwardLos Angeles Film Critics Association AwardsBest Supporting ActorIn the Loop (2009)

3rd Place Awards

2009NYFCC AwardNew York Film Critics Circle AwardsBest Supporting ActorIn the Loop (2009)

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