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$1 Billion

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Maria da Graca Xuxa Meneghel was born on 27 March 1963, in Santa Rosa, Brazil, of part Italian descent, and is a singer, actress, and businesswoman, best known for her various Spanish, Portuguese, and English shows. She is a two time winner of a Latin Grammy award, but is also known as the “Queen of the Shorties”. All of her efforts have helped put her net worth to where it is today.

How rich is Xuxa? As of late-2016, sources estimate a net worth that is at $1 billion, mostly earned through success in entertainment and business. She rose to prominence when she became part of “Xou da Xuxa” and is one of the first Brazilians to appear as part of Forbes Magazine’s richest artists. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will increase.

Xuxa Net Worth $1 billion

At the age of 15, Xuxa was discovered by a modelling agency which would start her career as she then appeared in various men’s and fashion magazines in Brazil as well as in the US. She appeared in Playboy, and was also known for her love affair with soccer legend Pele. In 1984, she was hired by Ford Models.

In 1983, her net worth was increasing at a fast rate, and she was offered a television role in the children’s program “Cluba de Crianca” – during this time, she taped during the weekends and modeled in New York City during weekdays. In 1986 she then received an offer to host a national children’s program, and her following was starting to increase as her program had an estimated viewership of 33 million, helping to significantly raise her net worth. Her show had skits, jokes, dancing and singing, and although “Xou da Xuxa” would end in 1992, it was followed up by another program called “Xuxa” which would continue to run for another six years. The popularity of “Xou da Xuxa” would lead to other opportunities for her, and in 1991 another show entitled “El Show de Xuxa” would become a hit.

She would release her first Spanish album entitled “Xuxa 1” which sold well. “El Show de Xuxa” also had an increasing viewership, and she would continue filming for the show until 1993. She was penned by New York Magazine as the “Latin American Madonna” and was then recognized by Forbes as one of the world’s highest paid entertainers. Her success in North and South America and Europe would continue to expand over the next few years, especially when she hosted an English show called “Xuxa”, although it did not find the same popularity and was cancelled after a season. The show would, however, be sold to other countries though she decided to stop working on her international career.

In 1994, she returned to Brazilian TV with “Xuxa Park”, and it helped create “Planeta Xuxa” which stayed on air until 2002. In 2001, the “Xuxa Park” set would be destroyed by a fire and it would lead to another show called “Xuxa no Mundo da Imaginacao”, however, this show had lower ratings. Four years later, “TV Xuxa” would debut as a daily morning show for kids of all ages, and it became very popular. The show had numerous international celebrities as guests and it would continue to run until 2014, when Xuxa had to stop television work due to sesamoiditis which effected her foot and therefore mobility. However, she recently signed a contract with Rede Record in2015 and is currently working on a new show.

For her personal life, Xuxa has never married, but it is known that she has a daughter with actor Luciano Szafir. She dated Pele in the 1980s and later Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna. In 2012, she revealed that Michael Jackson once courted her, and one of her recent relationships has been with actor Junno Andrade.

Full NameXuxa
Net Worth$1 Billion
Date Of BirthMarch 27, 1963
Place Of BirthSanta Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Height5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
ProfessionTelevision presenter
ChildrenSasha Meneghel
ParentsLuiz Floriano Meneghel, Alda Meneghel
SiblingsSolange Meneghel, Cirano Meneghel, Bladimir Meneghel, Mara Meneghel
NicknamesMaria da Graça Meneghel , xuxa , Xuxa Meneghel , Rainha dos Baixinhos , Maria da Graça Xuxa Meneghel
AwardsLatin Grammy Award for Best Latin Children's Album, Latin Grammy Award for Best Latin Children's Album
NominationsGrande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro for Best Childhood Film, Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro for Best Childhood Film
Movies, Love Strange Love, Xuxa in Crystal Moon, more
TV ShowsAs Brasileiras, Xuxa, Xuxa Meneghel
1Voluptous figure
2Her pitched voice
3Blonde hair and piercing blue eyes
4Different, eccentric looks
1[on being brunette for a cosmetics commercial ad] I always dreamed of being a brunette like Snow White.
2[on Luciano Szafir's family] Nobody is beautiful in that family. Only Luciano.
3[at the press conference that announced her a Rede Record' newest cast member] When I was getting ready to come here, I was thinking, 'It's really hard, ain't it? To say that now I'm at Record [TV]. So many years unable to even say its name. [After] 29 years at Globo, it's hard. Now after I walked through there and saw the [Record's] emblem I thought, 'man, I'm really at Record now'.
4[on Xuxa (1993)] "When I got here, the first day, I was freaking out. English is difficult. They have nicknamed me 'But why,' because I keep asking about the rules of the language."
5[on children] If you wanna make me happy, let me be so among children.
6[on Ayrton Senna] If that soul mate term really exists, mine was there in front of me. Some day we'll meet once again.
7[on her professional and personal breakup with Marlene Mattos] I lived in a easy and protected world. But without Marlene, the "Barbie" here now speaks by herself.
8in my house even he has to smile." (refering to a picture of a smiling Jesus which hangs in her house.) "Kisses Kisses
1Her brother Cirano Rojabaglia, died from a heart attack at 60 years old.(09/13/2015).
2Filmed the entire event while her flight went into forced landing after the plane was struck by lightning, in December 2016. The incident happened in the same week the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense crashed in Colombia, killed 76 people. Similarly, Angélica (who had a similar career focused on children and replaced her as a host in Clube da Criança (1983)) also survived a plane crash with her fiancee Luciano Huck and their three sons in 2015.
3Had never done a live television show prior to "Xuxa Meneghel".
4In the night of her Rede Record show "Xuxa Meneghel"'s premiere, both 'Patricia Abravanel' and Danilo Gentili spoofed Xou da Xuxa (1986) in their respective shows. A replica of the spacecraft was constructed for Abravanel's performance, in which she performed Xuxa's songs herself.
5Inspired herself in both Ellen DeGeneres and Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003) for her Rede Record program "Xuxa Meneghel".
6She has signed to host a TV Program in the Record in Brazil.(2015).
7Was personally invited in the 90s by SBT's (Rede Globo's former main rival TV channel) owner and host Silvio Santos, who knocked on her door with a flower bouquet, to "move house" and go to SBT. Her career being at the height in Rede Globo, she refused but reportedly found it "cute".
8Pulled Rede Globo's prominent director Mariozinho Vaz from the channel to head her Rede Record show. Andrezza Cruz, her former "paquita" from Xuxa Park (1992) and also a Rede Globo director was also invited, but refused.
9After eleven different TV programs in twenty nine years, and several months of rumors, dropped out from Globo network and moved to Rede Record, signing contract with the new channel live on March 5, 2015.
10In a 2012 Interview she stated that when she met singer Michael Jackson, he had offered a proposal for marriage to her. She declined.
11Got inspiration for her trademark spaceship introduced in Xou da Xuxa (1986) from Wilson Viana's character "Capitão AZA". The ship's design came from Penelope Pitstop's vehicle in Wacky Races (1968).
12Inspired on educative videos such as The Wiggles (1998) to create and produce her "Xuxa Só Para Baixinhos" series. Many songs in the first videos are Brazilian Portuguese versions of Wiggles songs.
13In the 80s, shortly after her work for children started, Pelé reportedly collected every sensual photograph of hers (from her time as a model) he found and gave them to Xuxa, mentioning that she should be careful with her new career.
14Considered ending her career after a fire generated by short circuit interrupted a shoot of the Brazilian version of her Spanish show Xuxa Park (1992). Some of the present children were injured, and Xuxa escaped unharmed.
15Caused initial controversy after changing the tone of her shows, from a more mature genre of Xuxa Park (1992) and _Planeta Xuxa (1997)_ to a more educational premise focusing on a youngest audience with _Xuxa no Mundo da Imaginação (2002)_.
16Creative differences between her and close friend and manager Marlene Mattos led to their break-up in 2002. Marlene is the godmother of Xuxa's only daughter, Sasha Meneghel.
17She is with her TV show, "Xuxa no Mundo da Imaginação" and she produces a new movie each year featuring her and other Brazilian actors and actresses. [June 2004]
18Host two Shows "Xuxa Park" and "Planeta Xuxa". [November 2000]
19Making her TV show, Xuxa no Munda da Imaginação. [December 2003]
20She is with her TV show, "TV Xuxa". [October 2005]
21Had a six-year romance with Brazilian soccer legend Pelé (1980-1986). Met on a modeling assignment that paired them for a magazine cover.
22Xuxa was the first Brazilian to be on the list of the 40 artists more rich of the Magazine Forbes (1991). She placed 37º.
23She won the 2001 Latin Grammy Awards of Best Album for Children for Xuxa Só Para Baixinhos (2000). The project focused on a much younger audience and caused controversy among her crew and friends.
24As a model, appeared in on the cover Manchete magazines (Rede Manchete was the network where Xuxa debuted as a TV host), often alongside Luiza Brunet with whom she is good friends to this day.
25The father of her only child (Sasha) is actor and former model Luciano Szafir.
26Siblings: Solange, Mara, Cirano and Bladimir.
27Mother: Alda. Father: Luiz Floriano Meneghel.
28She posed for Playboy in December 1982.
29Her nickname Xuxa is pronounced "Shoo-sha".
30Her TV show Xou da Xuxa (1986) spawned several of Brazilian children-TV presenters and shows that referenced much of her style, including Angélica, Mara Maravilha, Mariane Dombrova and Patrícia Nogueira (as Pat Beijo). Angélica and Nogueira assumed by their respective times the show Xuxa hosted presented before moving to Rede Globo, Clube da Criança (1983).
31Has allergies to meat and fish products.
32Mother of Sasha Meneghel
33Once went out with John F. Kennedy. Jr.
34Dated race car driver Ayrton Senna, who died in a car wreck in Italy during a race in 1994.
35Gave birth to daughter Sasha Meneghel in 1998. The first 10 minutes of Rede Globo's Jornal Nacional (1969) ("National News") were dedicated to the girl's birth.
36Is a vegetarian
37Her nickname "Xuxa" was given by her brother Bladimir. Added this name to her birth certificate in 1998.
38Despite not being a professional singer, four of her albums are placed among the best selling list in Brazil. "Xou da Xuxa 3" reached Guiness Book as the number one seller of all time in Brazil.
39Her father was in the Military.
40Was nearly a victim of a 1991 kidnapping at the Rede Globo studio where Xou da Xuxa (1986) was filmed. Letícia Spiller was also planned to be taken by the gang.
41Considered Brazil's answer to Madonna.


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Xuxa Requebra1999Helena (Nena)
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Xuxa em Sonho de Menina2007Kika
Xuxa Gêmeas2006Mel Montiel / Elisabeth Dourado
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Xuxa Abracadabra2003Sofia
Xuxa Só Para Baixinhos 42003Video


Morfi, todos a la mesa2016TV Series performer - 1 episode
Tu cara me suena - Argentina2014TV Series writer - 1 episode
Televisión registrada2013TV Series performer - 1 episode
Criança Esperança 20122012TV Special performer: "Garota de Ipanema" - as Xuxa
220 Volts2012TV Series performer - 1 episode
Aquele Beijo2011TV Series performer: "Garota de Ipanema" - as Xuxa
Senna2010Documentary as Maria da Graça "Xuxa" Meneghel, "Papai Noel Dos Baixinhos" / performer: "Papai Noel Dos Baixinhos" - as Xuxa
Xuxinha e Guto Contra os Monstros do Espaço2005performer: "Caminhos do Amor"
Xuxa Abracadabra2003performer: "Abracadabra"
Xuxa e os Duendes2001performer: "O Maravilhoso Mundo dos Duendes" versão de Nel meraviglioso mondo degli gnomi
Xuxa Requebra1999performer: "Efeito Dominó", "Só o Nosso Amor"
Vila Madalena1999TV Series performer: "Profecias Fim do Mundo"
El árbol azul1991TV Series performer: "El Milagro de la Vida"
Ritmo de la noche1991TV Series performer - 1 episode
Lua de Cristal1990performer: "Lua de Cristal", "Verde Que Te Quero Verde", "Contos de Fadas" - as Xuxa
Super Xuxa Contra o Baixo Astral1988performer: "Arco-íris", "Alto Astral", "Eu Quero Saber"

Music Department

Aquele Beijo2011-2012TV Series performer - 2 episodes


Xuxa Só Para Baixinhos 62005TV Movie


Xuxa em O Mistério de Feiurinha2009producer

Sound Department

Unissex2007Short sound


Mato Sem Cachorro2013special thanks


Porta dos Fundos: Contrato Vitalício2016Herself
Xuxa Meneghel2015-2016TV SeriesHerself - Host / Herself
Programa da Sabrina2016TV SeriesHerself
Hora do Faro2015TV SeriesHerself
Todos juntos 2015: 25 años de Telefé2015TV MovieHerself - Guest
Altas Horas2009-2014TV SeriesHerself
TV Xuxa2005-2013TV SeriesHerself - Host
Fantástico2008-2013TV Series documentaryHerself / Herself (segment "O Que Vi da Vida")
vem_aí2013TV SpecialHerself
Cheias de Charme2012TV SeriesHerself
Na Moral2012TV SeriesHerself
Criança Esperança 20122012TV SpecialHerself
Mulheres Ricas2012TV SeriesHimself - Mecânico da Equipe RM
Ivete Gil Caetano2011TV SpecialHerself - Audience (uncredited)
Criança Esperança2011TV MovieHerself
Caiga quien caiga - CQC2011TV SeriesHerself
Susana Giménez2011TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Domingão do Faustão2010TV SeriesHerself
Hebe: Mulher e Amigos2010VideoHerself - Audience (uncredited)
Senna2010DocumentaryHerself (uncredited)
Hebe2010TV SeriesHerself
Por Toda Minha Vida2007-2009TV SeriesHerself
Live Earth2007TV Special documentaryHerself
Sob Nova Direção2006TV SeriesHerself
Xuxa 20 Anos2006TV MovieHerself
Mañanas informales2005TV SeriesHerself - Guest
La noche del 102005TV SeriesHerself
Xuxa Só Para Baixinhos 62005TV MovieHerself
Casseta & Planeta Urgente2004TV SeriesHerself
The 5th Annual Latin Grammy Awards2004TV SpecialHerself
Xuxa no Mundo da Imaginação2002TV SeriesHerself - Host / Various (2002)
Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar1990-2000TV SeriesHerself - Performer
TV Ano 502000TV Movie documentaryHerself
Mundo VIP1996-1999TV SeriesHerself
Pecado Capital1998TV SeriesHerself
Torre de Babel1998TV SeriesHerself (uncredited)
Planeta Xuxa1997TV SeriesHerself - Host (1997)
Duro de acostar1997TV SeriesHerself - Guest
Xuxa Hits1994TV SeriesHerself - Host (1994)
Queridísimos 931993TV MovieHerself
Xuxa Park1992TV SeriesHerself - Host (1994-2001)
Navidades con Xuxa1991TV MovieHerself - Hostess
Gala TP de oro 19901991TV MovieHerself
Ritmo de la noche1991TV SeriesHerself - Musical Guest
El show de Xuxa1990TV SeriesHerself - Host (1990)
Roberto Carlos Especial1990TV SeriesHerself
Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon1990TV SeriesHerself
Xou da Xuxa1988TV SeriesHerself - Host
Rio de Janeiro - Terra Mágica1985DocumentaryHerself
Clube da Criança1983TV SeriesHerself - Host (1983-1986)

Archive Footage

Tu cara me suena - Argentina2013-2014TV SeriesHerself
1002 Momentos de la tele2012-2013TV SeriesHerself
Vídeo Show2012-2013TV Series documentaryHerself
Domingo Legal2012TV SeriesHerself
Los nuevos y clásicos bloopers2011TV SeriesHerself
Por Toda Minha Vida2008TV SeriesHerself
Aunque usted no lo viera2005TV SeriesHerself
Pelé Eterno2004DocumentaryHerself

Won Awards

2011Honorary AwardExtra Television Awards, Brazil
2009Special KikitoGramado Film Festival
1999Extra AwardExtra Television Awards, BrazilBest Host (Melhor Apresentador(a))

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