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Robin Gibb Net Worth

Robin Gibb Net Worth 2023: Wiki Biography, Married, Family, Measurements, Height, Salary, Relationships

Robin Hugh Gibb net worth is
$148 Million

Robin Hugh Gibb Wiki Biography

Robin Hugh Gibb was born on the 22nd December 1949, in Douglas, Isle of Man, UK, and was a musician, singer and songwriter, probably best recognized for being a member of the pop group The Bee Gees. He was also known as a solo artist, and his musical career was active from 1955 to 2012, when he passed away

So, have you ever wondered how rich Robin Gibb was? According to authoritative sources, it was estimated that Robin counted the total size of his net worth at over $148 million at the time of his death, accumulated through his successful involvement in the music industry.

Robin Gibb Net Worth $148 Million

Robin Gibb was raised with four siblings by his parents Barbara and Hugh Gibb, a drummer; his siblings were musicians Andy and Barry, and he is the twin brother of Maurice Gibb, who was also a musician.

Robin’s professional musical career began in 1955, when he co-founded a band called The Rattlesnakes, together with his brothers, and performed at local theatres, but they disbanded in 1958. The name of the band was changed to Wee Johnny Hayes and the Blue Cats, however, when the family migrated to Queensland, Australia, they changed the name once again to The Bee Gees. They released their debut single “The Battle Of The Blue And The Grey” in 1963, after which they signed a record contract with Leedon Records, releasing their debut studio album “The Bee Gees Sing And Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs” in 1965, which marked the beginning of an increase of Robin’s net worth. Two years later out came their first UK No. 1 single, entitled “Massachusetts”, and by the end of the decade, they had also released such studio albums as “Spicks And Specks” (1966), “Horizontal” (1968), peaking at No. 1 in Germany, and “2 Years On” (1970), among others.

At the beginning of the 1970s, the band released the single “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”, which peaked at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and achieved gold certification, adding a considerable amount to Robin’s net worth. During that decade, they released several studio albums, all of which achieved platinum certification, including “Main Course” (1975), “Children Of The World” (1976), and “Spirits Having Flown” (1979).

During the next decade, they released “Living Eyes”, but without any major success, so they took a break until 1986, when they started to write and record songs for the new album entitled “ESP”, which out came in the following year, and became No. 1 in Germany and Switzerland, increasing Robin’s net worth by a large margin. Their next album, “One” was released in 1989, but their next successful album out came under the title “Still Waters” (1997), peaking at No. 2 in the UK, No. 11 in the US, and top in New Zealand and Switzerland. Moreover, the Bee Gees’ last album “This Is Where I Came In” out came in 2001, achieving five gold certifications, after which they disbanded.

Apart from his career in the band, Robin was also a solo artist; he released his debut single “Saved By The Bell”, which reached No. 2 in the UK, and his debut solo album “Robin’s Reign” in 1970. He recorded his second studio album “How Old Are You?” in 1983, with the lead single “Juliet”, which was followed by another album, “Secret Agent” (1984). In the next year out came his fifth album “Walls Have Eyes” that did not achieve any major success. In the new millennium, he released two more albums – “Magnet” (2003), and “My Favorite Christmas Carols” (2006); all of these projects contributed to his net worth.

Thanks to his accomplishments, Robin won various recognitions and awards, including induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. He was awarded a CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II in 2001.

Regarding his personal life, Robin Gibb was married to Dwina Murphy-Gibb, an artist and author, from 1985 until his death; the couple had a son together. He was previously married to Molly Hullis (1968-1980), with whom he had two children. He also had a son with his housekeeper Claire Yang. He divided his time between his residences in Miami, Florida, and Thame, Oxfordshire. In free time, he collaborated with various charity organizations, including the Heritage Foundation, among others. He was also a President of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC). He passed away from colorectal cancer at the age of 62, on the 20th May 2012 in Chelsea, London, England.

Full NameRobin Gibb
Net Worth$148 Million
Date Of BirthDecember 22, 1949
DiedMay 20, 2012, London, United Kingdom
Place Of BirthDouglas, Isle of Man
Height1.75 m
ProfessionSinger, composer, lyricist, record producer, actor, "Bee Gees" member
EducationUniversity of Manchester
SpouseDwina Murphy-Gibb (m. 1985–2012), Molly Hullis (m. 1968–1980)
ChildrenSpencer Gibb, Robin-John Gibb, Melissa Gibb, Snow Evelyn Robin Juliet Gibb
ParentsBarbara Gibb, Hugh Gibb, Stayin' Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, I Started a Joke
SiblingsBarry, Andy, Maurice Gibbs
PartnerClaire Yang
AwardsCommander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) (New Year Honours 2002), Steiger Award (Miner Award), Bochum, Germany for accomplishments in the arts (2005)
Record LabelsLeedon, Festival, Spin, Polydor, Atco, RSO, Mirage, EMI America, SPV
AlbumsOdessa (1969), Robin's Reign (1970), Saturday Night Fever (1977, soundtrack), How Old Are You? (1983), Secret Agent (1984), Walls Have Eyes (1985), Magnet (2003), My Favourite Christmas Carols (2006), 50 St. Catherine's Drive (2014)
Music GroupsBee Gees
NominationsSongwriters Hall of Fame (1994), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio (1997, Bee Gees), 1997 Brit Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Music (Bee Gees), British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) member
MoviesFrankie Howerd Meets the Bee Gees (1968), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978)
TV ShowsFame Academy
1You're looking at the Bee Gees right now.
2I'll never get used to living without Mo, but the painful things that surround what happened to him aren't so painful any more-not so raw or so new.
3My whole life has been a bit like a Nintendo game.
4Everyone's looking to the urban scene for inspiration now.
5How do you explain the bond between man and wife? Well, for one thing, it's private. What people do in their own marriage is their own business.
6I don't like rock opera with back beats.
7I don't like fruit but I'm vegetarian, so eat a lot of veggies.
8I visit English country churchyards where historical figures are buried.
9I don't know what 'home' or 'abroad' is any more.
10I love stuff like Mozart.
11We've been in each other's pockets our entire lives.
12It's hard for me to put on weight.
13It makes us feel better that everyone out there is thinking of Maurice.
14My work means everything to me.
15I've always been naturally thin.
16The illness, and the untimely death of my brothers, has made me conscious of the fact that - rather than just think about it - it's crucial that you do today what you want to do.
17You realize that however much you don't think about death - or think that's for other people - you're just an organism living from day to day. I'm just grateful I'm here.
18We said we'd fly the flag without him and carry on. I didn't give him a kiss because I still hadn't accepted what was happening. I was hoping that some miracle was going to happen. Of course, it didn't. I wish I had kissed him now.
19I hadn't accepted he was seriously ill. The idea that someone so close to you couldn't wake up was utterly incomprehensible. Then the doctor came in... Maurice had no brain left. There wasn't any activity at all.
20I'm really happy that I got to work with such fresh talent. In a day when record companies are not particularly good at encouraging young, talented songwriters to come forward and get exposure, I think it's important to give tomorrow's songwriters the opportunity.
21I find it very, very hard. He was part of the fabric of my life. We were kids together, and teenagers. We spent the whole of our lives with each other because of our music.
22I haven't really met anyone else who has influenced me, but you never know, it could happen next year or next month. I just like to go with the spur of the moment.
23With Maurice suddenly going, I realised... I think I've matured. I don't take things lightly any more.
24It just felt like the right time to focus on solo material.
25Music became an obsession, and eventually we felt more comfortable with each other then we did with anyone else. The three of us were like one person.
26I've always been thin. If you go back to when we first started I've always been skinny.
27You know, we'd just had a birthday, he was... you know, he still had a future out of him, and all I can is he was just one of the most beautiful people in the world... a very gifted man, and it's a loss to the world, not just for us.
28In the beginning, Barry and I couldn't decide if we were going got go forward with the name of the Bee Gees or just as Barry and Robin. Now we've decided to continue as the Bee Gees because we feel we can, and Maurice would have wanted it.
29Losing people makes you realize you've got to grab life - not put things off.
30I'm not a party person or someone who likes to sit and drink in clubs all night, and never really have been. I have a good time through work.
31I love food, I love eating.
32We will pursue every factor, every element, every second of the timeline, of the final hours of Maurice's life. We will pursue that relentlessly. That will be our quest from now on.
33As the plane got closer to Miami, I had this terrible feeling he was dying. Maybe he was telling me that he was going. I felt anger, panic, despair and helplessness.
34I'd never try to be that distinctive from the Bee Gees' sound. I'm very proud of being a Bee Gee and am always aware that I'll be identified as a Bee Gee.
35I don't like lifts and will walk up 20 flights of stairs if I have to. Crowded rooms make me uncomfortable, too, although I can sing to a stadium full of thousands of people no bother.
36Rarely do I attach guilt to something pleasant. Life's too short.
37I think for anybody, any family, and I know there are families out there that are going through this even now, that it is the hardest thing in the world. Nobody is ever prepared for it.
38Music is being treated as one big karaoke machine.
39The Bee Gees were always heavily influenced by black music. As a songwriter, it's never been difficult to pick up on the changing styles of music out there, and soul has always been my favourite genre.
40I don't take things for granted, because everything feels more fragile. It's made me wonder about mortality and how long you've got somebody in the world. I'm more fearful than I used to be.
41The Bee Gees, to us, was the three brothers. In Maurice's name, we would respect that and not be the Bee Gees anymore.
42Nobody will ever take Maurice's place, and he'll go on with us and he'll go on our music. He'll go on with us as the Bee Gees, and Maurice will always be with us.
43When Maurice touched a keyboard, it was like something from a movie, magical. He would always give you something from a movie, and you'd go, what did you just play... immediately inspirational writings, amazing. That's what we're going to miss.
44I don't have too much faith in destiny, or an afterlife. This is it.
45My idea of a good time is creating something and reading a good book.
46If the heart stops for more than two minutes, you have massive brain death. There are only two minutes between our conscious world and zero. That's how fragile our consciousness is.
47I sometimes wonder if the tragedies my family has suffered are a kind of karmic price for all the fame and fortune the Bee Gees have had.
48Lots of people aren't comfortable with silences. They feel they've got to fill the dead air.
49She is probably the greatest female popular singer in the modern pop rock era - since 1963, there's been no one to match her. This includes the United States as well - they can't come close to her. Today they just pose at singing. She was the genuine article. I don't think there will ever be anyone that could take the place of Dusty Springfield.
1A guest judge on American Idol (2002).
2The Gibb brothers lived on Cribb Island - a suburb of Brisbane in the State of Queensland in Australia. The Island was resumed and is now covered by the Brisbane International airport.
3Mr. Gibb's funeral service, in a horse-drawn carriage, was held at his hometown of Thame, Oxfordshire, England at St. Mary's Church on June 8, 2012.
4Diagnosed with colorectal cancer [April 23, 2012].
5Has contracted pneumonia and is in a coma [April 15. 2012].
6Underwent intestinal surgery on March 26, 2012 to remove a blood clot in his colon.
7Making a full recovery from inflammation of the colon.(February, 2012).
8Battling liver cancer [November 21, 2011].
9Underwent emergency surgery for a blocked intestine in August 2010. Twin brother, Maurice Gibb, died of complications from the same surgical procedure in 2003.
10Unveiled the Heritage Foundation's Blue Plaque at Pinewood Studios for Sir John Mills along with both Sir John's daughter's Hayley Mills and Juliet Mills and with respective families, friends and celebrities such as Simon MacCorkindale and Susan George on the 9th of May, 2010.
11On November 4 2008, at the private Portland Hospital in London, Robin and Dwina' housekeeper, 33 year old Claire Yang, gave birth to Robin's child, Snow Evelyn Robin Juliet Gibb.
12The Sunday Times List estimated the combined net worth of Gibb and his brother Barry at $180 million. [2009]
13He and The Bee Gees were awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 6845 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
14Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1994 with brothers Barry and Maurice.
15In Summer 2006, he moved back home to Peel, Isle of Man.
16Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 (as a member of The Bee Gees).
17He was awarded C.B.E. (Commander of the order of the British Empire) on 30 December 2001.
18Awarded a CBE, or Commander of the Order of British Empire, by Queen Elizabeth II in the New Year's Eve Honors List 2001.
19Born at 3:15am.
20Twin brother of Maurice Gibb; brother of Barry Gibb and Andy Gibb.
21Member of The Bee Gees.
22Children first marriage: son: Spencer, born: September 21st. 1972 daughter: Melissa, born: June 17th. 1974 son (present marriage): Robin John, born: January 21st. 1983.
23In 1967, he was on board a train that derailed with 49 deaths at Hither Green, south of London, England, UK.


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Todd's Pop Song Reviews2011TV Series documentary writer - 1 episode
The Journalist1979writer: "Stayin' Alive"
Daybreak2011TV Series writer - 1 episode
Luna1979writer: "Night Fever"
Copycats2011TV Series writer - 1 episode
Tankavaaran Travolta1979TV Movie documentary writer: "Stayin' Alive"
Late Night with Jimmy FallonTV Series writer - 3 episodes, 2010 - 2011 performer - 1 episode, 2010
The Jeffersons1979TV Series writer - 1 episode
20 to 12006-2011TV Series documentary writer - 7 episodes
Mork & Mindy1979TV Series writer - 2 episodes
Kenny Rogers: The First 50 Years2011TV Movie writer: "Islands In The Stream"
The Midnight Special1979TV Series writer - 1 episode
Just Go with It2011writer: "You Should Be Dancing"
The Music for UNICEF Concert: A Gift of Song1979TV Special writer: "Too Much Heaven"
t Schaep met de 5 pooten2011TV Series writer - 1 episode
Hawaii Five-O1978-1979TV Series writer - 2 episodes
The Fighter2010/Iwriter: "I Started A Joke"
Jing wang shuang xiong1978writer: "Stayin' Alive"
Banda sonora2010TV Series writer - 1 episode
Top club dimanche1978TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Hooker with a Heart of Gold2010writer: "You Should Be Dancing"
Derrick1978TV Series writer - 1 episode
Cuéntame2010TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Boss' Son1978lyrics: "Nights on Broadway" / music: "Nights on Broadway"
Potiche2010"More than a Woman" / writer: "More than a Woman"
The Muppet Show1978TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Other Guys2010writer: "We Trying to Stay Alive"
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1978performer: "Oh! Darling"
Dolly Celebrates 25 Years of Dollywood2010TV Movie writer: "Islands In The Stream"
Foul Play1978writer: "Stayin' Alive" - as Robin
The Footy Show2010TV Series writer - 1 episode
Grease Day USA1978TV Movie documentary writer: "Staying Alive", "Shadow Dancing", "Night Fever" - uncredited
Despicable Me2010writer: "You Should Be Dancing"
Olivia1978TV Special writer: "Holiday"
The Oprah Winfrey Show2008-2010TV Series writer - 2 episodes
The Stud1978writer: "Emotion"
Tante Herthas Rindsrouladen2010TV Movie writer: "Stayin' Alive", "How Deep Is Your Love"
James at 161978TV Series writer - 2 episodes
The Bounty Hunter2010/Iwriter: "Stayin' Alive Teddybears Remix"
Saturday Night Fever1977writer: "How Deep Is Your Love", "Night Fever", "Staying Alive", "More Than a Woman", "If I Can't Have You", "You Should Be Dancing"
The Alan Titchmarsh Show2010TV Series writer - 1 episode
Superlady1977writer: "Nights on Broadway" - uncredited
Dancing on Ice2010TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Sonny and Cher Show1977TV Series writer - 1 episode
Sympathy for Delicious2010writer: "I Started a Joke" 1968
The Brady Bunch Variety Hour1977TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Book of Eli2010writer: "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1975TV Series writer - 1 episode
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel2009writer: "STAYIN' ALIVE"
Whittaker's World of Music1971TV Series writer - 1 episode
Live from Studio Five2009TV Series writer - 1 episode
Melody1971writer: "To Love Somebody", "Melody Fair", "First of May", "Give Your Best"
Atop the Fourth Wall2009TV Series writer - 1 episode
Elvis: That's the Way It Is1970Documentary writer: "Words"
Revealed2009TV Series writer - 1 episode
In Melbourne Tonight1970TV Series writer - 1 episode
V.O.S.2009writer: "To Love Somebody"
Pensiero d'amore1969writer: "Pensiero d'amore"
Dolly: Live in London O2 Arena2009TV Movie writer: "Islands In The Stream"
Andy Williams' Kaleidoscope Company1968TV Movie writer: "Medley: Words of Love"
So You Think You Can Dance2005-2009TV Series writer - 2 episodes
Kristoball1967Short writer: "Massachusetts", "World"
The Time that Remains2009"Stayin' Alive Alberkam Remix"
Santa Claus1959writer: "Stayin' Alive" - uncredited
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian2009writer: "More Than A Woman"
Loose Women2009TV Series writer - 1 episode
X Factor2009TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Office2005-2009TV Series writer - 2 episodes
Familjen Babajou2009TV Series writer - 1 episode
I Love You Phillip Morris2009writer: "To Love Somebody"
Nip/Tuck2009TV Series writer - 1 episode
Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore 22008Video Game writer: "Island In The Stream", "Stayin' Alive"
The Xtra Factor2008TV Series writer - 1 episode
Meet Dave2008writer: "Stayin' Alive"
Premiya Muz-TV 20082008TV Special performer: "Staying Alive" / writer: "Staying Alive"
Sex and the City2008writer: "How Deep Is Your Love", "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart"
Gavin & Stacey2008TV Series writer - 1 episode
Disco2008writer: "Night Fever", "How deep is your love", "Heartbreaker"
Idols!2004-2008TV Series writer - 4 episodes
Parashat Ha-Shavua2008TV Series writer - 1 episode
Jake's Adventures in Dollyworld2007TV Movie documentary writer: "Islands In The Stream"
CSI: NY2007TV Series writer - 1 episode
The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle2007TV Series writer - 1 episode
Duas Caras2007TV Series writer: "How Deep Is Your Love"
Patinando por un sueño2007TV Series writer - 2 episodes
Mania2007TV Series writer - 1 episode
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I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry2007writer: "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"
Melba Moore: Live in Concert2007Video writer: "You Stepped Into My Life"
[email protected]2007Documentary writer: "Staying Alive"
It Takes Two2007TV Series writer - 2 episodes
Idols2007TV Series writer - 1 episode
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Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten2007Documentary writer: "To Love Somebody"
Lo cap d'any2006TV Special writer: "Staying Alive"
The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts2006TV Special writer: "Islands in the Stream"
The Early Show2006TV Series writer - 1 episode
Arthur and the Invisibles2006writer: "Stayin' Alive" LP Version
40th Annual Country Music Association Awards2006TV Special writer: "Islands In The Stream"
Australian Idol2003-2006TV Series writer - 6 episodes
Kenny Rogers: The Journey2006Video writer: "Islands In The Stream"
Foxworthy's Big Night Out2006TV Series writer - 1 episode
Sos mi vida2006TV Series writer - 1 episode
CMT Greatest Moments: Dolly Parton2006TV Movie documentary writer: "Islands In The Stream"
The Passion: Films, Faith & Fury2006TV Movie documentary writer: "Stayin' Alive"
Idol - Jakten på en superstjerne2006TV Series writer - 1 episode
Veronica Mars2006TV Series writer - 1 episode
Avenue Montaigne2006writer: "Night Fever"
Top of the Pops1976-2006TV Series writer - 38 episodes
El hasa el sabaa2005writer: "Stayin' Alive"
2005 Radio Music Awards2005TV Special writer: "Ups & Downs / Drop It Like It's Hot"
Deutschland sucht den Superstar2003-2005TV Series writer - 3 episodes
Idols2002-2005TV Series writer - 6 episodes
Movie Music Mania2005TV Movie documentary performer: "How Deep is Your Love" / writer: "How Deep is Your Love"
ShakespeaRe-Told2005TV Mini-Series writer - 1 episode
Chicken Little2005writer: "Stayin' Alive"
Malcolm in the Middle2005TV Series writer - 1 episode
Tailfeathers2005Short writer: "Stayin' Alive" - as Robin
Cake2005/Iwriter: "More Than a Woman"
The King of Queens2005TV Series writer - 1 episode
Biography2005TV Series documentary writer - 1 episode
Roll Bounce2005writer: "Emotion"
CMT: 100 Greatest Duets Concert2005TV Special writer: "Islands In The Stream"
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Madagascar2005writer: "Stayin' Alive"
Idol2002-2005TV Series writer - 2 episodes
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Live from New York: The First 5 Years of Saturday Night Live2005TV Special documentary writer: "Stayin' Alive"
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Jimmy Fallon2005TV Special writer: "Barry Gibb Talk Show Theme Song" based on "Nights on Broadway"
Slovensko hladá SuperStar2005TV Series writer - 1 episode
Saturday Night Live: The Best of John Belushi2005TV Special writer: "Night Fever", "Stayin' Alive" - uncredited
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Tom Hanks2004TV Special writer: "Stayin' Alive"
Argo2004lyrics: "Night Fever" / writer: "Night Fever"
Dolly Parton: Live & Well2004Video writer: "A Cappella Medley: Islands In The Steam / Here You Come Again / Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That? / Two Doors Down"
Malaysian Idol2004TV Series writer - 1 episode
Singapore Idol2004TV Series writer - 1 episode
Hrvatski Idol2004TV Series writer - 1 episode
Super Idol2004TV Series writer - 1 episode
Strange Bedfellows2004writer: "Staying Alive"
Cold Case2004TV Series writer - 1 episode
Idol2004TV Series writer - 1 episode
Idol stjörnuleit2003-2004TV Series writer - 2 episodes


Oscar De La Hoya: Run to Me2000Video short
Saturday Night Fever1977
Idea1968TV Movie


Who Betrayed the Bomber Boys2012TV Movie
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band1978Dave Henderson

Music Department

Lillemand2015TV Series music - 1 episode


The Music for UNICEF Concert: A Gift of Song1979TV Special founding committee


The 2012 Billboard Music Awards2012TV Special in memory of
Edgeplay2004Documentary special thanks


Brit Awards 20032003TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
Verstehen Sie Spaß?2003TV SeriesHimself
The Kumars at No. 422003TV SeriesHimself
Shooting Stars2002TV SeriesHimself
The Frank Skinner Show2002TV SeriesHimself
Fame Academy2002TV SeriesPerformance Judge (Series 2-) (2003-)
Musikbutikken2001TV SeriesHimself
Walk on By: The Story of Popular Song2001TV Series documentaryHimself
Bee Gees: This Is Where You Come In2001TV MovieHimself - Vocals
Good Morning America1984-2001TV SeriesHimself
Top of the Pops 22001TV SeriesHimself
Bee Gees in Concert2001TV MovieHimself
Top of the Pops: The True Story2001TV Movie documentaryHimself
100 Greatest Dance Songs of Rock & Roll2000TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
ABC 2000: The Millennium1999TV Movie documentary as Bee Gees
In Dreams: The Roy Orbison Story1999TV Movie documentaryHimself
An Audience with the Bee Gees1998TV SpecialHimself
Top Ten1998TV Series documentaryHimself - Interviewee
Bee Gees: One Night Only1997TV SpecialHimself - Vocals
Keppel Road: The Life and Music of the Bee Gees1997Video documentary
Behind the Music1997TV Series documentaryHimself
The Oprah Winfrey Show1997TV SeriesHimself
TFI Friday1997TV SeriesHimself
Ellen1997TV SeriesHimself
Power Vision - Pop Galerie1997TV Series documentaryHimself
Clive Anderson All Talk1997TV SeriesHimself
VH1 Storytellers1996TV Series documentaryHimself
Tapestry Revisited: A Tribute to Carole King1995TV Special documentaryHimself
New Year's Rotten Eve1994VideoHimself
Surprise Surprise!1994TV SeriesHimself - Performer
Space Ghost Coast to Coast1994TV SeriesHimself
A '70s Celebration: The Beat Is Back1993TV SpecialHimself
The Arsenio Hall Show1991TV SeriesHimself
Bee Gees: The Very Best of Bee Gees Live1990Video documentary
Barry Gibb Love and Hope Festival V1990VideoHimself
The Songwriter's Hall of Fame 20th Anniversary... The Magic of Music1989TV MovieHimself (as The Bee Gees)
Late Night with David Letterman1989TV SeriesHimself
The Prince's Trust Rock Gala1988DocumentaryHimself - Bee Gees
Barry Gibb Love and Hope Festival IV1988TV MovieHimself
Freedomfest: Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday Celebratation1988TV Special documentaryHimself (as The Bee Gees)
The 15th Annual American Music Awards1988TV SpecialHimself - Host
Barry Gibb Love and Hope Festival III1987TV MovieHimself
Telemike1987TV SeriesHimself
The Return of Bruno1987TV MovieHimself
Barry Gibb Love and Hope Festival II1985VideoHimself
Cantantes y sonantes1985TV SeriesHimself
Barry Gibb Love and Hope Festival1984TV MovieHimself
Àngel Casas Show1984TV SeriesHimself
Na sowas!1984TV SeriesHimself
Rod and Emu's Saturday Special1984TV SeriesHimself
Musikladen1983TV Series
International Battle of the Pop Bands1983TV MovieHimself
Vorsicht Musik!1983TV SeriesHimself
Bitte umblättern1982TV Series documentaryHimself
The Bee Gees Special1979TV SpecialHimself
The Music for UNICEF Concert: A Gift of Song1979TV SpecialSong Performer "Too Much Heaven" (as Bee Gees)
The Merv Griffin Show1978TV SeriesHimself
Disco Fever: 'Saturday Night Fever' Premiere Party1977TV MovieHimself
The Mike Douglas Show1974-1975TV SeriesHimself - Vocalist / Himself
The Midnight Special1973TV SeriesHimself
Wünsch dir was1970TV SeriesSinger
Lift Off1970TV SeriesHimself
Europarty1969TV SeriesHimself - Singer
Beat-Club1967-1969TV SeriesHimself - Musician
Frankie Howerd Meets the Bee Gees1968TV MovieHimself (as The Bee Gees)
Gogo-Scope1968TV SeriesHimself - Musician (as Bee Gees)
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour1968TV SeriesHimself
Laugh-In1968TV SeriesHimself - Guest Performer
Der goldene Schuß1967TV Series
Dee Time1967TV SeriesHimself
Bandstand1963-1965TV SeriesHimself - The Bee Gees
Country and Western Hour1963TV SeriesHimself (as The Bee Gees)
The Joy of Disco2012TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Nation's Favourite Bee Gees Song2011TV Movie documentaryHimself
Living the Life2011TV SeriesHimself
The Story of the Bee Gees2011Himself
Steps ­Reunion2011TV Series documentaryHimself
Who Do You Think You Are?2011TV Series documentaryHimself
Here 2 Help2011TV SeriesHimself
Breakfast2010-2011TV SeriesHimself - President of the Heritage Foundation / Himself - Singer
Eurovision Song Contest: Your Country Needs Blue2011TV Movie documentaryHimself
Skavlan2011TV SeriesHimself - Guest
HARDtalk2011TV SeriesHimself
Bee Gees: In Our Own Time2010TV MovieHimself
30 Years of 'An Audience With...'2010TV Series documentaryHimself
The 2010 World Music Awards2010TV SpecialHimself
Caiga quien caiga2010TV SeriesHimself
American Idol2003-2010TV SeriesPerformer / Himself - Guest Judge
My Swinging Sixties - Gottschalks Zeitreise2010TV MovieHimself
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon2010TV SeriesHimself
The 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony2010TV MovieHimself
The Brits Hits 302010TV MovieHimself
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire2009TV SeriesHimself
Entertainment Tonight2005-2009TV SeriesHimself
Strictly Come Dancing2009TV SeriesHimself - Musical Guest
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live: Message of Love2009VideoHimself
Britain's Got More Talent2009TV SeriesHimself
The One Show2009TV SeriesHimself
Loose Women2009TV SeriesHimself
Legends2008TV Series documentaryHimself
The Alan Titchmarsh Show2008TV SeriesHimself
Die ultimative Chartshow2007-2008TV Series documentaryHimself
Kings of Rock 'n' Roll2008TV Movie documentaryHimself
Biography2000-2008TV Series documentaryHimself
Die Hit-Giganten2008TV Series documentary
Premiya Muz-TV 20082008TV SpecialHimself - Honorary Award: 'Za vklad v sovremennuyu muzykalnuyu industriyu'
All Star Mr & Mrs2008TV SeriesHimself
Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel2006-2008TV SeriesHimself
American Idol Rewind2008TV SeriesHimself - Guest Judge
This Morning2003-2008TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Performer
Ein Herz für Kinder2002-2007TV SeriesHimself - Showact / Himself
Kenny Everett: Licence to Laugh2007TV Movie documentaryHimself
HARDtalk Extra2007TV SeriesHimself
Making Soundtrack History2007Video documentary shortHimself
The Dame Edna Treatment2007TV SeriesHimself
Impact: Songs That Changed the World2007TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Robin Gibb: Christmas in Dublin2006Video documentary shortHimself
The Prince's Trust 30th Birthday: Live2006TV Movie documentaryHimself - Performer (as The Bee Gees)
All Time Greatest Movie Songs2006TV SpecialHimself
The Record of the Year 20052005TV SpecialHimself
Today with Des and Mel2005TV SeriesHimself
Movie Music Mania2005TV Movie documentaryHimself
Girls and Boys: Sex and British Pop2005TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Avenue of the Stars: 50 Years of ITV2005TV SpecialHimself - Performer
Death of Celebrity2005TV Movie documentaryHimself
ITV 50 Greatest Shows2005TV MovieHimself
Big Brother's Efourum2005TV SeriesHimself
Gottschalk & Friends2005TV SeriesHimself
Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway2005TV SeriesHimself
The Late Late Show2005TV SeriesHimself
Richard & Judy2004TV SeriesHimself
Later... With Jools Holland2004TV SeriesHimself
One Night with Barry Manilow2004TV Movie documentaryHimself - Guest
Anke Late Night2004TV SeriesHimself
A Capitol Fourth2004TV SpecialHimself
The Christmas Show2003TV Series documentaryHimself
2003 World Awards2003TV SpecialHimself
Top of the Pops1987-2003TV SeriesHimself
III nach neun2003TV SeriesHimself
This Is Your Life1991-2003TV Series documentaryHimself
Deutschland Champions2003TV SeriesHimself
Britain's Brilliant Prodigies2003TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
Kelly2003TV SeriesHimself
The 45th Annual Grammy Awards2003TV SpecialHimself

Archive Footage

Entertainment Tonight2008-2015TV SeriesHimself
Tu cara me suena - Argentina2014TV SeriesHimself
Stayin' Alive - 50 Jahre Bee Gees2013DocumentaryHimself
The 55th Annual Grammy Awards2013TV SpecialHimself - In Memoriam
Mania2007TV SeriesHimself
La tele de tu vida2007TV SeriesHimself
Lo cap d'any2006TV SpecialHimself (as Bee Gees)
20 to 12006TV Series documentaryHimself
Favouritism2005TV SeriesHimself
Comic Relief: Behind the Nose1992TV MovieHimself (as the Beegees)

Nominated Awards

1984GrammyGrammy AwardsBest Album of Original Score Written for a Motion Picture or Television SpecialStaying Alive (1983)
1984GrammyGrammy AwardsBest Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals
1979Anthony Asquith Award for Film MusicBAFTA AwardsSaturday Night Fever (1977)
1978Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Original Score - Motion PictureSaturday Night Fever (1977)
1978Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Original Song - Motion PictureSaturday Night Fever (1977)

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