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Ziggy Marley net worth is
$10 Million

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David Nesta Marley, better known as Ziggy Marley, is a well-known musician and as such he is also known as one of the richest in the industry. It has been announced that the overall size of Ziggy Marley net worth reaches 10 million dollars as of right now. Ziggy has accumulated such a high net worth mainly through his career as a musician. Ziggy Marley is probably mostly known from the band called Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. In the band, Ziggy is serving as the leading member. Thus, the band has also added up to accumulating the total estimate of Marley net worth. David Nesta Marley was born on October 17, 1968 in Kingston, Jamaica. He was born in the family of two celebrities as follows Rita Marley and Bob Marley.

Ziggy Marley Net Worth $10 Million

Ziggy Marley began his career as a leading vocalist of the family band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers which was active from 1979 to 2002. The band was formed of the Ziggy siblings Sharon, Cedella and Stephen Marleys. Together they have released ten studio albums, one live album, four compilation albums, twenty-four singles, four video albums and two music videos which have increased Ziggy Marley net worth a lot. However, the most successful album was the last one titled ‘The Spirit of Music’ (1999) which peaked on the top position of United States Reggae chart. Other successful works include a compilation album titled ‘The Best of (1988-1993)’ (1997) peaked on the second position of United States Reggae chart and a live album titled ‘Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers Live, Vol. 1’ (2000) which peaked on the fifth place of United States Reggae chart. Ziggy has increased his net worth appearing as a solo artist since 2003. Marley has released four studio albums, two live albums, two compilation albums, twelve singles and one video album. The last two studio albums titled ‘Family Time’ (2009) and ‘Wild and Free’ (2011) peaked on the top position of United Stated Reggae Chart. The first studio album titled ‘Dragonfly’ (2003) peaked on the third and the second album titled ‘Love Is My Religion’ (2006) peaked on the sixth position of United States Reggae Chat.

Marley has added to his net worth appearing on the television series ‘Charmed’ created by Constance M. Burge, ‘Family Matters’ created by William Bickley, Michael Warren. He has also appeared in the 1991-1992 season of the children series ‘Sesame Street’ created by Joan Ganz Cooney, Lloyd Morrisett. In addition to being a great vocalist, Marley also plays the guitar, piano and percussion instruments. He works under the labels of Tuff Gong Worldwide, Virgin/EMI Records and Elektra Records. Ziggy Marley has his own website where people can read the news, check the tour dates, listen to some music or watch video, purchase the stuff related to the musician in the store. Due to the popularity of the musician, it is expected that the net worth of Ziggy Marley will be rising in the future, too. Ziggy Marley married Orly Agai and together they have six children.

Full NameZiggy Marley
Net Worth$10 Million
Date Of BirthOctober 17, 1968
Place Of BirthTrenchtown, Jamaica
Height5 ft 9 in (1.753 m)
ProfessionMusician, Singer, Guitarist, Singer-songwriter, Voice Actor, Artist, Music artist
SpouseOrly Marley, Orly Marley
ChildrenDaniel Marley, Judah Victoria Marley, Gideon Robert Nesta Marley, Justice Marley, Zuri Marley, Abraham Selassie Robert Nesta Marley, Love is My Religion, True to Myself, Beach in Hawaii, Miami, FL, United States, West Palm Beach, FL, United States, Memphis, TN, United States, Daniel Marley, Judah Victoria Marley, Gideon Robert Nesta Marley, Justice Marley, Zuri Marley, Abraham Selassie Robert Nesta Marley, Love is My Religion, Beach in Hawaii, True to Myself
ParentsBob Marley, Rita Marley
SiblingsDamian Marley, Stephen Marley, Ky-Mani Marley
NicknamesDavid Marley , David "Ziggy" Marley , David Nesta Marley , Ziggy , Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers , David Nesta "Ziggy" Marley
AwardsGrammy Award for Best Reggae Album, Grammy Award for Best Musical Album for Children, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song – Main Title and Promo, Love is My Religion, True to Myself, Beach in Hawaii, Miami, FL, United States, West Palm Beach, FL, United States, Memphis, TN, United Sta...
AlbumsLove Is My Religion, Dragonfly, Fly Rasta, Family Time
Music GroupsZiggy Marley and the Melody Makers, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers
NominationsSoul Train Music Award for Best Reggae Artist, Soul Train Music Award for Best International Performance (, Love is My Religion, True to Myself, Beach in Hawaii, Miami, FL, United States, West Palm Beach, FL, United States, Memphis, TN, United States, Soul Train Music Award for Best Re...
MoviesShark Tale, Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers: Live!, Ziggy Marley: Love Is My Religion: Live, A Reggae Session, Life and Debt, A Child's Garden of Poetry, Mega Hits, A Night of Reggae Rhythm, Pup Star, Cool Summer Hits, Ziggy Marley: Conscious Party: Live at the Palladium, Miami, FL, United States, ...
1I want the people who listen to my music to feel the feeling that I feel, to cry the cry that I cry - justice. I want them to feel in their hearts the need for justice.
2I've been in Africa, America, moving around a lot. It's helped me to open up my mind. I was born in Jamaica; I've lived all my life there and got all I could from Jamaica. But I needed to be somewhere else to grow.
3My best business decision was to be independent as a musician and artist. My worst was compromising on certain aspects of a deal for the sake of other members of my group when I shouldn't have, because I was right in the end.
4It's very important that we instill some respect for the parents. In America especially, the kids are unruly, screaming at Mommy and Daddy, running the show.
5Everything, I just wanted to be like my father. And, as I grew within the music, I kind of became myself which was even more like my father, only without me trying though.
6My father loved all different types of music. He wasn't a snob. He wasn't a purist.
7My father, his spirit is with me constantly, and I'm a believer in that world and the world of dreams and that stuff.
8Kids are an important audience to reach for the future of the planet.
9My father speaks for himself, through his music.
10Jamaica has problems; America has problems; everywhere has problems.
11Working on my own gave me a chance to take my time and experiment a lot.
12People have to know there is more to living than physical things.
13Using political tools to change social conditions won't work.
14Even if I wasn't in music, even if my father was a carpenter, some guy in Jamaica would go 'You're just like Bob. You're just like your father.' That happens in Jamaica all the time.
15People love me everywhere I go.
16It's hard to say a favorite song of my father's. I listen to all his stuff - a lot of the old stuff before the '70s.
17I'm not an American, Do they count the votes in America? I haven't voted in Jamaica either.
18I've never read one book about my father.
19I'd rather be by myself, really, than have, like, a million posse around me.
20It's natural that anyone is compared to their father.
21'Master Blaster,' by Stevie Wonder, is up-tempo and fun, like Stevie himself. Stevie's always making jokes; he really knows how to put people at ease. He's one of my inspirations, as a musician and a person.
22My father, we bumped heads when I was younger, much younger... I had different ideas that I shared with him. He didn't like them as much. He gets upset or whatever. I guess I had a strong opinion from when I was a little boy.
23The more I grow as an artist, the more I think I become like my father as an artist. The more I diversify, the more I become like my father, which is true to who he was.
24I've spent a lot of time in America since Sept. 11, 2001. Being here, I was noticing that the people, who in the '60s used to voice their opinions about their rights, are much different today. People are afraid to voice opposition to the government in a mass way.
25My father, my Rastafari culture, has a tight link to the Jewish culture. We have a strong connection from when I was a young boy and read the Bible, the Old Testament.
26I run four times a week. And I don't count miles - I don't do that. I don't care about that. I care about how I feel, and I run according to how I feel.
27I've opened up more by traveling outside Jamaica. It helps me to grow as a person to be outside of my element; to be on my own in a strange place meeting people.
28I left Jamaica for a while, because as an artist I need to experience different things, see the world, have different energies. Living in one place is not good for me.
29Last time I was in Jamaica I financed a teacher to teach in an orphanage.
30I think Americans should have a policy of love. That should be the foreign policy, love. Export Love.
31If I'm doing a concert, and I'm having a problem with the audience... I just play a Bob Marley song, and I'm good for the rest of the night.
32I don't care what you play, where you're from, who you produce. It depends on what you're doing when you're with me. That's what counts. I don't pre-judge anything or anybody.
33Today, music is great for entertainment, but it is lacking soul; it's lacking substance, and it's difficult to find good stuff. There are too many corporate interests. It's not about the actual music because it's about the corporation, and music just becomes part of a package.
34I try to make my music interesting to me first, then hopefully other people will find it interesting, too.
35I like Flea, I like him as a musician.
36I am a compassionate human being. I am who I am.
37I just got into the Beatles a couple years ago, you know, I like it.
38I don't think we should do anything that should make the people hate the American people more.
39Social revolutions and group revolutions are good, and we need that, but we also need personal revolution - revolution within ourselves that change who we are as people.
40If African countries can unite and pull resources together, then that will be the best thing we could ever do for the problems in Africa including AIDS.
41Screaming, it's not me. I tried it before! Action is more my thing. Not talking. It's hard for me to have word fights, fighting with words. I'd rather just listen.
42The people don't run the system; the people are victims of the system. The people choose the leaders thinking that they will help them. But when they turn around, there is no help.
43Running is a part of my medicine. It's what helps relieve my stress, and it's what helps me get away from the concerns of business and anything else that's going on in my life that I need to escape from at times - to find who I am. Running really helps me with that.
44Children are wonderful, and they add to my whole life.
45A record is a message, timeless.
46I'm always in love.
47Love is more than one thing.
48As a viewer, I love watching movies. There has to be an emotional connection.
49Sometimes my mistakes turn into interesting music because I do things that aren't supposed to be done.
50Society and the system and politicians don't want people to be aware of things. They want people to believe what they have to show 'em.
51Success to me does not mean money.
52The idea of who my father is to me is very different than who he is to you, or to the rest of the world.
53Some of my songs I don't do on tour because they don't work well live.
54I would look at a dog and when our eyes met, I realized that the dog and all creatures are my family. They're like you and me.
55I was 12 when my father passed, so I didn't have a father during my teenage years.
56The solution for mankind is of a spiritual nature. It is not a political or religious solution. It's the ability to love each other. That's the only solution I see.
57I used to have this little mouse. I buy birds from the pet store and I let them go.
58The music I do is food... that will be your dinner.
59My father and I had a really good relationship. We're cool. I am not trying to outdo him or anything like that.
60I'm not a slave to the recording industry. I have the freedom to make an album that I want to make and do it the way I want.
61Nobody owns me or my music.
62Music is a unifying force.
63My father's songs don't intimidate me; my father's songs are my songs. My songs are his songs. There's no intimidation.
64I rented a house, recorded the stuff in a house. Just took my time 'cuz sometimes it's just rush, rush, rush. I just wanna live and play music.
65I believe we are all connected to other people. I am connected to people who are suffering. We all are.
66I think God surrounds us, in all different manifestations of the energy.
67Children are not a burden.
68Hemp is a part of the cannabis plant, and it is very useful.
69I'm a big reader. My kids love reading, and I think it's important, not just for development but for bonding. You start reading to kids before they can even understand what you're saying to them, so I look at it as a fundamental tool for connection.
70I think my type of personality has all music inside of it, so I am full of music, without even knowing it, without even learning it, without even hearing it.
71The last thing my father told me was: 'On your way up, take me up. On your way down, don't let me down.' A father telling his son that puts some responsibility on my shoulders. He told me that, and I take it very seriously.
72My father's music gives hope to people and also inspires them to break the bonds of injustice and to be positive in life. I've seen that everywhere I go, especially in poor countries and poor neighborhoods.
73I don't like to do things for any other reason than it happens spontaneously or there's something that makes it happen naturally. I don't like putting down too many plans and trying to do a strategy to get a certain response or a certain effect.
74'She Wolf,' by Shakira, makes you want to let go of your inhibitions and jam.
75Yoga is a great thing and meditation is also great to get connected to yourself more.
76I am a leader, so leaders always get heat. They're always going against the grain. Jimi Hendrix got heat; Bob Marley got heat; Miles Davis got heat. Every great artist got heat. Heat means you're doing something right.
77When people come to Jamaica, we don't want them to think about the problems of Jamaica. So let them come be in their paradise.
78Fitness has always been one of the top priorities in my life because that's the way I grew up, with soccer being the sport of choice.
79My father was like the Old Testament. I am the New Testament. I am part of a new generation. In time, people will realize this.
80Politics, nature, and what is happening all over the world is important to who we are and where we live.
81I'm digging Batman. I'm digging that balance, that duality. He's always on the edge and trying to balance himself within the rules of what's lawful and justice, and being Bruce Wayne and being Batman.
82The Rastafari culture has a very strong connection to Haile Selassie, a descendant of King Solomon.
83The most important thing my father taught me is that every man has to stand up for his rights.
84It's that kind of in-born music thing - I could pick up the guitar and play something. It's not something I consciously do.
85Art is always good. It just depends if you like or not.
86I think parents today are looking for meaningful things for their kid. It's about feeding them something with meaning.
87My father was interested in bringing reggae music to the entire world.
88I prefer the country life. I live in Kingston, but there is lots of trees.
89I never did feel any pressure in Jamaica. You just someone, not nobody big.
90I'm not so much into the beats. I'm more into the spiritual side of the music.
91I follow the universe; I follow G-d. G-d made the sun, and the sun shines on everyone.
92I don't chase what I hear on the radio. I try not to compete with anybody.
93I don't believe in other people's ideas. I have my own ideas.
94I think the people should have a right to boycott whoever they want to boycott without the government making them into criminals and try to protect corporations from people. They should protect people from corporations.
95Growing up, music was an important part of my childhood. I see it being just as important in my children and all children's growth and development, and in a parent's connection with their children.
96The African-American community still needs to come together as one and stand up for rights of the people and of what's happening in their culture, their community.
97I love running in nature. I don't like running on the streets, I don't like running in the city, I don't like running on the concrete. I love running in nature, so Jamaica provides a lot of that for me.
98I make music that I know that people will enjoy, and balance the ideas and philosophy that we put in music with music that when we play it live, people can move to it and groove to it.
99The people who are teaching religion and not teaching love are missing the message.
100In Jamaica, we eradicated polio many years ago, but there are a lot of kids suffering in Africa still.
101The long-term study of GMO foods is going on in real time and in real life. Not in a lab.
102Old music used to mean something. There is none of that today.
103The roots of my music start from the ghetto.
104If religion had a good purpose, then man would have created something great. But we're man: we mess up everything. We mess up nature. We mess up God. We take what is given to us and make it into what we think it should be.
105Children are the world's future, and we need to take care of them like we would any precious resource.
106Doing something that is productive is a great way to alleviate emotional stress. Get your mind doing something that is productive.
107Religion has become so many different things. Religion is an economic thing for some people. Religion is a gun.
108I think it's wrong the way they criminalize herb. There are many more uses than just smoking. Beneficial to mankind.
109Love is a positive effect. Love can never have a negative effect, only a positive effect.
110I like doing nothing, actually. Doing nothing is better thing when I am not working.
111Proud about my father? What am I most proud of? I think I'm proud of the legacy he left I think is what it is. He has left us so much.
112Music is one of the most essential things in life. It is what teaches us.
113Reggae music is not an easy music to like when it comes to the power in society. 'Cause it talks about changing society. You won't find it readily accepted.
114The revolution will come from the people and the willingness to work towards something better, to fight for a better living.
115Each father wants their sons to be just like them, really.
116I'm inspired to do music. I really can't stop unless I stop being inspired.
117I've tried body surfing. It's nice.
118I have a satellite radio show called 'The Legends of Reggae.' It's a cool way to branch out and do other things. I'm paying respect to the legends of reggae.
119I was in my yard and thought that the tree was a living being. We take trees for granted. We don't believe they are as much alive as we are.
120In my songs, the sex is all subliminal. It's subliminal, spiritual.
121I don't fight creativity. I don't fight against not being creative. If I'm not being creative, I'm not forcing it.
122There's more to life than physical and material.
123I am expressing myself truthfully. That is an important thing.
124Love is cheering and sharing and compassion and giving and receiving. Love is an action thing more than a word thing, that brings comfort or joy or relief to anyone or anything.
125I have found that children are the most open-minded of all my audiences. They are not set in their ways. They are open to ideas.
126My whole family is spiritual. My grandmother, grand aunt, cousins, they're all preachers and pastors. Spirituality is a part of my family, from generations ago.
127I grew up with coconuts as the main flavor in food in Jamaica. It's part of our culture.
128If it is, it is, If it's not, it's not.
129No matter the bad things that happened in past time, let's try to live the best we can now.
130People treat you according to your energy or what you put out there, so what I put out there is very open. I'm not paranoid or scared, I'm open. That's how I treat people, with respect and speak truthfully.
131URGE is a grassroots charity. We organized to get some incubators to give to the hospital for the kids. We donate money to orphanages.
132The sun is always shining. We have oxygen, trees, birds. There's so much good things on Earth, still. We haven't destroyed everything.
133We believe in the almighty and we believe in God and that music is from God and we're inspired by God to give messages and ideas to people.
134My dream is to live a good life and be loving, be close to God and be a good human being and bring peace to people.
135If food is labeled, some people might choose to eat stuff that's genetically modified. They might decide they love it. But give us a choice.
136I was born by myself but carry the spirit and blood of my father, mother and my ancestors. So I am really never alone. My identity is through that line.
137Reggae has a philosophy, you know? It's not just entertainment. There's an idea behind it, a way of life behind the music, which is a positive way of life, which is a progressive way of life for better people.
138I don't have to wait to realize the good old days.
139I am a leader. Leaders always get heat. They're always going against the grain. Jimi Hendrix got heat; Bob Marley got heat; Miles Davis got heat. Every great artist got heat. Heat means you're doing something right.
140I want to be fulfilled in myself, rather than try to follow exactly in my father's footsteps.
141There is a physical relationship with a woman that you don't have with anybody else, but that's not about love. Love is a spiritual thing.
142Everyone will someday be judged for what they do, and Jah is the only judge.
143This dragonfly came up to me. He was hovering right in front of my face, and I was really examining him, thinking, How does he see me? I became enlightened.
144The political system is not for the people. The people are secondary to the economy. It's about what generates money, not about what benefits the people.
145I am not reggae, I am me. I am bigger than the limits that are put on me. It all has to do with the individual journey.
146Alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical drugs are legal, but they can hurt a lot of people.
147God is like the sun. When the sun shines, it shines for everyone. God is for everyone.
148I want people to get over the stigma about hemp. These seeds can't make you high, but they will make you feel good.
1Is of African descent.
2Marley is father to Daniel Marley (born July 12, 1989), Justice Marley (born December 9, 1991), Zuri Marley (born October 28, 1995), Judah Victoria Marley (born April 21, 2005) and Gideon Robert Nesta Marley (born January 5, 2007).
3Is 1/4 British and 3/4 Jamaican.
4His mother, Rita, wrote a book on his father Bob Marley called "No Woman No Cry".
5Son of Rita Marley.
6Brother-in-law of singer Lauryn Hill.
7Has 12 siblings (Sharon Marley Prendergast, Cedella Marley, Stephen Marley, Stephanie, Rohan, Robbie, Karen, Julian Marley, Damian Marley, Ky-Mani Marley, Cerita and Makeda Jahnesta).
8Formed a band with Stephen, Sharon and Cedella Marley called The Melody Makers
9Ziggy Marley was born David Nesta Marley in 1968. He was nicknamed "Ziggy" by his father.
10Son of Bob Marley


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The 55th Annual Grammy Awards2013TV Special performer: "Could You Be Loved"
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Soul TrainTV Series documentary performer - 1 episode, 1988 writer - 1 episode, 1988
Some Girls1988writer: "Lee & Molly"
Married to the Mob1988writer: "Time Bums"

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