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Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda was born on 26 August 1971 in the capital of Mexico, Mexico City, is much better known as simply Thalia or Thalia Mottola, and is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur, with over 40 million albums sold across the planet, and with a staggering estimated viewership of two billion for her work on television.

So just how rich is Thalia Mottola? Authoritative sources estimate that Thalia has  net worth of over $50 million accumulated during a career beginning when she was just one year old, so now spanning over 45 years.

Thalia Mottola Net Worth $50 Million

Thalia Mottola has been performing since the age of one – in what was to be the first of many appearances on television, this time in a commercial. By the age of four, Thalia was already attending ballet and piano classes in the prestigious “National Conservatory of Music of Mexico”, and when the future world-class celebrity turned five, she would have her first (albeit uncredited) film appearance – featuring in the Mexican movie “War of Cakes”. Tragically, however, Thalia’s father died of diabetes the next year, and Mottola was deeply affected by her loss, being unable to talk to anyone for a whole year.

By 1981 however, Thalia Mottola had already more than overcome the ghosts of her past – the nine year old Thalia began her career with an appearance as part of a child group performing on a popular Mexican children’s television programme. The group, initially named “Pac Man” and later “Din-Din”, went on to tour across the country and released four albums between 1982 and 1983. The fame and exposure Thalia Mottola got from this early start to her career allowed her to transition almost effortlessly into a regular part of the entertainment industry, going on to perform together with the famous Mexican pop-rock band “Timbiriche” between 1986 and 1989. At the same time, Thalia was already appearing in various telenovelas, being titled the “Best New Actress of 1988” by “Premios TVyNovelas”. This early success certainly contributed to giving Thalia Mottola’s net worth a big early boost.

After leaving “Timbiriche”, Thalia Mottola pursued a solo career, and it is there that she would find her greatest success. In 1995, Thalia’s fourth album, “En extasis”, became an instant favourite, and one of the singles performed – “Piel morena” – has been voted the greatest Spanish song of all time in the USA. Alongside her career as a singer and songwriter, Thalia continued to appear in a number of telenovelas, and the performer has been quoted attributing much of her fame to her work on television. Thalia’s net worth continued to grow with what was probably her most famous appearance on television, in the telenovela “Rosalinda”, which was shown in nearly two hundred different countries.

Often hailed as the world’s most popular and successful female performer of Latin descent, Thalia Mottola is a true worldwide celebrity. Several of her albums have achieved Gold or even Platinum status in 22 different countries, so there is no disputing that Thalia is a true global superstar, a fact that is well reflected in Mottola’s considerable net worth.

Mottola remains an active performer to this day, recently touring the Americas in her VIVA! Tour and publishing several books. As well, Thalia owns her own magazine, titled simply “Thalia”, and she has also released several lines of clothing and cosmetics – ranging from jewellery to eyewear and perfume.

In her personal life, today, Thalia Mottola lives in Connecticut. In 2000, Thalia married the music executive and record label co-owner Tommy Mottola, and they have two children together.

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