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Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Queen Elizabeth II net worth is
$550 Million

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Queen Elizabeth II Wiki Biography

Queen Elizabeth II, full name Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, was born on 21 April 1926. She is the first child of Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon and Prince Albert (Later King George VI). She is the Head of the Church of England and, in some of her realms, carries the additional title of Defender of the Faith. Elizabeth is a queen regnant of 16 of the 53 Commonwealth  countries. She is widely known for her exclusive style of a dress suit, large hat and a  handbag. She apparently enjoys wearing the most lavish jewellery in the world, living in multi-million dollar estates, and owning an art collection that makes her one of the wealthiest personalities in England.

So just how rich is Queen Elizabeth II? Forbes magazine estimates that the Queen’s personal wealth is over $550 million, including Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Sandringham House in Norfolk, and several other pieces of real estate, plus an art collection, jewellery – the Crown Jewels have been theoretically valued at over $5 billion, but will never be sold – and a collection of stamps inherited from her father.  Of course the royal family has use of many other properties and assets owned by the Crown Estate, valued in 2015 at $16.6 billion, including Buckingham Palace; the Queen’s income is from 15% of Crown Estate profits, which in 2015 was $62 million to her. The Duchy of Lancaster is the Queen’s private estate, a portfolio of land and property, all profits of which go into the Privy Purse and so to the Queen, $23 million in 2015. Total value of all the above has been put at over $20 billion.

Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth $550 Million

Queen Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne after the death of her father in 1952. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was baptized to carry the names of her mother Elizabeth, George V’s mother Alexandra and her paternal grandmother Mary. Elizabeth along with her sister Princess Margaret, who was four years younger, was educated privately at home under the supervision of her mother and their governess.

Elizabeth’s parents called her Lillibet. Her grandfather, King George V, apparently loved her most and some media sources even called their relationship ideal that hereupon had an enormous positive effect on King George’s health, while he was struggling with a severe illness in the mid- 1930’s.

During the Second World War the suggestion by the senior politician Lord Hailsham was made, that it would be better to evacuate the two princesses to Canada. But Elizabeth’s mother rejected this advice declaring “The children won’t go without me, I won’t leave without the King, and the King will never leave”.

When Elizabeth was 12 years old, she met Philip who was Prince of Denmark and Greece. The following year in 1939 Elizabeth announced of her love for Phillip, although she was only thirteen. Elizabeth and Phillip’s engagement was announced on 9 July 1947. Although there were opinions that he was not good enough for her, because he is foreign-born and because his financial position was not well known, Elizabeth and Phillip married at Westminster Abbey on 20 November 1947. They have four children – a son Charles, heir to the thrown, who was born on 14 November 1948, a daughter, Princess Anne born in 1950, Prince Andrew born 1960, and Prince Edward born in 1964.

Even those who knew very little about the life of Queen Elizabeth, after the marriage of her son Charles to Princess Diana of Wales, they had an opportunity to hear a lot about the Royal family in the 1980’s and 1990’s. After her retirement, Elizabeth’s former governess Crowford published a book “The Little Princess”. It is speculated that the reason for the book was to improve Crowford’s financial status, using Queen Elizabeth’s net worth and fame, but also to raise the image of the royal family among the British population, to show that private family life in the royal household was relatively normal.

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in September 2015, surpassing that of her great-grandmother Queen Victoria at 63 years and 215 days.


Full NameElizabeth II
Net Worth$550 Million
Date Of BirthApril 21, 1926
DiedMarch 24, 1603, Richmond, United Kingdom, March 24, 1603, Richmond, United Kingdom
Place Of BirthMayfair, London, United Kingdom
Height1.63 m, 1.63 m, 1.63 m, 1.63 m, 1.63 m
ProfessionQueen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and Head of the Commonwealth (coronation in 1953)
SpousePrince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (m.1947-)
ChildrenCharles, Prince of Wales; Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Andrew, Duke of York; Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex
ParentsElizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon and Prince Albert (Later King George VI)
SiblingsPrincess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, Rock My Style, Julie Ocean, She-Diana, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
NominationsQueen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms
TV ShowsMonarchy: The Royal Family at Work, Royal Heritage, Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work, Royal Heritage, Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work, Royal Heritage, Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work, Royal Heritage, Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work, Royal Heritage
1Corgi dogs
2Dress suit, big hat, boxy handbag
1Some people do their jobs, and then they go home.
2[her Christmas speech to the nation in 1965] Every year the familiar pattern of Christmas unfolds. The sights and the customs and festivities may seem very much the same from one year to another, and yet to families and individuals each Christmas is slightly different.
3The right to change the government by the ballot box and not the barrel of a gun; perhaps the best definition of a democracy.
4In tomorrow's world we must all work together as hard as ever, if we're truly to be United Nations.
5Discrimination still exists. Some people feel that their own beliefs are being threatened. Some are unhappy about unfamiliar cultures. They all need to be reassured that there is so much to be gained by reaching out to others; that diversity is indeed a strength and not a threat.
6We are a moderate, pragmatic people, more comfortable with practice than theory.
7Football's a difficult business and aren't they prima donnas?
8[40th anniversary of her Accession] 1992 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure. In the words of one of my more sympathetic correspondents, it has turned out to be an 'Annus Horribilis'.
9[upon seeing William for the first time] Thank goodness he hasn't got ears like his father. Rejoice!
10The British constitution has always been puzzling and always will be.
11First I want to pay homage to Diana myself. She was an exceptional and gifted human being, In good times and bad, she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh, nor to inspire others with her warmth and kindness. I admired and respected her - for her energy and commitments to others, and especially to her two boys.
12We lost the American colonies because we lacked the statesmanship to know the right time and the manner of yielding what is impossible to keep.
13Like all best families, we have our share of eccentricities, of impetuous and wayward youngsters and of family disagreements.
14[on her 21st birthday] I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.
15[on her 1951 cross-Canada tour] My face is aching with smiling. I am not a Hollywood movie star and I do not propose to act as one.
16Grief is the price we pay for love.
17My husband has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years, and I owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim.
1Thirteen Prime Minister have served during Queen Elizabeth II's reign: Winston Churchill (1951-55), Anthony Eden (1955-1957), Harold Macmillan (1957-1963), Alec Douglas-Home (1963-1964), Harold Wilson (1964-1970, 1974-1976), Edward Heath (1970-1974), James Callaghan (1976-1979), Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990), John Major (1990-1997), Tony Blair (1997-2007), Gordon Brown (2007-2010), David Cameron (2010-2016) and Theresa May (2016-present).
2During her long illustrious reign, the Queen has met all but one of the last twelve US Presidents, Lyndon Johnson being the exception. In chronological order she has met, Harry S. Truman (Canadian Embassy Washington 1951), Dwight D. Eisenhower (St. Lawrence Seaway opening 1959), John F. Kennedy (London 1961), Richard Nixon (UK 1970), Gerald Ford (White House 1976), Jimmy Carter (Buckingham Palace 1977), Ronald Reagan (UK 1982), George Bush (Washington 1991), Bill Clinton (Buckingham Palace 2000), George W. Bush (White House 2007), Barack Obama (London 2016). She also met former US President Herbert Hoover more than 20 years after he left office (New York City 1957).
3On September 9, 2015, she surpassed her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria as the longest-reigning monarch in British history.
4She is one of the six surviving people mentioned by name in the 1989 Billy Joel song "We Didn't Start the Fire". The other five are Doris Day, Brigitte Bardot, Chubby Checker, Bob Dylan and Bernard Goetz.
5Her Coronation in 1953 was watched by a 13-year old David Jason; she later knighted him during her birthday honors on December 1st, 2005. According to Jason, she never tells anyone to 'arise' once they've been knighted - it's an urban myth and not part of the ceremony. Later, she told Jason he had been in the business a long time, and he asked if he had ever done anything to offend her. She laughed and said no.
6On the 9th of September 2007 there was much news coverage of Queen Elizabeth II attending the Opening of the Welsh Assembly. Unfortunately, unintentional humor resulted when some broadcasters used the common abbreviation of the word Assembly.
7May 4-8. Her Majesty stayed in Jamestown, Virginia to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the colonizing of Jamestown. [May 2007]
8Ascended the throne when she was 25.
9Harry's graduation was the first time in 15 years she presented the ceremony.
10Likes tea, with milk and no sugar every morning.
11Her favourite Royal residence is Windsor Castle.
12Cousin of Lady Elizabeth Anson.
13Third cousin of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia Margrethe II, King Harald V, Juan Carlos de Borbón, King Carl XVI Gustaf, and King Michael.
14Has 8 grandchildren:Prince William Arthur Philip Louis (b. 21 June 1982), and Prince Henry Charles Albert David (b. 15 September 1984, Prince Charles' sons), Peter Mark Andrew Phillips (b. 15 November 1977) and Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips (b. 15 May 1981, Princess Anne's children), Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary (b. 8 August 1988) and Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena (b. 23 March 1990, Prince Andrew's daughters), Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary (b. 8 November 2003) and James Alexander Philip Theo, Viscount Severn (b. 17 December 2007, Prince Edward's children).
15Her Majesty became Queen in a tree house. At the time of her father's death she was staying at the Treetops Hotel. It is literally built into the tops of the trees of the Aberdares National Park as a tree house, offering the guests a close view of the local wildlife in complete safety. It was there that, uniquely, she "went up a Princess and came down a Queen". She was the first British monarch since the Act of Union in 1801 to be outside the country at the moment of succession, and also the first in modern times not to know the exact time of her accession (because her father, George VI, had died in his sleep at an unknown time); it fell to Prince Philip to tell her. The night of the King's death, Sir Horace Hearne, then Chief Justice of Kenya, escorted The Princess Elizabeth, as she then was, to a state dinner at the Treetops Hotel. Upon finding out that she was now Queen, she returned immediately to Britain.
16The 2009 Sunday Times List estimated her net worth at $442 million.
17Has never held a drivers license, despite driving an ambulance in WWII. She does, however, drive on her lands.
18Has been played by Helen Mirren, Emily Watson, Cate Blanchett, Jane Alexander, Jeannette Charles, Dana Wynter, Kate Robbins, Jennifer Saunders, and Trey Parker, among others.
19At the time of her coronation, her favorite actors were Laurence Olivier, Gary Cooper and Dirk Bogarde.
20Has received over 3 million items of correspondence during her reign.
21Has visited the sets of Britain's most popular soap operas Coronation Street (1960), EastEnders (1985) and Emmerdale (1972).
22Has sat for 139 official portraits to date.
23Is fluent in French.
24Learnt to drive in 1945 when she joined the Army.
25Time Magazine's "Man (or Person) of the Year" (1953)
26Although most of the "Crown Jewels" are owned by the state, the British Royal Family do own one of the most valuable collection of jewels in the world, containing some of the worlds largest diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies.
27She owns the world's finest Pink Diamond, It forms the Centre of a flower brooch and weights 54.50 carats.
28Not including the United Kingdom, she is Queen of over a dozen countries, including Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Since she does not live in those countries, though she visits often, much of her duties are performed by a Governor General who she appoints on the advice of the Prime Minister of the country in question. It is important to note that neither the sovereign nor the Governors General, have had any hand in governing these countries since the 1930s, and their roles are purely ceremonial.
29Great-granddaughter of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.
30Earned her nickname "Lillibet" as a child, when she could not pronounce her name.
31First cousin of the Duke of Gloucester.
32Aunt of David Armstrong-Jones (Viscount Linley) and Sarah Armstrong-Jones.
33First cousin, twice removed, of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Tsarina Alexandra and Queen Victoria Eugenia.
34She and Prince Philip are the great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
35Niece of King Edward VIII (Duke of Windsor), Mary the Princess Royal (aka Victoria, 1897-1965), Prince Henry (Duke of Gloucester), Prince George ('Duke of Kent'), and Prince John (1905-1919).
36Granddaughter of King George V and Queen Mary.
37Grandmother of Peter Phillips, Zara Phillips, Prince William, Prince Harry Windsor, 'Princess Beatrice', Princess Eugenie, Lady Louise Windsor and James Mountbatten-Windsor (Viscount Severn).
38Formerly the mother-in-law of Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson.
39Sister of Princess Margaret
40She has owned over 30 corgis over the years, and her four current dogs are named Pharos, Swift, Emma, and Linnet (as of February 2002).
41She enjoys watching horse-racing, "Doctor Who" and the British comedy Last of the Summer Wine (1973) .
42She formally approves all government legislation, though she does this on the advice of the Prime Minister. It would create a massive crisis if she did not approve a piece of legislation.
43Owns one of the world's largest private collections of postage stamps.
44Daughter of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and King George VI.
45Daughter, Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, born Aug. 15, 1950.
46Son, Prince Edward Antony Richard Louis, (aka Edward Wessex) born March 10, 1964.
47Son, Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward, born Feb. 19, 1960.
48Son, Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, born Nov. 14, 1948.
49Was crowned in Westminster Abbey in London on June 2, 1953. This coronation became the first major international television broadcast.
50Ascended British and Commonwealth thrones on February 6th, 1952.


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The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II2012TV Movie documentaryHerself
The Queen and Her Prime Ministers2012TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Tales of Television Centre2012TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
The 70s2012TV Series documentaryHerself
She-Wolves: England's Early Queens2012TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself
Excavating the 2000 Year Old Man2012Documentary shortHerself
The Diamond Queen2012TV Series documentaryHerself
Ballade pour une reine2012TV Movie documentaryHerself
The Talent Show Story2012TV Series documentaryHerself
Beeching's Legacy2012TV Mini-SeriesHerself (uncredited)
The Many Faces of...2011TV Series documentaryHerself
Insiders2006-2011TV SeriesHerself / Herself - Queen of the United Kingdom
The Queen's Palaces2011TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself
Wags of '662011TV Movie documentaryHerself
Unlawful Killing2011DocumentaryHerself - Princess Elizabeth / Her Majesty the Queen (uncredited)
The One Show2011TV SeriesHerself
Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo2011TV Mini-SeriesHerself
Nature2011TV Series documentaryHerself - Premiere of 'Born Free'
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year2011TV SpecialHerself (uncredited)
Willkommen Österreich2010TV SeriesHerself
Joe Maddison's War2010TV MovieHerself (uncredited)
The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu2010DocumentaryHerself
Spise med Price2010TV Series documentaryHerself
Live from Studio Five2009-2010TV SeriesHerself
Stars on the Street2009TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Monty Python: Almost the Truth - The Lawyer's Cut2009TV Mini-SeriesHerself
50 años de2009TV SeriesHerself
Glenn Beck2009TV SeriesHerself
The Queen's Coronation: Behind Palace Doors2008TV Movie documentaryHerself
British Style Genius2008TV Series documentaryHerself
Humphrey Lyttelton: The Jazz Musicians' Jazz Musician2008TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
The Queen: A Life in Film2008Video documentaryHerself
La rabbia di Pasolini2008DocumentaryHerself
Revealed2008TV Series documentaryHerself
Cutting Edge2008TV Series documentaryHerself - Visiting Bolton Museum
50 Greatest Families2008TV Movie documentaryThe Royal Family
50 Greatest Comedy Catchphrases2008TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Morecambe & Wise: In Their Own Words2008TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Monarchy with David Starkey2007TV Series documentaryHerself
The Queen's Wedding2007TV Movie documentaryHerself
Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement2007Video documentaryHerself
Memòries de la tele2007TV SeriesHerself
Königin - Ein Job fürs Leben: Queen Elisabeth II.2007TV Movie documentaryHerself
Royal Wedding: June, Judy and Jane2007Video documentary shortHerself
Duelle2007TV Series documentaryHerself
La tele de tu vida2007TV SeriesHerself
Oha! 42007TV SeriesHerself
National Geographic Presents: Mystery of the Romanovs2007TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
In the Shadow of the Moon2007DocumentaryHerself (uncredited)
How to Marry a Prince2007TV Movie documentaryHerself
The Fame Review 20062006TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
E! True Hollywood Story2006TV Series documentaryHerself
The Best of the Royal Variety2006TV SeriesHerself
La imagen de tu vida2006TV SeriesHerself
TV's 50 Greatest Stars2006TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Premiere Bond: Opening Nights2006Video documentary shortHerself
The 60s: The Beatles Decade2006TV Series documentaryHerself
Dans la peau de Jacques Chirac2006DocumentaryHerself
Doctor Who2006TV SeriesHerself
Canada A.M.2006TV SeriesHerself
Who Stole the World Cup?2006TV Movie documentaryHerself
Die Zweite Republik - Eine unglaubliche Geschichte2005TV Series documentaryHerself
80s2005TV Series documentaryHerself
Room 1012005TV SeriesHerself
Favouritism2005TV SeriesHerself
8 Out of 10 Cats2005TV SeriesHerself
Timewatch2004-2005TV Series documentaryHerself
Life and Times2005TV Series documentaryHerself
Gintbergs store aften - hver aften2005TV SeriesHerself
Forensic Files2005TV Series documentaryHerself
Back to the 1950s2004Video documentaryHerself
Fætre og kusiner om Frederik & Mary2004TV Special documentaryHerself
The Tower2004TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself - The Queen
Victoria Wood's Big Fat Documentary2004TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself
Britain's Favourite Comedian2004TV SeriesHerself
Di's Guys2004TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself
Not Cricket: The Basil d'Oliveira Conspiracy2004TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Get Up, Stand Up2003TV Series documentaryHerself
Timeshift2003TV Series documentaryHerself
Churchill2003TV Series documentaryHerself
Days That Shook the World2003TV Series documentaryHerself
The Royals and Their Pets2003TV Series documentaryHerself
Sendung ohne Namen2003TV Series documentaryHerself
Everest: Getting to the Bottom of the Mountain2003TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Mysterious Worlds2003TV SeriesHerself
A Royal Family2003TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself
The Jubilee Girl2002TV MovieHerself
The Adventure of English2002TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Manchester United: The Official History 1878-20022002Video documentaryHerself
The Game of Their Lives2002DocumentaryHerself (uncredited)
The Story of Football2002Video documentaryHerself - 1953 FA Cup Final, 1976 FA Cup Final
The King of Communism: The Pomp & Pageantry of Nicolae Ceausescu2002TV Movie documentaryHerself
A Very English Genius2002TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Trudeau2002TV MovieHerself
Angela D'Audney: A Tribute2002TV Movie documentaryHerself
Britography2002TV Series documentaryHerself
Hitler's Victory2002TV Movie documentaryHerself (as The Royal Family)
The Real George V2002TV Movie documentaryHerself
Prince of Wales: Kings in Waiting2000TV Movie documentaryHerself
The Filth and the Fury2000DocumentaryHerself
Best of British1999TV SeriesHerself
60 Minutes1999TV Series documentaryHerself - Monarch of England (segment "Oh Lord!")
50 Glorious Years: A Royal Celebration1999Video documentaryHerself
Nancherrow1999TV SeriesHerself
A Big Hand for Sooty1998TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Biography1998TV Series documentaryHerself
Cold War1998TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself
14 Weddings and a Divorce1997Video documentaryHerself
The King and Queen: The War Years1997TV MovieHerself
Cronkite Remembers1997TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself (riding to her coronation) (uncredited)
Henry VIII1997TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself (uncredited)
A Web of War1996DocumentaryHerself (uncredited)
John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk1996DocumentaryHerself
Match of the Seventies1995-1996TV SeriesHerself
Without Walls1996TV Series documentaryHerself
The Churchills1996TV Mini-Series documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Anglia at Peace1996TV Series documentaryHerself
Churchill and the Cabinet War Rooms1995TV Movie documentaryHerself (Princess Elizabeth) (uncredited)
Inside the White House1995TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Royal Family at War1995TV Movie documentaryHerself (uncredited)
Unbroadcastable 'Have I Got News for You'1995VideoHerself (uncredited)
Kicking & Screaming1995TV Series documentaryHerself

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