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Randolph Deroy Mantooth net worth is
$3 Million

Randolph Deroy Mantooth Wiki Biography

Randy DeRoy Mantooth was born on 19 September 1945, in Sacramento, California USA, of very mixed German, Scottish, Cherokee, Seminole, and Potawatomi descent. Randolph is an actor, best known for his extensive career spanning 40 years, including involvement in series including “Adam-12”, “Alias Smith and Jones” and “McCloud”. All of his efforts have helped put his net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Randolph Mantooth? As of late-2016, sources estimate a net worth that is at $3 million, mostly earned through a successful career as an actor. He played the lead role of John Gage in the series “Emergency!” for six seasons, but has also appeared in numerous films. He’s also earned several awards, and all have contributed to the position of his wealth.

Randolph Mantooth Net Worth $3 million

Mantooth attended San Marcos High School, and during his time there became a part of school plays. After matriculating, he attended Santa Barbara City College, and would get a scholarship to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. During this time, he became part of the production “Philadelphia Here I Come” and his performance would earn him a Charles Jehlenger Award. While looking for his big break, he worked various jobs such as a newspaper boy and elevator operator, establishing his net worth.

After his performance in “Philadelphia Here I Come”, he was discovered and signed a contract with Universal. He became part of several series, including “Marcus Welby, M.D”. In 1972, he was cast in the highly popular “Emergency!” which went on to run for six seasons, then in the late 1970s he continued appearing in more shows, including “Detective School” and “Operation Petticoat”. He also made numerous guest appearances in series such as “Vega$” and “Battlestar Gallactica”.

After appearing in several miniseries, and making guest appearances in shows such as “Dallas”, “LA Law” and “Charlie’s Angels”, he moved back to New York and focused on soap operas, earning him four Soap Opera Digest Award nominations. Some of the shows he starred in include “Loving”, “The City” and “One Life to Live”. He also appeared in “General Hospital and “As the World Turns”. Aside from his daytime shows, he began regular appearances in television movies, including “White Cobra Express”., and series such as “Walker, Texas Ranger”, Baywatch” and McGyver” as a guest, boosting his net worth.

In 2000, he was cast in the television movie “Bitter Suite” and seven years later he became a lead in “Fire Serpent. He also had various feature film roles, including as Admiral Edwards in “Agent Red”. Other films he was cast in include “Bold Native” and “He Was a Quiet Man”. Aside from that, some of the more recent series he has starred in include “Criminal Minds”, “ER”, “Sons of Anarchy” and “Ghost Whisperer”.

Even with his numerous TV and film projects, Mantooth continued with regular appearances in theatre, becoming part of “Arsenic and Old Lace” and “The Man with the Dirty Mind”. He also appeared in works written by William S. Yellow Robe, Jr. including “The Independence of Eddie Rose”. Other productions he’s been a part of are “Back to the Blankets” and “The Paper Crown”. In 2003, he became an Associate Artist of The Purple Rose Theatre Company in Michigan.

For his personal life, it is known that Randolph married Rose Parra in 1978 and their marriage lasted until 1991. In 2002 he married Kristen Connors.

Full NameRandolph Mantooth
Net Worth$3 Million
Date Of BirthSeptember 19, 1945
Place Of BirthSacramento, California, U.S.
Height6' 1" (1.85 m)
EducationAmerican Academy of Dramatic Arts,San Marcos High School
SpouseKristen Connors (m. 2002), Rose Parra (m. 1978–1991)
ParentsSadie Mantooth, Donald Mantooth
SiblingsDon Mantooth, Tonya Mantooth, Nancy Mantooth
MoviesKiller Holiday, Bold Native, Fire Serpent, He Was a Quiet Man, Time Share, The Seekers, Vanished (1971)
TV ShowsEmergency!, Loving, The City, Detective School, The Wedsworth-Townsend Act, Emergency +4, Under Cover
1Deep smooth voice
2Frequently stars in soap operas
1[Who talked about Julie London coming to work everyday, on Emergency! (1972), being around with technical advisors, knowing her lines, using the medical dictionary, being responsible for several writings of the scripts, and was the consummate professional]: Absolutely, she was the consummate professional, who knew all of her lines with other actors, and she also used the medical dictionary for her role.
2[Of Julie London]: I don't know if it was up to her, but Kevin and I had both kept calm by her personality, when we were shooting in the hospital. Bobby Troup only knew who she was - she was just like Julie. She made us laughing!
3[on the later deaths of his professional on- and off-screen relationships with singers/actors Bobby Troup and Julie London, who played Dr. Joe Early, MD and Nurse Dixie "Dix" McCall, RN, respectively]: Bobby Troup and Julie London ... it was a killer when he passed away and Julie, too. It was like a real end of an era for us ... I still think about them and those times when Bobby was telling me how he wrote the song, "Route 66", and what he was going through ... I remember saying, 'Randy remember every word he is telling you' ... Julie London was so great, and she always referred to herself as a 'broad'. My fondest memory of her was the sheer joy of working with her ... she always had this droll sense of humor and I also remember sitting in their home [they were married from 1960 until he died in 1999; she was previously married to Jack Webb from 1947-1953]. It was this typical L.A. sprawling house in the hills overlooking the Valley and there were all these photos of Frank Sinatra and others ... I remember sitting there thinking I have been allowed to enter this sanctum that most people don't ever get to see. It was really neat.
4[When asked if he ever had a crush on Julie London, while doing the Emergency! (1972) series]: Johnny's relationship with Dixie, he loved her! She was always ... a lot of people would say, 'Hey, did you have a crush on Julie London?' She was 2 years younger than my mom. No, I didn't have a crush on her; but; I loved her! I loved her and Bobby so much and that love was reciprocated and Kevin ... we were like their sons.
5[on his Loving (1983) character]: I don't want to make him a villain. First of all, I don't think anyone is all bad or all good; there are shades of human behavior and I think a character is more interesting and more credible if you show those shadings.
6My son's up to no good, and really no good, and I'm sorta [I guess] in a state of denial. I can't believe that my son's doing something like this, and I've been pretty much hiding him out and financing him, behind my wife's back, and turns out that was a big mistake on my part.
7[on playing someone else besides "Johnny Gage"]: I got recognized when I was on Emergency! (1972), but nothing like I do now as "Clay". People seem to have a tendency to take the soaps much more seriously and reality identify on a personal basis much more than they do on prime-time. I'll be riding home on the subway and these ladies will come up to me and lecture me about how I should deal with "Ava".
8[When he arrived from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to become an actor]: This town let me be an actor. They've always said, 'Randy? Yeah, let's see what he can do.' Hollywood never said, 'Let's see what he can do,' they said, 'I know what he can do. I don't need to see him.'
9People tell me this all the time...they come up to me and say, 'You're my hero,' I say no. I'm just the face. You're the body. You do the work. You're on the front line. Believe me, when I tell you from the bottom of my heart -- if you're a EMT...a paramedic -- you're my hero.
1starring in "Morning After Grace" at the Purple Rose Theater. [December 2016]
2He and Kevin Tighe both had to study the medical dictionary with Julie London and Bobby Troup, for pronouncing medical terms.
3For he and Kevin Tighe to play their own roles on Emergency! (1972), they actually took paramedic courses, despite not taking any written exams.
4Each September of every year (for nearly 30 years), by one week, he shared the same month (in birthdays) with Julie London, until her death in 2000.
5In 1991, he was attached to appear in the american / italian coproduction of "White Cobra Express". The action movie was supposed to be directed by Jeff Kwitny and produced by Miles O'Keeffe, Chris Trainor, Blaine Beveridge and Aristide Massachessi ( aka Joe D' Amato ). Based on a script written by Jeff Kwitny and Greg Beal. Randy's costars would have been Miles O'Keeffe, John Steiner, Ronald Lacey, Henry Silva, Rebecca Lacey, Corinne Clery and Domiziano Arcangeli. The production couldn't find funding and was never made.
6Surrogate son of Julie London.
7Had signed a contract with Universal Studios in 1970.
8Credits Julie London as his favorite acting mentor/best friend.
9Did live action safety tips along with Kevin Tighe at the end of each episode of the Saturday morning cartoon series Emergency +4 (where they reprized both their roles from the live action TV show Emergency) these scenes were cut out when the show went in to syndication.
10Has successfully treated cancer. [2015].
11One of his two sisters, Nancy Mantooth, died on August 26, 2015, after a long battle with cancer.
12Upon arriving at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Randy was prompted to consider changing his name. Having Randy as his given name at birth, he felt this was more of a nickname than a name, so he decided to change his name to Randolph.
13Randolph's great-great grandfather Robert Mantooth (b. 1825 in Cocke County, Tennessee) served as a Confederate soldier in the 60th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry (Crawford's) (79th Infantry) in the War Between the States. Robert's brothers (or cousins) John and James served in the same unit.
14In almost all the Emergency! episodes, a pack of cigarettes is clearly visible in his front left uniform pocket. He is never shown smoking on camera at all.
15Met Julie London in 1971 on Emergency! (1972). He was friends with her until her death in 2000.
16Revealed that he had a wonderful working relationship with Julie London on Emergency! (1972).
17Once admitted he never had a crush on Julie London.
18Mantooth along with Kevin Tighe would frequently visit Julie London's house.
19Mantooth, along with Julie London, Bobby Troup and Kevin Tighe, attended the memorial of Jack Webb, when the producer passed away in 1982.
20His acting mentor and former series' lead, Julie London, died on October 18, 2000, at age 74. (Julie celebrated her 74th birthday on September 26, 2000, just 1 week after him, and passed away, the following month of what would've been her husband's Bobby Troup's 82nd birthday.).
21Like his ex-Emergency! (1972) co-stars, Julie London, Bobby Troup and Kevin Tighe, Mantooth is also a private person.
22In 1995, he, along with former Emergency! (1972) co-stars, Kevin Tighe and Bobby Troup, all visited Julie London in the hospital, when she suffered a stroke.
23He has played the same character (Paramedic John Gage) in three different series: Emergency! (1972), Emergency +4 (1973) and Sierra (1974).
24Participating in Project 51, a non-profit organization organized to not only celebrate the impact Emergency! had on rescue and emergency services, but to honor members of the EMS profession as well. As one of seven committee members guiding this organization, Randy has just finished a cross-country tour, travelling with the refurbished Squad from the television show to such cities as: Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas, Long Island, Baltimore and the final stop, Washington, D.C. On May 16, nearly 30 years after Emergency! debuted, the Smithsonian Institute accepted Emergency! memorabilia into its Natural History Museum. [2000]
25Became very good friends with Julie London's and Bobby Troup's entire family: Reese Troup, Jody Troup, Ronne Troup, Cynnie Troup, Kelly Troup, Lisa Webb and Stacy Webb.
26Lifelong friend of Robert Pratt, they met in 1970, when they were both contract players at Universal Studios.
27Along with Julie London, Bobby Troup and Kevin Tighe, Mantooth also appeared in every episode of Emergency! (1972).
28Since 2003, Mantooth is an Associate Artist of The Purple Rose Theatre Company in Chelsea, Michigan.
29Best friends with and is a lifelong fan of Julie London, he owns both of her greatest hits compilations.
30Best friend of Kevin Tighe.
31His aunt, Margie Casey, died on May 17, 2012, at age 87.
32His mother, Sadie Mantooth, died on April 2, 2013, at age 90.
33Nephew of Margie Casey, who was a public school teacher, before an elementary school principal. She retired in 1989.
34His acting mentor was the late Julie London, who was his childhood music heroine.
35Before he co-starred opposite Julie London on Emergency! (1972), Mantooth, along with her second husband Bobby Troup, Tim Donnelly and Ron Pinkard had worked for Jack Webb, who was married to London at the time.
36Friends with: Kevin Tighe, Ronne Troup, and her sister Cynnie Troup, Ron Pinkard, Debbi Morgan, Lee Majors and Larry Manetti.
37He was considered for one of the leading parts in the short-lived WB show "Hyperion Bay".
38He wrote a screenplay called "Pipeline" with Kevin Tighe.
39He created a television show about the Urban Search and Rescue Unit called "USAR-1".
40After Emergency! (1972), he was considered together with Harrison Ford for an television show about Canadian Mountain Rangers. The show was was never made.
41He was considered for the part of Seismologist Walt Russell on the 1974 disaster movie Earthquake. In the end actor Kip Niven got the part.
42Before he was a successful actor he used to be a newspaper boy for the local paper, the Coatesville Record, in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.
43As a teenager, he was a fan of both shows: The Andy Griffith Show (1960) and The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961).
44Was raised in Santa Barbara, California, after living in 24 states.
45Serves as Honorary Chairman and Spokesperson for the Non-Profit County of Los Angeles Fire Museum Association, and recently received an award for his efforts from the International Association of Fire Chiefs' EMS section.
46Best known by the public for his starring role as Paramedic Johnny Gage on Emergency! (1972).
47Did a play with Don Knotts and Rue McClanahan in a stage production of "The Man with The Dirty Mind.".
48The oldest of four children. His siblings are Don Mantooth, Tonya Mantooth, and Nancy Mantooth.
49His old friend and Emergency! (1972) co-star, Kevin Tighe, was Best Man at his 2002 wedding to Kristen Connors.
50One of his first jobs in the entertainment industry was being an NBC Page at their television studios at Rockefeller Center in New York City.
51Bought a 13-1/2 acre ranch in Agoura, California, in the 1970s that was later destroyed by the devastating "Malibu Fire" on October 15, 1978.
52Has been actively involved in several charitable causes such as The Make-A-Wish Foundation Western & Central Massachusetts Chapter and has served as a board member of Project 51.
53In 1997, he made a guest appearance on Diagnosis Murder (1993) starring Dick Van Dyke, which reunited him with former Emergency! (1972) co-star Robert Fuller.
54Co-owns a bar in New York.
55His 7th out of his 9th year participating in an Annual All-Star-Game in Szot Park in Chicopee, Massachusetts. [July 2000]
56He is half Seminole Indian.
57Forced to cut his hair in compliance with real LA County Fire Department standards, Mantooth added the phrase: "Make room for a long-haired fireman" to his autograph on technical advisor Jim Page's copy of the pilot script.


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General Hospital1963TV SeriesRichard Halifax (1992-1993)


Emergency!1973-1976TV Series stunts - 4 episodes


Emergency!TV Series 2 episodes, 1976 - 1977 segment director - 1 episode, 1978


Emergency!1978TV Series segment director - 1 episode


Goodbye World2013special thanks
Hometown Glory2010Documentary special thanks


VH-1 Where Are They Now: TV Hunks2003TV Short documentaryHimself
The Test2001TV SeriesHimself - Panelist
VH-1 Where Are They Now?2000TV Series documentaryHimself
Diagnosis Murder1999TV SeriesHimself - Cameo Appearance
The West1996TV Series documentary
The 11th Annual Soap Opera Digest Awards1995TV Movie documentaryHimself - Presenter
Good Morning America1986TV SeriesHimself
The Star Games1985TV SeriesHimself
Dinah!1975-1976TV SeriesHimself
The Rich Little Show1976TV SeriesHimself
Actor? A Documentary2014DocumentaryHimself
Entertainment Tonight2009TV SeriesHimself
Hollywood Squares2004TV SeriesHimself

Archive Footage

Remembering 'Battlestar Galactica'2004Video documentaryMichael (uncredited)
Quincy M.E.1982TV SeriesFirefighter on Engine No. 6

Nominated Awards

1997Soap Opera Digest AwardSoap Opera Digest AwardsOutstanding Supporting ActorThe City (1995)
1996Soap Opera Digest AwardSoap Opera Digest AwardsOutstanding Male Scene StealerLoving (1983)
1995Soap Opera Digest AwardSoap Opera Digest AwardsOutstanding Supporting ActorLoving (1983)
1990Soap Opera Digest AwardSoap Opera Digest AwardsOutstanding Hero: DaytimeLoving (1983)
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