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Philippe Kahn net worth is
$2 Billion

Philippe Kahn Wiki Biography

Philippe Kahn was born on the 16th March 1952 in Paris, France. Philippe is best known for his innovations in technology, and the CEO of four most popular technology companies – Fullpower Technologies, LightSurf Technologies, Starfish Software and Borland. He is also recognized for his invention of the first camera phone.

Have you ever wondered how rich is Philippe Kahn? Sources estimate that Kahn’s net worth is around $2 billion, an amount he owes mostly to his inventions, which currently exceed a hundred.

Philippe Kahn Net Worth $2 Billion

Kahn grew up in Paris, in a Jewish family. His mother was held captive in Auschwitz during the Second World War and survived, and she served in the French resistance; his father was a simple man, working as a mechanical engineer. Regarding his education, Philippe attended the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, where he studied mathematics, and later attended the University Of Nice Sophia Antipolis, from where he graduated with a master degree in mathematics. Furthermore, Kahn gained a masters degree in musicology composition and classical flute performance from the Zurich Music Conservatory in Switzerland.

While being occupied with his education, Philippe managed to create software for MICRAL, which became the first microprocessor-based personal computer, according to the Computer History Museum. He continued working on software development, and in 1983 he decided to move to USA.

With only $2000 dollars in his pocket, Philippe struggled firstly to charge his knowledge, but eventually he founded a software company, Borland, together with Niels Jensen, Morgens Glad and Ole Henriksen. Borland produced programming languages including Turbo Pascal which became their main product in the following years. The company began to run with success, which increased Philippe`s net worth. However, Philippe and the rest of the founders had a few disagreements involving the company`s future, and Philippe left Borland.

Nevertheless, in 1994, Philippe went on to establish another firm, Starfish Software, whose main product was TrueSynch, the first ever over the air synchronization system. With the growing success of the company, Philippe`s net worth also grew, and in 1998, he decided to sell the company to Motorola, in a deal worth $325 million.

Before he started another company, Philippe credited himself for producing the first ever phone camera picture, which was taken on the day of birth of his daughter, 11th June 1997. He jury-rigged a mobile phone with a digital camera, and thanks to his previous inventions he was able to send pictures in real time through public networks.

With the creation of his new company, LightSurf, in 1998, Philppe extended his area of expertise to MMS, a multimedia message service. His net worth increased further when he decided to sell LightSurf to Verisign for $300 million in 2005.

In 2003, he established Fullpower Technologies, a company which provides patented an ecosystem for wearable and Internet of Things sensor-fusion solutions supporting networks of sensors. Some of the products of the company include MotionX, used by world renowned brands such as Nike and Apple.

Regarding his personal life, Kahn has been married to Sonia Lee since 1993, who is credited as a co-founder of Khan`s companies including LightSurf, Starfish Software, and Fullpower Technologies. The couple has one daughter, but Kahn has three more children from his previous marriage.

Net Worth$2 Billion
Date Of Birth16th March 1952
Place Of BirthParis, France
EducationETH Zurich

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  1. This inventor made fortune from own inventions, innovation and creations unlike most in Silicon Valley. He is unique and continues after cellphone camera with IoT smartbed. Kudos!

  2. Yes. The guy is an inventor of real technology and a real innovator. More so than about ant Silicon Valley personality. Camera-Phone, Smart-Bed etc….

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