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Rayful Edmond net worth is
$50 Million

Rayful Edmond Wiki Biography

Rayful Edmond III, also known as “Ray” or “Mr.Dunbar”, is a former drug kingpin born on 26th November 1964 in Washington D.C., USA He is best known for introducing crack cocaine into the Washington D.C. area, which was at the time known as the “murder capital” as criminal activities increased to a severe point.

Have you ever wondered how rich Rayful Edmond is? According to sources, it has been estimated that Edmond’s overall net worth is over $50 million, accumulated through drug dealing and other criminal activities, mostly during the 1980s. Since he was extremely successful in his criminal career, his net worth increased considerably throughout the years.

Rayful Edmond Net Worth $50 Million

Edmond was born to parents who were both government workers, but who also secretly worked as drug dealers. His mother taught Rayful and his six siblings how to deal in prescription drugs and narcotics, when he was not even 10 years old. However, during his schooling he was extraordinarily good at all subjects, and also proved to be a talented basketball player, plus being popular among classmates. He was heading for college and further education, but his life at home caused him to drop out at the age of 18 in order to continue working as a drug dealer. It was during this period that Edmond met a D.C. drug kingpin, Cornell Jones and his associate Tony Lewis, who secured him good drug-dealing connections. His net worth was already established.

Rayful soon created a series of safe escape routes for dealers, which he called “The Strip”. His “drug kingdom” rapidly grew, and he was always looking for ways to supply it. Eventually, he met a Los Angeles dealer who supplied him with Colombian cocaine at low prices, a shipments which turned into hundreds of kilos every month, and by the time he was 22, Edmond was making millions of dollars. In 1989, he controlled nearly 60 percent of the city’s drug market and was also involved in violence, as he and his crew were allegedly connected to around 30 homicides. During the ‘80s, the city’s murder rate doubled, and cocaine-related emergencies rose drastically.

Finally, in April 1989, after collecting enough evidence, police arrested Edmond and 28 of his associates. He was put on trial under unprecedented security and was jailed at Quantico Marine Base. After interviewing more than 100 witnesses, Rayful was convicted on multiple counts, including engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, distributing more than 5kg of cocaine and 50 grams of cocaine base. In September 1990, Edmond was sentenced to two life terms without parole. However, Edmond apparently continued to deal drugs from inside jail, and even began money laundering through his girlfriend. When he was confronted with evidence by the police, Rayful made a deal to become a government informant in return for his mother’s early release. Since then, he has been in the prison’s witness protection program.

Edmond doesn’t have a personal, or private life, and in fact has been the topic of several films, TV shows and songs. Before becoming completely involved in drug dealing, he was a fan of Georgetown college basketball, and became friends with players like Alonzo Mourning.

Net Worth$50 Million
Date Of BirthNovember 26, 1964
Place Of BirthWashington, D.C., United States
ProfessionIllegal drug dealer
ParentsRayful Edmond Jr., Constance Perry

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